Dedicated to:

Stan Lee,

Steve Ditko,

Andrew Garfield,

and You Dear Reader.

Stan, your boy is safe.

Long ago, Interlopers stole seeds of power from the gods of Asguard. From the seeds, they crafted masks that imbued them with marks allowing them to harness the power of gods. Odin and his angered kinsmen, then realized their divine prank. The Interlopers were cursed along with their descents; to ever be deadlocked in battle with the Magi, to serve a false Odin that ever sleeps, and to die over, and over again forever.

This is the Cult of Asynjur, and the story of Muninn, the Raven of Memory.

Hi Dear Reader,

This is a revision to a working concept. Meaning, don't expect an update soon, and I'm working on some other stories. This is a story working off the Amazing Spider-Man films, set years later like in the ps4 game. The first drafted chapter in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3', has been discontinued into this. This is a story I just started to think about again, so details here are likely to change later.

Details like; is this an OC/Peter story? Or keep MJ as the love interest? Or should there be no love interest? I don't know! Also, how to twist Norse lore into a madern setting of New York… I do want to mess with the idea of Technology vs Magic, and the blending of the two. Spider-Man is by default science fiction, and I wonder how he would fair in facing magic…

I want to do a sort of soft reboot of the films, just so I can make my own mess. Rather than deal with the mess that was made. (no hate to the films, they are enjoyable)

Also, this idea has gone in a circle: first it was a long-winded revenge story, then a artist and symbiote mcu cross, and back to the theme of ravens and lineage… (save your notes young writers, they grow.)

Spider-Man belongs to Marvel, or Sony, or Disney (depending on the day). Max rating at Teen + for violence, slang, and death. Songs and images were found on the internet and set together on BeFunky Collage Maker. Also check out the band Skáld, they have nice Viking rock music. Most notably: Ó Valhalla, Ódinn, Hross, Gleipnir, Flúga, and Rún. There's also Eivør's Í Tokuni. She is a wicked singer, and I'm in love with her song, Tròdlabùndin. A song that I'm sure a dragon would sing. And there's also Heilung, Dzivia, and Faun.

Thank you for your time, Dear Reader!

And I'd love to hear what you all think of the concept.