Scars, they don't fade. Sure, you can hide them, but someone is going to see them. Newton Artemis-Fido Scamander knew this all too well. However, he did not tell his older brother. Whom he has not seen in years. Or leave his home in weeks. Not telling anyone where he was, not letting anyone know that he's home or ok. He had a reason nit he was scared to tell anyone it. Newt Scamander was hurt. not badly but he has seen better days. It all started after Grindelwald hit him with lighting for what it felt like hours. The Hufflepuff was glad that no one cares about him. Or he will be sent to the hospital and he did not want that. Newt sighed as he looked out the window to his study. He has not slept in a week. He could not for all he saw was that train tracks. Newt shivered at the memory. "Merlin's beard," Newt muttered in pain. He was sitting at his desk with a letter from his brother Theseus unopened. Newt was worried about opening it because he has not spoken to his brother in many years and Newt fears the worse about it. So, after an hour staring at it lost in his own thoughts Newt opened the letter with shaky hands he read:

"Dear Newt,

How have you been? I know it's been a while brother, and I'm sorry. However, I wish to see you. Can we meet? I know I have not written to you since you went to war and I was scared for you but I….."

Newt saw that Theseus trailed off. This was rare for his brother and it warmed Newt's heart that he is not as strong as he seems. Newt sighed and read the rest:

"Anyway, when can we meet? I know you are busy with whatever beast you are looking for, but I just need to see you brother. I also need to talk to you about your trip to New York,"

Newt sighed at this, but he knew that Theseus must know about this. "You helped take down Grindelwald? Newt that is wonderful. Well, write me back after you read this or whenever you have time.

Your older brother,


P.S please tell me if you are hurt when you see me. I wound not forgive myself if you were hurt and I can't look after you."

Newt put the letter down and winced at his wound. He has to tell Theseus about that fight that he has in that subway. How can he? He can't even sleep because of it. The wizard sighed and looked to see the sunset. He should eat but he was not hungry. So, Newt sat at his desk lost in what he should say to his brother about that fight. That dual in…Newt shook his head and pulled out a piece of paper and his quill before he started to write.

Newt did not realize that he had fallen asleep at his desk in his study but when he woke with a start and pain he knew that he had that dream once again. Newt felt like he was run over by a train. His whole body was on fire. Flames shot through his body. However, he did not care as he saw his owl sitting on his desk holding another letter. Newt at this moment realized that he had sent his letter to Theseus and Theseus might have written back. Newt was in too much pain however to read it. "Not……. Steven," Newt said to the great gray owl who looked at him as if he was concerned. "I'm…" Newt cut off when he heard someone downstairs

"Newt! Newt are you home?" the voice of his older brother made him closed his eyes. "Newt were are you?" Theseus called with worry in his voice which Newt did not expect.

"Upstairs," Newt said weakly with his hand pushing himself off the chair that he was sitting in. however this only made him feel wobbly, Newt walked to the door only to fall with a thud knocking over a chair in the process.

Theseus was getting nervous. He had sent Newt a letter late last night before he went to bed saying that he was coming over to meet him at his house but when he got here, Newt is nowhere. Now, he running up the stairs when he heard a crash of something. He hoped that Newt was not hurt, or someone got into the house and took his brother or worse kill him. "Newton!?" Theseus called when he ran into Newt's study. Theseus started at Newt who was laying on the ground groaning in pain. "Newton? Are you alright?" Theseus asked knowing the answer. Newt, however, did not say anything. For Newt was passed out. Theseus feared this but he calming pulled out his wand muttered a spell and watched as a silver bull came out of his wand. With a shaky voice, Theseus said: "I need some help. Send healers, please. It's my brother," the bull then nodded and ran off leaving Theseus holding his brother in his arms. Even though he knew that Newt would move away when he wakes up but Theseus just wants to hold his brother in his arms for once.

A/N: Ok new story. Tell me what you think. I have no idea where I'm going with this and I like that. Thank you all for reading and I will see you next time. Stay safe everyone. "Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now" See you later. -Captain Voxland