Theseus arrived in his study and sat down at his desk before he let out a sob as he started to cry on private. Why did he even mention not being there for him? "Why did I say that?" Theseus cried why he put his head in his hands. "Why did I…?" Theseus cut off when he heard a knock on his study door.

"Sir? Sir, can I come in sir?" Theseus raised an eyebrow at this wondering how one of his men got into his house. Theseus stood up and wiped the tears from his eyes and walked over to the door. With a sigh, he opened the door. In the doorway stood one of his men looking worried. His bright blue eyes burned with confusion with a little bit of anger.

"What happened Johnathon?" Theseus asking trying to hide the fear, sadness, and anger in his voice. Even though the man with black hair heard it but he did not say anything. "What happened?" Theseus asked again in a demanding tone. Jonathan sighed and said:

"It's your brother sir. He, well, he tried to get out of bed and now, well, they are unsure if he will wake up," Theseus stared at Jonathan.

"What…what do you mean? Why would he…..?" Theseus cut off and left his house with a pop.

When Theseus arrived back at the hospital he ran all the way to Newt's room almost knocking over a doctor who looked at the war hero, but he was not mad at him. "Newton!" Theseus called his voice cracked and the doctor heard this, but he did not say anything as he nodded.

"Mr. Scamander? Welcome. Now you are probably worried about Newton but don't worry he is fine. Well, he might be asleep for a while, but he should be fine. Now, we have found the sores of what drained him and his magic," here the doctor paused making Theseus tense. "It seems that he was shocked repeatedly," Theseus's heart broke.

"Who…. Who was the bastard that did it?" Theseus asked looking at his sleeping brother. The Doctor however only let out a breath, but he did not say anything as he shook his head. "You don't know. Do you?" Theseus sighed as well before he sat down.

"No Mr. Scamander. I'm so sorry. Come get me if you need anything or if Newton wakes," Theseus nodded to the doctor, but he did not meet his eyes as he left the room. Theseus sighed again and put his head back into his hands.

"I'm sorry Newt," Theseus muttered into his hands. "This is all my fault," Theseus added taking his head out of his hands and stood up and started to run his hand through his brother's brown-red hair. "Don't worry little brother. I will be here now. Even if you don't want me too," Theseus laughed a little after he said this. After a few minutes, Theseus went back to the chair and sat down.

Theseus did this for three days straight. He did not know when Newt will wake but this did not stop him from seeing him and talk to him. After the fourth day, when Theseus was about to leave for the night, Newt opened his eyes. "B…..Brother?" Newt said slowly and in a quiet voice. His voice as so quiet Theseus barely heard it.

"Newt!" Theseus said in his booming voice. "Oh, thank Merlin," Theseus added running out of the room to get the doctor. Newt smiled but it faded when he remembered that he had just yelled at Theseus. What will happen now? Theseus hates him, Newt knows it. Why was he so happy when he saw him? If he hated him he would have yelled at him but still. "He just woke up," Newt heard Theseus say outside of the door.

"All right. I'll check him over then you can talk with him," Newt head the doctor say as he walked into the room. "Hello Newton," Newt nodded as the doctor check him out. "How are you feeling?" he asked Newt who looked over to Theseus who walked into the room. Theseus nodded for Newt to speak.

"A little sore, sir but I think I'm fine," the doctor nodded as he looked Newt over with his wand.

"Yes, it seems you are but I want you to stay here for a little bit longer then your brother can take you home," Newt was too drained to argue, so he nodded and watched the doctor leave the room but he did not meet his eyes as usual. Theseus smiled as he walked over to Newt.

"Wow, it seems that you can come home. I'll look after you little brother don't worry," Theseus laughed a little at Newt's face and let out a breath. "Look Newt," Theseus said sitting down. "I'm so sorry about everything but we have each other now right? You and me," Newt smiled at his brother and met his eyes for a little bit before he looked down to his hands.

"I...I should be sorry brother for yelling at you. I should have not done that. I…. forgive me, please. I know you don't but…" Newt cut off as Theseus raised his hand and smiled.

"You had every right too brother but now we are together at last and I would love to hear the good parts of your trip. Meet anyone," Theseus wiggle his eyebrows making Newt roll his eyes, but Theseus could tell that he was right.

"Her name is Tina. Oh, Merlin, she's…." Newt cut off when Theseus started to laugh.

"My little brother is in love," Theseus said playfully. "Does she smell nice?" Theseus asked making Newt blush. "Oh, I bet she does," Theseus added off of this.

"Shut up Thee," Newt laughed. Theseus laughed also and soon the brothers were laughing together just like when they were children.

Newt had fallen asleep by the time Theseus brought him back to his house. Theseus knew that it would take a while for Newt to heal but he knew that everything will be fine for now. "Take that father," Theseus said with poison in his voice once he pulled the blanket over Newt. "I can look after my little brother better than you ever could," Theseus added as he sat down by Newt's bed to watch him sleep for a while. Soon Theseus fell asleep in his chair for the first time in weeks the Scamander brothers sleep better than they have been.

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