"Hey, dumb-dumb, did you forget to finish your fucking stories?"

That's the clever comment I just received on one of my stories. You're just a tiny piece of shit, Baddie my dear. However, you just add to a pile that has been steadily growing. I thought disabling my PM would be enough but no. I have, unfortunately, very low tolerance for bullcrap so you'll be the last.

I get being told that my story blows, that it's awesome, that you like it, that you do not. However, being insulted because I practice a completely free hobby in a manner that isn't timely enough for you cock-sucker is something that will not happen anymore.

This story, and in fact this entire account, is dead as of right now. None of my stories will be updated anymore.

"But it's unfair, we never did anything!" Readers, believe me (or don't, I don't care anymore) when I say that I take no pleasure in punishing all just to punish one. But I'm done being on the receiving end of this particular bullshit.

Goodbye and farewell to you all.