There's Someone for Everyone (A Trance Gemini Fanfiction)

The stars were beautiful in their orbits. She loved to watch her sisters and brothers, as they lazily drifted and spun in open space. But today, something was different. Something new buzzed through her being, and this day even her precognition could not tell her what any possible future held for her. It was not long before she had her answer regarding the change in the vacuum of space around her.

She waited patiently, but in anticipation. Flames licked off of her fiery skin, as her excitement grew. Slowly, the planet Tarn Vedra floated by. Bit by achingly slow bit, he came into view. He was unlike any other she had ever seen. He was cool, and lovely, glowing a soft, whitish blue. Tarn Vedra continued on its path, and, after many long moments, he finally came fully into view. His face was light in spots, and dark in others. Such diverse features. He was so beautiful! She couldn't wait any longer. She had to speak to him.

She reached out, particles and waves emanating from her body, through space, until they reached him. Such is the speech of the celestial beings.

"Hello. I'm Trance. Trance Gemini. Who are you?" The last was asked with the curiosity of a child.

"My name is Ione. I am the moon of Tarn Vedra."

"You're new," Trance responded, still with a question in her voice. Tarn Vedra has not had a moon before this.

"I suppose I am," he acknowledged. "Who are you?" He asked for clarification. "I've never seen anyone as lovely as you." Flames leapt off of Trance once again, and her flares became a bright, red-orange hue as she blushed at the compliment.

Trance could feel the coolness emanating from him. She had never felt anything like it before. "You are so beautiful, Ione. The light that comes from you is so...different."

"That is because the light is not my own, but is reflected from you. You are the light of the universe, Trance Gemini, and I feel that you will accomplish many great things. Any beauty that I have comes from you."

Trance's flames once again grew a bright red. A solar flare licked out towards Ione. Trance had never felt anything like this before in all of her life as the sun of Tarn Vedra. She could feel herself being drawn to Ione, as he could feel himself being drawn to her.

It is this way that Trance and Ione kept themselves for a great passing of time. They lived their days in attraction to each other, her love reflecting off of him, and his beauty shining before her, for her alone. They were complete together, the sun and the moon of Tarn Vedra. But, good things must, at times, end.

Trance one day came to know that she was needed, and it was time for her to go. It was time for her to explore, and to forge the friendships that would serve to aid her in fighting the darkness, the Abyss. That was what she had been created for. She spoke to Ione.

"I have to leave, Ione."

"I know."

"My avatar has been created."

A tiny purple being landed on Ione's surface. The tiny being sat crouched on her knees. Suddenly, Ione could hear Trance no more. It terrified him.

"Trance!? Trance!? Where are you!?" The tiny purple being lifted her little head. Soft, reddish curls bounced at the movement.

"I'm right here, Ione. This is my avatar." Trance stretched out her arms, and looked at them. "I'm purple!" she exclaimed with childlike glee. "Just like the skies are in the evening on Tarn Vedra, when I shine on them!" "And, look! I have a tail, like a comet! I love comets." Trance lifted her prehensile, devil-tail into the air to examine it more closely. "Isn't it pretty? Just like a comet's tail!"

Ione was silent. Trance felt his grief. When she spoke, her voice sounded as ancient as she actually was. "Ione, I love you, and I always will. Never forget that." A cool breeze suddenly swept through the red curls. The breeze said to her, "I know, my lovely sun. And I love you. We will always be together, even though we are apart. And, one day, in some other time and place, we will meet again."

Trance smiled, a sweet, warm smile. She caressed a moon rock near her. She lifted it, and pressed her lips to it in a soft kiss. "Yes, Ione. We will."

The End