A/N: Natalia is looking after Eric's son, Adam, for him.. and gets a little surprise.

Story Notes: Adam (My OC) is Eric's son. His mother, Eric's ex, lost custody of him and Delko won back custody of his son when he was three. Natalia had been helping him out with his toddler, despite not being together.

On her hip, Natalia had a small tattoo of waves. When she thought of the ocean, she thought of sound tranquillity and the light crashes of departing waves. That's why she got the tattoo. Because she loved the water.. and it reminded her that anything could be overcome.

She sighed as she folded her arms, watching the little boy playing in the sand. Gosh he looked just like him. So full of life and energetic, running about with the small dolphin pin he always attached to the clothes he was wearing. Adam was nothing short of a Delko. With short, dark hair that was beginning to curl and a wide smile that matched his brown eyes that sparkled with curiosity.

He ran over to Natalia excitedly. "Talia! I have a question."

Natalia took the five-year-old's hands into hers and smiled up at him. "What is it, sweetie?" Adam smiled back at her. "You love my daddy, right?"

"I do love your dad."

"I think he loves you too! Will you come and play with me?"

The brunette nodded. "Sure." She slipped on Eric's hoodie and followed the little boy as he pulled her by the hand. Natalia wasn't quite sure where Adam was taking her, or how he knew his way around at five. It was a little alarming.

"Um, baby.. I think dad told us to wait at the park?"

Adam let go of her hand and ran over to his dad. He was dressed up, wearing slate grey pants and a white dress shirt that was tucked into his waistline. He'd been wearing a t-shirt the last time she saw him.. so it seemed he'd made an effort. And looked incredibly dashing. "Hey you," She said in disbelief.

"Hey, Tali. Glad Adam was able to guide you," He said, walking toward her and taking one hand into his.

Natalia wasn't sure what was going on. Not in the slightest. But this was adorable. "From the day we met, Natalia.. I know things were never going to be the same. You were a hot DNA analyst looking for a change of scenery and a fresh start.. I was a CSI, still trying to figure out where I stood. After Stetler accused me of acting reckless in result of my grief.. I didn't know if random hookups is what would help me forget anymore. You approached me in the break room. I was surprised that you'd taken an interest in me.." The woman was completely smitten, and she could see how everything he said came straight from the heart. It wasn't rehearsed, or prepared. He just said it as it was.

"..But I gave it a chance. I asked you out to a movie, and we watched it three times after. The fourth time, we watched it at mine.. and well, we kinda got in the middle of something. Ever since, I began to realize how much I wanted to know you as we spent more time together. You saved me, Nat. You gave me reason to believe that things could get better. Especially when I'd gotten custody of Adam. All you ever did was help me out. I owe ya for that.."

Eric reached into his pocket, and produced a small black box with patterns on it. "I don't want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else.. other than you, 'Talia.. Will you marry me?"

She couldn't believe it. Her mind was going crazy and her heart was a mess. He wanted to marry her. It was the most unbelievable, incredible, thrilling feeling she'd ever experienced. Because Eric made her feel love in a way she had never experienced it before. He gave her purpose, as much as she gave him reason. Though things hadn't always been the smoothest, they always found a way around it.

The miscarriage had been the hardest part of all. Losing her baby at 10 weeks. Their baby. But Eric had comforted her. Told her that they were ok. That one day, if they did ever get together.. that they could maybe try for a baby sometime. Natalia wasn't sure if he was being serious, or if he was trying to make her feel better. However, she believed him because she needed something to believe in. He'd trace over her tattoo and whisper to her that it wasn't the complete end.

This was what he meant.

Now he was on one knee in front of her, asking for her hand in marriage. Tears of joy spilled down her face and her smile extended into a full one. "Yes! Of course I'll marry you!" She exclaimed, allowing him to slip the ring on. It was a perfect fit. He got off the ground and Natalia immediately pulled him into a hug.

"I love you so much.." She whispered to her now fiancé.

"I love you, Nat. Hope you know that?"

They both pulled back from the hug, then sharing a sweet kiss. A moment that was shortly interrupted by sprinklers that left them both completely drenched. Both of them pulled away from the kiss, laughing. "What a proposal." She said. "..best, and last, one."

Eric gave his usual lopsided grin. He'd been contemplating proposing to her for months. Originally, he'd planned what he was going to say but as soon as he saw her standing there.. Eric forget every word on that piece of paper. So he winged it, hoping it wouldn't be too sloppy. Because he was hoping she'd say yes. Delko wanted to love her right. After all they'd both been through, and all the experiences they'd gone through together.. He had come to a realization about how much he needed her in his life.

Every time he stared at her, he saw love. The Cuban saw that and everything in between. When he thought about his future, and where he saw himself.. all his thoughts led back to her. She'd been the first woman he could confidently say he was in love with. He had not felt as strongly about anyone else.

Natalia was ready to move forward with her life. Marry the love of her life, and have a family with him. They already had Adam, and Natalia was a mother figure to him. Treated him like her own. Eric didn't doubt she would be an amazing mother. She'd been the one to direct him on parenting when he hadn't the tiniest clue.

The little boy was smitten to see his father so happy, and he was more than happy to have Natalia as a mom.

He ran up to his parents and gave him both a big hug. Eric and Natalia looked down at him and grinned at one another. "Say we go home, change out of these clothes and watch a movie?"

"Yes! Will there be ice cream?" The five year old said.

"Of course, honey. And if there isn't, we'll go and buy some." She replied as they began walking back.

Eric scoffed. "You're saying that like we don't know about your secret stash."

"I'll murder you if you eat my ice cream, Eric."

"How do you know I haven't?"

Natalia chased after her fiancé as he immediately dashed for the car with his son in his arms. She couldn't believe he'd done her so dirty like that. That was for after they got married, not before. It was a little crazy. But that was them. And crazy was how it was with them.