A/N: It's sad that there are not many great Jane/Carlos stories out there. So I decided to add to the collection. Most of these stories will not be connected. The chapter titles will be the same if are meant to go together. Without further ado, please read and enjoy.

This chapter is after Descendants 2.

Summary: Jane is busier than ever after cotillion, unable to spend time with her boyfriend. Carlos is unsure because he's never dated before. His friends listen and help him out.

What Do I Do? (Part One)

Carlos loved and hated his brother in everything except blood. There were times Jay seemed to draw too much enjoyment from his embarrassment. But as soon as someone hinted at making fun of him, Jay was there to beat them back into place. That being said, he knew that he could confide anything to his brother and Jay knew when to be serious. There were things they have told each other that no one else knew, not even Mal or Evie.

Jay knew something had been eating at Carlos for a couple of days, but he couldn't guess what it was. Today was the day he found out as Carlos entered their room with a panicked expression. He slammed the door shut and fumbled with the lock.

"Jay, I need advice," Carlos whispered as he leaned against the door.

"Come on in first." Jay gestured. Carlos's wide eyes stared into his for two seconds before he shook his head and bolted across the room. Jumping and landing on Jay's bed, he gripped his shoulders and shook him slightly.

"I'm so confused! I don't know what to do! I think that I'm doing something right and then she gets this expression that I can't decipher. I don't know if I've made her mad and she pulled away from me today! I'm-I'm, I don't know. Well, Audrey did call her, but still, it was more abrupt than normal and I know I did something wrong-"

"Stop talking!" Jay slammed his hands on Carlos's shoulder, jolting him out of his panic mode. Carlos crumbled under his hands, eyes were still blown wide.

"Thanks, Jay." He shook his head again like he was trying to clear cobwebs from them and took deeper breaths.

"You're welcome. Now, tell me everything slowly." Jay instructed. A soft knock interrupted them. Frowning, Jay called them to enter. The door handle jiggled before Mal's voice said, amused,

"It's locked."

'Oh, oh right. I'll get that." Carlos was up in a flash and across the room before Jay could blink, "Sorry about that."

"It's fine." Mal entered with Evie right behind her, "Carlos, what's wrong?"

"Wrong? What do you mean? Why would there be something wrong with me?" He questioned, wide eyes glancing at Jay.

"Because I saw the way you left the tourney field. Did Jane say anything to you?" she asked.

"NO! No no no, she's completely fine, she didn't do or say anything. She's perfect." Carlos blabbed.

"Oookay, then why'd you leave like there was a pack of rabid dogs chasing you?" Mal inquired, shutting the door and leading Carlos back to Jay's bed. Jay moved over so all four of them could fit on the bed.

"Nothing was chasing me." He violently shook his head. Evie straightened and stared into Carlos's eyes.

"You had us sit down when something was stressing Mal out and you made us have girl talk. Now Mal and I know that you and Jay share things you don't share with us. Normally that's okay, but whatever is bothering you seems to be scaring you and so we're asking to join in on your guys talk. I haven't seen you this scared since you last saw Cruella. We're worried about you." Evie touched his arm. They all saw him flinch at the contact before he placed his hand on hers.

"You're right. I don't know what to do. I've never been in a relationship with someone before so I have no idea what she likes or dislikes. I know that she's extremely sweet and caring, but because of that, I don't know if she'd tell me if I upset her about something. I know that it's probably nothing and I may be paranoid about it, but I really like her and I don't want to let her go. I want her to be with me forever, but what if I'm too clingy and she decides that she's had enough? What if she can't handle being together with a villain's son? What if I'm not good enough for her?" Carlos shrank before their eyes as he spoke, hands going around his middle to hold himself. Jay smashing his hand on Carlos's shoulder had the girls throwing him a disbelieving look.

"What? Shock therapy. It works wonders at snapping Carlos out of his spirling thoughts. Now Carlos, even if Jane did break up with you, that does not make you 'not good enough' for her. That means you weren't meant for each other and there is someone even greater than Jane out there for you."

"Really?" Carlos asked, seeming a bit bigger than before.

"You know it. And have you been dwelling on these thoughts for days without telling anyone?"

"Yeah, I thought it would sort itself out like it normally does," Carlos confessed.

"Have you tried talking with Jane about any of this?" Evie questioned.

"Of course not." Carlos scrunched his face.

"Why not?" Evie pressed.

"Because then she'll realize that I'm not who she thinks I am and-"

"And nothing. The key point to a relationship is communication. If you trust Jane, you should open up to her about all this." Mal interrupted.

"I can't walk up to her and say 'Hey Jane, how are you? So I have all these insecurities and would like to confess them to you right now because they're all about you'. That's not how that works." Carlos ruffled his hair.

"Yeah, plus if you do that you may scare her away."


"I'm not done. You'll scare her away if you come at her all at once. If you talk about one problem at a time, then who knows, maybe others will clear up. But of course, make it seem like it's no big deal." Jay finished.

"You know, I was almost proud of Jay." Evie sighed.

"And that was your first mistake." he snarked back.

"Anyways, what Jay said was true, not about making it seem like no big deal because it is to you. But talk to her about some of them and see where she stands. I had to do that with Ben and I will tell you right now, it was terrifying. I have never felt more vulnerable than when I had to confront him. And you know what? It was one of the best things that have happened to me. I feel like we've become stronger together." Mal confessed, cheeks dusting pink.

"Really? It can do that?" Carlos leaned closer.

"Really. It made me more confident and I felt much safer with Ben after that. Like I didn't have to hide who I was anymore because I knew he accepted me for who I was. Don't run away from your problems. Face them head-on, no matter how terrifying it is. It'll be worth it." Mal smiled.

"But not all confessions turn out that way. You have to be prepared for rejection as well as acceptance." Carlos's wide eyes jerked to Evie's, "I'm saying this to help protect you. I don't think Jane would ever run from you, but no one knows another person unless they're like us and grew up together. A relationship is a journey of growing and getting to know the person you're interested in. It may be you, Carlos, that decides to break up would be for the best."

"Who knows how it's going to turn out. That's why you have to grab this bull by the horns and go from there." Mal said.

"Yeah." Carlos stared at the blanket.

"There's something else on your mind. What is it?" Jay pushed.

"Um, well. She's been super busy about something and every time I ask what it is, she deflects the answer or changes the subject. What if she does that when I ask her about all this?" he asked, doleful eyes piercing his friends.

"I don't think there's a good answer for that," Evie said.

"Yeah, there is, persist and keep asking her until she answers you." Jay declared.

"Or, she is busy and doesn't want to talk about schoolwork with her boyfriend. She's trying to enjoy being around him and committee things stress her out." Evie glared at Jay.

"I think you should take her somewhere the two of you can be alone and question her about it," Mal suggested.

"If she's that stressed and busy, I don't think that I could pull her away for any time long enough. I want to help ease her burden." Carlos sat, dejected.

"Well, do you know her love language?" Evie asked.

"Her love language?" Carlos and Jay questioned, brows furrowed.

"I'm guessing you don't. There are five different types of love languages. They are words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, acts of service, and quality time. Most people have two main types. For example, my love language is acts of service and words of affirmation. Mal's is quality time and acts of service." Evie explained.

"What does that even mean?" Jay asked.

"Come on Jay, they're self-explanatory. Words of affirmation mean you enjoy sincere compliments and your partner encouraging you. If they send you a small note telling you how proud they are of you it makes your day. Physical touch means, not saying I love you, but showing them I love you with cuddles and hugs. Receiving thoughtful gifts that show they pay attention to what you love. Doing acts of service without any prompting to help them out. And lastly, quality time. Having quiet time, away from everyone else so you can have a focused conversation with the two of you or going for a hike. Spending time together without anyone else." Evie revealed.

"But all those sound nice," Carlos said.

"Yeah," Jay grinned, "Especially physical touch."

"That's enough out of you mister." Mal pointed to his face. Jay mock-surrendered, his hands in the air, and an infuriating grin still on his face.

"Physical touch doesn't mean slapping or pinching does it? Cuz I think that was my mom's love language." Carlos shuddered.

"No, that's not what it means. It means gentle embraces like hugging or holding each other's hand. Things like that." Evie reassured.

"Your mom was a jerk and I don't think she truly cared for you, but how she could use you. I think all our parents were like that." Jay muttered. A moment of silence fell over the teenagers as they remembered their life before Auradon.

"Well," Evie stated, shaking off that memory, "do you know what Jane's love language is Carlos?" Carlos blinked as he furrowed his brow.

"We don't expect you to know it now since we introduced it to you today. But why don't you observe what she responds to and that could help ease your relationship," Mal advised.

"Yeah, I mean, I think it'd be receiving gifts and acts of service, but I could be wrong. I'll have to test it out." Carlos nodded.

"And don't forget to communicate with her alright?" Evie pushed.

"And I won't forget to communicate with her, yes ma'am." Carlos saluted.

"Do you need any of us there to watch your back?" Mal questioned.

"Hmm, I don't think so. I should man up, ask her, and accept whatever she throws at me." Carlos shook his head.

"That's what we like to hear." Jay grinned, ruffling Carlos's head despite his objections.

"Look at us crushing guy talk," Mal said, fist-bumping Evie. Jay and Carlos let out a laugh.

"We crushed girl talk, they crushed guy talk." Carlos grinned.

"I'd say that we crushed girl talk way harder than they crushed guy talk." Jay nodded.

"Oi! I'd say it's the other way around." Evie shoved Jay.

"No, we take the cake." Carlos insisted, jumping off the bed to avoid Mal's punch.

"Get back here!" She laughed, uncrossing her legs to follow him.

"Make me!" He stuck his tongue out at her.

"Oh, that's it!" Mal flung herself off the bed and Carlos screamed, running away from her.

"Jay! Help me!" He yelled as he ran around the room, Mal on his tail.

"Nah man, you're on your own." Jay laughed back.

"You traitor, what about men sticking together?" Carlos sputtered back.

"We do unless there's a very angry fairy involved. Then it's every man for himself." Jay refuted.

"That's it." Carlos vaulted onto the bed and slammed into Jay, knocking them both off the bed causing Evie to shriek.

"You stinking rat!" Jay bellowed, attempting to hold Carlos in a headlock.

"Ha! You must be losing your touch if you can't catch me. Whoa!" Carlos dodged Jay's hands and nearly ran into Mal.

"He's the one who said guys were better than girls!" Carlos shouted, pointed at Jay.

"I did not! Even though it's true. I only said we crushed girl talk harder than guy talk." Jay refuted.

"Same difference!" Evie hollered as she leaped onto Jay's back.

"Whoa, Evie! Careful!" Jay said as her momentum caused him to crash onto Carlos's bed.

"I gotcha!" Mal crowed triumphantly, holding Carlos in a headlock.

"Unfair, I was distracted!" Carlos laughed before he tripped, causing them to fall on the floor.

"Timber!" Jay whooped as he grabbed a hold of a giggling Evie and sent them tumbling over the edge of the bed, on top of Carlos and Mal.

"Aw man, why?" Carlos wheezed as the weight of his brother and sisters crushed him.

"Because we're rotten," Jay smirked.

"To the core." They finished, giggling.

"Okay Jay, get off of us." Evie huffed, digging an elbow in his side.

"Okay okay, sheesh," Jay grunted as he rolled off them and allowed them to pile off of each other.

"We haven't done anything like that since the Isle." Carlos grinned, accepting Jay's hand.

"Where we could run wild and not care about anyone else besides ourselves." Evie smiled. They heard scratching at the door and a familiar voice say,

"Carlos? Let me in! I have something for you."

"Dude," Carlos ran to the door and opened it, letting the campus mutt in his room, "Hey boy, where've you been?"

"Well, you've been kinda sad lately so I decided to get you something to cheer you up!" The dog said, setting down the basket he'd been holding. Carlos sank to the floor, criss-cross applesauce, and pulled the basket towards him. Inside of it were different types of chocolate and a gorgeous blue flower.

"I knew I couldn't get it together myself so Jane and I were working on it today. I found the flower and she made the chocolate." Dude said, sitting down.

"You guys made this for me? Why?" Carlos asked.

"Because we care about you. Jane noticed that you weren't quite yourself either this week so we hope this cheers you up." Dude explained.

"Well, would you look at that. I don't think you have anything to worry about Carlos." Jay grinned.

"Yeah, looks like it." he nodded, "Thanks, Dude. You're the best dog a man could ever ask for."

"And don't you forget it!" Dude moved closer to Carlos so he could pet him.

"Hey Dude, do you know why Jane has been so busy lately?" Mal questioned. Dude looked up at her,

"Yeah, I know that she and Audrey are trying to figure out each other's roles on the cheer squad and the committee. Ever since Audrey left on the cruise with the three fairies, Jane's had to manage her job. I think they're going to split the responsibilities but don't quote me on that. I know she's doing something for Carlos, but I don't know what." Dude answered.

"Something for Carlos? Something good? Besides the chocolate and the flowers?" Evie asked, bending down to look Dude in the eye.

"I don't know what her surprise is, but the flowers and chocolate were my ideas. She wouldn't tell me because she said I'd tell Carlos and ruin the surprise."

"Surprise? Good surprise or a bad surprise?" Jay questioned.

"I said I don't know. But I think whatever she's planning is going to happen tomorrow. But don't quote me on that." Dude replied.

"Guys!" Carlos looked at them with wide eyes.

"Don't panic Carlos! For all we know she could be planning a picnic and wants to surprise you." Evie smiled.

"I don't think so. She didn't smell like food." Dude said. Three harsh glares made him back up, unsure what he did to cause the hostility. Before he could get far, Carlos picked him up and held him against his chest.

"It'll be a good surprise, it'll be a good surprise. No use worrying about if it's a bad surprise, it'll be a good surprise." Carlos mumbled to himself as he gently rocked Dude back and forth.

"Listen, if it's giving you this much stress, I'll go talk to Jane right now." Evie declared and before anyone could stop her, she marched out of the room.

"Jay, could you go after her and make sure she doesn't do anything too rash?" Mal questioned.

"On it." Jay bolted after his sister, leaving Carlos and Mal alone.

"No use worrying about it. What's going to happen, will happen. Now, let's go on the tourney field and I want you to teach me how to play. Let's go." Mal hauled him up on his feet.

"Right, right. Get my mind off of my worries. It'll be a good surprise." Carlos muttered as he followed her out of his room.