The Outsider


Veronica Mars life is extreme, she is not your regular teenager and Neptune is not your regular town. Veronica has always been an outsider, pretending to be an 09er has been Veronica's life since she began high school. Little did she know that her rebellious sneaky 'non-09er' plans had not gone unnoticed over the years. Shocked to find out that she had been on the PCHers radar when her best friend Lily is murdered. Finally letting go, she is able to be herself with the encouragement of her new and unexpected friends. She finds that the PCHers have her back as she finds her real place in the world, they help her fight the overwhelming horrors Neptune has given her deal with.

Characters are the same - main events are the same just from a different perspective

i have also added in extra scenes and events. SOme are inspired by reading other peoples stories BUT ARE NOT COPIED.