Star Trek Hunter
Episode 19: The Ivonovic Commission
Scene 17: Hugh Mann

Hugh Mann

It was only a few moments later when Lt. Cmdr. Tauk's voice was heard over the ship's intercom: "General Quarters. All hands to duty stations. This is not a drill, so move it!" Red lights started flashing and the ear-piercing wail of the emergency klaxon made itself heard – the sound seeming to vibrate not only the ear drum, but the very skull of anyone within earshot.

Irons remained seated in her office and monitored the situation. Her nacent telepathic abilities - gifts from distant betazoid and vulcan ancestors - had grown much sharper since her stroke. She had always been aware of crewmembers' emotions - that awareness had been enhanced and was still growing. She sipped her merlot and allowed her new second officer to handle this particular emergency. It was of his own making anyway…


"Lieutenant Gamor, in about twenty seconds this airlock will fail," said Lt. Cmdr. Tauk. "All hands: Emergency detach all moorings, seal all hatches and brace for explosive decompression of the docking bay." Tauk was fastening his seat restraints. "Gamor, make sure the door doesn't hit us on the way out. As soon as we clear the doors, find the U.S.S. Milky Way and put us underneath their secondary hull. Inverted. I want this ship clamped to their hull."

The giant airlock space doors opened explosively. The maintenance bay was designed to hold Reliant class ships well over five times the size of the U.S.S. Hunter. The Hunter was the only thing in the bay that was not secured and was immediately blown out of the bay along with all the atmosphere, sending the tiny ship out at more than twice the speed authorized for exit from the bay when it was properly depressurized.

Ensign Geoffrey Horatio Alstars was seated at the navigator station, feverishly entering calculations into the console. Lt. Gamor watched numbers scrolling along the bottom of the viewscreen.

"In five…" Alstars said quietly.

Gamor's finger hovered above a control on her panel.

"And now," Alstars said at the same instant that Gamor touched the control. Thrusters on the top and the starboard side of the Hunter fired for just a second, stabilizing the ship's roll. Just as the ship stabilized, the enormous U.S.S. Milky Way came up, upside down, underneath the Hunter, slowing just as the two ships met.

Gamor touched another control and powerful magnets on the underside of the Hunter's nacelle brought the two ships together and sealed the Hunter, upside down, to the underside of the Milky Way's secondary engineering hull. Three seconds later, the Milky Way went to warp with the Hunter still attached – a tiny, dark bump on a very large, white log.

Lt. Tolon Reeves was at the communication/tactical station behind the captain's chair. "Commander Dolphin and his party are now aboard."

"Detach us from the Milky Way's hull and take us out of their warp field, Lieutenant Gamor," Tauk ordered.

A moment later and the U.S.S. Milky Way seemed to drift slightly away from the underside of the Hunter, then suddenly streaked off in a blaze of brilliant white light.

"Lieutenant Tolon, report," Tauk said.

"All ship systems read nominal. No damage. All personnel present and accounted for," said 2nd Lt. Tolon Reeves.

"Lieutenant Gamor, bring us about, make your heading to the Romulan Neutral Zone at our previously selected entry point and engage recursive warp at factor 13," Tauk ordered.

A few seconds later, the U.S.S. Hunter made a blur of the stars.


At the very moment the Hunter went to warp, Tolon noticed that a new person had appeared on the bridge. He nearly jumped out of his skin. "Uh… Lieutenant Commander…"

All eyes on the bridge turned to see a figure clad in black armor – his right hand evidently mechanical with a number of tools in addition to fingers, including a small circular saw and pincers. His left eye was covered with an extension from his helmet that included an ocular sensor array. For no obvious reason, a tube projected out of his lower right cheek and connected to the right side of his armor. Other tubes wrapped around his helmet and his armor, attached in ways that appeared random and for which there seemed to be no obvious purpose. His face was completely pale.

He turned his head mechanically, looking at each person on the bridge, then said, "Resistance is futile..."


2nd Lt. Tolon reached slowly for the phaser at his belt, but stopped when the borg suddenly laughed.

"No, no, please… I'm sorry…" The borg held up both his hands – the right one mechanical, the left biological. "I've just always really wanted to say that."

Lt. Cmdr. Tauk opened his mouth, turned away for a second, looked again as if to make certain he was actually looking at a smiling borg:


"Um… Kenny… Justice Irons… Could you come up here, please? There's a borg on our bridge and he's acting really weird…"

19 – The Ivonvic Commission