Sophia and Savannah were walking down towards Sophia's cabin. Savannah stopped in the middle of the hallway. Sophia hadn't noticed until Savannah called out.

"Ok, we're alone now. Spill."

"Are we seriously going to do this here in the middle of the hallway." Sophia walked back up towards Savannah.

"Yes, we are. Now spill."

"Fine. It was all last night. Ben had to stay late at work, he wanted to get it all finished so he didn't have to bring any work with him on this cruise, and I had finished packing for the cruise earlier than I thought. So, I thought I'd be nice and take him his favourite dinner. You know, thought it would be a nice surprise before we go on the best holiday the two of us had ever been on together."

Sophia closed her eyes and thought back to last night.

Sophia walked into the setup office; she was casually dressed not expecting to see anyone part from Ben. She was carrying the bag of dinner that she was going to leave for Ben so he didn't have to eat when he got home later and so he could get to bed early ready to get up for their flight to Spain. They would then travel to meet the cruise ship.

She was surprised when she found the office in darkness. Why would Ben be working in the dark? Had he already left for home? No, his car was in the carpark still.

As Sophia walked into the office and she heard the quiet voice of a woman calling out.

"Oooh Ben! Yes!" The voice sounding like she was enjoying whatever was going on.

Sophia decided that she if could try and find Ben. "Hello? Ben?"

Sophia felt along the wall trying to the switch. Sophia turned the lights. Sophia gasped. Ben was lying on the sofa in the office with a half-naked woman on top of him. The woman turned to look at Sophia. They both stared at each other for a while. Ben wasn't working, it was just an excuse so he could sleep with other women.

"Uh? Do you mind? A little privacy." She spat at Sophia.

"Privacy?! We are beyond that point." Sophia retaliated.

Ben turned to look at what was going on. "Sophia!"

"Ooh…you're Sophia...This must be really upsetting for you." The woman retorted not caring.

"I thought you were packing! What are you doing here?" Ben carried on.

"What are you doing?" Sophia spat at Ben through her teeth.

The women smirked at Sophia. "Isn't it obvious?"

Downtrodden Sophia replied. "Yes. Yes, actually it is. How many others have there been Ben? How many other nights have you been staying late to 'work'"

"None, I swear." Ben said trying to win Sophia back around. "Jade is the first and it was an accident. We had a thing before me and you got together. I was meant to be working tonight, Jade came over to talk over a contract that I was going to be completing and then we ended up…well you know the rest."

Sophia looked down at the dinner she'd brought for Ben. A devious smile spread across her face. She lifted the bag and threw it at both Ben and Jade.

"Here's your dinner! You and your cheap tart of a client are welcome to it. Don't you think about coming home tonight. You can come get your things tomorrow when I've got on the plane…I never want to see you again." Sophia shouted.

As Sophia launched the food across the room the container burst open sending the spaghetti and meatballs. One the meatballs hit Ben right in forehead with spaghetti coating his body. Spaghetti and sauce coated the body of his mistress as well. She then pulled her engagement ring off and threw it so it hit Ben square in the eye.

Sophia turned away eyes filled with tears as Ben called out, but Sophia was to upset not to notice.

Sophia came back to reality. Her eyes once again filled with tears. Savannah pulled her sister into a tight squeeze. "So yeah…. that's what happened."

"So, you caught your fiancé cheating and you ran off." Savannah said whilst holding Sophia still.

"Not my best moment. I know." Sophia chuckled pulling away from sister. Smiling at passers-by.

"Look I'll let you in on a little family secret. He was a total idiot and none of us really liked him anyway. Always thought that you could better than him. We all really wanted you to break up with him." Savannah smiled at her sister.

"Me and you need to have a chat about inspirational speeches." Sophia smiled back.

"But the serious question is £100 million worth marrying the cheat that is Ben?" Savannah seriously asked.

"Ugh God no never in a million years. I don't think I ever want to face him again."

Sophia finished walking down the hallway to find her cabin door already open. Sophia and Savannah looked at each other and shrugged. Sophia pushed the door open and went inside. Both sides faces dropped when they saw who was stood inside.



"I'm so glad that I've found you. I can't believe you left without me." Ben went to hug Sophia. Sophia backed away before Ben could get anywhere near her.

"I told you not to come with me, I told you that I didn't want you anywhere near me." Sophia shouted.

"You said I couldn't come with you, didn't say anything about not coming on the cruise." Ben said calmly.

"I told you I never wanted to see you again, I think that quite clearly includes this cruise too! Where is she then?" Sophia continued to shout.

"Who?" Ben asked.

"That cheap tart, you cheated on me with." Sophia said. "You're bound to have brought her with you…to gloat. Don't forgot I know how scared you are of Sam, so he's going to flip when he finds out!"

Sam was Sophia's older brother. He was incredibly protective of his sister, he hated Ben and Sophia knew it. Sam made Ben feel incredibly uncomfortable when he was around. Sophia had no idea how he would react when he found about Ben cheating on her.

"I haven't brought her with me Sophia, I have something to tell you." Ben said.

"This better be good, Ben."

"I made a mistake."

"You can say that again." Savannah muttered. Sophia shot her glance to get her to shut up.

"I already knew that Ben."

Sophia I've ended it with her. I gave up the contract when I saw how upset you were." Ben said. He stepped towards Sophia, but Sophia just stepped back.

"Get out Ben, don't you come near me again. I suggest you find yourself the first flight back home and you better hope that gets you out of here before Sam finds you." Sophia said spitefully.

"This is my room too, Soph. I was asked on this trip too so whether you like it or I'm staying in this room just like was planned."

"Fine then I'm leaving."

Sophia went to leave them. Ben tried calling her back, but she wasn't listening to him at all. As left the room she slammed the door on Ben. Sophia stormed down the hallway with Savannah having to take twice as many steps to try and keep with her. Sophia heard her room door open and saw Ben running down the hallway to try and keep up with her.

"Slow down." Ben panted.

"Not a chance, Ben." Sophia spat.

"Stop being so childish Sophia. We need to talk."

"Ben are you that stupid? She caught you cheating on her! You're the last person she would want to be talking to." Savannah defended her sister.

"Stay out of this, you don't know the half of it. I've listened to podcasts that have lasted longer than your relationships." Ben snapped at Savannah.

Savannah's face dropped.

Ben continued. "This between me and Sophia. She knows I'm not the only to blame for this. A relationship is a complicated thing. "

Sophia and Savannah stormed out the exit. Ben was still following them desperate to keep up with them. Sophia and Scarlett onto the deck of the boat by the bar that they had been sat at earlier on. Ben was calling out after Sophia, but she ignored him. People started to look at her as Ben chased after her.

"I wouldn't have cheated on you Sophia if you hadn't been so distant and busy with work. Practically forced me into the arms of Jade."

Sophia was stunned at what he said. "What? Ben, I'm a heart surgeon, you know that I have no choice sometimes but to work long shifts and have to stay late, I'm on call because that is my job. Ben, my job is not a job you can do half-heartedly because people die if I don't do my job properly. You knew that when you entered this relationship with me, so don't you dare turn this back on me."

Savannah came to her sister's defence once again. "You know what Ben, it's really good that you've come here. It's perfect really, because my sister has something has something that she really wants to tell you. Right, Sophia?"

Sophia looked at Savannah, then at Ben then back to Savannah.

"Do you know what Ben; I do have something I want to say. I shouldn't have to justify my job and why I stay late and pick up extra shifts because what I do is important, and most men would understand that and accept it. Relationships aren't that complicated. You cheated on me, the only person who is at fault here is you. You were the one who cheated not me, you are the only one to blame in this whole mess…" She began. Sophia looked around, she was quite area that she was drawing attention and wanted people to know that.

Ben cut Sophia off. "…Soph, please."

"Ben no be quiet; you don't get to talk. You were never good for me. You never remembered my birthday, our anniversary. You took me for granted, you belittled how I felt after a difficult day at work. It was always about you. Do you want to know the worst weren't even that good in bed." Sophia said as loud as she could so that as many people heard as possible.

Ben grabbed Sophia's arm. "Not in public."

Sophia pulled herself free. "Why not? You were the who followed me here even though I told you I never wanted to see you again. You were the one who wanted to talk. So, when it came to sex, you were so selfish. You were lazy and believe you, no one should love elbows as much as you do."

Savannah recoiled in horror. "Oh, that is way more than I wanted to know."

Ben stepped towards Sophia and reached out for her. Sophia took a step backwards, she wanted nothing to do with.

"You don't know what you're saying, you're clearly too emotional to be reasonable. When you've calmed down, you'll realise that this that this is all a mistake and regret embarrassing yourself so publicly" Ben said trying to reason with Sophia.

"Ben…the only I regret at the moment and will regret for the rest of the day is that I didn't break up with you sooner." Sophia retorted.

"Sophia, I'm not losing you this easy." Ben said. He was walking towards Sophia again trying to hug.

"Ben, back off." Sophia screamed. Sophia reached around and grabbed a drink off of the bar.

Sophia threw the drink in Ben's face. He started to cough as soon as the drink hit him in the face.

"God, you always known I've hated to tequila." Ben said wiping his shirt.

Ben went to walk away realising that he had lost this argument, but as he stepped forward his foot slipped in the split drink on the floor. As he slipped, he nearly fell backwards into the pool, he barely recovered. Sophia decided that she that enough was enough, she walked past Ben and gave him a shove, and he fell backwards into the water. Sophia linked he sister's arm as the walked back inside, listening to people laugh at Ben as he tried to drag himself back out of the pool.

"Sophia! That was incredibly immature. You've ruined my phone." Ben called out after her.

"Yeah, well you should have thought about that before you ruined our relationship." Sophia called back.

"Well, you think you'll find someone that will put up with all your quirks and insecurities. I'm all you've known for five years, Sophia. I'm the only one who will love you for who are Sophia. Once you've calmed down, you'll realise that." Ben said as he walked in the opposite direction to Sophia and Savannah.

Sophia and Savannah walked towards their cabins.

"God, he's such a jerk." Savannah said to Sophia.

Sophia let out a sigh.

"What's up sis?" Savannah asked.

"He's not wrong, my whole life was built around our relationship. What is he's right? What if I only said all that because I was angry, and I'll forgive him. I know you like being single, but I don't. Nana wanted me to marry him, it was the only I was going to get my inheritance." Sophia sighed.

"I'm sure nana would not have wanted you to marry a liar and a cheat. Hand me your letter." Savannah asked.

Sophia handed her letter over. Savannah scanned the letter.

"Look, nana never said you had to marry Ben, I just says that you have to marry someone. Soph, you've got a whole new summer to find a new fiancé." Savannah said excitedly.

"Savannah, that's not as long as you think to get to know someone and to convince them to marry you." Sophia replied.

"It's not impossible though. You've heard of love at first sight. Sophia, you are also one of the beautiful people in know it won't be hard for you to find someone that's interested." Savannah said convincingly.

Sophia looked at Savannah with a spark in her eye. "You're right I'm not going to let Ben ruin my life and stop me from getting my inheritance. I have a dream wedding waiting for me in three months' time and I've got three months to find the man of my dreams whilst on a luxury cruise to travelling to some of the most beautiful place on the Earth. There's a man out there that is going to love me for me and not my job or money and nothing is just to stop me from finding him. Nothing.