Sitting behind a high pile of stacked boxes, his back against a solid wall of an inhabited and large building, Terra sighed, curling closer on him with his legs drawn up to his chest, the only source of light he had being the glow from one of the building's exterior lights. Even illuminating the bold shades of his armour where he sat and stew in his grim self-hatred. He hadn't taken any of it off, he couldn't. For some unknown reason, he lacked his power, though it wasn't like he wanted to take it off, wanting to hide himself away within literal armour while unable to show his face.

"Idiot," he muttered to himself, dropping his helmeted face against his crossed arms, elbows resting on his knees. He couldn't forgive himself, not this time, nor was he worth forgiving. It'd been a vast misunderstanding, but he'd still let it happen after listening to Master Xehanort, stupidly letting himself give in to his Darkness. If he hadn't, then he wouldn't have left himself or his friends Masterless.

How could he have been so stupid? So easily trusting and fooled. And even after all of that, his masters' last action had been to save his imbecilic pupil, sending him somewhere where he couldn't even use his weapon, couldn't even summon it, open a portal or even remove his suit without having to take it apart manually. Though he supposed that taking away his power could have been a way of punishing him while saving him at the same time by sending him to another world. An unknown one with not so much as an idea of why or what he was there for.

Shaking his head against his forearms, the sharp and solid metal of both his arm guards and helmet scraping together. With no idea of location or what he was meant to do, Terra hadn't moved from where he'd woken up, having previously been sprawled out behind the stacked boxes, powerless and weaponless, disoriented with a fogged mind. That having more than likely been due to the loss of his abilities.

Lost, alone and with no way of helping himself at that moment, he felt the vulnerability build, the cold searing within his chest spreading and waking the fear that had been only a fraction bigger than an atom before he'd been forced through that portal. Now though... it had taken over more than half of his being, his confidence and courage having faltered greatly from the lies he'd been told, from believing them so naively. He didn't deserve anything good he'd gotten before Master Xehanort had taken over his "training".

... What was he meant to do? Where was he meant to go? What were the currency of this world and the legality in which he could follow to not draw attention? What was he meant to do for attire? Food? A place to sleep?

Another sigh left his lips, Terra gradually lifting his head from his crossed arms. He wouldn't know unless he actually stepped out from behind the boxes and asked. Maybe someone could help him with his situation. Or maybe the Master had sent him to an area he himself was familiar with. What if Master Eraqus had been to this world and that had been the reason as to why he'd been sent there? Hadn't it been mentioned in their booklets that one would have had to open the doors between worlds to travel there? Meaning that the Master must have travelled there at some point before.

With that somewhat hopeful thought in mind, Terra lifted his helmeted head further, looking up to the stacks of boxes. It was worth a shot, given his situation, and if someone could help, then it'd be easier to find his way. Maybe if it were the case, then could the Master have known and relayed a message? Or sent word before sending him along?

Gradually, he climbed to his feet and took the few steps towards the stacks of boxes, ignoring the stiffness in his posture from having been sat there for so long. Reaching out for the wooden cubes at the very top, he shifted them aside, parting them down the centre wide enough for him to climb between them and drop over the other side. Landing gracefully, he eyed his surroundings, looking over his shoulder towards the fenced-off area, a train track set beside it and the path that led up to the other side of where he'd found himself. And having noted the steam in the air a decent ways away along with the sound of a deeply whirring engine and the chuga-chuga of a train, one was coming.

Shrugging that off for the moment, he made his way along the wide walkway towards the steps leading into the massive building, Terra feeling a tad anxious and apprehensive with his unknown location. There was just as much of a chance that he'd appeared in an enemy location, and he had no weapon or means of escape what with his lack of power and knowledge of his whereabouts.

Striding up towards the entrance, he was met with two armed guards, head-gear obstructing their appearance and immediately, they turned on him, guns aimed with a few rehearsed shouts his way.

"Stop! Identify yourself!" without hesitation, he froze on the spot and raised his hands as the guns were directed his way, the two narrowing in fast as he opened his mouth to reply-, "Remove the helmet!" the other snapped, Terra slowly doing just that, following the order by pressing his hands on either side of it and feeling the tight clasp release with a turn of the helmet. He lifted it, revealing his face as the two continued to close the distance cautiously.

"My name's Terra," he stated simply, slowly lowering the helmet to the ground before gradually straightening himself up, "I'm lost," the warrior continued, only half aware of the train breaks screeching as it closed into their location, "I'm not sure where I am. I woke up behind those boxes," Terra slowly pointed out the stack, one of the men directing himself that way while the other stayed put, now at his side to keep an eye on him.

"You're in a restricted area. Are you armed?" the guard asked firmly, the gun trained on Terra with the mans' hands still raised in a gesture of harmlessness. He basically 'was' without his powers. He'd become a civilian of sorts.

"No, sir. I'm not," he assured, the brunette taking a glance towards the other guard who was sniffing around the boxes. Returning his gaze to the one holding him at gunpoint, he eyed him carefully before turning more towards him, still wondering as to where he'd woken up, "Where am I?" he wanted to know, needed to if he were to start from somewhere.

"Mako Reactor 1, a highly restricted area," the last few words were heavily emphasized. He was glad that they appeared to be the type to ask questions first and shoot later, rather than the alternative. And with the highly restricted area he'd appeared in, he was ever more thankful for that fact.

"You'll have to come with us-," Terra flinched and leapt back on instinct as the man was attacked from the side. The blow came out of nowhere and sent the guard flying, hitting the ground harshly and just lying there, unconscious from the attack. With wide eyes and a racing heart rate, he looked to the girl that had struck the guard.

Lithe, lean, smaller and with a smile on her lips and black hair pulled into a tail. She wore some kind of armour, a worn, silver metal torso plate, shoulder guards, a red head banned. A loose portrayal of military garb, the combat pants, odd armoured boots and a form-fitting blue shirt beneath her metal torso plating-.

"Nice distraction," she winked, then nodding over Terra's shoulder before darting off towards the inside of the building, two other men rounding either side of him and following after her. He frowned heavily, reaching down for his helmet with his eyes fixed on the area they'd run into.

"Who the hell are you, kid," barely refraining from flinching again, he whirled around, eyes landing on a much, much larger man who'd been standing behind him. Dark skinned, more loosely portrayed military garb with a massive gun for an arm. He swallowed, apprehension growing. All he could feel from this man was pure, unhidden distrust and hostility, a volatile combination for whoever could end up on the other end of it.

"I'm not a kid," he answered with instead of his name, his frown growing deeper as his guard thickened, posture tightening and muscles tensing, ready to avoid and evade. He didn't like this man. He seemed the type to leave you to the dogs given the chance.

Though, it appeared that Terra wasn't worth it. The large stranger scoffed and shrugged him off as if he were nothing to worry about, proceeding to turn back towards the train.

"Get down here, merc," he ordered with a wave of his hand, Terra tensing further before his eyes caught swift movement, a figure jumping from the train roof and gracefully dropping through the air, landing skilfully only a few feet from him with an enormous blade extending from his hand, just short of the mans' height. That being confirmed as he clipped the weapon to his back upon fluidly straightening up. Another with military garb, though this one seemed to be more realistic than the others.

But the hair, the smoothness in his skin. He looked young. Maybe only a couple of years older than Terra if not the same age... and that stare, his bright yet deep eyes... The way they locked with his own, a shudder clawed its way up his spine.

"Stay outta our way, kid. Or you'll regret it," his attention returned, the link between their gazes breaking momentarily for Terra to focus on the other man, said larger guy shoving him aside to pass by. He steeled himself and glared at him. He still needed to get out of there.

"I'll stay out of your way, but I need some help first," he interrupted the man's stride, turning and jogging after him, stopping the man by actually getting in his way and staring up at him as he stopped the other from walking any farther. He was playing with fire with a man like this, "Where am I and how do I get out of here," he asked firmly, half aware of the blonde that was standing just behind the much bigger man, arms crossed over his chest with a previously disinterested stare.

"Come again," humming in question, Terra quirked a brow. Had his question been misheard? The tone used with those two words, had what he said caught his attention? He seemed a tad more focused on the brunette after having spoken.

"I'm lost," the warrior clarified, shrugging as if it were the norm. It wasn't normal that he'd get lost, but it shouldn't have been all that strange. The look he was being given though, it gave him the impression that maybe it was. Even the blondes' expression had shifted just slightly. He looked curious, eyes having more focus to them while they watched him.

"You don't just 'get lost' in a damn Mako Reactor," and there was that name again, the guard had called it the same. Was it important? Obviously, there had been guards and it was a restricted area. So then... this was an infiltration group? They'd taken out the guards, they had weaponry to continue doing so to-... what?

"I'm not from here," he shrugged while hoping that the excuse was accepted, guarding himself up with a firm and unreadable tone and expression. They weren't meant to know about another world, but Terra had the same issue with this one, "I don't know what a Mako Reactor is," he couldn't very well pretend if he had no idea of what or where or who or why... and that was his disadvantage at that moment.

"Fool's been livin' under a rock his whole life," the bigger man gestured to Terra with much the same attitude as earlier, as if he weren't worth the time. Confirming his assumed opinion, he shoulder-barged him aside and headed towards the entrance.

"Can you help me, or not?" Terra called after him, staying put where he stood with a still solid expression. He didn't like the feeling of growing anxiety in his chest, as if he were about to lose his chance in figuring his situation out.

"If you help us," at that, his worry paused, Terra's brow creasing in question as the stranger stopped on the top step and took a glance over his shoulder, glaring at the brunette with clear distrust on his face, "Stick with Stamp here and do what he does," he ordered, emphasizing by pointing towards the blonde, who had just passed by him and stopped a few feet ahead with a soft growl-ish sigh leaving his lips.

For a lingering moment, nothing was said, the man having continued ahead with the other turning to stare at the brunette from over his shoulder, Terra feeling his guard involuntarily and fractionally falter at the calm intensity of his eyes. There was nothing hostile or violent in them, nothing that showed him to be a threat. The exact opposite of the gunman. They were weighed by something real like a man with a heavy past. It was intense and intimidating, something wise and experienced clear in them for the ones that could tell, even for such a young-looking face. He must have seen a lot to have those eyes.

"Got a weapon?" the question drew him from his thoughts, Terra noting that he'd been analyzed with a much more serious and knowledgeable stare, far more intense than his own in regarding the blonde. He really felt like a trainee again compared to this man.

He didn't need to say anything, the look he was being given already confirmed that he knew he had no weapon with him. It was like the stranger was simply making sure so that he could do something about it.

Which he did, the moment Terra shook his head, the blonde reached down to the body that the girl had knocked out, retrieving the sword that had been sheathed since he ran into the guard only a few minutes ago. It was abruptly held out to him, the brunette eyeing it before lifting a hand and loosely gripping the handle. A grim realization came over him as he stared at the cleaned weapon, that if he was being given a sharpened blade of all things, it meant that they expected him to use it, to cut down the ones they saw as the enemy. He'd have to kill...

"Use the flat of the sword if you can't kill someone," it was almost as if he'd read his mind. Lifting his eyes to the other, he watched as his back was turned to Terra, the blue gaze following his frame as he entered the building. He was surprised, standing there with his mouth falling open. He knew. He'd seen it? His thoughts having reached his features? Or was it a sixth sense for reading people?

Whatever the reason, the stranger knew that Terra couldn't kill someone and wasn't forcing him to as the bigger man probably would if he'd been the one to hand him the blade...

Where was he? Where did the Master send him?