He felt as though he were just following along without having to do much, being dragged along for the ride without any knowledge of where he was going. The moment he'd trotted after the blonde, he watched as the others stood patiently on either side of an opening farther ahead, the one leading him swiftly heading that way without hesitation.

Terra followed after him, being sure to keep a keen eye on him and the security officers at the other end of the foyer. Who'd seen them as they strode through the centre.

"Who in the hell-," one of them aggressively started, immediately raising his weapon and cautiously darted towards them, the other following with his own gun lifting. The two filed through the ticket booths and quickly narrowed the distance.

"Hands where I can see 'em!" the second snapped as they passed the walls that the others were hidden behind, the four slipping by and stealthily passing over the booths, the girl giving them a salute before following the others.

Terra didn't understand why the blonde was left behind by them, not immediately, but if this was an infiltration mission as he'd assumed, then maybe he was the individual that took out the enemy that could follow after them?

Terra was abruptly snapped from his thoughts as a hand was firmly pressed against his chest and he was harshly pushed to the side, the brunette dropping into a roll and gracefully catching his footing in a crouch, only then realizing that they'd both narrowly avoided a round of bullets that had been aimed at them, the blonde evading and rushing at the guards. He'd just saved him while Terra had been lost in thought.

"Stop thinking," he scolded himself, his words being spoken under his breath before punching the side of his gloved fist against his head. Following the 'get it together' strike, he replaced his helmet over his skull, clicking it into place before climbing to his feet and joining the other man in the small battle, using the flat of the blade as rarely as possible and instead favouring his hand-to-hand skills, using the butt of the sword when necessary.

The two jumped the booths, the guards following with more appearing from the floor above, Terra almost felt as though he were being protected at one point, the blonde seemingly being sure that he was blocking bullets that the brunette might have taken while momentarily darting out of place to take one down, doing the same again and again while Terra knocked one out here and there.

Booting one of the men in the side and slamming a fist into the side of his face, the body dropping, he lifted his gaze just in time to see the blonde stranger block a spray of bullets with his massive sword and use that moment to strike as the guard was forced to reload, said officer yelping before being struck down with trained ease.

Catching something out of the corner of his eye, Terra jumped back, hand grabbing the edge of the rectangular pillar to help navigate behind it and around it. Appearing on the other side, he spun and slammed his knee into the guards spin, said guard dropping to his knees and giving the brunette the chance to grab the back of his helmet and harshly force his head into the pillar he'd used to shield himself.

Upon being sure that the other man was out for the count, he let his gaze drift to the blonde as he'd just gotten done himself, his own stare lifting to Terra and gesturing to the stairs as he darted that way, the brunette quickly joining him, following around the corner and up the stairs only a few feet behind him.

"What're we meant to be doing?" he asked as they reached the top, the two eyeing the area cautiously before stepping out into the open space, jogging along the path to the curved entryway across the room.

"Fighting," he replied flatly and bluntly, his tone even and unreadable. Frankly, he sounded bored, maybe disinterested. He wasn't entirely sure. And if he were being honest, he'd expected some elaboration as the brunette gave him a quirked brow and a moment of silence as they stepped outside again, on the balcony above the train.

"No, I meant the mission," Terra clarified, slowing down just as the other did upon seeing the group working the large doors at the very end of the path, one watching over the two while the 'boss?' stood far off to the right.

"We need to find the Main Reactor," another spoke in the blonde's place, said blonde having stayed silent. Terra let his gaze drift to the more chubby of the group, the man grinning towards them as they closed in and stopped only a few feet away.

"And?" the brunette asked, really wanting to understand what they were planning and how he could even help. From what he could see, the blonde had everything handled in what he was meant to be doing and Terra had just, more than likely, got in the way and made it so his attention was split.

"And blow them," the man of the two working on the doors replied, looking over his shoulder with a smirk and thumbs-up, "You got a name, Armour?" Armour? He was already given a nickname based on his appearance then.

"Terra," he replied simply, not really thinking much of it as this was simply an introduction. He didn't feel like running around with them without them knowing his name either. Though the nickname was somewhat decent and distinctive.

"That's a bit girly," the same man commented, and that was another reason as to why he suddenly preferred them to use the given nickname. He hoped that they'd call him that while they were here instead.

"No matter the name, you should've seen his face when we came in. He's some real eye-candy. He might be on par with our SOLDIER," hearing that, Terra grunted softly behind his mask, thankful that it was there as warmth gradually gathered in his cheeks, the brunette averting his gaze to the blondes back to avoid eye-contact, the girl having glanced over her shoulder to wink.

"What were you doing, anyway? Down there, I mean," reluctantly looking towards the chubbier of the group, he'd noticed him gesture towards the railing, Terra just being able to see the top of the train. Had he referred to being there with the guards or being there in general? Either way, he had the most suspicious answer in his head. He couldn't very well explain how he'd gotten there without revealing a portal or a fight with his Master.

"Not entirely sure myself," he replied instead, his answering appearing to have caught a surprised reaction from each of them, save for the blonde and the boss. Terra lifted his gaze, noting the questioning and curious stare he was being given by the one only a foot ahead and to the side of him.

"You got a concussion or somethin'?" the man working on the door asked with a deadpanned tone, the warrior turning to him to see the invested look on his face, having stopped working for a moment until he was jabbed by the woman.

"Not that I'm aware of," he shrugged in return, absentmindedly turning the hilt of the sword in his hand, itching for it to be his own weapon that only destroyed the darkness and could be used as a knock-out weapon in his situation.

"You just lost your memory?" the chubby man asked with a confused stare, his brows creased in question. He genuinely seemed to care and worry for him, and though it was thoughtful and heart-warming, this really wasn't the time, and he felt bad, considering that he'd lied and knew how he'd come to be there. He just didn't know why.

"It's complicated to put into words," he grumbled softly, a tad dejected and slight bit guilty that he was keeping the truth from them. But he had to, there was no way he could tell them. The rule was still in place that no one outside of his own world was meant to know about other worlds besides their own.

"Okay, guys," looking over the mans' shoulder, he saw the doors opening, the two filing through the moment they had space with the chubby man following behind almost immediately, waiting slightly longer before slipping through and jogging after the others.

Terra was about to follow until he saw the boss step ahead of them, staring into the new area before turning a glare on them, mostly on the blonde that didn't seem bothered at all by the heavy scowl.

"You'd better be worth the money, merc. Every last gil," the blonde was a hired hand? Merc, a mercenary. He gradually began to understand the distance between the man and the others and why he was the fighter while they all ran off ahead. That, and he now assumed that 'gil' was the currency-, "And you," abruptly snapping from his thoughts, feeling the scowl bore through himself now, he stared back, a frown hidden behind his helmet, "Mess up and you're dead before we're done,"

Being threatened so openly and grimly, Terra stayed silent, really not liking how verbally violently the man was, not needing it to be confirmed to understand that he would more than likely follow through on it, given the chance.

He watched as he scowled between them a moment longer, lingering before slowly turning away and following after his team. Terra waited, swallowing thickly and hearing a huff leave the blonde, the brunette glancing towards him to see the exasperation and restraint on his smooth and calm features. He could see the twitch of tire on his face. Though, not tired as in wanting to sleep or having not had the hours he'd needed before this job.

"He's a ray of sunshine," Terra commented curtly and flatly just as the other man took the first few steps after the group, the brunette feeling victorious in hearing the very fine scoff that left the firmly stoic mans' lips.

The two meandered after the others, their pace swift so that they didn't lag too far behind, Terra keeping a short distance between himself and the blonde as they descended a ramp towards another open space with hanger doors left open at the other side.

He continued to follow the blonde along the open space, feeling a hand against his chest again to shove him. But this time it was to avoid a large dog, Terra immediately darting back as it apparently targeted him. Having a moment to look at it, he frowned in shock at its appearance, the tail seemingly attached to the back of its neck rather than its rear.

The warrior took a few careful steps back, his blade held firmly ahead of him. He didn't want to actually cut down the creature. He loved dogs, more than humans according to Aqua.

He swallowed, brow creasing in guilt right before it launched at him, Terra raising the sword and instinctively turning it flat on towards the dog as he swung, feeling the strike shake through the metal and his forearms as the surface of it slammed against the side of its head, the brunette darting aside, splaying a hand against the ground to cartwheel out of range and be sure that there was a decently safe distance between them.

Looking back, he saw the dog shaking its head while swaying slight on its feet, trying to gather its marbles that Terra had definitely batted it out its skull. It slowly turned on him again, the ferocity looking ten times the amount it had when ready to attack before.

Taking another few steps back as it started to narrow the distance, the warrior tightened his grip and aimed the tip of the blade as a warning, heavily reluctant to fight it but it didn't seem bothered at all and simply continued forward with a chest vibrating growl, growing in volume.

Just then, his eyes caught the shine of the blondes blade coming down on the dog, slicing its side and leg before the man booted the dog aside and grabbed Terra by his shoulder-plate, dragging him along towards the doors and continuing towards a roofless lift to the right of the entrance, closing the gate along the way and slamming his gloved hand down on the button.

The lift jerked to life and gradually ascended, Terra feeling as though he could finally breathe, his heart hammering. He really couldn't fight animals. He couldn't hurt any creature unless it was truly a threat like the Unversed. Clearly, Aqua was definitely right about the fact that he preferred animals to humans. And due to that, the blonde had had to take it down along with the men that had appeared.

"Sorry about that," he muttered as the lift finally stopped, the other gate flinging open with the mercenary giving his shoulder a pull before letting go, directing him along the catwalk the others must have run across.

"You like dogs," he replied flatly as if that were reason enough, jogging along with the brunette close behind. Honestly, it almost felt like he was being forgiven for that fact alone and he really didn't feel like he should have been with the situation that they were in. That he was in.

"A friend says I love dogs more than people," he replied thoughtfully, hoping that he could alleviate his own guilt for having had the man save him again. He owed him for the save and the shielding from bullets at the beginning... as well as giving him the idea of using the flat of the blade to avoid taking a life.

"Not a bad thing," the blonde mentioned from slightly ahead, never looking over his shoulder as they proceeded to descend again towards the group near a hole in the fence, cut by either the girl or guy that opened the door before, "I don't like people all that much either,"

Having heard that, Terra felt a smile grace his lips, the two slowing down as they reached the fence as well. Lifting his gaze to the blonde, he noted how duty-bound he appeared, his bright eyes staring over his shoulder towards where they'd come from only a moment ago. Following his gaze, the brunette eyed the area, seeing nothing.

"What's your name?" the question seemed to have taken the man aback for a sliver of a second, his intense, though currently lively, eyes observing him with animated curiosity, Terra blinking in silence in return with a questioning tilt of his helmeted head.

"Cloud... Strife," he finally replied, appearing hesitant for only a moment before he gestured to the fence, the brunette looking towards it and realizing that one of the men on the other side was waiting on the two fighters.

"You two can carry on with your lil' date later," the other guy commented with a chuckle and wide smirk before jogging away just as Terra swiftly slipped through the hole. He stopped on the other side and waited, eyes widening the moment he saw men with guns running around the corner at the top of the ramp they'd come from before.

"Cloud!" he swiftly pointed towards them as the blonde had crouched to climb through, stopping short and returning to stand with his hand raising for his massive swords' hilt.

"Keep going. I'll catch up," the man assured, effortlessly lifting the weapon from his back and frowning over his shoulder when Terra didn't leave as requested, having actually been planning to join in as he had been since meeting the team, "Get going!" the tone he'd used was barely any louder than his usual tone, but the firmness in it, the clear command and authority, it made him waver. It reminded him of his own Master when he'd chosen to be firmer, if one of them hadn't listened the first time.

Huffing heavily, Terra reluctantly turned away and started jogging in the direction he'd seen the others go, following whatever path he'd assumed they'd taken after that.