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So, for this story there will be some slight ABO elements but it's not an ABO AU. Just thought I'd get that out there for anyone not interested in that. I want to make sure you know exactly what kind of rollercoaster you got yourself into with this story ahead of time lol. Speaking of that, know that Izuku will have a drastically different upbringing and backstory. I know a lot of people don't like this and don't consider him Izu still, but please understand that this is my fanfiction. I am putting my heart out here and sharing it so that others can see my ideas for some crazy "what if"s.

Sort of spoiler-ish for the story info in here: I am taking inspiration from multiple sources for a couple of characters and for some quirks and such in this story. Like the lead doctor/scientist introduced in this chapter was largely inspired by Aizen from Bleach. He will have Perfect Hypnosis as a quirk with different limitations as well as triggers since he won't have a blade. Since there will not be the basic fundamentals from Bleach or any other series in this story, I am not considering this a crossover. Also, Jela Legion is not of Japanese descent, and expresses a desire to use his given name before his surname (with Japanese ordering, his name would be Legion Jela).

Disclaimer: I do not own MHA/BNHA. If I did Nighteye wouldn't have died and Izuku would have had more realistic responses to the traumatic experiences he has had. (It also wouldn't be as good but shhhhhh)

Warnings for this chapter of this fucked up story:

Threats of punishment to a child

—Izuku POV—

After a long drive in the back of van with no windows, I was led into a facility. It was in a word, sterile. White walls, white floors, white lights, and white doors; white was the only color that surrounded me. The winding halls smelled heavily of antiseptic and a lingering metallic tang hung in the air.

After countless turns and twists we ended up in a dark room filled with lots of machines, cases and tools. There were two men in lab coats standing in the corner talking. With a cough from Doctor Legion, the two men turned their attention to us.

The one on the left was tall with black bristles in place of hair. His eyes were ginormous fly eyes, with three weird tiny eyes (ocelli) on his forehead.

The one on the right had chocolate brown hair slicked back with a few curls loose. Purple irises with black sclera stared at me with a hidden gleam. His mouth twists into an inviting smile as he leans down to just above my height.

"Welcome Midoriya-kun! My name is Akui Zankoku and my associate here is Nikushimi Satsujin. Jela-san has told me all about you, and I am happy to finally get to work with you." He then turns to a machine that resembles those open MRIs. "Would you please take off your shoes and lay down in here for me? I need to get a full body scan of you before we can officially start."

"Yes Akui-san." I reply as I slip off my All Might sneakers that momma gave me for my birthday in the corner. I smile as I think about being strong like him and showing momma all of my strength! I turn to go to the machine and Akui-san smiles at me encouragingly. I excitedly climb in and lay on my back. There is a black scanner in the top of it with lots of complicated lenses moving around randomly. I begin to fidget in nervous uncertainty.

"Make sure you lay still until I say otherwise Midoriya-kun. If you move, I will have to give you a punishment for wasting time. Understood?" Akui-san calls.

"Y-yes Akui-san." I reply while holding as still as I can.

He nods with a grim twist to his smile as he puts on a pair of glasses. Then, turning to his monitor, the test begins. It's noisy. Like, really noisy. Knocking and whirring sounds fill the room. Flashing lights and moving parts bombard my vision and I flinch.

"Midoriya-kun. I believe I told you to hold still. You didn't mess up the test this time, so I will let you off the hook, but if you do it again, I will be forced to punish you." Akui-san calls to me. I barely hear him over the machine.

"Y-yes, Sir."

"Ah-ah be quiet. Talking counts as moving. What if I was scanning your head? You would have messed it up. And I really don't want to punish you on your first day here."

I gulp. I want momma. I want to go home and play with my All Might toys… see his friendly smile. Watch that video of him laughing happily while saving hundreds of people and hear him say that everything will be okay… why? Because he is here! But he's not here… I am, so I have to smile! Just like him!

I begin to smile like my favorite hero, but I remember Dr. Akui's warnings and I stop.

I have to hold still.

I can't move.

I must do what the doctor says, because he'll make me strong! And then I will be able to smile and save people, just like All Might!

—After Test—

The whirring sounds stop and the knocking subsides. I can't really hear much other than the ringing in my ears, and I'm really dizzy, but I held still. My arm hurts where they drew lots of blood and injected something into me.

But I didn't move.

I look over towards the three men reviewing the tests. Well, more like Akui-san is going over the results, Nikushimi-san is documenting whatever Akui-san is saying, and Jela-san is standing there dumbly trying to look smart. I can make out a little bit of what they are saying, but not much since they are whispering.

"This… Extraordinary! … no… quirk genomes… factor… gold!" Akui-san sounded pleased, if not a bit excited. That's good, right?

"Empty… no… on file… Akui-sama… First… blood… more tests… good… potential… call her… rare sub-gender? … release… stimulation… hypothalamus… LH and FSH… no… ready by five…" A buzzing nasally voice said. The fly guy does indeed sound like a fly hehe.

"Wait wait wait! Won't that completely rewrite his reproductive system? You said you needed a quirkless subject to study the evolutionary process of quirks! Not a guinea pig to test that wretch's unstable bio-toxic matter and jumpstart CPP!" Jela-san sounded a bit frantic. What is a repo-duck-tive system? And evo-something about quirks. What does a wrench have to do with me getting a quirk anyway?

"Yes, Jela-san. I did say that. However, can you study divergent evolution off of a single subject? It's just not practical. Barely feasible at best. However, he shows potential to raise that rate exponentially. Perhaps… an Allograft would increase the rate of evolutionary production while creating a stimulating environment for growth… after all… a body under a constant state of duress will be forced to adapt far faster than one… while provided excess materials and genes to feed on…Nikushimi! Take a memo and alter the plans to also harvest biographical samples from the produced subjects to allograft onto the ohm parent subject."

Fly guy nodded with a buzz and began to type incredibly fast into his tablet.

"Um… Akui-san? Can I move now?" I call timidly from my place beneath the dreadfully loud machine.

"Ah! Midoriya-kun! You didn't move without my permission, did you?"

"N-no, Sir. I didn't move."

He smiled back at me; a sugary sweet gesture hiding an acidic after tone. I don't like it. He doesn't smile right, it's too fake. All Might smiles really real, but Akui-san smiles really wrong…

"Good boy. Come on, out you go. I'll show you to your new bedroom where you will wait for one of my associates or myself to return with further instructions. Understood?"

"Y-yes Akui-san."


Leaving that awful room, I let out a breath. I never though I would be happy to see those bright white walls again but here we are.

Akui-san turned left out of the door, and began walking down the hall, deeper into the facility. I feel a jab between my shoulder blades and turn to see Nikushimi-san behind me. He gave me another shove, this time harsher, in the direction that Akui-san headed off in. Taking his silent order to follow the other scientist, I began to walk.

The pace that the lead scientist set was harsh, but I kept up with a bit of difficulty. I tripped over my feet a few times but the fly guy kept on grabbing my collar and eventually grabbed my forearm and drug me along to keep me upright. It's not my fault I have shorter legs than these tall men! I'm still 4! But maybe I'll be as tall as All Might when I grow up! And muscly too! With renewed vigor, I picked up my pace and started to be the one tugging Nikushimi-san around until he let go of me.

We rounded a few more corners and went down a long staircase before we came to a corridor with rounded walls and was lined with circular metal doors. We stopped at the door with a metal plaque labeled A118.

"This is your room Midoriya-kun." Akui-san said a he opened the door via the panel with symbols next to the door. "Please change into the clothing provided for you that is waiting on the table at the bottom of the bed. You may throw your old clothes in the hamper beside the table."

I entered the large room and the door shut immediately behind me with a mechanical hiss and clunking of a lock. Calling this room a bedroom is generous. The walls were a weird off white, almost light grey, and the floor was a pristine grey heavy-duty tile. There is a small cot on a white painted metal frame in the far corner with a light wooden desk/table at the bottom of it. The chair that was pushed under the desk was a metal one with thick armrests. Beside the table was a white wicker hamper with a plastic bag in it before a hanging mirror. There was a silver metal trash can beneath the desk on the right side.

Aside from that the room was empty… huge and filled with nothing but space.

Wanting a closer look at everything, I walked over to the desk and saw the clothes sitting there. On the table was a small oil lamp and some books, as well as a weird pen next to a small black jar. Unfolding my new outfit revealed a pair of white sweatpants and a white gown like top. A pair of standard white slippers, with one tucked inside of the other by the heel, rested beside the folded clothes.

Remembering to do as I was told, I took off my shirt, pants, and underwear and threw them into the hamper. My sneakers were safely tucked under the desk out of the way. After realizing that there wasn't underwear provided for me, I grabbed my bright red and blue ones with All Might on the butt from the hamper and put them back on. I then slipped on the clothes before looking in the mirror at the large gown thing. It was too big for me, coming down to my knees and the neck hole slipping off of one of my shoulders.

I couldn't help but frown at my reflection. Did they expect me to be older? But my pants fit fine… Did they grab the wrong size? Akui-san doesn't seem like the type to make mistakes like that… If they did grab the wrong size, who's clothes did I get? Are there others here too? More quirkless people like me?

Quirkless… I can't believe that I'm quirkless. Kacchan got this really cool exploding quirk, and we were sure that I would get one that would make me strong enough to be his sidekick when he becomes number one! I will; I'm sure I will be awesome!

I smiled in the mirror just like All Might and struck a few poses before a yawn startled me while I was flexing. I didn't realize how tired I was… Maybe I should lay down for a few minutes? They have taken a while already, so maybe they won't even come back until morning (or whatever time it is… there's no clock).

Heading over to the cot functioning as my new bed, I pull back the thin white sheet provided and slip into the bed. The sheets are kind of crunchy, more than a bit rough on my skin, and the cot is hard… I don't know if I can sleep like this… But soon all of the day's activities caught up to me and I finally gave in to exhaustion. If what they were saying in the lab was anything to go by, I'm sure tomorrow will be life changing for me.