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Mild gore

Hints at unwilling surgical procedures

Hints at ABO

Tiny hint at torture device (table at end)

—Izuku POV—

"Awaken, child." A gruff voice called out agitatedly.

"Hnng" I am so tired… What time is it? Is it time for school? "Five more minutes, Father." I plead. He doesn't usually give me anymore time but it was always worth a shot.

Expecting his usual reprimand, I yelped when my covers were torn off of me. Before I could sit up, I began to choke as a hand jerked me up in the air with a strong grip on my neck. My chest burned and I started to see spots in my darkening vision just before a jerk and a feeling of weightlessness hit.

"GAH!" I screamed. The crack of my head hitting the floor is loud. Making my way to my knees, I heaved for air. Tears pooled in my vision before a sob tore its way from my throat. A flood of metallic liquid accompanies a horrible sting as it coats my mouth. It takes me a moment to realize that I bit a chunk out of the side my tongue. Feeling the chunk stuck to one of my molars, I spit it out and begin to heave. Nothing comes up, but that somehow makes it worse since all I can smell and taste is the rich coppery flavor of the blood flowing out of my tongue.

"Get up immediately. Akui-sama is awaiting your presence in the lab." The voice called. Peering up through a veil of tears, I see a tall, gangly man with purple tinted brown hair. Beady red eyes rimmed in black circles analyzed me from his spot next to my cot. He is certainly unsettling, his pasty white skin looked almost blue, reminding me of a corpse. I startle back instinctively; this man looks insane. Instead of a shirt, his torso, arms and neck were wrapped in pristine white bandages. He had a black tie on loosely and crookedly tucked into a buttoned black lab coat.

He narrows his eyes at me and takes a step towards me, causing me to flinch. With him slowly getting closer, I know I need to get up… now! I realize I have regained my bearings and the oxygen has replenished in my lungs. With sniffles and tears still trailing down my cheeks, I begin the arduous task of standing. My body aches and my chest burns, but despite my screaming muscles, I get to my feet.

"Good, little cretin. Follow me." He turns militaristically and heads out the open circular door. Stopping in the hallway, he turns back to me and motions for me to follow. Looking back to my bed, I see my slippers poking out from underneath the sheet that was unceremoniously dumped on the floor. As I go to get them, I hear the creepy man clear his throat aggressively.

"Subject A118 you will follow orders from your superiors as soon as they are given."

"I was getting my slippers…"

"Your feet being cold are of no consequence to your necessary wellbeing for the project. You are not a free boy anymore; you are the property of Akui-sama and will act like it. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir…"

"Tell me what you are."

"I am the p-property… of… Akui-san- "


"WRONG YOU INSOLENT CRETIN! How dare you address Akui-sama with such a lowly form of familiarity!" The unnamed man screamed at me. He took the neck of my now-soiled gown and began to shake me. "He has graciously taken you in after your parents abandoned you for your pathetic weakness and you repay him with such an insulting address?! He is your lord! You will worship him by the time I am done conditioning you!" He yells in my face. His cracked lips gave way to a flood of hot rancid breath, growing more nauseating with each berating word. "But that will have to wait until later. At the moment you have an appointment with the glorious Greek Mistress. Come. You have wasted enough precious time already."

He lets go of my gown and I barely maintain my footing. He roughly grabs my arm and begins to tug me in what I assume is the direction of the lab.

I'm scared and not sure what I did to deserve this… But what I am sure of is that he is terrifyingly unstable and I managed to make him very angry.

—A Million Halls Later—

After dragging me down way too many halls, the creepy guy stopped in front of a particularly large door. Setting his hand on the scanning pad next to the frame, he activated the mechanical door to open. With a firm hand, he shoved me in right in front of Akui… sama… It doesn't sound right… I don't like him… I want my mommy…

"Good morning, Midoriya-san. I trust that you slept well?" Akui-san… (sama…?) said. He had that smile on again, the fake one that seemed to fool everyone else…

"Y-yes Akui…" I look towards scary mummy man and he glares back at me. His hands motion like claws to his neck and he smirks scarily. "Akui…sama."

He seemed to like that; his smile got a bit wider. Maybe a bit more real and even a bit darker... Is that his real smile? I see why he fakes it if it is.

"Is this the boy?" I hadn't noticed the woman standing beside Akui-san until she spoke. She was short in stature, wearing typical a mad scientist lab coat. Her face was sharp and angular, pulling her dark obsidian irises forward more than normal, and framed by cropped straight black hair. Her cat eye glasses sat low on her nose, giving her a more learned appearance.

Akui-san turned towards her and smiled slightly at her after a quick nod. I guess it was some kind of signal, because she literally skipped over to me and grabbed be by my face and began to turn my head side to side.

"Hnnnnn He doesn't look like much. Beta at most… definitely not Alpha material. I thought that you were only going after the higher evolutions?"

He only smiled before handing her a manilla folder, accented with the numbers that the mummy guy called me earlier stamped on in red and a bunch of big words written on the front in bold black ink.

She takes it, but she doesn't look happy about it. In fact, she looks at it like Kacchan looks at homework.

Kacchan… Does he know I am training to be strong like him? Where will Momma and Father tell them that I am? Also, I wonder if I will get go to the same school still. Kacchan will be upset if I don't come back from the doctor with a super cool quirk. I wonder… what kind will I get?

Akui-san said I will have one by the time he finishes doing whatever science-y doctor-y things he does. Maybe I will be able to breathe fire and control it? Like a mix of telekinesis or pyrokinesis? But influencing fire could be connected to a physical energy instead of a mental one, so a psychokinetic mutation may be required to achieve the results of telepyrosis… the chances of a genetic quirk mutation is low, but Father has a physical quirk through his pyric exhalation, so a physical mutation to Momma's psychokinesis wouldn't be out of the question. Even if it is limited to having retention of control over the individual molecules that I create via fire breath using rapid oxidation of the molecules to affect the exothermic chemical process of combustion… Or at least that is what I read on the fire quirk section of Quirkpedia… Ignikinesis, Phlegokinesis, and Agnikinesis are also in the realm of possibility, and may not require a physical mutation, but rather a-

"I see why you've taken an interest in him."

My head snaps up to see the lady looking at me with a funny smile. I realize I must have muttered again… Am I in trouble or was that okay? Akui-san isn't looking at me, which could be a good sign, but instead he is writing in the folder that I saw him hand the lady before (when did he take it back?).

"Alright, I'll evolve him, but I want to pick that brain of his apart and see how sharp we can get it."

Akui-san looked up to her and smiled that fake smile again. "But of course. What good is a powerful soldier without the brain to back it up?" He asked with a pointed look to Jela-san (for some reason). After scribbling in the folder for another minute, he turned his judgmental gaze back to me, and began to speak once more. "This revelation changes things quite a bit. You will be spending more of your time blocks on mental studies rather than the afore planned physical education. Your brain will be your most valuable asset and may even earn you a position helping me to educate powerless children like you in the future." He said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"Perhaps we can even cut into his sleep schedule some… after all, his physical exhaustion will be of no consequence to his mental facilities once we condition him correctly." Jela-san suggested while wringing his hands in anticipation.

Akui-san seemed to give it some thought. "Perhaps. But for now we will proceed with the plan as is. It will take careful rebalancing to get it right. We don't want to ruin this one; it shows promise." He said with a maniacal gleam in his eyes and his smile took on a cruel edge.

My frown deepens at that. I'm not an it… I'm a boy named Midoriya Izuku… So why do they keep calling me other things?

Just as I built up the courage to ask, Nikushimi-san walked in from a connecting door in the back of the room. He buzzed when he saw me, and made a beeline for Akui-san. As he stood before him, he offered a tablet to his superior as if it was something precious. Whatever was on the screen, it made the doctor happy.

"It seems like everything is in order! Now, A118, get up on the table and lay down so we can begin." He said while motioning to the metal table in the center of the back wall. It had heavy looking leather straps on each sides with a buckle in the middle of each. Thick metal chains with locks and cuffs decorating their lengths hung down the sides of the slab and coiled into a series of interlocking, messy looking pools on the floor. A rust colored ring rimmed the base of the table and liquid drip-like patterns made their way down the underside of the table's base.

I instinctively took a step backwards, but ran into something… or someone. I looked up behind me with no small amount of trepidation and realized is was the bandage guy… and he wasn't happy. I looked back to Akui-san… he seemed unhappy as well… motioning to the table once more with more hostility than I'm sure he intended to show. I looked to the table that I was being forced upon… and only one thought came to mind. In a broken whisper; a silent prayer; a desperate plea that only I will ever know, I begged for one thing.

All Might, please save me!

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