Chapter 3: Tree-Wrecked

After the storm has passed, everyone began to collect themselves. "Whoa. Now that's what I call a wave!" Barney joked, making most of the kids chuckle.

"You kidding me?! My entire life flashed before my eyes! I thought I was never gonna marry Schroeder!" Lucy cried out, making Schroeder groan before blinking. "How come I don't hear the water anymore?"

"Maybe we've we finally docked on the island." Charlie Brown said. Baby Bop, Linus and Rerun then came out of their hiding place.

"Is the storm over?" Baby Bop asked.

"Yes, Baby Bop. You can come out now." Sally smiled.

"At least we're safe now." Heather said.

"Hey everybody!" BJ called out. "We're on the island!"

The kids all cheered as they began to look out to the side and saw that they have truly docked on Imagination Island. But then Barney looked down. "Uh oh..." Barney gulped.

"I don't like the sound of that." Charlie Brown said, timidly.

"What is it, Barney?" Heather asked.

"Don't look down..." Barney gulped. The kids did just that and saw that...they were shipwrecked on top of the palm trees of Imagination Island. The anchor then dropped down to the sand.


"I don't know, but we're really up a tree!" Barney chuckled.

"We're with Big Purple!" Peppermint Patty exclaimed, carrying Marcie in her arms.

"What's all the fuss?" blinked Marcie, gaining consciousness.

"We're up lots of trees!" Sally cried out.

"How will we get down?" Derek asked.

"Well, if anyone wants to change their vote and vote me as new captain-" Lucy said with a smug smile.

"NO!" The rest of the kids yelled back.

"Fine!" Lucy said, bitterly.

"Big Purple will get us through this, Lucille! We just gotta find a way to get down from these trees." Peppermint Patty said.

"But how sir?" Marcie asked. They then noticed Baby Bop trying to free her blanket from her hiding spot.

"!" Baby Bop cried out, pulling so hard that she pulled a ladder with her. She also fell backwards, but the kids caught her.

"We can use this ladder. Good idea, Baby Bop!" Barney smiled.

"It is? Oh, I guess it is. It's my good idea." Baby Bop giggled.

"And it's a great one, Baby Boppity Bop!" Peppermint Patty cheered.

"It's a long way down to the ground! Do we have enough rope?" Marcie noticed.

"This is Barney we're with." Derek said. "We've got MORE THAN ENOUGH."

"I guess your calculations ARR right." Shrugged Marcie. "As long as no one suggested I drive the ship back home."

"If we ever get back home." Linus sighed.

"You've to be optometrist, Linus." Sally explained.

"Optimistic." Linus corrected.

"Whatever." Sally shrugged as they all climbed down the ladder. They had a whole crew. So they thought.

"Everybody down?" Barney asked.

"Yup. I'm the last one." Shawn replied. However, up on the deck, they heard snoring. "Or so I was."

"What's making that fuss?" Linus asked.

"Let's check it out." Schroeder suggested. "Only person I know that can snore like a maniac, other than Peppermint Patty and Marcie, is Pigpen."

"HEY!" Peppermint Patty huffed.

"But first, how about a quick change of clothes?" Barney asked, providing them with tropical clothes.

"Why do we need different clothes, Barney?" Min asked.

"To look attractive." Heather said as she fawned over Charlie Brown.

"At least I got my floppy sandals." Peppermint Patty smiled.

"And we've got a whole island to explore. With LOTS of surprises." Barney said as they heard the snoring again.

"Surprises like THAT?" asked Min.

"What was that?" Barney asked as Linus and Schroeder went to investigate.

"It's coming from up here." Schroeder explained. "We've been stuck in the tree for so long that dust is beginning to spread."

"Dust?" Linus asked before peeking inside every trap door. "No. No dust here."

"Here it is. In the barrel." Schroeder said, knocking it over. Out fell something unexpected-a sleeping Pigpen. "How did he even get in here?"

"Sleepwalking." Linus shrugged, going with the most plausible theory. "You stay here and I'll tell the others we have a stow-" they were caught off guard by a horn blowing. "HEY!"

"And surprises like that?" Lucy asked, back on the island.

"I guess so." Barney chuckled.

"Let's check it out." Schroeder insisted. "Last one down has to mop the deck!"

"You're on!" Linus exclaimed.

"What was that, Tosha?" Lucy asked the two as they arrived.

"It's a shell that you can blow like a horn." Tosha said, blowing into the horn again.

"I've got my piano-we can play a great song together, Tosha." Schroeder said.

"I'd like that." Tosha smiled.

"But guys, we have a-" Linus began.

"Look what we found!" Sally exclaimed as she and Baby Bop tapped sticks on some coconuts. "Coconuts!"

"Coconuts to bop, bop, bop!" Baby Bop added.

"Very nice." Charlie Brown praised.

"Thank you." Sally and Baby Bop said in unison.

"WE HAVE A STOWAWAY ON THE BOAT!" Linus called out. Rerun decided to warn the others after a bit of island music.

"This tree makes a great drum." BJ said.

"And a good drum is hard to beat-or is it 'a good drum is easy to beat'? I always get those mixed up." Barney realized.

"Check it out! Here's a clam shell!" Derek exclaimed, using the shells to make a clicking noise.

"And I'm making starfish music." Min said, rubbing a stick against a starfish.

"I can make music too!" Linus said, running back on the deck and ringing the bell loudly. "See?"

"So can I." Peppermint Patty said as she looked for something to make music with. "I can whistle."

"Me too!" Marcie explained, failing to whistle. "Sort of…maybe…I can't whistle that much, but I can sing."

"And I can dance." Heather smiled. "I just LOVE this island rhythm."


Very far away from the homes we know

Is a very sunny place where it's fun to go.

You can't get here with a car or train.

But when you look around, you'll be glad you came.

Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

This place is called an island and it's plain to see.

It's got an ocean and a beach and greenery.

Imagine all the fun things that we'll find out

As we see what an island is all about.


It's a little bit of ground with water all around.

A mountain in the middle and a jungle-y sound.

Barney, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

Birds and the breeze and the coconut trees.

That's what an island is.

Shawn and Linus:

You can gab with the crab who lives in a sand

Tosha, Peppermint Patty and Marcie:

Or wave to a butterfly as big as your hand.

Charlie Brown:

And if you get hungry for a tasty meal,

There are bunches of bananas that have appeal.

"Bad joke, Chuck." Peppermint Patty called out.

Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

It's a little bit of ground with water all around.

A mountain in the middle and a jungle-y sound.

Birds and the breeze and the coconut trees.

That's what an island is.

It's a little bit of ground with water all around.

A mountain in the middle and a jungle-y sound.

Birds and the breeze and the coconut trees.

That's what an island is.


That's what an island is.

One more time now.

Barney, Baby bop, BJ, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

That's what an island is.