The aftermath

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Bracken went through the shrine and found himself on the little island at Fablehaven. The sun was high in the sky and Bracken took a deep breath. He was especially exited to see a special someone. This visit the perfect moment to say what he needed and get away from all the crazy work, that post zzyzx opening caused.

Bracken saw Raxtus and Kendra swoop down and land on the boardwalk. Kendra looked like she was trying to be surprised, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

"I'm going to go visit Shiara," Raxtus said. "I'll be back soon. Have fun." The dragon took flight.

"Hi, Kendra," Bracken said, smiling.

"It's you!" Kendra said, trying to play the role. "What are you doing here? How are you? How's your father?"

Bracken thought her over excitement was cute, and very much Kendra-ish.

"My dad shows subtle signs of improvement. He still hasn't spoken. Our best healers feel he will eventually recover, although perhaps not fully. I'm happy to see you!"

"I feel the same way." Kendra replied.

"Come here," Bracken said, waving Kendra forward. "I want to show you something." Bracken wondered how she'd react to this.

He took her hand and led her up the steps to the boardwalk. He pulled her along the walkway, then down to the little pier beside the boathouse. Together they walked almost to the end of the pier. A little nervousness fluttered in his stomach.

"What did you want to show me?" Kendra asked, taking a step forward, gazing across the water at the little island that had once housed the shrine. Her beautiful eyes reflected the sparkling water.

"Haven't you wondered how I got here?" Bracken asked, stepping up a little behind Kendra.


"Sort of. Try again."

"The Translocator?"

He shook his head. "Agad has already gathered the artifacts to start hiding them. Guess again."

Kendra gasped, whirling around to face Bracken. "Did you fix the shrine?"

"This is our first new shrine," Bracken said with a smile. He was doing that a lot lately. "The second entrance to our kingdom. In the coming years, we hope to create many new shrines. But Fablehaven got the honor of hosting the first. Agad helped us lay the groundwork. Now I can visit whenever I want!"

Kendra blushed and turned back toward the water. "That would be really nice."

"I hope to visit quite a bit," Bracken said. "Get to know your parents and grandparents better. Hang out with Seth. He's an interesting guy."

"He's pretty cool," Kendra said.

"He still owes the Singing Sisters a favor," Bracken said. "I want to help him make sure everything goes all right."

"My family will be relieved to hear that."

"He may yet find an opportunity to use his tower and his leviathan."

"He was so mad he didn't get to use them at Shoreless Isle," Kendra laughed, a beautiful sound. "He's thinking of planting the tower here at Fablehaven, to give Hugo an official home."

"Never hurts to have such items in reserve," Bracken said. Smiling knowingly, he stepped closer. "As much as I enjoy your family, I have other reasons why I want to visit Fablehaven."

"How come?" Kendra asked. Bracken could almost feel the waves of nervousness washing off of her. She still hadn't turned to face him.

"I haven't been drawn to a girl in a long time," Bracken said. "Against all odds, this time, my mother actually approves!"

He turned Kendra toward him, hands on her shoulders. "I mean, you know," he added softly, smiling, "what kind of unicorn wouldn't be drawn to a virtuous maiden?" he wondered how cheesy that sounded. According to Seth Kendra loved that kind of stuff.

"What kind of a girl doesn't like unicorns?" Kendra teased, looking up at him. Well played Kendra he thought.

"Here's the problem," Bracken said, eyebrows scrunched. "I feel young. My mind doesn't get beaten down by the passing years, and neither does my body. It's part of my nature-time does little to sap my youthfulness. But let's face it, however I may feel, I've existed for a long while. Chronologically, I make your grandparents look like infants. And you're not an adult yet."

"You don't seem old to me," Kendra said.

"I've been around long enough to recognize the importance of timing," Bracken said. "I care for you deeply, Kendra. A few years will give you time to mature, and offer me time to help my mother rebuild her kingdom." He took her hands in his. "This is the first shrine we restored. As I already made clear, I'll visit, and we'll see where the future leads."

Kendra visibly relaxed, and an unnoticeable tenseness in her shoulders ceased. She gazed up into his adoring eyes.

"I understand," Kendra said. "It makes sense."

Bracken smiled. He wasn't sure how she'd take this but it went as perfectly as he planned in his head, and he could tell she actually meant it. "Want to know the best part? Once we get things more how my mother wants them, I have permission to bring you to our kingdom from time to time. You'll be the first mortal to set foot there!"

"That sounds perfect," Kendra said.

"Will you walk with me?" He asked. Kendra nodded and they took a stroll around the gazebos. Bracken still had some nervousness lingering and he took that out on his walking.

"Hey slow down, any faster and your gonna run down this boardwalk." Kendra said playfully.

Bracken stopped and turned to look at her. His eyebrows raised and with an look of mischief, started running. Over his shoulder he yelled "catch me if you can!"

"Oh it's on!"

Kendra raced after him as fast as she could, turning corners only like she could. Bracken glanced behind his shoulder and lost his footing slipping in a little puddle.

He went down and Kendra caught up, but was going to fast and she didn't miss the puddle either.

After a gracious fall the pair laughed together, wet, on the ground. Kendra had said it everything was indeed perfect.

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