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After School at the Lighthouse a few days later

Danny could be seen in the basement typing on the keyboard, while looking at the monitor in front of him. He was going over his parent's schematics that he and his fellow group members had uploaded along with various other pieces of information into the database.

So far, despite his various misgivings towards his parents, their technology was certainly impressive. Each one of their inventions were quite complex in both make and design, and the large number of schematics indicated the amount of time and effort that they spent in designing them.

Though from personal experience and simple observation, many of their inventions either tended to fail, had flaws in their designs somewhere, or simply did not work as they initially intended. Of course, despite not working as intended, many of these unintended functions or flaws had resulted in Danny and his group benefiting on varying multiple occasions. One such occurrence for instance was him becoming a half-ghost despite his initial grievances of becoming one.

In some twisted way, he owed his parents a lot, because without their ghost obsessed pursuits, then he would have never ended up with Kitty and Ember, and at least for that, he was thankful to them for making that into a reality for him.

Though as far as appreciation went, that is as far as it goes, because many of their inventions were created with and had the potential of being very lethal towards ghosts, especially to those he greatly cares about. This was a cause for concern since his parents hated all ghosts, and such technology in their hands could be used towards his friends and allies, amongst those dwelling in the ghost zone. So, any threat to those whom he cares about was certainly not something he could willingly afford to ignore.

Refocusing back on track, he methodically began breaking down each schematic, and paid close attention to each part that went into their design. He also focused on how ecto energy was used within a particular component, and the potential negative and positive effects that they might have on ghosts if used on them.

Given that his understanding of their technology has grown leaps and bounds since he began his studies on them, it was only a matter of time before he could finally begin creating or modifying his own technology.

He already had several plans to better protect his home, with one of them being an invisible hard to detect ghost shield around their property. This was a high priority task for him because a ghost energy shield that was capable of going intangible would certainly be beneficial to their base of operations. Being a visible barrier would only cause people outside of their group to ask unwanted questions, so better to be safe than sorry. The harder it was to detect the better.

He also was very interested in the Ecto Skeleton designs. Though he certainly had no plans on stealing his parents' invention, and personally, he'd rather design his own since the original design just looked too bulky and hard to move around. Perhaps something along the lines of Iron Man's mecha suit, or even Batman's suit that he used against superman in that one issue. Something that was more streamlined and body fitting, so that it would definitely be easier to maneuver around.

After giving it a better look over, he also noticed that it's energy usage had a very major flaw in it's system. It would draw in bio energy from the individual using it, and in case of a ghost using it, ecto energy would be used instead. This could be quite lethal and dangerous to any potential user since the suit could drain the user dry. So, he would certainly have to work on creating his own schematics to better modify it so it wouldn't do that.

Thinking over the concept of the Iron Man Suit, he began contemplating on creating or potentially finding a power source for such a design. It will certainly take some time, and perhaps even more research, but him and his team can hopefully find a good energy source to use as a possibility.

He worked for what felt like a few hours, though he eventually started feeling restless, so he decided to look at the time. He saw that the time was 5:28 PM, so he figured it was a great time to take a break from his research. He knew that Ember would still be doing her concert until 6, so he decided to save his current work, shut down the computer, and head back to the first floor.

As he finally reached the kitchen/living room area, he was tackled by a flying missile in the form of Kitty.

"Danny", she said, as she glomped him, with him barely managing to keep them both standing upright, instead of on the ground.

Immediately wrapping his arms around her in return, "Hey Kitty, sorry for keeping you waiting", he whispered into her hair.

Shaking her head side to side, "No, I understand Danny. What you're doing is important and meant to protect us", she told him as she backed up a little, stared into his eyes, and placed her left hand on his face lovingly.

Danny, feeling his heart warm at her response, leaned in towards her for a kiss. Kitty, seeing what he was doing, happily leaned in herself to eagerly kiss him in response. They kissed for several moments, with one of them occasionally exploring the other's mouth. Though eventually they parted ways and leaned their foreheads against each other.

Staring into each other's eyes, they could see the love, affection, and desire contained within their orbs, and they simply felt content with being in each other's arms. Not long after, they backed away from one another, but were still close enough to intertwine their fingers together.

The two of them soon moved towards the couch continuing to hold hands. Though after sitting down, Kitty let go of his hand, and wrapped her arms around Danny's right side, and leaned her head on his shoulder, sighing in content.

Danny, feeling happy with their position, wrapped his right arm around her, and pulled her even closer to him.

They silently sat there just enjoying one another's company, but eventually Kitty spoke, "Danny, I, would you be okay with exploring that idea of mine from before?", she asked tentatively.

Looking at her, concerned at her hesitation, "What idea Kitty?", he asked her.

Biting her lip a little, "I've just been worried for you, you know? I haven't seen Skulker or Johnny in awhile, but the last rumors we heard the last time me and Em were in the ghost zone definitely weren't good. I don't want to lose you or Em ever, Danny", she told him silently, releasing a few tears from her eyes, and pressing her face into his shoulder.

Feeling his heart break a little at the sight of her tears, he pulled her into a hug, "I... I will always love you Kitty, and you know that I will do whatever it takes to protect you and Ember from any danger or feelings of pain don't you? So, if me staying safe will help you both not worry, then please tell me what do you want me to do? If it's in my power, I'll do it for the both of you", he told her.

She cried for a bit longer before slowly wiping the remaining tears from her eyes away and pulling back from him. "I don't know how happy Em would be with me for suggesting this to you, but would you mind taking in some of my ectoplasm Danny? I know we haven't tested anything yet, but I would really like it if you did. I know you won't die, because ectoplasm has never worked that way from what I know, but I also understand that it could be dangerous if we're not careful… it's just I'd rather you have our powers and not need them, instead of needing them and not having them with you", she told him as her teary eyes stared into his comforting own.

Slowly pulling her into a kiss, she quickly began reciprocating. It didn't take that long before things got heated, when Kitty sat on his lap, and began wrapping her legs around his waist. He pulled her closer until her chest was pressed tightly into his own, and they simply began kissing each other even more deeply. Danny caressed Kitty's tongue with his own, before slight sucking on it when her tongue entered his mouth. Kitty used her tongue to taste all of what Danny had to offer, and she couldn't help but desire more. They expressed their love, fears, and longing for each other in their kiss, and both could feel the mutual emotions shared in their activity. Though knowing that the topic was serious, she eventually forced herself to quickly simmer down from their intimate high. When the two finally parted, they were both panting deeply and simply felt content staring into each other's eyes.

"Kitty", Danny finally said after regaining his breath, "We'll have to talk to Ember when she gets back, but if you're sure, we can do this tonight. Better yet, if Em's okay with it, we can begin extracting some ectoplasm from the both of you in order to commence with this experiment. I have been getting a weird feeling in my gut lately, and your own fears have just solidified it for me. Even if there really is nothing to worry about, and we're just being paranoid, it's always better to prepare ourselves in case something does happen", he told her.

Kitty stared at him lovingly, "Thank you, Danny. I just don't know what I would do if I ever lost either of you", she told him.

Smiling at her affectionately, "By this point of us being together, neither would I. Though as for transferring my powers to the both of you, I will have to put my foot down on that one, at least until I know that it would be safe for the two of you. Since I'm half-ghost, I'm not exactly sure how that would interact with the composition of your body's ectoplasm", he told her.

"No worries, Danny. I understand. As long as you're safe and can better protect yourself, that's all that matters to me" she told him. "Besides, I have already had your special liquids inside of me before, so I think I can wait just a bit longer before you do it again", she smirked, as she whispered naughtily into his ear.

Blushing a bit from the sudden comment, he pulled her into a hug. "I really do love you Kitty, and I swear that I'll do whatever it takes to keep all of us safe", he told her, as he felt her lean into their hug.

"I love you too Danny", she whispered into his ear, while relishing every moment that they remained in contact with each other.

"So…", a voice from behind them interrupts their little moment. "What did I miss?", Ember asked the two of them curiously.

Separating apart, the two of them look at Ember, and brighten up at the sight of her.

"Nothing much girlfriend", Kitty said. "Me and Danny were just talking about some stuff regarding those ghost rumors we heard about awhile ago", she said, as she motioned for Ember to sit on Danny's other side on the couch.

Smiling a bit as she sat down next to Danny, she frowned when she remembered what those ghost rumors were about.

"Tch, I remember that. Stupid ghosts just can't leave us alone can they", she said irritatedly, but calmed down when she felt Danny pull her into a hug. Sighing at the feeling of her Babypop providing her comfort, "Though I'm guessing that you guys talked about more than just that, am I right?", she asked.

Nodding her head albeit hesitatingly, "Yeah Em. Promise you won't get mad, but I want Danny to take in our ectoplasm. He needs everything that he can if he is to stay safe from harm", she said pleadingly.

Frowning at hearing this idea again, she decided to silently take it all in and really think about it. She'd honestly prefer to do this the safe way, because things can and more than likely will go wrong, but sometimes, there simply is no time to wait. Their enemies aren't just going to make things easy for them.

There are many ghosts within the Ghost Zone that detests her Babypop. Many see him as an abomination for being a halfa, while others hate him for having repeatedly interfered with their plans. He may have made many allies already, mainly due to their influence and help, but there were others who definitely cannot be convinced to cease their hatred of him just like that.

Her ex-boyfriend for one is an individual that comes to mind. She can't believe that she once dated the little pipsqueak, but she's glad that she ended that not long after it even started. Though knowing him like she did, that bastard Skulker was certainly up to something, she was sure of it. In all of his constant bragging about his successful hunts, he has never taken losing well… and Babypop had already defeated him multiple times over. On top of her choosing Danny over him, it was only a matter of time before something happened.

And don't even get her started on that wretched little cretin, Johnny 13… He was a lying, cheating, piece of crap, and she knew that he would eventually be trouble as well. His personality just screamed possessive, and losing Kitty like that to Danny, would definitely make him a major potential enemy.

One of the reasons why they even made their crib far away from Amity Park was to avoid other ghosts with hostile intentions towards them. Most ghosts preferred being near the portal at Fenton Works, because ectoplasm was pretty much their lifeblood. They can exist in the human world well enough, but if they are ever injured, the Ghost Zone can significantly help in boosting their healing rate, which would ensure their continued afterlife. And since the Fenton's portal was the only dependable portal, that is the area they would linger around in the most.

As for ghosts that have actually ceased to exist, there have actually been incidents where it happened. Usually, it was while staying in the human world after being severely wounded and not finding a portal back in time. Furthermore, these ghosts were normally already very weak, so being injured and trapped in the human world, would absolutely guarantee the loss of their afterlife. Despite this, the dangers of a complete death were applicable to most ghosts, so they usually were very cautious about how far they went from the portal.

However, unlike other ghosts, the reason why Ember was hardly ever worried was because she could already teleport herself to and from the Ghost Zone without any problem. Sure, it tended to use a bit of energy, but it was nothing too difficult that she could eventually recover from.

Another reason for her not needing to worry was because of her unique abilities that relied on drawing energy from her fan's adoration of her. Since she began hosting her concerts regularly, powering herself up pretty much became a non-issue for her. It was with her help that the three of them managed to quickly clean, fix, and reinforce both the Lighthouse and Warehouse, while still having extra energy leftover.

Also, through Danny's and Kitty's coaching, she has managed to condense her extra energy into her core, causing certain changes within her to manifest as her core underwent some changes. She has discovered that her teleporting abilities are far more powerful and less tiring to use than they used to be. Additionally, her fire abilities by extension have been amplified as well. Simply testing them out proved almost dangerous if the 3 of them were not already outside at the beach. Her fire was intense, and had actually turned the nearby sand into glass, at the intensity of their heat. So she would definitely need some time to master her abilities in order to safely use them around others.

Aside from that, something that she had found interesting whenever she and Kitty were intimate with her Babypop… was that his genetic material seemed to have its own unique composition that acts as an alternative ectoplasm energy source. There have even been times where she had found herself with more energy than usual the following day. Having such extra energy at her disposal has been a really pleasant experience so far, and with her own energy absorption abilities, she and Kitty wouldn't really have to worry about their energy levels decreasing the way that they used to. So, aside from her fans, her Babypop was her own little portable battery source, and she mentally licked her lips at the thought of sampling him some more later tonight for a little recharge.

Though as for other enemies, she can think of a few possible other ones, but ultimately, the dangers within the Ghost Zone have only highlighted the necessity of Danny needing to become stronger than he currently is. Kitty may be right about them needing to share their abilities with Danny.

Biting her lip, "If you're sure, Kitty, Danny, then I'll agree to it as well", she told them hesitatingly.

Flinging herself towards Ember, Kitty immediately tackled her into a hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you", said Kitty.

Looking at Ember, "I know that you're nervous about this, but I want to see this through. I've been distracted for awhile now with all of the stuff that has been going on, but because of that, we've been ignoring the other ghosts who may already be planning something against us. I refuse to possibly endanger the people I care about by playing it safe if I can help it, so if this can work, I'm going to do it", Danny told her.

Holding Kitty, and leaning slightly more into Danny, she allowed herself to simply relish being with the two of them. Simply enjoying being with the two people she loved, and temporarily forgetting about all of her current worries. After a moment, the three of them separated from each other and stood up.

Turning towards Danny, "Babypop, help us with using the syringes to gather some of our ectoplasm. Then once we set up shop upstairs, we'll inject it into you, alright?", she asked him.

Giving her a small smile, "Of course Em", he told her, with him going back down the basement.

It didn't take him long to get the syringes and some disinfectants from the basement. After ensuring proper sanitization on each of them, Danny who had read up on some medical textbooks, followed what he knew and gently inserted the syringe into Ember first, and then Kitty, after the ectoplasm was drawn.

Under their instruction, he took at least 5 ectoplasm samples each, resulting in 10 vials being filled with ectoplasm. Only 4 of them will be used, while the rest will be placed into the freezer for later usage and possible study.

Once Danny patched the two of them up, the three of them went upstairs into his room, and began preparing for their little pseudoscience experiment.

They took off Danny's shirt and had him lay onto the bed. With the 4 vials that they had with them, they nervously stared at him.

"Babypop, are you sure about this? I just don't want to lose you in case this goes south", Ember asked him worriedly when holding his hand in hers.

Smiling up at the two of them, "Yes I am sure, Em. And you can call me a fool if you'd like, but I refuse to believe that anything coming from you two could ever really hurt me. I need to do this", he told them resolutely while gripping Ember's hand back reassuringly, before letting go.

Kitty gave him a weak smile, since this was her idea and the ramifications suddenly dawned on her, "Okay Danny", she said as she reached for one of the vials and attached a syringe onto its insertion component. "Just remember that we love you no matter what, and please don't die on us", she told him as she inserted it into his left arm, and slowly began injecting the liquid into his body.

She repeated this 3 more times, until all of them had been injected into his body. For a few moments nothing was happening, but eventually Danny started shivering uncontrollably and ended up transforming into his ghost form. Gritting his teeth in pain, his body began trembling, and he was finding it hard to stay conscious.

Kitty and Ember felt the atmosphere around them suddenly shift, and the two realized that it might not be safe for Danny to stay here. The lighthouse could be destroyed and the building could end up falling right on top of them.

Knowing this, they both grabbed him and went intangible. Flying towards the beach, they made sure that they were as far away from their residents as they could be, before slowly laying him gently onto the sand.

It was just in time too, when a gigantic pulse of ice began spreading from Danny onto the sand around and under him. Though that wasn't the end of it when the ice began rapidly spreading past the 3 of them in all directions, even towards Lake Superior. Once the ice wave hit the lake, it began to rapidly freeze the water and spread quite far, until ice could be seen far off in the distance.

Though eventually, the ice stopped spreading, just in time too, since Ember was forced to use her fire abilities to keep both her and Kitty warm and insulated from the ice. Looking at the shivering mess her Babypop was, she bit her lip worriedly, and barely restrained herself from helping him out in case the pulses were not finished. Kitty was no better and felt regret for even suggesting this in the first place.

Though once they were certain that no more pulses were going to occur, they picked Danny up again who was now unconscious, and flew back to their shared room together.

After placing him onto the bed, they checked his pulse and breathing, and sighed in relief when both seemed normal. Thankfully, his shivering ceased too.

Kitty staring at Danny couldn't help but cry, "I..., if this had turned out bad, then it would have been all my fault", she said in anguish, as she covered her face with her hands.

Ember looking at Kitty sadly, put her right hand on her left shoulder, "Kitty, we really had no choice when it came to this. Danny needs everything that he can get to better protect himself. And you know that he would do practically anything to keep us safe don't you?", she told her reassuringly. "The only thing we can do is be there for him and help him get stronger faster. Jazz and his human friends have already proven themselves a great help, so all we can do is support each other, and get better together", she added.

Kitty just continued to silently cry some more, while listening to what Ember was saying. She hated that this was even necessary. She also hated that people could even detest Danny, when he has never even once done anything wrong towards other ghosts, aside from the ones who really deserved it. She silently swore to herself that she would continue to get stronger too.

The two of them monitored his condition for another hour, before they noticed him return back into his human form. Feeling tired from the stress of the situation, they texted Jazz that Danny was going to stay over for the night, and after changing clothes, they joined him on the bed. Tucking themselves in along with Danny, they wrapped their arms around him from both sides, and went to sleep.

Within the Ghost Zone

The Predator was amused at the fear he saw in his prey's eyes. Catching these puny ghosts have certainly been easier than normal. They stood no chance against his power, and he felt exhilaration at their pathetic attempts to resist him. He'd gut them if he could, but he still wasn't powerful enough to deal with Walker and his cronies for breaking the rules, so after amusing himself a little more with these vermin, he let them go… for now.

It was only a matter of time before he could be powerful enough to face off against that whelp, but first, he had some obstacles to eliminate. Anyone who could challenge him was an immediate threat.

He contemplated his original plan of releasing Pariah Dark, and he grinned when he realized that if he could conquer the King of Ghosts and then take his prized items for himself, then no one will ever get in his way ever again.

The Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage would be worthy prizes for a hunter like him. Yes… with those items, he would be invincible! No one would dare challenge him then. And he could take whatever he wanted with no more fear of repercussions. Ember will finally be his… though with the influence left over from Johnny 13, he has found himself yearning for Kitty as well.

If only the thought of having them both at his feet wasn't so appealing, he would have simply settled for Ember, but now he was beginning to enjoy the idea of it becoming reality. Yes… such a delicious thought, but he shouldn't dwell on such distractions just yet. He had strength and power to acquire, and enemies to eventually smite. Future pelts don't make themselves after all.

Laughing maniacally, he created a portal of shadows and flew inside, disappearing from the area that he had just vandalized and destroyed. Many of the ghosts who witnessed such brutality, began telling other ghosts about a new dangerously powerful inhabitant. A ghost that was chaos incarnate and should be avoided at all costs. It didn't take long before rumors of said ghost spread throughout the Ghost Zone, just like the Predator's ego demanded. Soon, the whelp will face his maker, but until then, he will be merciful enough to let him enjoy his remaining time on this planet. It wouldn't be very sporting of him if he didn't give the whelp at least that much.

Vlad's Mansion at Wisconsin

Vlad could be seen nervously pacing around at the news that he had just received. This new ghost sounded a lot like Skulker, but it couldn't be the case, could it? Johnny and Skulker disappeared not too long ago, and despite the similar powers, they were also vastly different from what he knew of Skulker. This mechanized ghost also possessed shadow based abilities… and the build of the ghost was leaner and taller than Skulker was in his armored form.

It baffled him as to how this was possible. Skulker and Johnny 13 couldn't have pooled their abilities together, because as far as he knew, that simply wasn't possible. Mulling over it a bit more, he simply wasn't sure what to think. All he knew was that this knew ghost had something to do with Skulker and Johnny, but whatever it may be, without any viable explanation, he will not be able to figure it out on his own.

Placing his hands on his face and sighing at the stress of the situation, he wondered how else he could better plan for this. A strange new ghost appears during a time where forces were said to be gathering to target young Daniel. Though so far, if rumors are to be believed, it was only Skulker and Johnny who were doing so. Though since they disappeared, he wondered what they could possibly be plotting now that he could no longer spy on them as he had done previously.

Hearing a knock on his door broke him out of his thoughts.

After straightening himself out, "Come in", he said.

As someone opened the door and walked inside after closing it, "Vlad", a feminine voice spoke behind him. "You haven't eaten since breakfast?", she told him.

Turning around, he noticed Spectra standing there. "Spectra", he said absentmindedly. Realizing what she had just said, he immediately looked at the time, "Oh, dear, looks like I did miss eating since breakfast. My apologies for worrying you, Spectra, and my thanks for reminding me", he told her.

Walking towards him, she put her hand on his shoulder comfortingly, "Look, Vlad. I know that you're probably worrying about the recent destruction that's been happening in the Ghost Zone, but please take better care of yourself. You're already doing your part to help Danny and his friends, and this time it's for a good cause. He and his friends are very capable of taking care of themselves and we'll also do what we can to help as well. Just try to keep that in mind okay?", she asked him, as she looked at him encouragingly.

Feeling his heart speed up a little at her support and words of encouragement, "Of course my dear, and thank you for helping me in clearing the confusion within my mind", he told her warmly.

Smiling at him, "Anytime Vlad. We're friends, and at least for the few I do have, I am always willing to help", she told him.

Giving her a grateful expression, the two of them decided to go downstairs and began preparing for dinner. Bertrand and the Lunch Lady could already be seen working at the kitchen area. So with 4 people working on it, dinner didn't take all that long to prepare.

Some of the dishes prepared were definitely of the ecto variety, but many others were regular human dishes such as mashed-potatoes, French Onion soup, Bratwurst which was a German sausage, beef stroganoff, Finnish meat pies, and Italian breaded pork chops. Considering the Lunch Lady's obsession with lunch and meat, the dishes that were prepared were mainly due to her influence.

Looking at it all made Vlad gulp a little since he honestly couldn't finish all of that himself. Though luckily, some of his new allies had a taste for human food, so it all wouldn't go to waste. He still found it curious how the Lunch Lady was one such ghost that could eat meat, but considering her concept, it did kind of make sense.

Though another surprise was that Spectra could consume regular food as well, along with the Ghost Writer. It really made him curious as to how different ghostly biologies could so vastly differ when concerning proper sustenance.

All in all, he was glad that his allies agreed to stay here within his Mansion. With the dangers currently occurring in the Ghost Zone, it was honestly the safest option for them all. He even managed to recruit some new ghosts into his little group during the last few days.

Technus was certainly hard to convince, but at the offer of better funding and technology, he was eventually convinced to play ball for now. Also, suggesting that he could make a name for himself by creating new and advanced technologies for a profit, may have also curved a lot of his initial megalomania. Deep down, he knew that what the ghost had really desired was attention and recognition, so he was more than happy to provide it for the intelligent ghost.

Another ghost that he easily convinced to join was Klemper. Part of him felt that the ghost was somewhat pathetic, but a bigger part of him could recognize the innate potential in the ghost. A being capable of wielding the powers over ice, and all he wanted was a friend. Well, with the formation of this group, he could have all of the friends his little heart desires. Also, a part of him could understand the feelings of loneliness and a desperate need to belong, so he wasn't about to leave such an asset by their lonesome.

The final ghost to join him was Amorpho, who had abilities that are very similar to Bertrand. Due to his history with young Daniel, he managed to convince him to join his group that would be dedicated to being a supporting counterpart to young Daniel's group. He also offered a few solutions for Amorpho's need for attention and pranks. In the past, Amorpho would transform into other people and frame them for things that they didn't do, usually non-maliciously. Due to this, Vlad's idea was essentially done by providing him a list of various corrupt individuals throughout both the public and governmental working domains, that could use a little humbling. Also, if it so happened that their careers would be forever ruined, then it was just a risk that Vlad was all too willing to take.

So in total there were 9 ghosts in his group, 10 if he included himself. Once everything was set up, all of the ghosts that were now inhabiting his mansion were called downstairs in order to eat.

Vlad sat at the head of the table, though surprisingly Spectra sat herself near him. As for the other ghosts, they all chose a random place to seat themselves, before they all began to eagerly dig into the large spread of food in front of him.

As for Spectra, she gave Vlad a small smile before digging in herself.

Vlad seeing this couldn't stop himself from blushing. Thinking of Maddie still became difficult at times, but his obsession was barely a flickering ember by this point. It also helped that he was beginning to feel things for this intelligent ghost. He didn't know why he felt these things towards Spectra, but what he did know was that he greatly valued her viewpoints as well as her support. He will do his best not to disappoint her and his new allies. Smiling at her himself, he began eating as well.

The future certainly held some vast uncertainties, but he would overcome them just like everything else he had been forced to face through life.

Fenton Works

Jazz, who received the sudden text from Kitty, bit her lip in worry, but decided to interrogate Danny, Kitty and Ember tomorrow. Sneaking out of her room, and quickly heading to Danny's, she took a realistic man sized doll from his closet, put it in his bed, and angled it in a way so that it was facing away from the door. After activating the breathing replication function, she quickly covered it up with a blanket and left just as quickly.

Hopefully her parents wouldn't try to wake him up, because, then there would be some explaining to do if they did. Once she got back inside her room, she sighed somewhat in relief. Her little brother certainly got himself into difficult situations a lot didn't he?

Looking at her various notebooks, she thought about all of the information that she has managed to research and collect so far. She certainly enjoyed gathering information about ghosts, and learning a lot about them as well. She also relished the looks of pride from Danny when she added her information to his database. Helping her little brother was the greatest reward that she could think of. Though the exercising was a torture that if she had a real choice, she could honestly live without.

Shaking her head to clear them of remembering those nightmarish activities, she refocused back at her previous thoughts. She had found the various literatures on ghosts vastly interesting and building her knowledge on them was an enjoyable experience.

Also, analyzing ghost cores has been an adventure and a half so far. Using what she has learned from Danny and his girlfriends, she has slowly been creating a chart to better explain each ghost core that they are aware of and how they might usually manifest. On top of their natural formation, she has also studied how a core might affect their wielders, and has simply found the various possibilities fascinating.

Thinking of all that she had learned, she really could not wait for next weekend to come already. Her parents might not be pleased with it, but she can hopefully convince them otherwise. Danny can also distract them with a "ghost" appearance as a last resort if anything.

Sighing a little, she decided to prepare for bed, since she still had school tomorrow. Uh, school has gotten so boring since all of this ghost stuff has taken over her life. Though if she wants to eventually make a difference in society and help Danny, then she will do it. All ghosts aren't evil after all, and only someone influential would be able to prove and support it.

Back at the Lighthouse

It was 10:12 PM by the time that Danny found himself slowly waking up. Feeling quite numb and disorientated, it took him a moment to realize that Kitty and Ember were hugging him while he slept. Giving them both a weak smile, he didn't want to wake them up, but he wanted to know what happened. Fortunately his movements did it for him when they began to groan, stand up a bit, and rub the sleep from their eyes.

As soon as Kitty saw that he was awake she immediately reacted, "Danny", she said as she hugged him. Hearing him groan a little in pain, she quickly backed away, "Sorry", she said apologetically.

Gritting his teeth a little due to the pain he was feeling, he was able to quickly recover a moment later. "No, it's fine Kitty. You were just worried", he told her comfortingly.

Looking at him worriedly, "Danny, how are you really feeling?", Kitty said, biting her lip a bit.

He didn't want to worry her, but he didn't want to lie either, "Well, I feel like I'm currently both freezing and on fire on the inside, but it's been settling a bit compared to earlier when I first fell unconscious. My body's healing rate has always been pretty quick, so I'm not too worried about the pain lasting all that long", he said unconvincingly, since simply moving too much brought him immediate pain.

Frowning at her Babypop's obvious lie, she took her hands and placed them on his chest.

Blushing a bit at Ember's hands being placed on him, "Em, what are you…?", he was about to ask.

"Quiet, Babypop. That pain is more than you were letting on, and I'm not just going to sit here and let you continue to be in pain like that. I've only done this once with Kitty after she begged me to try it, but with her help I was able to figure out that I can transfer some of my energy to others, especially if they are close to me. Maybe, I can help you heal, okay?", she told him, as she closed her eyes and concentrated.

Surprised at what she said, he decided to simply trust her. Looking at her warmly, he waited until he felt a sudden shift occur inside his body. Her energy was quickly beginning to coalesce inside him. Wanting to help her with what she was trying to do, he transformed into his ghost form to better hasten the process. The energy, somehow sensing the shift in forms, immediately flowed into his fluctuating core. It was then that he began feeling his core stabilizing, and that the internal injuries throughout his body began to rapidly repair themselves. Considering that her ectoplasm was now a part of him, he hypothesized that her ectoplasm had reacted with her added energy and sped up his healing process faster.

Feeling Kitty reach out and grip his left hand, he turned towards her and felt his heart break a little at the sight of her visible tears. Gripping her hand gently, he gave her a look filled with as much love and support that he could, which actually helped in reassuring her that he was okay.

It took about 20 minutes, and by that point Ember found herself slightly fatigued, but Danny could now stand up without feeling much of any pain, now that he was mostly healed. It was only then did he allow himself to transform back into his human form.

Pulling both Kitty and Ember towards him, he pulled them both into a hug. "Thank you both so much for always being there for me", he told them, as they wrapped an arm around him, and pulled themselves tighter against his body.

Kitty had managed to stop herself from crying, but was now just simply enjoying being held by him. If she had lost him, then half of her world would have been destroyed.

Despite being fatigued herself, Ember simply relished being in her Babypop's arms once again. She signed in content and simply allowed herself to lean a little more into his body for comfort.

Eventually, the three of them decided to move things to the bed so that they didn't need to exert any more energy. Danny pressed his back to the backboard of the bed, where Kitty and Ember each took a position on each of his sides.

"Danny, I'm sorry", Kitty said sadly.

Looking at Kitty, "No Kitty, it's not your fault. You may have shared your idea with me, but it was my decision to go through with it. If anything, I'm sorry for having put you both through this", he told her as he used a hand to place it on her cheek.

"Tch, you both are being idiots", Ember told them, as they both turned their heads towards her. "Individually, this was really no one's fault. Sure we could have played things safe, but we don't really have that kind of luxury do we? Besides, we made this decision as a group, so if you really want to blame anyone, then we're all at fault.", she stated.

Smiling at Ember for making sure that they wouldn't feel guilty about this situation, "You're right Em, as always. Another reason why I love you, you know?", Danny told her warmly.

Blushing a bit, "As you keep telling me, but I certainly wouldn't be against hearing it some more", she said, while looking directly at him expectantly.

Smiling at her, "I love you both dearly", he said, while also looking at Kitty to see her reaction.

By now the tears from her eyes had long since subsided. Gazing at him with eyes filled with love, "I love you too, Danny", Kitty said, as she snuggled up into him more.

"I love you as well Danny", Ember said, finally, as she leaned into him as well. "I don't know what I would have done if you didn't make it, but I'm just glad that you came out of this situation alright", she admitted.

Simply enjoying each other's company, the three of them contented themselves within each other's embrace. The silence lasted for several minutes, until a voice finally broke through it.

"You know", Ember said into Danny's ear. "It's too bad that you're still recovering, because earlier I was planning on having a little taste of Minipop", she ended in a whisper.

Completely caught off guard at the unexpected statement, he felt himself becoming a blushing red mess at the sudden mental image, "Em!", he said in an almost whine.

Smirking at him, she gently reached down and began cupping his bulge, "So Babypop, what'll it be? I really do need you lover boy", she told him, while gently squeezing his slowly hardening member through his pants.

Kitty seeing this felt conflicted. She was worried about Danny's health, but her lust was beginning to gain some momentum. Though when Danny suddenly released a moan, she blushed and realized that her will was too weak to continue resisting.

Giving Danny a kiss on his neck, she began peppering his neck and face with many kisses. "Danny", she whispered into his ear. "I hope that this won't hurt you any further, but I need you, please?", she practically begged.

Biting his lip, he wasn't sure if this was such a smart idea since he had school tomorrow, but eventually decided that this was too important for him to simply deny them their request. Besides, he was already hard. He wasn't about to willingly deny himself such a pleasurable experience with his loved ones after all.

"Do you really have to ask?", he stated. "I could never really say no to the two of you", he added jokingly, while smiling at them.

Giving Danny a long look, her eyes suddenly alighted with intense desire. Her hand, having been caressing his bulge, suddenly gripped his pants and turned both intangible in order to remove it. She did the same with his underwear, leaving his lower half completely exposed to her and Kitty.

Kitty let go of Danny and moved towards his now exposed member. She felt herself aroused at how Ember masterfully kept pumping Danny, and not too long later joined her, when she began cupping his balls gently with her own hands.

Danny couldn't help but release a groan at the two of them pleasuring him like that.

Ember who was sitting next to him, while her hand continued to pump him, watched in satisfaction as her Babypop slowly lost himself to the pleasure he was feeling. Eventually, she let go and let Kitty have him first, while she decided to prioritize something else.

Gripping his face, she slowly leaned into a kiss. Danny, who was still aware of what was going on around him, leaned into her as well, and returned the kiss. The kiss started tentatively at first, but not long after intensified as their desires completely took over. Ember explored her Babypop's mouth with great familiarity, and relished the delectable taste of what it had to offer.

As for Kitty, as soon as Ember let go, she pounced. She wasted no time in freeing one of her hands to begin pumping Danny's hardened length. It always thrilled her how warm it felt and the way it pulsated in her hands, made her feel empowered that she was the cause of Danny's pleasure. She gripped it just tight enough so that Danny could feel her whole hand, while still loose enough that she could continue to pump him just as quickly as she had before.

When she felt that it was hard enough, she began lavishing the head with her velvet like tongue, and bathed it quickly with her saliva. She swallowed about half of it, before pulling back, and then repeatedly going up and down his length. While she expressed her love for the upper half, her hand continued to quickly pump, the bottom half. As for her other hand, it hasn't stopped fondling his testicles with loving care.

As for Danny, he couldn't help but lose himself more into the feelings that they were evoking within him. Ember's lips tasted delicious, and Kitty was doing a masterful job at polishing his member. Kissing Ember back just as much, he desperately wanted her to realize how much he wanted to please her as much as she pleased him.

Feeling delighted at her Babypop kissing her deeply, she eventually broke their kiss apart when a thought suddenly entered her head.

Slightly disoriented, it took Danny some time to realize what was happening, "Em?", he questioned her.

Looking at him with desire, "Babypop, do you think you could do something for me?", she asked him.

Giving her a curious look, "Sure, what would you like me to do?", he asked her.

Staring at him for a moment, "Eat my pussy Babypop", she stated bluntly.

Blushing at her, but nodding his head eagerly, he motioned for her to stand above him.

Enthusiastically, she began stripping down until she was completely bare. Then she moved until Danny was facing her pussy. Feeling him grip her hips, she shuddered when she felt him begin licking her pussy tentatively at first, but quickly began to increase in pace.

She was surprised at how fast he was getting the hang of things, but soon found that her climax was rapidly approaching, when he began repeatedly finding and successfully hitting her sweets pots, making her legs tremble even more. Forced to now lean on the headboard, she felt his tongue enter deeper into her over and over again, and his nose being pressed to her clitoris was certainly not helping things.

Gritting her teeth from the sudden intense pleasure, she did her best to hold herself back, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck", she half whispered to herself.

As for Danny, he had originally felt out of his element, but as soon as his tongue tasted Ember, he found that he couldn't stop himself. Her pussy simply tasted divine and the nectar it was releasing was deliciously addicting. It also was very beautiful and sinfully exquisite in texture. If he had to compare it to something, it would be very similar to Ambrosia, the divine drink of the Greek Pantheons.

Hating that his tongue was not long enough, he forced himself to stick his tongue as deep as he could into the internal heat of her nether regions. He explored anything and everything that he could, and lapped up any of her juices that tried to escape from his mouth's clutches, refusing to waste even a single drop of her precious nectar.

It was during his excavation, that he found certain areas that caused Ember to react more, which indicated an immediate vulnerability, one that he was more than willing to take advantage of. Feeling himself nearing a climax himself, he quickly began hitting her vulnerable areas, over and over again. He wasn't sure why they got more reactions than other areas, but what he did know was that they caused her more pleasure, and he wanted her to experience all the pleasure that he could afford. Ember was a part of his soul, and it wouldn't do for him to disappoint.

When his tongue finally hit one of her weak spots one last time, Ember could no longer hold it back and came. "Danny, I am CUMMING!", she said, as she gripped the headboard with her hands hard, and tightened her legs around his head, wanting to feel more of that wonderfully skilled tongue of his.

Danny acting like a man who was trapped in the desert for several days without much water, drank like a man possessed as the liquids flooded out of her pussy. Being a Fenton, he was stubborn, and he refused to lose to this sudden flood of love juices. He was going to drink every single drop if it was the last thing he did. By the time she finished climaxing, Danny was licking any remaining remnants that he could find.

By the time he finished with Ember, Kitty had been working on repeatedly deepthroating his hardened member until she could hit the base of it over and over again. Having practiced as often as she could after the flop of her first time with him, she could now deepthroat him with an almost expert amount of precision.

Having been doing it for several minutes already, Danny's resistance finally cracked, "Kitty, I'm going to cum!", he barely managed to warn her and then finally came long and hard down Kitty's warm and tight throat.

At the feel of his cum going down her throat, Kitty released a pleased hum. Along with the constant twitches of Danny's penis within her throat, it only further excited her to feel his seed filling up her belly once again. The warmth that could only ever come from her Danny filled her stomach to the brim, making her pussy ache with sudden need. By the time he stopped cumming, she eventually released him from her mouth's clutches, and gave it several kisses before backing away a bit.

She saw that Ember was now sitting beside Danny and looked completely disorientated. Feeling further arousal at watching how disheveled Ember was from being eaten out, she knew that she'd like her own turn with Danny and his seemingly talented cunlingus skills.

Smirking at the expression on Danny's face, she quickly got rid of her clothing, flew towards him, and kissed him, tasting Ember on his lips while doing so. Danny began kissing her back in response just as eager as she was and even went so far as to plop her down onto his lap to pull her into a deeper kiss with him.

He kissed her deeply and explored her mouth, and Kitty was happy to let him dominate her mouth with his skillful tongue and lips. They kissed for several more moments, before Kitty eventually broke away from him. Laying her forehead onto his, she gazed deeply into his eyes with a growing hunger for him.

"Danny, do you think you have enough energy in you left to do to me what you did with Em?", she asked him.

Danny blushed at the intensity that he saw in her eyes, but felt his heart flutter with growing desire, "If that is what you want Kitty, then I would be happy to?", he replied.

Giving him a deep kiss, before pulling her tongue back out of his mouth, "I love you Danny", she said as she slowly flew up and wrapped her legs around his head, gripping the headboard like Ember did earlier.

"I love you too Kitty, but rather than just tell you, let me show you how much I love you", he said, as he took his tongue and immediately plunged it into her pussy.

Kitty, not knowing what to expect, felt a small pleasurable shock go up her spine at how Danny expertly handled her nether regions.

"Danny", she chanted over and over again, as his tongue explored her depths with a purpose.

At her repeated moans, Danny only gripped her beautiful ass tighter and pulled her even closer to his face, deeply penetrating her pussy with his tongue as far as he could. She certainly tasted different from Ember, but was just as delicious regardless. Now knowing what to expect, he quickly found the areas which caused Kitty more pleasure and rapidly began attacking them with his tongue over and over again.

He had never expected that their juices could taste so good, but now he couldn't imagine living his life without repeatedly sampling the nectar that they released. They really were becoming his own personal sources of ambrosia.

Though, as Danny was too busy to pay much attention towards anything else, Kitty could only barely hold onto the headboard at the feeling of Danny's skillful tongue. She was already close to cumming due to the blowjob she had given Danny, but now found that she was oh so close to climaxing all over his face. She bit her lip at the sudden dirty image, though briefly wondered if that could be seen as a primitive way of marking her territory. Struggling to focus her thoughts, she couldn't help it anymore and finally hit her peak.

"Danny, I'm… I'm going to cum", she grunted out as she came hard.

Danny refusing to lose to this second wave of nectar, began to lap up everything that he could. He kept drinking and slurping even after Kitty's legs that were wrapped around his head ceased twitching. He loved these girls with every fiber of his being, and he was going to make certain that none of their juices would ever be wasted.

Eventually, all the juices were gone, and then Kitty was finally able to wobbly float herself back down next to the unoccupied side next to Danny. Leaning into him, she sighed in content at how expertly she had been handled by her love. It surprised her how tired she felt, but that was her first time ever experiencing getting eaten out, since that jackass Johnny only ever thought about his own pleasure over hers. Not wanting to ruin her mood further, she just refocused back on enjoying being next to Danny.

The three of them simply enjoy the silence, while they rested from their intimate activities. Though it didn't take all that long for the silence to eventually cease.

"Damn Babypop, where did you even learn how to do that?", Ember asked from his right side. She really wanted to know, since she didn't expect him to be that so skillful for his first time doing that.

Kitty looking at Danny blushing, "Yeah Danny, your tongue certainly quickly found out how to make me cum fast. Care to share why?", she asked him with a playful smirk.

"Um, well, I honestly don't know. It was all just instinct I guess", he said awkwardly. "As soon as I tasted you Em, I couldn't stop myself and kept digging into your folds. It was the same with you too Kitty. I've never tasted anything so delicious before", he embarrassedly admitted.

His response surprised the two of them, and immediately both began to suffer intense blushes and feelings of embarrassment.

Covering her face, "Oh", Kitty said. She couldn't help but blush at the thought of Danny describing her as delicious.

Ember wasn't any better when she couldn't look directly at her Babypop without blushing as well. "That's nice to.. to know Babypop", she stuttered a bit.

"Yeah well", he said while awkwardly rubbing his arm. "It's simply the truth you know? You both are absolutely perfect in every way, and I am so grateful that I got to experience these things with you two", he added, as he looked down not knowing what else to say.

Ember feeling her heart beat faster, leaned her head on her Babypop, and simply ignored the embarrassment she was feeling. "Likewise Danny, you're amazing, you know that? That's why I love you", Ember said, as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Ignoring her own embarrassment, Kitty stopped covering her face with her hands, and hugged herself to Danny. "Being with you makes me so happy Danny. Thank you for loving us the way you do. That's why I love you so much!", Kitty said.

Wrapping his arms around them, "I know I keep saying this, but I really do love you two, and I will continue to do whatever it takes to both cherish and protect you both. I promise", he stated, as he held them close.

Giving him a look of affection, "Likewise Babypop", Ember said.

Smiling up at Danny warmly, "And I'll do the same for you too Danny", Kitty told him.

Afterwards, the 3 of them cleaned up a bit, got ready for bed, and then prepared to go to sleep. After turning off the lights, they cuddled up together under the blanket, and then let their fatigue finally take hold. Tomorrow was certainly bound to be interesting.

Within the Ghost Zone in the Kingdom of Aragon

A familiar female ghost could be seen nervously staring out on her balcony that had a great view of her entire kingdom. The rumors of some crazy and powerful ghost causing mass amounts of pain and destruction was certainly troubling news. Already several parts of the ghost zone had been attacked by this violent abomination, before suddenly disappearing. Even Walker and his prison guards have been having trouble trying to locate this particular ghost, which proved quite worrying. She knew that as of now, her kingdom was still recovering from her brother's tyrannical rule, and was not in any way readily prepared for such a potential threat to be aimed at them.

Having used this time to begin modernizing themselves, they had mainly focused on obtaining any and all forms of literature from the human world that they could get their hands on. It also helped that Sir Danny Phantom had also contributed by donating some of his literature to them, along with some recommendations on where to obtain more books for their growing collection.

His sister, along with both Ember and Kitty who were obviously his future intended, had also helped them on what forms of literature they should consider purchasing by providing her a list of different authors and subject matters that they could look into. From mathematics, different languages, sciences, music, history, law, the arts, etc., were all recommended to them.

As her people began collecting these various types of literature, she began reading through the new knowledgeable works now at her disposal. A lot of what she read was simply wonderful and awe inspiring. Many of the subject matters also highlighted the vast creativity and ingenuity of the humans in the human world. It eventually led her to envisioning a path for her people so that hopefully one day they too could flourish, just like the humans have in their world. She already began implementing a modernization of their education system, and once that is finalized, they could hopefully begin reconstructing her kingdom to have more modern utilities. She also set her advisors to begin reading up on the various laws that were created and used within the human world, so that they might be able to create a better system of governance, and finally leave the outdated laws that her brother had originally implemented, so long ago.

Having shared her dream with Danny and his group, their approval and support of it, warmed her heart for the eventual progression and modernization of her people. Though, despite their current path in regards to improving their infrastructure, laws, and academic knowledge, she knew that such a dangerous ghost could risk unravelling everything that her kingdom had been working so hard to create.

She was confident that they would still have a fighting chance, considering the vast armies within her kingdom that were loyal to her, especially after proving her might against her brother. However, she was not the kind of ruler who would use her subjects as pawns to sacrifice in battle. She was nothing like her brother, and never will be. So, with this issue at hand, she would have to find a different path, one with potentially less ectoplasm shed. She might need to contact Sir Daniel after all. Perhaps, he could offer a potential solution to her plight.

After notifying her council, she flew off to the human world. She would not wait for such a creature to attack her kingdom. Sir Phantom will certainly know what to do.

5:25 AM in the morning, at the Lighthouse

Danny groggily got up, and untangled himself gently from both Kitty and Ember, who were holding onto him while they slept. Waking up this early was certainly a pain, but the bathroom was calling his name, and it would be rude not to reply. Moments later, as he was walking back to bed, his ghost sense went off. Sighing a bit at realizing that he might not catch up with his sleep, he headed back to his room. Quickly changing into some presentable clothes, he headed downstairs, not really all that worried about the ghost who came here. Only ghosts who he was already friends with knew where he lived, and he trusted them not to reveal their location to anyone else.

By the time he reached the first floor, he saw that it was Queen Dora who was sitting on the couch, politely waiting for him in the living room area.

"Queen Dora?", he questioned.

Noticing that her host was finally awake, she ceased her worrying thoughts and stood to greet her kingdom's savior.

Bowing slightly in respect to him, "Sir Phantom, I am sorry for disturbing you and your intended's slumber, but I appear before you with worrying news, and would like to seek your council", she stated.

Becoming more serious at what he was hearing from her, "Of course and no worries. What news do you have for me, Queen Dora?", he asked as he sat down opposite of her.

Allowing some of her worry to show, "I am not quite sure on the specifics of this individual, but what I have heard of is that there has been a new ghost within the Ghost Zone that has been attacking many areas throughout the Zone, leaving many ghosts in varying states of injury and their homes destroyed. Luckily, there have been no reported deaths, but there have already been enough close calls to make things quite worrying. This… this… abomination, has been causing chaos wherever he goes, and now I fear for my kingdom becoming his next possible target. It may be possible that we might remain unscathed if we simply waited things out, but the risk is too great to rely solely on chance. That is why I seek your council, Sir Phantom. Would there be a way for me to protect my people, without risking them to the tender mercies of this monster?", she asked him, hoping that he might have an answer.

Not having like what he had been hearing, he would certainly have to discuss some of these things with both Kitty and Ember. Though as for now, he decided to prioritize and think of some ideas that Princess Dora might be able to use to protect her Kingdom.

Many of his projects were still in the creation phase, and would not be ready soon enough for any practical usage or implementation. He certainly could not risk taking his parents tech either, since none of what they had would really work. As for the Ghost shield, that could potentially work… but it wouldn't be perfect. Ghosts would not be able to enter or leave with that surrounding her kingdom, and a kingdom could only thrive through a growing and flourishing economy.

This would certainly have to be a long term project, since he cared about his allies, and wanted them safe. Hm… perhaps, perhaps Desiree might prove helpful as a temporary solution. He didn't know where she was currently located, but figured that wishing her here might work. If that somehow didn't, he'd have to check with Kitty and Ember if they might know of a way to find her.

"Queen Dora. I'm still working on building some ghost technology, but none of them will be completed anytime soon. Though I do promise you that I will begin working on something to help your kingdom more permanently in the future. You are my friend, and your problem is my problem. As for a potential idea, let me try something really quick. Desiree might be able to help us, I just need to contact her", he told her.

Biting her lip in worry, she nodded her head and decided to simply have faith in Sir Phantom.

Closing his eyes, he made a wish in his head, 'I wish that you were here Desiree, please, we need your help', he thought.

It took a moment, but a green smoke eventually arose around them before forming into the wish granting ghost.

Opening her eyes, she looked around herself, "Ah, ghost child, I didn't expect to see you so soon. How may I help the person who freed me from my forced wishing enslavement", she said warmly to the little ghostling.

Looking at her warmly as well, "I'm glad to see you Desiree, but unfortunately, this situation is pretty serious, and I wanted to see if you could help us", he stated to her.

Frowning in worry, "Of course. So, how can I help?", she simply stated.

Looking at Dora, before looking back at Desiree, "As you can see, Queen Dora came here worrying about that ghost that has been rampaging throughout the Ghost Zone. She doesn't want her kingdom made into a target, and I was wondering if we could come up with a temporary solution using your wishes, until I can come up with something a bit more permanent?", he asked her.

Looking at the child curiously, it always surprised her how such a person like him could exist. He only ever makes wishes concerning others and their well being, but never has he made a wish for himself. She could see why many have been doing their best to protect him from harm. Even Vlad, a being who was once cold, calculating, and can at times be cruel to those that obtain his ire, has been won over by the boy. Even she was fond of him. This child… no this young man, has done what no other has ever done for her before, and that was to wish her free from her enslavement. Now she can grant wishes to whomever and however she liked, and it was all thanks to him.

Smiling at him proudly, "Of course ghost child, I would be happy to help. As for your wish, I would suggest wishing for a unique barrier that can keep Princess Dora's kingdom hidden. A barrier in which only those who know of its location can find it and enter. I would also suggest that you include ways for anyone with ill intent to be incapable of finding it", she suggested.

Feeling very thankful for her suggestion, he stared at Dora who showed her support for his wish, then waited for Desiree to give him the go signal to begin. After receiving a brief nod, "Desiree, I wish that the Kingdom of Aragon, which is located within the Ghost Zone, can be protected and surrounded by an ghost shield that is fueled by the ectoplasm around it, and only by the ectoplasm around it and not from other sentient beings. I also wish that the shield would make the whole kingdom invisible to all those who seek it and the inhabitants within it harm, and make it so that people who cannot already enter, will also forget about it ever existing", he stated.

Giving the ghost child another smile, "So you have wished it, so it shall be!", she stated as she raised her hands into the air and activated her genie abilities.

Back at the Kingdom of Aragon

The inhabitants were surprised when a giant barrier made out of energy immediately began forming around the kingdom. Some were frightening, others were worried, but the majority of the ghosts were not worried since they believed it was their Queen Dora's doing. This only further solidified their faith in her Majesty's abilities to protect them. As the barrier finally formed around the kingdom completely, it suddenly became invisible to the naked eye. Though the energy it contained could still be felt by many of the inhabitants.

Now back to the Lighthouse

Desiree felt herself empowered by such a powerful wish. Once the wish was completed, she looked towards the ghost child, "Your wish has been granted. Is there anything else that you would like for me to do?", she asked him. "And please, for once, think of yourself, ghost child. Out of every person I know, you have certainly earned it", she told him.

Feeling slightly embarrassed for the praise, he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck nervously. "Um, you really don't need to, Desiree, but if I am to make a wish for myself, can I make a few others that aren't for me? Like would restoring the damages done to the ghost zone be possible for you?", he asked her curiously.

Shaking her head fondly at the selfless nature of this child, "Perhaps young Daniel, perhaps. Make your wish and I will try to accommodate it", she told him.

Closing his eyes, "I wish that the Ghost Zone would be restored back to its state before that Ghost's recent rampage. That all of the homes that were destroyed would be restored back into pristine condition. Also, that every ghost that was injured be healed, and if that's not possible, then for their healing abilities to be accelerated", he stated.

Raising her arms once again, "So you have wished it, so it shall be", she said as her hands began to glow.

The glowing lasted for several moments, but eventually Desiree was forced to sit down on the couch next to Queen Dora, "Your wish has been granted", she stated tiredly, feeling quite drained.

Feeling worried for her, Danny and Dora helped her sit on the couch. "Are you okay Desiree?", he asked.

Smiling up at him weakly, "Yes, the wish was just very powerful and required more energy than I obtained from granting it. It will not take long for me to recover, so do not worry ghost child. I am okay", she told him.

Looking at her still worried, "I hope this works. I wish for Desiree to be okay again, and for her energy reserves to be restored", he stated.

Eyes widening at the wish he had made, she looked at him with surprise, before returning to one of pride, "So you have wished it, so it shall be", she simply stated. Feeling herself returning back to a healthier state, she pulled the young boy into a hug. "Thank you once again ghost child. I am very grateful that someone like you exists. You have continued to impress many people with your kindness and compassion, including myself, and I hope that you continue to follow this path. So, please, what is your wish, ghost child?", she asked as she released him from her arms.

Blushing a bit at getting hugged so suddenly, especially since Desiree was really beautiful, he refocused back onto the topic at hand. Besides, he loved Kitty and Ember, and there was no one else for him but those two. Thinking for a moment, he realized exactly what he would like to wish for.

"Desiree, I wish that no one with ill intent will be able to find this lighthouse, along with our warehouse, no matter how hard they might try to follow us. That any technology used to try to pinpoint our location, will somehow malfunction or breakdown. That no one will find it suspicious that me and my allies keep coming here repeatedly, and even think that it is just normal teenager activities", he stated.

Impressed at the practical applications of his wish, "So you have wished it, so it shall be", she stated as her powers once again activated and granted the wish.

"You have once again impressed me ghost child… no young Daniel. Always making wishes to protect and help others is a rare quality to find, especially in one so young such as yourself", she told him. "Before I leave, let me give you some information that you might not be aware of… the half-ghost known as Vlad Plasmius, is no longer your enemy, for he has decided to dedicate himself to a different cause. I will however refrain from sharing his reasons, for there are his to share, but I hope that knowing this will help ease your mind about him remaining your enemy", she stated.

Stunned at the sudden piece of surprising information, "Really? That's actually pretty surprising to hear. Though that may explain why I haven't seen the fruit loop in a while…", he stated a bit lost in thought.

Amused at his reaction, "Well, it has certainly been an interesting start to a day, but I shall be off young Daniel. If you ever need help, you know how to reach me", she stated as she vanished into a swirling green mist.

Danny was so deep in thought, that he barely registered Desiree leaving. It wasn't until he felt a hand on his shoulder that he broke out of it. Turning around, he realized that Dora was still there, "Oh, Queen Dora, I'm sorry, I was thinking a bit too deeply there", he said apologizing.

Smiling at him warmly, "No need to worry Sir Phantom, I understand", she told him. Bowing to him again in respect, "Once again, my kingdom and I owe you quite a debt of gratitude. If there is ever something you need, all you have to do is ask us of it, and we will do our best to grant you your request", she stated.

Frowning, he put his hand on her shoulder, "You're my friend Dora, there are no debts between friends. Though I do thank you for your very generous offer. If I ever need your help, I'll be sure to ask you. Likewise, I hope that you will come to us if you ever need our help again, okay?", he asked her, smiling.

Looking at him with continued admiration and a growing respect, she hugged him, which Danny reciprocated. After breaking away, she smiled at him, "Of course, Sir Phantom. Thank you and Desiree for all of your help. You and your friends will always be welcome in my kingdom. Until then, farewell", she stated as she too left, by going intangible and flying away.

As he was about to head back upstairs, he noticed that both Kitty and Ember were standing at the foot of the staircase, looking at him expectantly.

"So, Babypop, we get that you had spoken with both Desiree and Dora, but what was that all about?", she asked curiously.

"Oh, well, it's a bit of a long story, but in summary, there's a new ghost that has been rampaging throughout the Ghost Zone, and Dora has been worried that it might affect her kingdom. She was seeking possible solutions from me, and that's where I brought in Desiree. With her help, we made some wishes to hopefully mitigate the dangers of this new ghost", he told them.

Tilting her head in thought, "Makes sense, and I'm glad that you were able to help her Danny. She's definitely old school, but she's one of the coolest ghosts I know. As for this strange ghost, we are definitely going to need to find more information on whomever it could be. Maybe I can see if one of my contacts might know of something", Ember stated thoughtfully.

Frowning a bit, "Just please be careful alright. I would rather you not go into the Zone just yet if you can help it. I wouldn't know what I would do if something happened to you... either of you", he told them.

Giving him a comforting smile, "No worries Babypop, I have some contacts here that can hopefully shed some light on this situation. So there will be no Ghost Zone entering for me, okay", she told him, as she approached him and gave him a hug.

Kitty who wanted a huge as well, flew to them and hugged them as well, "Hey, no fair! I want to hug you both too!", she told them jokingly.

After breaking apart, "Looks like you will have to go to school today pretty tired Babypop. Think that you'll be okay with your current state?", Ember asked worryingly.

Thinking about it for a moment, "I am pretty tired right now, but I've handled worse. Besides, I can always catch up on some Z's after school, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem", he told her, not wanting her to worry.

Still frowning at his response, Ember placed her hands on his chest. Again, he felt her energy begin to flow inside him and restore his diminished energy levels back to something more manageable. It lasted for a few minutes, before she cut off the energy she was giving him.

Looking into his eyes, "There, are you feeling better now Babypop?", she asked him lovingly.

Giving her a small smile filled with affection, "I feel better Em, thank you", he said as he stared deeply into her beautiful emerald colored eyes.

Smiling up at him, "No problem Babypop", she stated. "You should head upstairs to get ready for school, okay?", she added.

Still looking at her warmly, "Of course. I better get going then", he said as he headed back to his room.

Turning to Kitty, Ember blushed at how intense Kitty was looking at her. Her eyes were literally sparkling. "Aw, Em, that was so romantic. That was definitely some wifey level material that you were doing right there. I am so proud of you!", Kitty said barely holding back a girlish scream.

Turning her head away in embarrassment, "Tch, it was Babypop… I couldn't help it. I just didn't want him to be tired at school", she mumbled to herself.

Glomping Ember happily, "Aw Em, no need for that now okay. I'm just really happy that we're all just one big happy family now. I love you both so much, and it makes me happy to see you both happy", she said warmly to her girlfriend. "Now come on Em, we should make some breakfast for Danny since we rarely get to do that, especially on the weekdays", she said, as she grabbed Ember's hand and dragged her into the kitchen.

Letting herself be pulled along, Ember smiled a little at Kitty being her usual self again. Her silliness was one of the reasons why she loved her, and it never felt right when she wasn't being herself. That's why this situation was definitely something to take seriously. She wasn't going to let anything ruin the small little paradise that she had finally built together with Danny and Kitty. If it ever comes to it, they will do their best to locate and defeat this new threat as quickly and swiftly as possible, because her family's safety was on the line if they didn't. That is something she promised to herself.

As soon as Danny leaves for school, her and Kitty will leave to see if any of her contacts might know of anything. The more information that they can gather, the better prepared that they will be when they finally face this rampaging ghost. Because knowing Danny's luck with some of the ghosts that they have faced in the past, it was only a matter of time before they ended up encountering this ghost, and they had to be ready when the time finally came to face it.

Not wanting to dwell any further on the topic, she focused on the cooking that she and Kitty were doing. Slicing some fruit, and preparing a platter of pancakes, it didn't take that long for them to finish the meal that they prepared for him.

Just in time too, since Danny just came back after finishing his shower.

"Oh wow, fruit and pancakes! Thanks Em, Kitty! It looks really good", he complimented.

"No problem Danny and you're welcome", Kitty said smiling.

"Yeah no worries Babypop", Ember said warmly.

"Aren't you both going to eat as well?", he asked them.

Shaking her head, "Nope, I'm still full from last night", Kitty replied smirking.

If Danny had taken a bite of his food, he would have choked once he realized what she was implying. Luckily, he hadn't, but the thought of what Kitty said did make him blush.

"Hehe, looks like she got you there Babypop", Ember replied with clear amusement in her voice. "As for me eating, well I'm not really hungry at the moment, so I'll just eat later when we come back. Besides, ghosts have slower metabolisms, so eating 3 meals a day isn't all that necessary", she added.

Nodding at her when he finally calmed his embarrassment down, he began chowing down on some of the food in front of him. It didn't take him long to finish, and when he did, he helped with washing the plates, and putting away any leftovers.

Afterwards, he picked up his backpack, and headed with Em and Kitty towards the door. Once they were outside, he stared at the two of them and pulled them both close.

Looking towards Ember, he kissed her deeply. Then he repeated the same thing by kissing Kitty just as deeply. After breaking apart, he slowly backed away, "Stay safe you two, okay? And love you both", he stated, as he transformed into his ghost form and flew off to school.

Looking at him fly away, the two looked at each other and went inside to prepare to leave as well. They had some tasks that needed completing, and the sooner that they got it out of the way, the better.

I feel a bit conflicted about ending things here, but it would have been too many words by this point. Hope you all liked it btw! If you have something to say about my story, then please tell me about it! Thanks again for reading! Until next time!