Author's note: Now go easy on me, there will be some episodes I'll be summarizing and probably leave out some scenes unless I feel they're important, other than that expect me to take my time with updating this fic since there are other fanfiction and stuff I want to advance on too.

It seemed like another bright sunny day in the Coronian castle, the difference is that Rapunzel had regained her seventy-foot-long hair. At this moment, the princess of Corona and her dear little pet were playing a game of hide and seek. Pascal falls off his perch and Rapunzel giggles. The little chameleon then gets up and scurries down the corridor, passing Rapunzel's parents and Eugene. Accompanying them were the two gelfling that she and Eugene had met on their journey: Jen and Kira.

Rapunzel greeted her parents and the gelflings with a warm hug before kissing her boyfriend's cheek then skipped to her bedroom. She stepped in, the doors closing behind her.

However, as she turned she'd frozen instantly, for she'd heard a familiar sound. A whimper somewhere in the room. Unnerved, Rapunzel took a quick scan before her gaze landed on the windows. Or to be more precise, the robed figure raking sharp talons down the glass pane. Then it turned around, revealing a skeksis in dark robes of midnight blue and obsidian, with silvery rings adorning the taloned fingers that held the royal scepter and a metallic covering upon his beak.

"You seem shocked to see me, Rapunzel. Did you think I was gone forever?" The skeksis spoke, his voice was deep and imposing.

For a split second, Rapunzel didn't recognize the skeksis until she met his eyes. Those grey-blue ones that regarded her with rapacious malice, just like… it wasn't possible.

"But you're dead!"

"My body might be dust, but my spirit lives on. I will always be lurking in the back of your mind, my dear. You gave me a chance to live once, and I will not let you forget it." Emperor SkekSo replied as he approached her, stroking a lock of her hair.

Rapunzel took a step back, only for Emperor SkekSo to swipe his scepter towards the ground. This caused more of the mysterious black rocks to burst right out of the floor and trap the shocked princess. As a result, her hair begun to glow and flowed out of the read beaded bands like a river of gold.

"And look! Your wondrous hair has returned, little one!" SkekSil the Chamberlain said deviously, running his talons through her hair.

Rapunzel actually let out a cry of fear, trying to pull herself away only to bump right into the Ritual-Master.

"You will not deny us this time, Princess." SkekZok declared.

Rapunzel's eyes fearfully darted around, in all directions, the skeksis approached. Their claws reaching out greedily towards her and closing in on any possible escape.

"Once we have been rejuvenated, your kingdom shall fall at our feet just as it should've done centuries ago!" The Garthim-Master growled at her.

The other skeksis cheered in agreement with the Emperor laughing triumphantly. Within the black rocks, Rapunzel could see Gothel.

"No, let's get back to your tower, where you will be safe and secure." the ancient woman proclaimed.

Only for the rock to break with ominous purple cracks. Rapunzel watched transfixed until Emperor SkekSo clamped his right hand on her arm.

"We will not be denied!" the Emperor shouted, his voice echoing off the walls. He drew her closer to him with a swift tug.


The eyes of the princess snapped open only to see her hair levitating in different directions. Beside her, Pascal opened one eye only to jolt awake at the sight.

And Rapunzel's hair fell down as though it hadn't been floating seconds earlier. She panted as though she'd run a mile. Earlier it had been nightmares involving Gothel, SkekSil or SkekUng. This was just the first time she'd had a nightmare involving the late Emperor, as though the guilt over not being able to heal him before his demise wasn't bad enough.

What was that all about? What did this particular dream mean? She knew there had to be some explanation.

Later on, Rapunzel was talking to Cassandra and the gelflings about the dream. Jen and Kira had shivered, while the handmaiden attempted to fix Rapunzel's hair, she was clutching several of the objects just a little too tightly.

"Come on, Cass! Those dreams are trying to tell me something! Ever since that night-"

Cassandra shushed her and she looked around. "Shh. Raps, I told you: We can't tell anyone about that night."

"Um, I think the secret's pretty much out."

"Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows the hair's back," Cassandra said dismissively. "but if anyone knew I was the one who took you outside when it happened, I'd be sent to a convent. Literally, a convent."

"What IS a convent?" Kira asked.

"Think of a place filled with the strictest women imaginable. Waking up at the crack of dawn, eating gruel, that sort of deal. They make the Mystic's way of life look like a well-earned vacation." Cassandra replied caustically.

"Well, I have to tell Eugene."

Cassandra shook her head. "No, no, no, no, no. As far as he knows, you just woke up that morning with long hair."

Rapunzel insisted. "But Eugene is my boyfriend! We tell each other everything!"

Cassandra pleaded. "I know this is a lot to ask, but I can't risk it. Please, don't tell Eugene."

"Tell Eugene what? Oh, come on, you guys keeping secrets?" Eugene walked in at that very moment.

Rapunzel looked a little sheepish. "It's not really a secret, Eugene, it's more like a... sensitive situation."

Eugene laughed briefly. "Sensit- S- Ha! Sensitive? And you think Cassandra's gonna help? Blondie, I've met glaciers with more warmth and compassion. And move faster, she's slow." He held her hands, "Rapunzel, it's me, Eugene. Whatever's going on you can tell me."

"I know I can, it's-"

"I don't trust you! You have a big mouth." Cassandra folded her arms.

"I do not! Name one time I blew a secret." Eugene challenged.

Cassandra pursed her lips, reminding them of the time Eugene spoiled the gift Rapunzel made for her parents, blabbing about their insecurities whilst meeting with foreign dignitaries and how he startled Cassandra as she was carrying plates intending it for a surprise party a week earlier.

"A surprise party one week earlier?" Jen inquired, looking baffled.

"Oh believe it." Cassandra said with folded arms.

"I said one time!" Eugene retorted then looked to his girlfriend. "Rapunzel, you're really not gonna tell me?"

Rapunzel put her hands on her face. "I'm sorry."

"And what about you two, are you in on this?"

Jen gazed down at his feet. Kira was about to speak but a quick head shake from Cassandra stopped her.

Eugene put up his hands casually pretending not to let it affect him. "Fine. But you should know, I have things I keep from you. Lots of things."

"Name one." dared Cassandra.

"...Pete, the guard, is terrified of mimes." Eugene replied.

At that moment, the very same guard - a young man with a hooked nose and light freckles had been passing and overheard Eugene's sentence. "Hey! They see things that aren't there." He said this looking left and right anxiously before shuffling away.

Not long after, Ulf the Mime appears holding an invisible rope and briefly waves at them.

Eugene then ran after Pete. "Pete, wait! No, it was a different Pete the guard. You don't even know him."

Once alone in the courtyard, Cassandra approached Rapunzel with an idea.

"I was thinking about your hair. Maybe there's a way we can discreetly try to get some answers, just the – well, just you me, and the gelflings if they want in. I might know someone who can help."

"I still think you're being unfair about Eugene. But, um, who is this friend of yours?" Rapunzel asked.

"His name is Varian, and he's some kind of wizard."

Rapunzel gasped, "Wow! A real wizard? Do you think he'll have one of those pointy hats, and like, a robe and a staff and cast spells?"

"No, I do not. Very little is known about Varian, and what is, isn't good. Some say he's dangerous."

"But if we want answers, he's our best bet. Right?"

"Mm-hm." Cassandra nodded.

Rapunzel sighed and sat up. "Well, sounds like we have a wizard to visit."

Later around midday, Cassandra, Rapunzel with Jen and Kira are riding Fidela through the forest towards Old Corona. A village that predated Corona's inhabited island area. It is built alongside with Corona's border wall in the mainland for it had the agricultural land to provide harvest and food supply for the kingdom.

It was already a new experience for the two gelfling, having only passed through the village twice and not necessarily stopping to speak to the locals. Even now the villagers stared at the little pair in wonder, a reminder that even in the bleakest circumstances, hope survived.

Finally they reached an average sized house.

Rapunzel said they all walked up the steps. "So, this is where Varian lives." She glanced downwards briefly to see green fog seeping out from under the doors. "It seems cozy, in an I-wish-I-had-said-goodbye-to-my-loved-ones-before-I-left kind of way."

The house shook briefly, causing one of the main doors to open wide. Fizzgig whined, the four exchanged glances before entering. The interior was dark and damp, the only other light was a violet color with fog of the same color emanating from a door in the end of a short corridor.

Cassandra told the others. "Just watch your step, all of you. Come on, this way."

Jen and Kira glanced around. They could see shelves from of strange objects one of them looked like the same kind of beaker they'd seen in the chamber of life.

Rapunzel said nervously. "It's just fog. I'm sure it's okay."

Suddenly, Cassandra stepped on a wire without looking which set off a booty trap consisting a small pinkish orb bouncing and rolling towards them before exploding into pink smoke. When it cleared, the two women and the gelfling found their feet stuck in some strange gunk.

"Fine. A booby trap!" Rapunzel remarked.

"Raps, everything's gonna be- oh!" Cassandra suddenly yelped in alarm.

Six feet away from them in the purple smoke, a figure in heavy clothing with glowing yellow eyes was moving towards them.

"What do you want?" It said in a deep distorted voice.

Fizzgig began to growl defensively. Jen and Kira stared fearfully while Cassandra steeled herself.

"Um hi. So sorry to bother you, sir." Rapunzel greeted the figure uncertainly. "I wanted to ask you about my hair. Because you're such a magic exp-"

"Magic?! I do not work with magic!" The figure answered back.

At that very moment, the room had some lanterns illuminated and the figure removed the steel mask and goggles to reveal a fourteen-year-old human boy. He was fair skinned, had shaggy black hair with brown highlights and a teal streak, light blue eyes and two bucked front teeth.

"I mean, technically, it's not magic. It's alchemy, but yeah don't sweat it." Without the gear, his voice was younger and brighter. This was the true face of Varian, a misunderstood adolescent dabbling in experiments.

Pascal rolled his eyes. Fizzgig softly whined awkwardly in Kira's arms, not knowing what to make of the boy.

Rapunzel laughed nervously. "Got it. So, what is this?"

"Oh, it's- it's a chemical compound of my own design. Thank you." Varian explained, he'd walked over to another section of the room where a raccoon was caught and he picked it up. "See, we have a bit of a critter problem out here, and, through the miracle of modern alchemy, I have found a humane way to solve the problem."

He calmly walked to the door with the bewildered racoon and simply put it outside the room. Kira nodded approvingly.

"This is riveting, but could you get us out of here?" Cassandra reminded him.

"Ha! Where is that neutralizing parti-" Varian patted his pockets then noticed the raccoon attempting to walk back in. "Oh! C-Come get outta here!" He quickly grabbed it by the tail and promptly tossed right back out then shut the door, causing the gelfling to giggle.

Then Varian walked over to the four with a small vial of shining liquid he dribbled over the pink gunk, freeing them. "I am so sorry, Your Highness." He said with a laugh.

"'Your Highness?' Wait. You know who I am?" Rapunzel blinked.

"Uh, how could I not? Look at your hair! Ha! Your highness." Varian replied then cleared his throat.

Rapunzel waved a hand casually. "Oh, please. Just Rapunzel."

"Wow. Really? Okay. So, fantastical stories of your hair returning have spread throughout Corona." Varian began examining Rapunzel's hair, "Yeah, people say it's magic, but personally, I don't really believe that..." The young man babbled then his eyes fell on Jen and Kira. "No way! And the two surviving gelfling?!" he said excitedly, grinning ear to ear.

"You know who we are?" Jen questioned.

"You're pretty much legends around here, everyone's has a different theory on how you all survived the Garthim attacks years ago." Varian replied.

"What sort of theories?" Jen asked, a little befuddled by the boy's enthusiasm.

"Well one is that possibly your folks may have migrated to another region away from the Skeksis' rule. Some believe you may have been kept hidden with some human family in the countryside..." Varian started counting off the stories and rumors the people of his village had been speculating ever since the royals revealed that two gelfling had survived the genocide with his fingers.

"Wow. Those are all pretty amazing stories." Rapunzel said after a while.

"Yet most of them are only part true. We lived with different races that became our family, I with the UrRu, they're better known as the Mystics." Jen explained.

"And I with the podlings." Kira chimed in.

"Ah yes!" Varian nods. "Except no one in Corona had actually seen the Mystics, at least not since Corona was founded historically speaking. The podlings are another story, funny little guys…We all used to trade fruit and barter other things with them. But I never got as far the forest, call it common sense or self-preservation. Of course, back then before I was born, anyone who wandered into Thra's borders near Skarith never came back." He said this grimly.

They all shared the same daunted expression before Varian cleared his throat to change the subject. "Now, as you have probably guessed, I am a man of science, - specifically, al-"

"Alchemy. We know." Cassandra said sternly. "Now listen, kid. We need your help, but let me make something clear. What happens here stays here, you got it?" She'd held the front of the boy's clothes in her fist.

Not long afterwards Varian is using some giant magnifying glass to examine Rapunzel's hair up close.

"Oh, yes, this this Ah is it's very long. Oh, no, don't worry, Your High Rapunzel. I am sure that I, Varian, can unlock the mystery of your hair with the power of science!" He'd said this as he'd pushed magnifying glass aside only for it to swing around and hit Varian in the back of his head. Ow!

The gelfling and Fizzgig visibly winced in sympathy. Rapunzel sat up from her spot in concern, Casandra walked over.

Varian felt the back of his head with his right hand, and saw a small spot of blood on his gloved palm. "No sweat, it's just a little-" He babbled before fainting.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Maximus are waiting outside. Eugene had spotted the four head to Varian's house from the Snuggly duckling and decided to follow, now they were waiting for them to emerge. He held up a clock in his hand. "What is taking 'em so long? I'm goin' in!"

He began to make his way to the house while Maximus attempted to reach some of the red apples from the tree. Except he tripped a string that set off one of Varian's traps that now trapped his feet and Fidella's into the same pinkish gunk. And to top it right off, the same raccoon Varian shooed away, hopped onto his head as a footstool to snatch up one of the apples then hurry away.

Maximus snorted in annoyance, this was going to be a long afternoon.

Rapunzel is in the lab with a piled of her hair on Varian's head, attempting the Healing Incantation. However her hair did not glow as once had. "Better?"

"Oh, yeah-" Varian removed the hair only to shudder at the spot of blood still in his palm. "No!"

Rapunzel picked up a lock of her and squinted at it. "Huh, that used to work."

"Well, silver lining: We've acquired some critical data about your hair. It no longer possesses its legendary healing power. Progress!" Varian exclaimed brightly.

"Also it could not be cut by any blade imaginable." Jen added.

"Another interesting fact." Varian nodded thoughtfully. "It's time to figure out exactly what this hair is made of. This machine can analyze any substance for chemical makeup, bitopic composition, and urgu-structural integrity. - I built it myself. If I'm right, this should tell us all there is to know about your hair."

"Raps, are you sure you wanna –" Cassandra questioned only to see Rapunzel was not by her side or next to the gelflings anymore, "Rapunzel?"

Rapunzel was already in the machine strapped down and ready. "Let's do this."

Varian began his instructions, "Okay! Rapunzel. Now, um, this may get a little-"


Varian hesitated momentarily. "Um, sure! Yeah! That's a good word for it."

He pulled some lever for the machine. It vibrated for a few minutes, then began moving Rapunzel and few locks of her hair into some fast movements and positions: such as her being held upside down with several locks stretched out, getting wrapped into her own hair like a cocoon and held out – the movements were enough to make anyone dizzy. And it would seem that was just the very first of eighty-six tests.

Eugene had approached and looked through the window just as a buzz saw lowered itself to Rapunzel's hair and gasped. "Blondie!"

The buzz saw had attempted to cut but as expected it didn't work. "Amazing!" Varian cried. "You were right, it's absolutely unbreakable!"

Eugene burst through the door right there. "But I'm betting you're not! Let her go!"

Cassandra, Jen, Kira and Varian stared at him as Rapunzel was placed into an upright position that stretched her hair out.

"Eugene! Hey!" Rapunzel greeted him brightly.

"Blondie! You're okay!" Eugene was relieved then frowned. "You wanna tell me what's goin' on here?"

Rapunzel stole a glance at Cassandra and laughs nervously.

"You know what? I don't care. I'm gettin' you outta there." Eugene strode forward.

"Hey! You're Flynn Rider!" Varian noticed.

Eugene folded his arms. "No. You don't know what you're talking about. I've never seen you before in my life. You can't prove anything!"

Varian chuckled excitedly. "I'm your biggest fan!" He hurried to some blue curtains revealing a wall with shelves containing the books of Flynn Rider and a wanted poster, one that was a more accurate depiction of Eugene's physical visage. "See?"

Eugene grinned. "Hey, now! Flynn Rider, nice to be met." He walks over to the younger man.

"I used to see your wanted posters all the time! You're my hero!"

"Oh, well, 'hero' is a bit much."

"I've read every single book about you!"

Eugene looked a little unsure. "Oh well, um, you see, that's not actually me. I just took the name from the book."

Jen and Kira exchanged nonplussed glances, Cassandra watched this unfold with an amused smirk.

"This isn't right, Cassandra. I have to tell him what's going on." Rapunzel insisted.

Cassandra looked back at her friend worriedly. "No. Rapunzel, I want to trust you, and I trust that you trust Eugene, but I don't trust Eugene, and if I can't trust Eugene, I can't trust you, and you're just going to have to trust me." She paused momentarily, having noticed she was rambling. "Trust me, that logic tracks."

"Tell me about how you took on the Earl of Camembert!"

"Also not me. Would someone please explain to me who this child is?"

"I'm Varian!" Unfortunately with the little staff Varian had been using in playfighting broke the table, causing some to spill out from the mixed chemicals. "Hot, hot, hot, hot!" This caused him to throw the overheated staff away, knocking it onto the wanted poster and burning it in seconds.

Then there was some strange rumbling that shook the place for three full seconds.

"What was that trembling?" Eugene wondered.

Varian denied it. "Trembling? I didn't notice any trembling. Oh! Yeah! Almost forgot to get the spectrometric press! It's the only way I can read the results of the test!" He began hurrying away then turned to Eugene. "Flynn Rider! Wanna come with?"

"Oooh! No."

Varian insisted. "Hey! If- If- If you come, I can show you something really special, but, um, you've got to keep it a secret. "

Eugene brightened. "You want to tell me a secret?" He then sent a cocky knowing look to the group of four. "Did you hear that, everyone? Veritas-V- Var-"


"A complete stranger wants to tell me a secret!" He followed the boy outside, leaving them to finish the rest of the tests.

"It seems to me, Eugene is a little upset that we're keeping this a secret from him." Kira remarked.

"Well, we didn't exactly tell him when Rapunzel's hair grew back." Jen said to her.

"Now you two start on me too." Cassandra lightly scolded them. "I already gave out my reasons for not telling him. Don't tell you've never kept secrets from your temporary adoptive family when you were younger."

"I didn't see any reason to. I trusted my adopted family." Jen admitted.

Kira shook her head, "The podlings were actually very open to sharing and expression."

"Right… gentle wizard Mystics and hyperactive little people." Cassandra acknowledged, almost berating herself for not seeing the obvious difference in the gelflings' upbringing.

Now Rapunzel was being shaken rapidly. "Only twelve more tests to go! Yaay!"

"Team awesome is baaack!" Varian rushed back in carrying a small machine. "Now Rapunzel, I know my tests have been a small pain the… ahem!"

"I wouldn't say pain…" Rapunzel tried to wave it off. Just then, the next test charged up electricity and zapped it into her hair. This caused it to frizz up considerably. "Now I would."

"In a few moments," Varian set the little machine next to Rapunzel's location. "This little guy will us all the answers we want."

"Woohoo! Answers!" Rapunzel cheered. Maybe then she'd understand a lot more.

"So Eugene… got yourself a secret?" Cassandra walked up to him with a smirk.

"If you want to call it that. The kid had – Ah! Ah!" Eugene stopped himself before he could blab out Varian's secret project and he scowled at the brunette. "Nice try, Cass!"

Again the place shook as though in an earthquake.

"Look Raps, I think it's time to go! Now!" Eugene insisted.

"Now? This is nearly finished!" Rapunzel responded cheerily.

On the little meter nearby it demonstrated that there were now eight tests left. Eugene approached Varian, looking by all aspects quite tense. "Can we talk?" He said out of the corner of his mouth.

Varian nodded. "Of course, that's what team awesome does!"

Quickly, Eugene yanked him outside for a talk. Three minutes later when he came back in, the meter revealed there were now six more tests left to go.

"Alright, six more tests, then we can all leave… go somewhere far away?" Eugene insisted nervously. "Really, really far away?"

"Er, why?" Jen inquired.

"Why do you want us to leave so bad?" Cassandra questioned, her arms folded.

At that moment, Rapunzel's hair fell down covering her entire body and onto the gelfling like a gold curtain.

"Oh no, you can stay." Eugene said anxiously, "In fact it'd be great if you stayed, that way when these things blow up… ohh!" He whimpered upon realizing he'd blabbed out Varian's secret. "Never mind!"

Shocked, Rapunzel part her hair with her hand and the gelflings peeked out from under it, looking aghast at the words blow up.

Cassandra blinked, "Wait, what did you just say?!"

"What things blowing up?" Kira gasped.

"Eugene, what is wrong with you?" Rapunzel asked firmly.

Eugene rubbed the back of his neck. "OK, you wanna know why we have to go?" Steam burst out. And Eugene was looking increasingly nervous by the second. "Look, I tried to prove that I can keep a secret, but I can't this kid…"

Now the entire building was shaking. Eugene picked up Pascal and Fizzgig placing them on the platform closer to Rapunzel.

"Varian has got five of these huge highly-pressurized underground machines and they are clearly unstable!" Eugene quickly explained. "I think they could blow up any minute!"

Nearly a mile away there was the sound of a distant explosion and another one that drew closer and another one that broke the glass on the window.

"And that minute is now." Eugene said in horror.

"Get me out of this machine!" Rapunzel hollered.

All at once the group dove upon the machine trying to get Rapunzel out. Eugene trying to pull on the lever, Cassandra using her sword to stop one of the gears unsuccessfully and the two gelfling tugging at the straps

"Eugene!" Rapunzel suddenly yelped.

Jen pointed to the window. "That's Varian out there!"

"That kid's gonna get himself killed!" Eugene said in dismay.

"You get her out of her, I'll get the kid!" Cassandra ordered.

There was a ding from the meter, the tests were officially done.

"We need those results!" Rapunzel struggled.

However a piece of the roof fell on the little machine with the written results, crushing it and any answers Rapunzel and her friends wanted to know about her hair. Of course, they were running out of time trying to get Rapunzel free.

"No there's no time, get out of here! " Rapunzel urged.

"We're not leaving without you!" Jen refused. Kira held his hand and Rapunzel's.

"Likewise." Eugene concurred taking one of her hands in his, "I'm not going anywhere without you, I love you Rapunzel. "

They stared into each other eyes. "I love you too, more than you'll ever know." Rapunzel said to him.

Jen and Kira hugged each other closely. Pascal made a fearful chirrup then he and Fizzgig buried themselves in Rapunzel's hair. Without actually thinking or noticing, they'd huddled together, preparing to meet death with dignity.

The entire place had fallen apart as a result of those quakes. Then suddenly burst of blinding yellow light emanated from the debris, revealing an unhurt Rapunzel and Eugene with the gelfling couple, in an orbicular shield of hair.

Eugene blinked, not believing what just happened. "What the hair!?"

Kira touched the circular mark the hair had left on one portion of the debris. "This is… unbelievable."

Yards away, Cassandra and Varian crawled out of a six-foot-wide pipe that shielded them from the explosions.

"Thank you, Milady." Varian smiled up at her. Cassandra rolled her eyes, knowing he was attempting to flirt.

"Varian? Varian!" A middle-aged man with brown eyes wearing dark red and brown village clothing was looking around.

"Quirin!" One of the village men addressed the man. "Thank goodness you're here."

"Uh-oh, it's my dad." Varian explained.

Quirin then spotted his son climbing out of the pipe and ran to him. "Are you okay? What happened?"

Varian looked downcast. "I'm sorry, Dad."

"Not again, Varian." His father shook his head and he turned away.

"But Dad…"

Cassandra put an empathic hand on Varian's shoulder. It certainly looked as though Varian had a lot fixing up to do.

While preparing to leave, Rapunzel, she, Eugene, Jen and Kira freed Maximus and Fidella from the pink gunk with Varian's formula.

"I'm sorry you didn't get those results, Blondie." Eugene said sympathetically to Rapunzel.

"I should never have kept a secret from you." Rapunzel said determinedly. "From now on, no more secrets ever!"

"Oh yeah, what about Cassandra?"

"That's between her, Jen and me." Rapunzel replied uncomfortably. Jen and Kira gave her reproving glances even Fizzgig grumbled.

Rapunzel sighed. "Okay. The truth? Remember when I said I woke up with long hair? Well, I didn't. Cass kinda helped me break out of Corona with Jen."

Eugene whooped. Ha! I knew it! She is gonna be in so much trouble!

Rapunzel looked scandalized and Maximus snorted at him in disapproval.

"That is… of course, if anyone were to find out." Eugene retracted as he placed Rapunzel and Kira on Maximus. "Which they won't, because this guy is a vault."

As they started to leave Old Corona Rapunzel and Jen had began telling Eugene everything that happened that night.

"She showed me these black rocks that began to glow. I know it sounds so weird, but I think they're what made my hair grow back."

"They glowed a mysterious blue color, strangest of all…" Jen was explaining, Kira and I took a look around and we noticed that the rocks had sprouted where the flower of the sun once grew and other areas, yet if they grew in Thra… we've yet to see them."

Eugene shrugged. "After today and our little adventure when we first entered Thra? Nothing sounds weird."

"And when I touched the rocks, they started chasing us." Rapunzel added.

"Rocks chasing you? Okay, we're back to weird." Eugene commented.

"Yeah well, Max was there and once we got far enough away from them, they stopped growing." Rapunzel finished.

"Hopefully it'll stay that way." Kira said warmly.

"Same here."

However as the friends rode away from Old Corona, just outside the wall, in a patch of flowers…a single spike of the black rocks emerged.

To be continued…