When thy time is nigh when you are banished from Adra from your cruel malice and all is gone silent. I curse you for your soul of good that thy hide from Morgoth shall be cast into a child from the realm were we are fabled and mythed.You will be in world were the world of Man are cursed for thier wickedness and evil, were they deny all they see that they cannot fathom.Only when you are struck again by effirie into a broken world were darkness walkes the lands and souls are potent will ye remember your name.Your vessel shall be Son of Terra and the blood of the tribe Japheth runs through his vain, his soul shall not be tainted...for he is protected.

Prophecy of the Valor 1st Age of Middle Earth

Hello guys sorry for long wait Napoleon's Conquest will get its next chapter soon just had to strategize on what i want to do.. pluse C-Virus(coronavirus) is caused me to go unemployed so that happened and my grandpa is makeing me slave on the farm. so Napoleon Conquest will get chapter by sunday at best after that i will be working on this since its been in my head for a while. until then be safe and stay inside from C-Virus.