I remembered something so odd.

At first it felt like I was having fun on the hill, yet something was off…

Why did I feel foreign here, yet remember this place? Or did I? It seemed so familiar, yet I had never been here before. Had I?

A terrible headache pounded in my head, like my skull was being crushed. It was as if I was falling— or maybe floating? The farm. I kept seeing the farm. I remembered working on the hill. Yes. And then—

I couldn't remember.

I heard voices. Familiar, yet distance. I couldn't place them. It was as if I knew them, but didn't.

"This will be the union of two towers."

"Son, please don't run fast on the hill."

"Only you could make such art… Celebrimor."

"My goodness, son. Why are you such a daredevil?"



"Watch out!"

"Bring me the One and I will grant your wife and child a painless death."

"You okay, kid?"

My eyes snapped open, and the voices went silent as I looked around. I saw a blond-haired man and a woman wearing a white hood. Her eyes were… silver. Strange.

"Kid, you in there?" the blond asked me.

I was so distracted, struggling even to remember my name, until a voice said something that sounded almost ancient.


"Shaun. It's— Shaun—" I stammered.

The blond nodded as he kneeled down to my level. "What is a little child doing out here in the wilderness?" he asked. "How old are you?"

"Six," I replied.

"Tai, the boy is lost and scared," the woman said, giving the man a stern look as she came to my side.

The blond— now known as Tai— simply let out a heavy sigh. "Summer, we don't know if the kid is an orphan or lost his parents."

Summer picked me up— and something about this action felt familiar, as if someone had done this for me before. "Doesn't matter. Besides, we can't leave him out here for the Grimm, now can we?"

Tai signed again. "Okay. Fine. But remember— Police to find his parents, got it?"

"Of course."

With that, we left the forest, Summer carrying me and Tai accompanying her. They asked me questions, such as how I got there, where my parents were, and why I was wearing a strange hat and a gold ring.

To be honest, I didn't remember putting the ring on. It looked nice, and much like everything else, it had a certain familiarity about it. The hat— it was a camouflage cap, with golden words on it that said Ale8-1. To all of their questions, I simply responded by stating I didn't know, and they accepted this reply.

We started down a path, and about halfway along, I spotted a decent house.

"Shaun, this is where Tai and I live, along with our girls, Yang and Ruby," Summer said enthusiastically. "You'll get along with them well, I'm sure."

"Are they my age?" I asked.

"Yang is nine, and Ruby is five," Tai responded, looking at me. "You should get along with both of them."


After we stepped inside, Summer let me down, and I took off my shoes. I saw two girls— a blonde and a red-head with silver eyes like Summer's. The girls came running, hugging both Tai and Summer.

"Mommy, who's this?" one of them asked.

"This is Shaun, sweetie," explained Summer. "He's staying with us until we find his parent's, okay?"

Ruby lit up with excitement, fawning over the thought of a slumber party, but Yang narrowed her eyes at me.

Before I could respond, a pain shot through my right hand fingers. I glanced down at my hand and tried to flex it, but to no avail— until finally, by the fourth try, I managed to close it into a fist.

"Hand okay?" Tai inquired, having came over whilst I was distracted by my pain.

I nodded, and he walked into the living room.

Yang stepped closer to me, crossing her arms over her chest and staring me down.

"Dad said you got lost. Wanna tell me how?"

My mind reeled in a desperate attempt to remember, but— I couldn't. I was still trying to figure out how there was a shattered moon in the sky, and I could barely recall that there was anything off about that to begin with, but yet—

She poked me in the nose before I could think of a response. "Hey, you in there? Dad said you go into a trance?" Her voice softened into something more sincere. "It's fine. Get some sleep and you can play with me and Ruby in the morning."

"Okay. Sounds dandy," I responded.

At the sound of Tai calling for her, Yang ran off. Ruby came along and grabbed onto my hand, tugging me along with her.

"Come on, Shaun! We'll make a fort and fend off Grimm!"

"But, I just got here," I said calmly, despite the skepticism I felt inside. She was being too kind to a stranger— even if I was just a child.

"Mommy said we can play before bedtime," she began to ramble as we put together the fort. "And she made cookies, too! Do you like cookies? And— And strawberry milk?" She rambled until she fell over asleep on the makeshift blanket fort. She was out immediately, as if she'd been shot by a sleeping dart.

"Uh— Ruby?" I poked her with a toy sword that was laying nearby. "You okay?"

"Oh, so sorry, Shaun. She must have used her energy getting excited over this," Summer said as she entered with a blanket and pillow. She prepared them on the couch before walking over and scooping up Ruby. "Go ahead and get some rest. I'm sure she'll want to play in the morning. And— don't worry. We'll find your parents." Summer offered me a small smile before disappearing upstairs with Ruby.

I crawled onto the couch and tugged the blanket up to my chin, but I had barely closed my eyes before Tai came in.

"Shaun, you never told us your last name. Do you remember it?"

I hesitated. "No. I'm sorry."

"It's fine." He turned to leave. "Just get some sleep," he said, flicking the light off and going upstairs.

Everything fell silent, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

"Remember who you are."

A woman's voice— again, with that same eerie, distantly-familiar vibe to it. I tossed and turned, but brushed it off and managed to fall asleep.

I see a strange bald man and a large army— at my castle? I walk out and kneel before him, offering him a Ring. Did I make that? No. I couldn't have. I don't have a forge. Do I?

I see a city with a flag of red white and blue stripes. Stars dot the deep blue. America? Yes. Yes, I remember! My country. And the states. I'm from the state of— of—

It's too blurry. I can't remember. Familiar, yet distant, just like everything else.

I see a desolate land. Dead bodies cover the ground everywhere I look. A man with hatred and fear in his eyes lunges for a sword, but I step on it— destroying it. But yet, he lifts its broken remains. I go to pick him up, but he swings the jagged weapon and slashes my fingers off.

The pain is unbearable. I want to cry, yet I can't. The horrible searing pain, as if my hand was burning—

"Shaun? Shaun. Wake up."

"You pathetic thing... Look at you."

I look around. I'm in a throne room, where a woman in black looks at me as if I know her— but yet, I don't.

My head hurts.

"Who...are you?" I say to her. She responds only with a hate-filled glare.

"You have fallen so low that you do not remember?... Even in that child's body, surely you couldn't have forgotten." Her voice is heavy with malice, but I don't know what I did to provoke her anger.

"Look… I don't know who you are."


She transforms into a horrible monster-spider beast and charges at me. It's an abomination if there ever was one, and my heart nearly stops.

"Shaun...wake up."

"SUMMMER TAI HELP ME ANYONE!" i screamed running away from the hell spider as im calling it

"So pathetic you call upon aid? you truly dont remember do you...a pity." The Hellspider said how when its lips didnt move i dont know, i ran and ran until i was at a dead end looking back she came closer and closer. It was close to my face eyes looking at me.

"Such a irony being feared by all the free peoples...then to be at a loss in a Terran child. This is indeed a great punishment for you."

Before she could do anything i felt a pair of hands on me shakeing me.

"Remember who you are"

i woken up gasping for air sweating, i see Ruby was shaking me awake.

"Come on Shaun mommy made breakfast."

"Breakfast? but i only just went to sleep." i told her she gave me an odd look. "Silly, the sun is up."

she got off of me and showed me the sun...and it was high in the sky.

"Impossible...i could've sworn i just laid down just...5secs ago" i thought to myself maybe it was a nightmare...yes maybe it was." Before i could say anything else Ruby grasped my hand and dragged me to the kitchen and literally sat me next to her and Yang.

"Ahh see your awake sorry that Ruby did that she gets excited sometimes." Tai said while drinking coffee.

"Here shaun you must be starving." Summer placed a plate with pancakes and scrambled eggs on it. it was very appetizing.

"Thank You very much Summer."

After eatting breakfast with Tai and Summers kids Ruby took me to play outside pretending hunters aginst grimm. We played for good amount of time while Tai contacted the police about me. For the mean time i was under thier temporary care.

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