This is my book of Lab Rats and Elite Force drabbles! I have some rules when it comes to requesting drabbles, so here we go!

1: I do take requests, but only from a prompt list that I have curated.

2: You must message me in order to request. I have Wattpad and Tumblr if doesn't work, but I also have other social medias and a story email if we need to do that instead.

3: I will give you the prompt list, and if you do decide to pick one, I need to know what characters, whether it's Elite Force or Lab Rats, and if you have a specific plot in mind.

4: I may not write your drabble if I can't get it off the ground. Drabbles will be 100-600 words, so don't suggest a huge plot.

5: please don't critique these. I'm aware they aren't up to par with my normal writing, but these are just for fun and to take my mind off of the craziness that is the world right now.

And now, on with the drabbles! This one was suggested by clockradio93 on tumblr!


"Alright, Chase." Donald sighed once Bree was in her capsule, trying to sleep off the concussion she got on the failed mission. "Let's see the damage."

Once Donald had gotten her assessed and Adam had finished putting away their gear, there was one injury that still needed to be tended to, which was the dislocated shoulder that Chase was currently sporting. The teen was sitting at the main console, still in full mission mode.

"She's gonna be okay, right?" Chase asked quietly, not meeting Donald's eyes and choosing instead to look at his boots, trying to keep the tears of fear and anger at bay.

"Hey, eyes up here." Donald directed as he sat in front of Chase, meeting his brown eyes with the teary, hazel ones. "She's going to be fine. Yeah, super speeding with a concussion is a no, but give her a week or two and she'll be back to normal."

"I'm sorry. I gave her the signal too early. I should've paid more attention." Chase sniffled, wiping his eyes on his suit sleeve.

"Chase, you were trying to dismantle a bomb, and that part of the mission was a success." Donald explained. "Did I want my tropical facility to get blown up, no. Am I glad you three made it out of alive, absolutely. Buildings can be fixed, but you three are irreplaceable."

Chase nodded, unable to keep the tears of doubt and fear from rolling down his face and in return, looked back down at his boots.

"I'm gonna go grab a sling real quick. You've got to calm down before I can fix you up, okay?" Chase nodded, wiping his eyes against his sleeve again and took a shuddering breath.