This is for whatsupdanger! Two things before we get into this. This is over 1,000 words. Drabbles are not supposed to be this long, but I got carried away. And also, I am not a doctor. I wikihowed cauterization. So this may not be accurate, but I hope it makes for a good read. And now, on with the story!


When they had gotten the alert that Roman and Riker were attacking civilians in one of the subways, the team immediately jumped into action. Bree and Skylar started rushing people out, Oliver started to fight Riker while Kaz and Chase took on Roman.

But in the midst of the fight against Roman and Riker, things were as bad as they could get. Skylar and Bree had finished getting everyone out, and now the whole team was trying to take them down. That's when they turned into their swarm, and sent the five team members crashing to the ground.

Roman reached over, forced Chase off of the ground, and pressed a knife against his spine, making him flinch. He crossed his other arm over his chest as the team stood up. "One more step, and you'll be down a team member!"

"Get them!" Chase demanded, but Kaz just shook his head.

"We can't do that. He'll hurt you."

"One life over billions."

The gears started turning in Bree's head. All of a sudden, she was shot back to being trapped in Troy's arms, watching as her brothers got ready to take her out. Without a second of hesitation, she sped forward and ripped her brother out of Roman's grip, barely registering Chase falling to the ground as she got ready to hit the shapeshifter, practically growling at him. "Don't ever touch him again."

"I won't be able to." Roman cackled as he shifted away, Riker following soon after.

"What did he mean by that?" Skylar questioned as she and Bree started to survey the area, trying to make sure no remaining shifters were hanging around.

Kaz reached over to Chase, and rolled him from his stomach to his back. The fact he hadn't gotten up worried him, and that's when he saw the gash in his right thigh. "Chase, your leg." When the bionic looked down at his leg and went pale immediately. "Oliver, did we bring the first aid kit?"

Oliver handed him the first aid kit from his gear silently before pressing down on Chase's wound; while needles grossed him out, and that was definitely going to need stitches, if they didn't have all of the equipment, he was definitely going to have to hold him down.

"Luckily it didn't hit the main femoral artery." Chase told them breathlessly, trying to bite back the pain from the pressure as Kaz tore into the first aid kit, and instructed Oliver to cut the right leg of Chase's mission suit open so they could get a better look.

Kaz turned to glare at Oliver after he finished looking through the kit. "We didn't bring the stitches equipment? With the tourniquets inside?" When Oliver shook his head as the girls came back from clearing everything, Kaz sighed. "I'm gonna have to cauterize it."

"You know what? I'm fine." Chase insisted as he started to get up, but Oliver stopped him by putting a hand on his chest while the girls came over to Chase's head.

"No, you're not. You're losing a lot of blood." Kaz insisted as he started wiping down a pair of scissors with the antibacterial wipes. "Oliver, wipe down the wound. Bree, you might wanna see if we have something he can bite down on."

"Is this really a good idea?" Bree questioned, but still started looking around for some sort of fabric her brother could bite down on. "I can speed to the house and get the stitches equipment. Or speed him to the house." She eventually cut off the sleeve of her mission suit, and started rolling it up, trying to ignore the fact that her brother was starting to pass out.

"We don't have time. We have to do something now." Kaz insisted as he wiped down his own hands before starting to heat up the scissors, trying to ignore Chase's face. "Bree, Skylar, can you hold him back? I really need him to not reach over and grab me. Oliver, I need you to hold his leg still." Kaz directed before turning to the patient. "Chase...this is gonna hurt a frickin lot. Don't try and stay awake. If you pass out, that's completely fine."

"Let's get this over with." Chase insisted as Bree shoved the sleeve of her suit in between his teeth before pressing down on his right shoulder and squeezing her eyes shut. She couldn't bare to see what Kaz was doing.

"Here goes..." Kaz trailed off, and Bree tried to block out the muffled cries and grunts of her brother trying to force himself into a sitting position against her grip. The further Kaz went, the less he struggled, until Kaz finally announced that he was done, and Bree willed her eyes open.

Kaz had started to bandage her brother's leg, and now that he was unconscious, she felt comfortable pulling the shirt sleeve out of his mouth. Now the mission was to get Chase home.


Skylar had been the one who offered to take Chase back to the penthouse since she had super speed and strength; as soon as they got back and Chase was awake, Kaz stuck to staying by Chase's side where he was laying on the couch while the others put their gear away. All three of them could tell that the ordeal was eating at Kaz.

"So, what did you wanna talk to me about?" Chase questioned before tilting a Gatorade bottle against his own lips.

"Are you mad at me?"

"Why would I be? You saved me." Chase insisted, setting down the bottle before continuing. "I mean, getting my leg cauterized isn't my idea of fun or anything, but I'm not mad."

"It's not mine either, but time was of the essence."

"And I appreciate you not letting me bleed out." Chase smiled, reaching forward to put his hand on Kaz's shoulder. "We'll just make sure that we bring the stitches kit next time."

"Thanks, bud." Kaz smiled at his friend before grabbing the remote and tried to find something that the two of them agreed on watching. But after today, he was willing to watch a documentary as well.