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The Bandit And The Lady -


Rated T for now, will go up later most likely for sexual content, violence.

Main Char: Kikyo, Onigumo, InuYasha

Kaede, Sesshomaru

This story takes place before the events in InuYasha. This is not an AU, more like a, What If? What if Onigumo met Kikyo before he was burned? This is their story, where Onigumo has the chance to properly introduce himself to Kikyo and vy for her affections, instead of the terrible fate they all suffered previously. The question is, how will InuYasha react to this imposter?Can he keep grasp on Kikyo's heart, or does another tempt the flow of time to change? Does true darkness reside in the soul of the half-yokai?

Kikyo took a deep breath of the dewy, late summer air, as she knelt to pluck herbs and lay them down in the basket. She smiled, as she held a sprig of lavender and twirled it around, then ran it under her nose and closed her eyes, as she enjoyed the sweet fragrance, then that too she laid in the basket.

Not far away, a red clothed figure perched in a tree, intently watching her with his hands between his haunches, his nose twitching at the fragrant scent that was offensive to his sensitive olfaction. InuYasha snorted and kicked behind his ear to loose a gnawing flea, before perking up his ears to hear a low din in the distance steadily approaching.

The red and white daubed miko drifted across the field, a sight of beauty for any to behold as her long raven hair caught on the breeze and fluttered. Kikyo laughed, airly tilting her head back and hiding her giddy expression daintily with one hand as the breeze played with her hair wildly, tangling with her long white sleeves, making the fabric snap and crack on the air that was suddenly chilled with an icy breeze.

The din grew louder as the band turned the curve, and a man with the carven depiction of a dragon for his helm caught his eyes on the bright red of her hakama, the long strands of her hair twirling as they threatened to loose themselves of their restraints, and splay across her back.

Kikyo stiffened, quieting as she heard the rumbling of hooves and the clinking of armor. The bandit army made its way quickly down the path towards the village, causing the very ground beneath her to shake. She dropped her basket, suddenly on high alert as she pulled the red painted longbow from her back, and readied an arrow on the army making a turn directly towards her.

"Halt!" She ordered, stepping forward once threateningly as they continued their barrelling pace, then there was a twang in the air as she loosed an arrow past the chieftain's helm and it stuck hard in a nearby tree, with a loud thwak! As the sheer force of the blow shook leaves from the tree branches.

"You there! What business do you have in our village? I assure you, you will find nothing worth pillaging. This is a peaceful settlement. Please leave!" She shouted, and readied another arrow. The samurai atop his horse held one hand out in submission, and Kikyo lowered her sight on him, just slightly as he jumped down from his large, black horse.

Kikyo grit her teeth and held her stance at the ready as the man straightened and towered before her, his black and gold painted armour like a dark, all-consuming void in the brightly lit sunshine. He raised his gauntlets, then removed the intimidating helm of a snarling dragon to speak properly with her. His long, black hair fell out and cascaded onto his shoulders, half of it was held back in a half knot, with small crinkled bangs.

"Lady Priestess, I assure you, we present no threat to your village." The man said cooly, his dark russet brown eyes settling on hers. They were illuminated with an odd, warm sanguine hue in the sunlight; beneath lilac eye coloring, that made Kikyo's heart beat rapidly in her chest as she met the gaze of the strangely beautiful man.

"Oi! You, she said get away! This town ain't for bandit types like you!" The hanyou with silver hair spat, raising one hand with sharp tipped nails threateningly as he sneered at the man. The bandit chieftain simply nodded, with a barely perceptible smile, as he knelt and placed the helm down on the ground before him, before reaching around his waist to pull out a long katana, with a high intonation.

"Surely, if we surrendered our weapons, we may be permitted to stay at your inn for a meal, and some much needed rest? We will pay you handsomely." He said, his soft voice not betraying his humble plea. Kikyo's bow lowered as the men began loosening their swords and dropping them to the ground. The chieftain pulled a satchel out from his waist belt and tossed it to Inuyasha's bare feet, with a soft chuckle.

"Here, have some coins for your trouble."

"Feh! I don't need your stinkin' blood money!" InuYasha snarled, and kicked it away. The coins spilled out, and he quirked a small amount when he felt Kikyo's reproachful glare settle onto him.

"InuYasha! These men have been nothing if not kind. Without their weapons, they are simply, just men. You have nothing to fear." She admonished softly, before kneeling to gather the coins into the pocket of her hakama pants.

"...If you will not accept his gracious offer, I'm sure the sickly children, and the elderly will appreciate the tinctures I will be able to afford for them now." She said, gulping down a small lump of sorrow in her throat.

"Listen to the Miko, half-breed. She is wise beyond her years. She knows the value of a coin, unlike a mongrel that walks barefoot on the filthy sod and soils any place he steps." The man said with a low seething voice, then grinned and turned his attention onto Kikyo as she picked up the coins. He squatted down, and began to assist her, kindly.

InuYasha growled and stepped forward, unsheathing his claws. Kikyo gasped as the man's fingers touched hers just barely to pick up the same coin. He held it between two fingers and smiled at her sweetly, as it was displayed just before her face, the small diamond cut out like a window between them.

"Be my guest, and treat yourself to the finest linens these coins can buy. A delicate beauty such as yourself deserves only the finest silks." He whispered, causing Kikyo's cheeks to redden with embarrassment as she backed away, stumbling before regaining her balance. InuYasha stepped before her protectively and snatched the coin away.

"Alright! Leave your flimsy weapons behind! You can have them back once you leave this town. But if I hear a single villager cry out, or a single hair on Kikyo's head is disturbed, it'll be my claws in your belly!" He growled, and the man stood, and bowed apologetically.

"Understood. My, what a feisty guard dog you have here. We shall be on our way, then. I'll personally see to it that my men cause no harm to your village. We are the survivors of a long battle, while we may have stained our swords with blood, our hearts are full with good intent. We only wish to return to our wives and children, and finally find rest from war."

Kikyo nodded, pushing past InuYasha. She took the sword carefully from the man's hands and bowed her head.

"My apologies, for my friend. We have to be extra vigilant in these times, I hastily assumed you to be a bandit, though I fear was wrong...? I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Have you a home, a family to return to?" She asked softly, looking up as he stepped forward once and looked down on her, his eyes focused on her intently.

"I did, once. But, that was all taken from me. My wife, our unborn child. Yet, that was very long ago. The house of Onigumo bears no heir." He said, softly, his narrow brows creasing together. Kikyo gazed up at him and sympathized, feeling the familiar sense of the need to cure an ailment; whether physical, or metaphorical.

"Onigumo, eh? You are of royal blood? My deepest sorrows. I am Lady Kikyo, the Protector of this village. My companion, InuYasha, shall carry your weapons to safety."

"Royal blood, my butt! He smells of blood and dirt, like nothing but a filthy vagrant. Don't be fooled by his fancy armor, and his shiny coins!" InuYasha retorted quickly, then was hit with the weight of the sword as Kikyo laid it across his arms and glared at him.

"Don't be rude!" She hissed, before picking up her basket of herbs, and returning to direct the men to the village on foot. Onigumo held the reins a moment, then paused, before offering them to her.

"Here. Take a rest from your duties a moment, I can walk. I have ridden for many days, and I could use a good brisk walk to stretch my legs." He said, and Kikyo nodded, stepping up onto the saddle of the high horse shakily. Onigumo caught her hand before she could fall and wrapped one arm around her waist to assist her in lifting her onto the saddle.

The pale priestess blushed, and whispered a breathless thank you, before cracking the bridle and riding past quickly, down the hill to the village so that the men could follow. InuYasha snarled lowly at the man's back as Onigumo picked his helm up off the ground and held it under one arm, watching her ride down the hill with a wistful expression.

"Hn. Don't think I didn't see that, 'Onigumo.' Kikyo is a strong girl. She doesn't need any help. You keep your paws offa' her, you got that?"

Onigumo simply smirked at InuYasha, before placing his heavy helmet into the the short half-demon's arms, then patting it.

"Got it, and you can keep those velveteen ears flattened to your mane, I will not make nary a woman cry out... That is, if she does not wish me to." He said slyly, and winked before turning, making his way swiftly down the hill. InuYasha mocked him under his breath and quickly picked up the swords, gagging at the heavy scent of blood that was heavily ingrained into the steel.

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