Hello! Welcome to my first attempt at Inuyasha fanfic. I've been a long-time fan, and I was suddenly hit by the inspiration to write this, and another story I'll post separately. Our starting point will begin at episode 33, "Kikyo, Captured by Naraku." One of my favorite episodes. I have re-written it to suit my needs and feel it's the perfect way to start before things become altered, after that everything will be original. I know most people are really not fans of Naraku or Kikyo but, stay tuned and just see what happens!

This starts off sort of scary, but will evolve into a more light-hearted story.

Rated T. Will go up later for violence and sexual content.

Warning! This may trigger some with sensitivities, InuKag lovers beware!

Main Char: Kikyo, Naraku, InuYasha, Kagome

Minor: Miroku, Sango, Shippo

We start our story at episode 33 of InuYasha, Kikyo, Captured by Naraku. Kikyo has been captured by Naraku after witnessing his transformation into a new, more powerful form. She is curious to see what Naraku, or as she remembers him, Onigumo has now transformed himself into after all these years. Kikyo's soul is sustained by the souls of miserable women, and by the intense hatred she feels for InuYasha. Naraku will use these deep feelings of resentment in Kikyo to achieve his greatest desires, and InuYasha and Kagome will feel the pain that they have sown in her soul, perhaps all the way to eternity. How will Kikyo transform if she can become whole once again, will her heart become mended enough to feel love...? Or is all fated to end in destruction?

I do not own Inuyasha, rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Viz Media.

Kikyo felt cold, chilled down to the bone both in body and spirit; her pale skin lacking the flush from blood pumping through her veins. Her most hated adversary trailed his cool fingertips down her alabaster cheek, causing her to shiver in sheer repulsion.

Through the cracks of a lattice window, a vibrant fuchsia glow emanated. An eel-like youkai carrying a bluish orb approached the window before being electrified and disintegrated into dust, its cargo floating away. She saw the destruction of her servant but remained silent, observing her captor's reaction.

"I have put up a barrier. It seems you are paralyzed without the assistance of your *Shinidamachū."

"Naraku..." Kikyo uttered, opening her eyes to glare up at him. He simply smiled as he drew closer towards her, taking her by the chin as he bathed her entire body with his despicable gaze. Kikyo gritted her teeth and attempted to move her fingertips, to no avail. Her body remained paralyzed from having her souls depleted, stiffening back into hardened clay without the resiliency or warmth of life.

"A Holy Miko, once the sole caretaker of the Shikon Jewel. Now, reduced to stealing the miserable souls of mortal women? Kikyo, how pathetic you've become." He sneered, sitting back and placing his hands on his lap at last.

She was able to take a breath, though doing so caused her to feel sharp pangs in her lungs. "I must assimilate their souls in order to sustain this body, such as you require the culmination of those lowly demons in the mountain to live." Kikyo smirked, closing her eyes.

She had been a witness herself to the bloody show of desperation at the cave where he was pitting demons to fight to the death; absorbing one another until only the victor remained and morphed into a disfigured motley of bodies, called a *Kodoku. The remainder would be consumed by Naraku to preserve his mutated body and make his demonic flesh more powerful. That was when he had captured her, when the souls sucked from her body had left her incapacitated, and he was rejuvenated from his consumption of the foul accumulation of beasts.

"I had cast the *Fuko spell in order to create my new body. Then, you appeared. You have the power to easily break the seal of the spell. If you had truly wanted to protect InuYasha from being fused with the demon, you should have shot the demon with your arrow. The demon would have disintegrated, and the Fuko spell would have been broken. Were you trying to see what waited beyond the creation of the Kodoku?" He asked, genuinely curious as he narrowed his crimson eyes onto the frail, beautiful miko.

Kikyo turned her gaze back on him and bared her teeth in a bitter grin. "I simply had to know what was at the demon's destination. And there you were. That is a mighty fine guise you don, Onigumo," She said with a soft laugh, sliding her eyes away and smirking up at the ceiling.

"Onigumo, heh. How sentimental of you. Fifty long years ago, you saved a wounded bandit and sheltered him in a cave. He was badly burnt, rendered invalid. In his desire for power, he offered his body willingly to the demons to be devoured. Using Onigumo's tainted soul as their crucible, the gathered demons became one, and thus was born the new demon you know now- Naraku," He mused.

And it was he, who led me to my death 50 years ago. 'Naraku'. Feh, Kikyo thought coldly, as the soul catchers blindly attempting to enter the barrier hit against the walls and hissed with melancholy.

"You shall come in handy; surely InuYasha wouldn't allow any harm to come to his precious Kikyo." He chuckled lowly, then revealed a glimmering Shikon jewel shard between his fingers. Kikyo had sensed the jewel long before it was revealed, but she hadn't expected it to look like…this.

"That's…!" She gasped as she saw the tiny shard in his hand, such a minuscule little thing; so vast in the overwhelming dread she knew now that the rest of the shards were free for any demon to take.

"Precisely. The very object you sacrificed your life for in trying to erase from the world. A mere fragment of the Shikon Jewel."

"I have heard that you even went as far as to kill me in your desire to possess the Shikon Jewel." She swallowed, meeting his eyes bravely once again. Naraku looked away, basking in the heat of her hateful gaze on his cheek.

"Yes, and I would again. Dear Kikyo, what do you know of desire? Such a puritan. A virgin, untainted by mortal desires of the flesh," He said softly, blinking as his own demonic gaze met with hers, and trailed down to the chaste folds of her hakama robes. "How delicious would that be, a miko with eyes as wet and deep as crimson ichor?" He purred, and trailed his nail down the white fabric, peeling it back to expose just the soft summits of her breasts.

Kikyo's breath hitched in her chest as it heaved, causing the dark desire in his eyes to alight all the more fervently. Perspiration dripped down her neck as he traced his fingers along the edges of the fabric and opened his mouth to taste the small drop of heat. He chuckled softly, his hot breath washing over her exposed throat as she gulped nervously. Kikyo flinched as he moved himself over her paralyzed body, and hovered just a hair's breadth from her.

"You're panting for your breath, you drip with anxious perspiration, how lovely would that be to see that virginal heat rise up in those cheeks?" His voice curled lustfully, then Kikyo keened out shrilly as he moved his groin roughly against hers.

Naraku laughed heartily, like a child savoring the fruits of a well-planned prank. He chuckled, and caressed her face with his hand before drawing away.

"Ah, to be as incorruptible as you! So coy you are, Kikyo. All the more entertaining." He graveled, then opened the sliding glass window and allowed in one of her shinidamachū. Naraku's eyes emitted a red light which instantaneously shattered the soul catcher's body. He then imbued the Shikon Jewel piece into the soul that it was carrying, and in turn, the orb glowed red and became a flame. Naraku was using a malicious energy created by his dark yin* named Jaki* to taint the shard.

The flaming shard hovered over Kikyo, then sunk into her chest and she took a shuddering inhale of the musty air. Her back arched up from the ground and her white robe slid off of her shoulders and hung from the peaks of her breasts as Naraku lifted her by her hips and kissed her exposed sternum. She felt a new power racing through her body, an unfamiliar darkness swirling in her mind.

Kikyo's husk of a body had been sustained by more than just the souls of women. She was driven to survive by her hatred for InuYasha. Her broken heart made her hatred all the more fervent as she opened her eyes and they flashed with a maroon hue.

She cried out hoarsely as she clutched him by the shoulders roughly and convulsed beneath him, her agonized face concealed by the curtain of his dark, crinkled waves surrounding her as she felt newfound sensations so unbearably intense, that they burned through her body unhindered by her spiritual power.

"Naraku!" Kikyo screamed, enraged and impassioned by her deep animosity. "What have you done?!" She growled, and he dropped her writhing body to the floor, turning away.

"There is a young priestess traveling with InuYasha who shares a resemblance with yourself. You despise her, correct? You must find her, and kill her. Do this for me, and I shall give you relief from the burning heat in your veins."

Kikyo sat up then, and stared out with a far-off gaze as she stumbled to her feet, clutching her kimono around her chest. Her eyes flickered bright crimson, then back to brown as she blinked, then smiled.

"You need not persuade me. I shall remove her from this world, where she does not belong," Kikyo said coldly, taking her bow off the floor before taking her leave of the castle.

Naraku turned to observe the wooden demon puppet on the table, a wry grin curling up onto his cheek.



*Shinidamachū: "Dead Soul Insects", known as Soul Collectors in the English dub, were a type of yōkai with long, eel and insect-like features.

*Kodoku/Fuko: (蠱こ毒どく, "Toxicity") is a type of sorcery. It is a magical art called fuko which is to close venomous insects or lizards in a vase and to make them kill each other. The only survivor turns into a creature called Kodoku.

*Jaki: Malicious energy. A poison present in Youkai separate from Youki. He can expel it at will, and it can also be found in his miasma. Naraku uses Jaki to taint items and influence people to do his will.

*Yin: the opposite of Yang. (In Chinese philosophy) the passive female principle of the universe, characterized as female and sustaining and associated with earth, dark, and cold.

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