Now, in case some of you don't know what evil Jonathan looks like, his skin is pale and the veins in his face are very visible. The whites of his eyes are now black, the iris is deep red and his pupil is a vertical slit. That's why he said he might have to explain his eyes. Now, imma shut the fuck up so you lads can read on.

Jonathan looked around his new office. It was modest, but that was acceptable. He had a desk where he could work on whatever projects he had going, as well as mark schoolwork. There was a bathroom with a shower and some cleaning products. It seemed Ozpin had the foresight to get him some product for his beard. He would have to thank him for that later. There was also a separate room that contained a bed and a dresser. He could work with this.

His classroom was essentially just an operating theater with desks. There was also a frozen storage area where the school kept the frozen cadavers he would use for his demonstrations. Ozpin said they purchased them from a morgue and asked the families about it first, so there was no harm done when acquiring them.

There were still a few months until the school year started, and he already had an idea of what he was going to teach. He wouldn't be teaching advanced medical techniques. That was reserved for medical schools. He would be teaching them how to properly dress a wound should one of their teammates be injured. His class would be mandatory for first years, but optional for the other two grades.

He sat down at his desk and began working on what he would be teaching specifically and at what points.

A Few Months Later

Jonathan had finished his curriculum during the first month. One of the perks of not having to sleep. He had gotten himself acquainted with his colleagues. He felt bad for those who had to take Mr. Port's class. He had very good storytelling abilities, and was excellent at placing lessons in his stories, but he could be quite dull. Then there was Dr. Oobleck. He seemed genuinely relieved when Jonathan referred to him as such. The green-haired man was very fast paced, but he was able to keep up without much issue. He hadn't had the chance to meet Ms. Peach yet, but that didn't matter.

The Initiation was to begin in a few hours. He would attend, but he had to use an umbrella to prevent light from getting to him. He left his office and walked down the empty halls until he made it outside. His clothes protected his lower body while his umbrella protected his exposed head and hands. He walked out to the cliff, where the students were lining up to be launched into the Emerald Forest.

He took his place alongside his colleagues as Ozpin was explaining to the students what was going to happen. Eventually, one by one, each of the students were launched into the sea of green. He heard one, a blond boy by the name of Jaune Arc, scream in fear as he was launched. It made him snicker a little.

They each took out their Scrolls to watch the events unfold. Jonathan decided to watch the Arc boy, see how he did. His lack of a landing strategy wasn't good, and for a moment he thought he was going to become a red stain on the ground. Then a spear that looked like Pyhrra's pinned him to a nearby tree by his hood.

"Impressive aim. Just a little further down and she would've skewered his brain." He thought.

When Pyrrha finally reached the boy, she got him down and they talked for a bit. Jonathan grew bored, and started flipping through the cameras to watch the other students. Yang and Blake were battling Grimm, Cardin and another student whom he couldn't remember the name of were cockily strolling through the forest, while Ruby and Weiss were arguing over which way to go. It was quite the show. He dreaded having to teach some of these children, but he took the job, so he couldn't complain.

After a few minutes, he was absentmindedly flipping through cameras. But his attention was torn to what was occurring at the ruins. All of the students had gathered at said ruins and were battling not only a large Deathstalker, but a massive Nevermore as well. He watched with interest as they retreated towards an old bridge. From there, they devised a plan that ended with young Ruby dragging the Nevermore up a cliff face with her scythe and decapitating it. He was truly impressed now. They were extremely skilled in combat.

After the students got back to the rendezvous point, they escorted them back to the school and commenced the team-making process. He chuckled at team RWBY's creation. Something told him that was intentional on Ozpin's part. After that, the students were dismissed, being told to go to their assigned dorms before the teachers went to their classrooms to prepare for the next day's classes.

Jonathan got his paperwork in order, ensuring nothing was missing. He then checked on the freezer to make sure it was cold enough so none of the corpses would rot. Finally, he double checked all his medical tools and supplies to ensure they were in perfect condition. When he was sure everything was ready, he messaged Ozpin informing him of such, then went to sleep to await the next day.

The Following Morning

Jonathan awoke to his alarm blaring in his ear. He grabbed his Scroll to turn it off, then got up. He showered and put on his clothes before exiting out into the classroom. Using his vampiric senses, he saw a large group of students approaching the door. They entered, and he counted off the students. He counted 10 students. It seemed team RWBY was late. As the students seated themselves, he addressed them.

"Good morning students. I am Dr. Jonathan Reid, and I will be your Medical Studies teacher. Some of you may not recognize me, and that is because I am new here. I was hired over the summer. This is my first time teaching a class. Do any of you have questions for me?"

One of them, he recognized as being Nora Valkyrie, raised her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Valkyrie?"

"What's wrong with your eyes?" She asked. It was rather blunt, and her partner, Lie Ren facepalmed. Jonathan chuckled quietly.

"I have a condition that makes me extremely sensitive to sunlight. My eye colour is a side effect of that condition."

"Oh." She responded, a little saddened.

"It's quite alright. Now, if there aren't any other questions, I would like to move on with the first lesson. But before I do, are any of you-" He was cut off when team RWBY burst through the door, panting like dogs.

"Sorry we're late professor!" Ruby shouted.

"Actually, you are right on time for the lesson, Ms. Rose. As I was saying, are any of you squeamish to human organs?" Quite a few students, including all of team RWBY rose their hands. "Well then, the bin is right over there." He pointed to a garbage can in the corner of the room before turning on a projector. "In this class you will be learning about the human body, and how to prevent it from breaking down." Upon saying this, he heard Cardin snicker.

"Is there something you would like to say, Mr. Winchester?" He said, calling him out. Cardin just smirked and leaned back in his seat, propping his feet up on the desk.

"No problem here, teach, but what's the point of learning this crap when we have Aura?"

"Well, Mr. Winchester, imagine you and your team are hunting a group of Grimm. You severely underestimate the danger of these dark beasts, as you no doubt will, and as a result, you or one of your friend's Auras gets shattered, and they are mortally wounded. You are miles away from the nearest town or village, your friend is slowly bleeding out, and you must use what little supplies you have with you to save him." He began to slowly approach the young man's desk.

"But alas, you haven't the faintest idea how to treat such a wound, as you decided to ignore my lessons, and your friend perishes in your arms." He rested his hands on the boy's desk, smiling. "But of course, that would never happen. He wouldn't bleed out." He dropped the smile. "He would be torn to shreds in front of you." He walked back to where he was, Cardin silent.

"If there are no more snide remarks, I would like to continue with the lesson." Nobody said anything.

"Good." he indicated towards the projection, and image of someone's leg with a large cut on it. Now, the first thing you need to know about wounds is how to properly staunch the bleeding and clean the area around the wound. I would recommend one of you become the team medic, as these will require some supplies. Now, the first step is to rinse the wound with clear water to loosen and remove any dirt or debris that might have gotten into it during the scuffle. "He heard pens and pencils moving about as they were taking notes.

"Then you will take a soft washcloth soaked in mild soap and use it to clean around the wound, but be very careful to not get any soap into the wound itself. That would be a very painful mistake. And finally, use tweezers to remove any dirt and debris that is still there after the rinse, but make sure to clean the tweezers before going out on the mission with isopropyl alcohol to reduce the risk of infection." Ms. Rose raised her hand

"Yes, Ms. Rose?"

"Shouldn't we wash our hands before doing all this?"

"That is a good point, Ms. Rose, I'm glad you caught that. The reason I don't tell you to do so is because you will not have the ability to properly wash your hands when out in the field. The best you could do is use a pair of disposable gloves and, like I said, sanitize your tools before leaving for a hunt." The bell rang, signifying the end of this class.

"I would say more, but it seems our time has been cut short. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I will see you again tomorrow." As the students left, he called out.

"Mr. Winchester, could come here a moment?" The boy walked up to him, clearly a little upset.

"I did not want to be harsh on you earlier, but I need you to understand the importance of this class. I have seen far too many young men die because their comrades didn't know how to treat their wounds. So take my lessons to heart, for they will save you and your allies in times of need. You are dismissed." After Mr. Winchester left, Jonathan reset the projector slides and waited for the next class to arrive.


Guest: Oh yeah, Ozpin has no idea who he has teaching his students. And Jonathan doesn't really care about justice, though he might become a "vigilante" just for a quick and easy way to get some blood. People will care if a normal citizen gets drained of blood, but not if it's a criminal. But for now, he's just trying to keep up this facade.

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