The man entered the bar late at night, as he usually did in this isolated town in the middle of the Emerald Forest. The place was abandoned, barring the bartender and the lone patron passed out at the corner table. The bartender was wearing the typical uniform and had short brown hair and mutton chops. He sat down at the bar and the tender glanced at him.

"The usual?" He asked, already going for the bottle.

"Yeah." He responded gruffly, his voice accented and his face hidden under his hood. The tender opened the bottle of honey buck mead and poured a glass. The man picked up the glass as he adjusted his trench coat and downed it in one go. As he did, he looked at the TV mounted on the wall for the patrons to watch. The late night news was on, but the sound was off. He watched, uninterested, as they talked about another White Fang attack on SDC resource convoys. But then they went to the next story. Even though he couldn't hear what the reporter was saying, there were still headlines saying what'd happened.

Beacon Headmaster Ozpin murdered by medical teacher

That got his attention. He'd never met the Headmaster, but he had to be a tough son of a bitch to be the head of a Huntsman academy. He was about to ask the tender to turn up the volume, but then they pulled a still from security footage that had recorded the crime. And his blood went cold, before beginning to boil.

He recognized him. He knew who he was. The bloodsucking mother fucker was here. Here! As he looked at the picture of Jonathan Reid, the man started clenching the glass so hard it began to crack from his rage. The tender looked at him concerned.

"Geoffrey? You ok?" Right as he said this, he slammed the glass down, shattering it and storming out, hatred rolling off his shoulders. He quickly arrived at his home, but instead of going inside, he immediately went into his garage. Inside, the walls were lined with various tools and boxes, and in the middle was his pickup truck, heavily armoured to the point it could run down even an Ursa. He lowered his hood and snarled, revealing his fangs, a gift from a vampire he hated very much. Not allowing anything to distract him, he opened one of the boxes and took out two things he would need. A custom made wrist-mounted automatic crossbow along with a concealable quiver for the bolts, and a long, one-handed blade, still in its sheath.

He secured the crossbow to his arm and the sword to his hip before climbing into the truck. It had started raining by now, but he didn't care. He started it up, his face still locked in a snarl before driving off, the door closing automatically behind him. He'd hoped to never see the face of that damned vampire, Jonathan Reid, ever since he was ripped from his world and tossed into another without any sort of explanation. He'd hoped to simply live out the rest of his unholy life moving from place to place, sating his appetite on criminals and outlaws while making some money along the way. But now he had a purpose. He had a goal set in stone for him to accomplish.

On this night, Geoffrey McCullum rejoined the hunt. And while the Guard of Priwen may not be here to help him, he was determined to best his prey alone.


Quite a few nights later, and the time had come. Despite the Headmaster's death, the school dance was still going on, and that meant the elusive Cinder Fall would break into the CCT Tower, his home. He exited his hideout into the Tower proper. Using the Shadow Veil, he easily slipped past what few guards there were and descended down to one of the lower floors. It was the main computer room, and would be Ms. Fall's most likely target considering its large amount of data stored.

He looked out of the large window making up the rear window and observed the path between the Tower and Beacon. Even from here he could still see the lights from the dance, but he didn't need light. Activating his Vampiric Sight, he focused on the path and the surrounding buildings. And that's when he spotted her.

He couldn't distinguish between people when using his Sight, at least not at a distance, but he could tell by the fact they seemed to be sneaking that it was her. He watched her approach until she entered the light of a nearby streetlamp, approaching the guard at the door confidently. She was dressed rather scantily, and that combined with her beauty allowed her to distract the guard, if only just long enough for her to get close enough and stab him in the throat. She hid his body in a nearby bush before seemingly sensing eyes on her. She looked up at him but he'd already backed away, out of her sight. It would be better to keep this as a surprise.

Through his Sight, he was able to watch the lifesigns beneath him. He watched as she moved through the building, expertly eliminating any opposition in her path. As she entered an elevator, eliminating its guards as well, he walked over to a corner and activated his Shadow Veil, completely concealing him from any and all forms of detection. The elevator reached his floor and the door opened, whereupon Cinder exited, an ethereal bow drawn and an arrow nocked.

Upon seeing a lack of threats, a brief look of confusion crossed her features before she shook it off and approached the console. He was about to reveal himself and approach when he heard the elevator door shut and the elevator itself descend. It would seem Cinder noticed as well, as she ducked behind the console. Using his Sight, he looked down and saw a figure below, waiting for the elevator. From this distance he couldn't make out exactly who it was, but he could tell by their figure they were likely a female student that had followed Cinder.

Sloppy. He thought disdainfully. The girl entered the elevator and began her ascent. Halfway up she was within identification range, but he still didn't recognize her, indicating he hadn't yet met her, at least not long enough for her to imprint on his memory. She reached the top and the door opened, allowing her to exit. And upon exiting, he recognized her somewhat. Her name was Coco Adel, and while they'd never spoken, he had seen her before. She held the bag at her side in a casual way, but knowing Hunters, he wouldn't be surprised if it was a weapon of some sort.

"Hello? Anyone here?" She asked, though she looked surprised at the form of her answer. Cinder rose from behind the console, smirking. Coco immediately held her bag in a defensive form, all but confirming his suspicions. He began slowly approaching Coco from behind, so as not to disturb the Veil surrounding him. She hadn't yet activated her Aura, due to Cinder not posing any obvious threat. That would soon prove to be a fatal mistake.

Cinder smirked at the young girl. She had no idea who she'd just stumbled upon. The plan had been going perfectly so far, and she wouldn't let this runt take it from her.

"You're not supposed to be here. Now drop any weapons you might have and-" She was cut off when she suddenly jerked forward and gasped, confusing Cinder. The girl's eyes went wide and she dropped her bag, her hands going to a spot on her belly. A spot that had a large stab wound and was soaking with blood. Then he revealed himself.

Jonathan appeared behind Coco, a look of indifference on his face. The wound was revealed to be a bonesaw protruding from her abdomen. She tried to look behind her, but he pushed her off his weapon, sending her to the floor. She rolled onto her side as she clutched her fatal wound, blood pooling around her and soaking her clothes. He looked at the blood on his weapon before looking back at Cinder, who had a look of blatant shock on her face. She clearly recognized him.

"Followed by a student, Ms. Fall? I'm sorely disappointed in you." He chastised before flicking the blood off his saw and onto the floor. Unsurprisingly, she summoned her bow and readied it for fire, though she never went further.

"How do you know who I am?" She said, all semblance of playfulness gone upon realizing she didn't have the upper hand.

He grinned. "Mr. Torchwick gave me all the information I needed before I had to dispose of him, including your name and your plans. I must say, your plan to commit a bombing right in the heart of Vale using the old underground railway from Mount Glenn is brilliant." He chuckled at her pulling her bow tighter.

"Oh please, my dear. If I'd wanted you dead," he dropped his smile. "you wouldn't have made it to the Tower." She stared at him for a moment before slowly lowering her bow.

"And what exactly do you hope to gain from the meeting? I doubt you've come to gloat." She questioned him further.

He sheathed his bonesaw and clasped his hands behind his back. "That would be a waste of my time. No, I can see you are a woman of ambition, and I wish to participate in what you plan to do with this fair city. A great change is coming, I can feel it, and I wish to be at the center of it when it occurs." They were interrupted by whimpering from behind Jonathan, and he turned to see Coco trying to drag herself to the elevator with one hand, the other still clutching her wound, leaving behind a gruesome trail of blood.

"Then let's kill the girl and leave. Your killing of Ozpin is enough proof of your skills, so I have little reason to not accept your offer." Cinder said, walking closer to the girl and drawing her bow taut.

"No, a killing would be too simple." He smiled, a look of pure malice as he neared the bleeding student. It sent a shiver down her spine, though not one entirely of fear. "She shall be a message." He drew his parabellum and cocked it. "One of the perks of being a trained medical professional," he aimed the gun, not at her head, but at her lower back, right along her spine. "is knowing the weak points of the human body. "He pulled the trigger, shooting her in the spine. She screamed in pain and started clutching at her back.

"I-I can't feel my le-legs. I-" She stopped as tears began to stream down her face. "Why can't I feel my legs?!" She screamed before starting to openly sob. He'd broken her.

"There. She shall be a warning to any others that would attempt to stop us." He holstered his parabellum and turned back to Cinder.

"But she's heard you speak my name, and my plan. We should kill her to prevent her from informing the authorities."

"Her body is full of adrenaline and she's desperate to escape. Paying attention to what we're saying is the furthest thing from her mind. Now, shall we depart?" He said, that semi-friendly smile returning. And so they left the building, and unbeknownst to Remnant, a partnership had been forged that would rock the very foundations of this world.

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