"Long ago, the gods we worship ruled over another land called Earth. They lead humanity to a new age of education, strength, and honor. But over time, man began to grow arrogant and spoke out against their rulers. Disgusted by the display, the gods took a few amazons still loyal to them and moved on to another world. There, the amazons created a new colony on an island that they called Themyscira. Here, our kind has learned to train, thrive, and live outside of the world of man underneath the protection of the gods."

That's the story that was always told to Diana since she was an infant by her mother, Queen Hippolyta. That story, among others, inspired her to train her hardest and embodied her heroic spirit. Little did she know that spirit would be tested in her teenage years.

Young Diana sparred against another Amazon with bow staffs. Her fellow Amazon was a red-headed one named Artemis, named after the goddess of the hunt.

"I prayed again last night, Diana. I prayed to the gods that they would give me the strength to best you in this contest."

Quickly, Diana countered a strike with a maneuver that tripped Artemis backwards. Diana pointed her staff at her opponent's face.

"Should have prayed harder."

Diana heard the sound of two hands clapping. Her mother approached her with a smile on her face.

"Well done, Diana." The queen congratulated. "Though, I couldn't help but notice that it took longer than usual. Were you toying with Artemis?"

"You better not have." Artemis said as she got up.

"Nothing like that, mother." Diana said. "I've just had… a lot on my mind today."

"Like what?" Hippolyta asked.

"Lately, I've been having strange dreams. Only, they were less like dreams and more like visions."


"Yes. I saw this tear open in the sky. Monsters fell through and attacked man's world. I also saw this boy in a throne room held down by armored men. He was angry. Then, I heard this strange voice saying 'the Shield Hero needs you'. I couldn't figure out what it meant."

"The Shield Hero?" Hippolyta asked with a confused look on her face. "Are you sure?"

"Positive. Why? Do you know what that means?"

"…No. I have no idea." Hippolyta looked concerned, so Diana was skeptical if she was telling the truth.

Later that night, after a long day, Diana was ready to turn in. She started to tuck herself into her bed when she noticed something. She felt a square, solid object under the covers. She removed it revealing an old book with a blank cover. She cracked it open and looked through the texts written inside. Word after word brought her deeper into a truth she had no idea of. After almost ten minutes of combing through the pages, her expression changed from surprised to upset. She slammed the book shut and brought it with her as she stormed out of the room.

Diana walked into the throne room where her mother was in deep thought. Hippolyta was surprised to see her daughter looking distraught at her.

"Diana, what is this?"

"The better question, mother, is what is this?" Diana held up the book she was reading. Hippolyta took a hard look and widened her eyes.

"That book should have been sealed in the archives. Where did you get that?"

"That's not important!" Diana snapped. "According to this, we've actually left Themyscira before to assist the four Cardinal Heroes whenever they're summoned to protect the world from disaster; Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield. You knew about this, didn't you?"

Hippolyta tried to think of a way out, but she eventually realized she had no choice. She took a deep breath and confessed.

"Yes, I did."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Diana, that book doesn't reveal our entire history. We did assist the Cardinal Heroes. We were their mightiest parties, especially the Shield Hero who needed swords at his side. But eventually, the greed of man took over and they wanted to take our most sacred treasures. To protect Themyscira, we had to seclude ourselves and use our magic to erase our existence from their memories. We haven't interacted with any of the Cardinal Heroes ever since."

"Mother, what's happening with the outside world?"

"…The Waves of Destruction. Rips are appearing in the sky and monsters are arriving from another realm. Man's world has recently summoned new Cardinal Heroes to combat this threat."

"And we're just going to let them do it alone? Mother, we have to go and…"

"Diana, we're not leaving." Hippolyta interrupted. "This is a problem for man's world to handle. We must remain out of it."

"But the monster waves could attack us."

"No, they can't! The barrier we set up around the island should keep the monsters from approaching us."

"But what about the Shield Hero? I saw him in my visions. He's alone. Something's wrong with him. Don't you see? This is Zeus telling us we need to get involved again and…"

"No!" Hippolyta shouted. "I don't know what caused you to have these dreams, but it was not the gods! If we leave Hippolyta and make ourselves known, we risk them going after Themyscira and robbing us of everything we have! We'd be inviting war"

"Listen to yourself!" Diana pleaded. "The world outside is heading towards destruction and you just want us to hide behind the barrier! You've always trained me to be like the heroes I hear of, yet you're denying us our opportunity to utilize our training! We're basically cowards!"

"Enough!" the queen demanded. "I do not have to explain myself to a child! As your mother… No, as your queen, I forbid you from approaching this matter any further."

Diana didn't speak anymore. She returned to her room.

Diana didn't sleep that night. Instead, she had another plan. After many long moments of looking through the pages in the book she found, she felt like destiny was calling. Eventually, she came to one answer.

When the night became darkest, Diana crept out of her room and to the treasure tower. She had to sneak through the guards to find what she needed: a golden tiara, blue and red outfit with matching boots, silver wristbands, a golden lasso, and a gilded sword. She picked them up and headed to the docks where she found a rowboat waiting for her. Diana got in, untied the boat, and drifted into the water until she was through the barrier. That's when her adventure began.

Author's Note: And so begins the fifth and (so far) the final story to set up Isekai Quartet X. Once I get to certain parts of this and the other stories, I will begin Isekai Quartet X. Hope you like it. Any and all comments are welcome.