Author's Note: This is a crossover I have always wanted to do and I actually can't believe there aren't more of them. Some aspects of the plot is somewhat similar to VixenRose1996's own story A Dovahkiin Spreads His Wings which is definitely worth a read. There will be some noticable similarities but that's only because I can't think of a way to change them.

At the age of ten, Jon Snow runs away from Winterfell and finds himself on a ship that takes him away to the far off land of Tamriel or more importantly, Skyrim. For the next seven years, Jon lives his life in Skyrim where he takes part in a civil war, battles monsters, meets godlike beings and discovers his destiny as the Dragonborn.

Warning: My knowledge of Game of Thrones is sketchy enough. I know the basics but stuff like timelines won't be focused on and if there's anything I don't know, I'll just Google it.




Rare individuals who are born into the world with the blood and soul of a Dragon, but the body of a mortal.

Dragonborns are unique mortals who are capable of learning and mastering the ancient and powerful tongue of the Thu'um or Voice. The Thu'um is a powerful form of magic that utilizes the Dragon language to form Dragon Shouts of immense power.

While most can learn to use the Thu'um, it takes mortals years to master just one of the three Words of a Shout. For a Dragonborn, they can near instantly learn and master Shouts by absorbing the souls of Dragons they defeat to gain their understanding of a Shout.

Using the power of these Shouts, a Dragonborn can breathe fire, control the weather and even slow down time itself. Truly frightening power for any mortal to wield, but with great power also comes with great responsibility.

And nobody understands that more than Jon Snow.

( Skyrim - Proudspire Manor )

A sudden weight on his chest has Jon open his sleepy eyes, only to quickly close them afterwards when the sunlight peaks through the gap of the curtains and blinds him. Shifting his head to the left so he can avoid the morning sunlight, Jon can now open his eyes to see what the weight on his chest is.

What he sees is a pair of small dark eyes and a cute button nose which twitches.

Jon blinks to make sure he's seeing correctly and once he's sure that there is nothing wrong with his eyesight, Jon reaches a hand up and pets the top of the brown rabbit's head. "Good morning, Cotton. Did you decide to wake me?" asked the smiling young man.

Obviously, the rabbit doesn't say anything back, but it does jump off Jon's chest when the banging of running feet can be heard throughout the manor. Quickly enough, a little girl in a green dress runs into the room.

"Cotton, there you are!" cried the little girl who runs over and takes the rabbit into her arms. "I told you not to go off on your own" she scolded the rabbit who simply looks up at her. Once she believes that her pet rabbit has been scolded enough, the girl turns to Jon who is watching her, amused. "Good morning, papa."

Jon smiles at the little girl and pushes himself up so he's now sitting on the bed. "Morning, Lucia. Did Cotton get away from you again?"

Lucia pouts as she looks down at the rabbit in her arms. "She never stays where I put her."

Jon shakes his head and brushes his hand through his curly dark hair. "Where is your sister?" he asked, noticing that his other daughter appears to be missing.

"Sofie is downstairs with Jordis, eating breakfast" told Lucia while petting Cotton.

"Then you best head down there before Sofie eats all the cheese slices" told Jon and just as he expected, Lucia gasps like as if it's the end of the world and quickly runs out of the room.

Chuckling over his daughter's antics, Jon swings his legs over the side of his bed, revealing that he sleeps in just his undergarments. With nothing to cover his torso and bare legs, Jon's many scars are revealed to any who may enter his bedroom. Scars made from blades, claws and even teeth adorn Jon's body with a particular big scar across his torso which starts from his left shoulder and ends at his right hip.

Pushing himself off his bed, Jon stands up to his full height and stretches, feeling his muscles stretch and joints crack. Once he finishes his morning stretches, Jon goes ahead and gets dressed for the day of whatever may come his way. Being Dragonborn, as well as having a lot of other fancy titles, it is practically impossible for Jon to plan out his days accordingly. One moment, he might be hunting for deer on the outskirts of Markarth and the next, he could find himself on a quest that was tasked to him by a Daedric Prince. The amount of times that has happened before is disturbing enough as it is.

Since he doesn't have any intention of leaving Solitude today, Jon decides to dress in a simple brown shirt and a pair of black breeches with a leather cuirass over his tunic for some necessary protection. While the Civil War may be over and Skyrim is at peace for the most part, there are still those out there who want nothing more than to try and destroy that hard earned peace. Many who want to restart conflict in Skyrim know that a quick and easy way to do so is to kill the one responsible for bringing peace in the first place and unfortunately for Jon, that means him.

Just last week, Jon was ambushed on the road near Morthal by a group of Stormcloaks. Stormcloaks are the remains of what use to be Ulfric Stormcloak's Nord army that rebelled against the Empire, but was dismantled after the Imperial Empire defeated them. Jon didn't have any problem killing the rebels, but it did further prove to the Dragonborn that Skyrim is still a dangerous place to live in, even after the Empire's victory over the Stormcloaks.

Taking his Nightingale Blade from one of the two slots of the weapon rack beside his bed, Jon attaches the sword to his left hip. Once the blade is securely strapped to his side, the Dragonborn takes the Dragonbone Dagger from the other slot and hides it into his right leather boot, just in case. Jon can remember many occasions when a dagger hidden in the boot has saved his life.

Once he's fully dressed, Jon makes his way downstairs and sees his adopted daughters sitting by the table, eating cheese and fruits from the plates and bowls. Standing nearby the table with her hand resting on the pommel of her Steel Sword is Jon's Housecarl, Jordis the Sword-Maiden who is keeping vigilant watch over Proudspire Manor and its occupants.

"Good morning, girls. How are you all on this fine morning?" greeted Jon who makes sure to give a kiss to the sides of his daughters head, making them giggle.

"We're good, papa" replied Lucia before eating a grape.

"Me and Lucia are going to play outside with the other children" said Sofie before she quickly adds. "If that's alright with you, father."

Smiling, Jon nods and pats the girl on the head. "That is fine with me, as long as you don't venture too far and be sure to stay away from strangers."

"We will" stated Lucia with a nod.

Taking a seat at the table, Jon looks over at Jordis. "Morning, Jordis."

"Good morrow to you, my Thane" greeted a smiling Jordis who slightly bows.

Jon has long since given up on trying to get Jordis to call him by his actual name and not his title. It's not just her, but every one of his Housecarls refuse to call him anything other than his title as Thane. While the formality can be somewhat annoying, Jon can respect the Housecarls for their dedication to their roles.

"Do you have any plans for today, my Thane?" Jordis asked, curiously.

After popping a piece of cheese into his mouth, Jon rubs his trimmed beard and thinks. As he has no intention to leave Solitude today and doesn't plan to do anything too stressful, Jon isn't exactly sure what he'll do for the day. "I think I'll visit the Bards College and study some more of the lute."

Jordis stares at her Thane, strangely. "Why waste your time on the lute when we all know how skilled you are when playing the harp?"

Jon smiles before taking a bite out of a small roll of bread. "There's nothing wrong with wanting to learn how to play more than one instrument" said Jon, although he admits to himself that he is having some trouble with mastering the instrument. When playing the lute, he often makes small mistakes with his fingers, but never do his fingers stray when playing the harp. Unlike the other instruments, the harp just comes naturally to Jon and over the years, he has learned to master the craft. So much so that he is often called upon by Viarmo to play his harp and sing in the Bards College every so often. It definitely impresses the ladies, much to Ataf's ire.

The girls seem to like the idea of Jon visiting the Bards College. "Can you play a song for us before you leave, father?" asked Sofie who claps her hands and seems to be on the verge of jumping out of her chair in excitement. The same can be said for Lucia, but as she's holding onto Cotton, she doesn't jump so to not disturb the rabbit which is comfortably chewing on a carrot while lying in her arms.

Just as Jon opens his mouth to answer, the sound of something suddenly combusting into flames catches Jon's and Jordis's attention. The latter has her sword halfway drawn from its sheath before Jon raises a hand to stop her. "Do not fret, Jordis. Simply a letter being sent to my room."

Jordis looks towards the stairs, waiting like as if an unknown enemy is about to walk down the stairs at any moment. When none does, she pushes her blade fully back into its sheath and nods. "As you wish, my Thane."

Jon excuses himself from the table and makes sure to give each of the girls a pat on the head before he makes his way to the stairs. Once he climbs up the stairs to the upper floor of Proudspire Manor, Jon walks into his bedroom and sees a simple Dwemer bowl sitting beside a blue vase on a cupboard in the corner of his room. Blue flames fill the bowl, although none dare trickle out.

The bowl is a lot more unique than what others might think, even if it's a Dwemer bowl. Two and a half years ago, Jon enchanted the Dwemer bowl with the help of Sergius Turrianus to act as a means of transport for a written letter to be sent from one bowl to another. All one has to do is place the letter they want to send into the Dwemer bowl and set it aflame. The red and orange flames will engulf the letter before changing into flames of pure blue. Instead of being burnt into ash, the letter will be transported to its corresponding bowl, no matter the distance. Where it would take many moons to send a letter from Skyrim to Westeros, the enchanted bowls can send the letters in an instant.

Since the bowl's counterpart is in the possession of his spy in Westeros, that means the letter must be of some importance. Before he sent his spy to Westeros, Jon had made it explicitly clear to her that she should only send a message through the enchanted bowls if there is important information to be shared, especially when said information revolves around the Starks.

Walking over to the Dwemer bowl, Jon reaches into the blue flames and instead of getting severely burnt, he pulls out an intact letter with the flames paying his hand no mind. Once the letter has been removed from the burning bowl, the blue flame suddenly extinguishes itself, leaving an empty Dwemer bowl for everyone none the wiser.

Jon looks at the sealed letter in his hand and frowns, noticing an uncomfortable feeling emerge from the pit of his stomach. Something big must be happening in Westeros if his spy is sending him a message and that could possibly mean that his family from across the Padomaic ocean is in trouble. There's only one way to find out so slowly, Jon opens the letter and begins to read its contents.

Hand of King is dead.


King Robert heads North.

Intends to make Ned Stark his new Hand.

Enemies ly in wait to fight for the Iron Throne.

Death comes for Westeros.

After reading and rereading the short, but informative letter, Jon places the parchment on the cupboard and sits down on the side of his bed. The Dragonborn brushes his hands through his hair while he thinks about the contents of the letter. While short, the message has told Jon all he needs to know.

The Hand of the King has been poisoned and since his spy hasn't mentioned a name, that means they don't know who did it and if she doesn't know, than nobody else knows. What troubles Jon more is how the King is heading North to make Ned Stark his Hand. Since Robert is Ned's King, as well as his best friend, Ned Stark will have no choice but to accept and go to King's Landing with the King. Jon's spy has also mentioned enemies in Kings Landing who are waiting for their chance to get at the Iron Throne. Obviously, those very same enemies saw Jon Aryyn as an obstacle and got rid of him through the use of poison. If they are so willing to kill a Hand, what's to stop them from killing another?

"I have to go back" Jon said to himself, although the thought of going back to Westeros isn't exactly something he's looking forward to. He has made a home for himself in Tamriel and has everything he wants. Wealth, respect, friends and even a family of his own. Westeros may be where he was born, but it was never his home. Even Winterfell didn't feel like home to him, although that's mostly because of Lady Stark who hates his guts for being Ned Stark's Bastard. If there is anyone in the North who probably celebrated his disappearance all those years ago, it would likely be Catelyn Stark.

However, Ned Stark is still his father and if he becomes the Hand of the King and enters King's Landing, he'll be in danger. There's also the chance of Ned bringing along some of his own children and Jon doesn't like the thought of any of his siblings being in King's Landing while enemies plan their demise from the shadows. Whoever it is that killed Jon Arryn might be planning to take the Iron Throne for themselves and to do that, they will need to remove Robert Baratheon from the picture. If the enemy is as smart as Jon thinks they are, they will know that Ned Stark will not sit idly by as Robert's throne is taken from him so that means the Warden of the North will also be targeted for assassination.

To prevent that, Jon will need to return to Westeros and protect his family from whatever threats ly in wait at King's Landing.

Jon pushes himself up to his feet and starts pacing back and forth across the room. "By the time I take a ship to Stony Shore and ride for Winterfell, father and the King will have already left for King's Landing. Only way I could make it before they leave is on a Dragon, but that will cause a panic and draw a lot of attention on myself at the same time. Westeros hasn't seen a living Dragon for over a century and I can't afford the chance of being spotted riding one. I'll have to travel by ship straight to King's Landing from Windhelm if I'm going to make it there at around the same time as them. I'll also need to bring some help."

Jon may be the Dragonborn, but he is still mortal. The many scars on his body attest to that and with so many unknown threats in Westeros, he'll need to have trusted allies with him to watch his back. And he so happens to know the right people for the job, but they are all scattered across Skyrim so he'll need to move fast.

The sound of childish laughter reaches Jon's ears, reminding him that he isn't alone like he was when he first arrived in Tamriel. With two daughters, Jon has a responsibility to look after and care for the two. He can't just sail for Westeros and leave them alone for who knows how long, even if he can trust Jordis and a few friends to watch after them. A trip from Skyrim to Westeros will take weeks on its own and who knows how long he will be staying in Westeros for. That's too much time for him to spend away from Lucia and Sofie.

Jon remembers finding Lucia living on the streets of Whiterun, begging for any coin she can get. Having never met her father and with her mother having died from a sudden illness, Lucia soon found herself out on the streets after her uncle and aunt kicked her out after taking over her mother's farm. If that isn't enough, they told Lucia that she's good for nothing, just before leaving her to fend for herself. Every time Jon recalls that story, a rage washes over him as he wonders how Lucia's aunt and uncle can be so heartless as to throw a grieving child out on the streets with no Septim to her name. Admittedly, adopting Lucia was a rash decision on Jon's part, but he couldn't allow a defenseless little girl like Lucia to be left to sleep outside in the cold while hungry. However, the bright smile on Lucia's face when he told her that he would be officially adopting her made it all worthwhile in the end.

Sofie was even worse off than Lucia when Jon found her living in the streets of Windhelm. During a trip to speak with Jorleif in the Palace of the Kings, Jon came upon Sofie who was selling flowers she picked to make money so she can buy food. When Jon came upon the poor child, she was only wearing a dirty thin dress which did nothing to protect her from the snow and freezing winds of Windhelm. Jon delayed his task on speaking with Jorleif so he could bring Sofie to the Candlehearth Hall to get her warm by the fire and buy her a bowl of hot soup. The next two hours was spent with Jon keeping Sofie company and telling her about his adventures across Skyrim. The little child was delighted, not only with Jon's stories and the warmth of being inside the inn, but also because someone was actually talking to her. It's also there where Jon learned how Sofie lost her mother when she was just a babe and then her father, who was a Stormcloak, died in the Civil War. Guilt over the thought of him possibly being the one responsible for killing Sofie's father during the Civil War may have played a part in him adopting Sofie, but Jon has never once regretted taking the girl away from the cold streets of Windhelm.

Now, Jon has two daughters to take care of and he knows he can't just leave them alone, not when the two of them have already suffered so much. However, that only leaves him with the option to take them with him to Westeros. While he would prefer not to take his daughters, it's a better option then abandoning them in Skyrim for who knows how long. Besides, he will have others there with him to help protect the girls from any dangers they may come across, although it will be better to have someone the girls already know to guard them. Someone who he can completely trust the safety of his daughters to and who the girls will feel safe with.

Looks like he'll he paying Castle Volkihar a visit then.

Now with a plan, Jon exits his bedroom and walks down the stairs to the basement where he keeps his weapons, magical items and two suits of armour, as well as an Alchemy Table and Enchanting Table. It's always handy to be able to enchant an item or brew a potion whenever he wants. Ignoring the two tables, Jon steps towards the two mannequins which are standing beside each other by a wall. Stopping in front of the mannequins, Jon looks over the two sets of armour that he has placed on them.

On his left is his set of Nightingale armour which he earned after pledging himself to the Deadric Prince of Night, Darkness and Luck, Nocturnal. As is customary when it comes to items from Daedric Princes, the Nightingale armour grants Jon enhancements whenever he wears it. The enhancements include an increase in his stamina, increased resistance to the cold, muffled footsteps, easier control over Illusion spells, increased skill in lockpicking and even better sword handling. Even though the Nightingale armour is light, it is made up of a very strong material that makes it difficult for the sharpest of blades to cut through, although it is more suited for sneaking then for actual fighting.

To Jon's right is a certain set of heavy armour that Jon had created himself, having become quite a skilled blacksmith over the years. While it is one of his strongest set of armour, wearing it would attract far too much attention from everyone in Westeros. That is why he will wear the Nightingale armour instead. While the Nightingale armour doesn't look like any common set of armour that can be found in Westeros, many will just consider it to be an expensive suit of armour he ordered to be made for him. While Jon may not be wearing his heavy set of armour, he will still bring it with him as it will prove to be better to wear if he is to find himself on a battlefield.

Closing his eyes, Jon takes in a deep breath through his nostrils and blows it out through his mouth. Opening his eyes, Jon steps forward and begins stripping the mannequins of their armour and puts on the Nightingale set while storing the other in one of the three chests that he'll be bringing with him.

It takes Jon twenty minutes to put on the Nightingale armour by himself, but he leaves the hood down so to show his face. Once adorned in the suit of light armour, Jon places the Gauldur Amulet around his neck and once he does so, he can feel his power increase, if only by a little. Jon also slips on Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana on his left middle finger, Nightweaver's Band on his left index finger and the Ring of the Erudite on his right index finger. Since he is making a trip to Castle Volkihar, Jon straps Dawnbreaker to his right hip, just in case. While Jon may have befriended the Vampires in Castle Volkihar, those of them with less self control might try and make a meal out of him, so having Dawnbreaker on his person should repel any Vampire foolish enough to attack him. Jon completes his attire by strapping on his Dwarven Crossbow over his right shoulder and placing a quiver of Dwarven Bolts by his left hip, right beside his Nightingale Blade. He makes sure to pack some more bolts, including the different varieties that pack more of a punch.

Once he finishes packing up his armour and weapons into one chest, Jon begins filling another with potions from the shelves beside his Alchemy Table. He packs nearly everything from simple potions like Restore Health, Restore Magicka and Restore Stamina to the more complex potions like Resist Poison, Invisibilty and Paralysis. He also puts in a few bottles of Cure Disease, just in case.

With one chest filled with weapons and armour and the other with potions, Jon is nearly set for his trip to Westeros. Glancing at a chest leaning against the wall near the Alchemy Table, Jon drops down to his knees before it and opens it up. The chest is filled to the very top with gold coins and jewels, ranging from sapphires to flawless diamonds.

The sight nearly makes Jon crack a smile, not because of any sort of greed, but because of pride. He first came into Skyrim without a single coin to his name and now, he has enough wealth to possibly match the Lannisters. Some might think that he be jesting, but they wouldn't think that if they were to find out he has a lot more chests filled with riches like this one before him.

Jon has gathered his vast wealth throughout his adventures across Skyrim. Everywhere he went, he has always been able to find some form of wealth, wither it be from payment after completing a quest or finding a cache of loot in a bandit camp. Whichever armour, weaponry and jewelry that he didn't want has also been sold for Gold Septims. Jon has also made investments into several businesses across Skyrim and he has made quite a profit from doing so, making him even richer with every year that passes by. Being the leader of the Thieves Guild has also helped to increase his vast wealth, especially after he helped bring the Guild back to their full glory.

Positive that he'll only need the one chest full of jewels, Jon closes it and places an enchanted lock on it. With the enchanted lock, nobody will be able to open it, even if they manage to get the key for the chest off of Jon's person since the enchantments will keep the lock closed until Jon magically disarms them.

Once he has the three chests locked up and packed, Jon makes his way back upstairs where Jordis is watching over Lucia and Sofie who are playing with each other. Once the Housecarl spots Jon who is fully garbed in his Nightingale armour, she straightens her back and nods to her Thane.

Jon walks over until he's standing in front of Jordis. "Jordis, something has recently come up. I must return to Westeros."

Having been told all about Westeros and how her Thane use to be treated over there, the Housecarl tries to sway her Thane's decision. "Why must you, my Thane? What is it that awaits you back in Westeros?"

"My family" answered Jon with a stern expression.

Jordis wants to argue with Jon about his decision to return to his homeland, but she can tell by his expression and tone that nothing she say will change his mind. "At least take me with you for protection" she pleaded, but Jon shakes his head.

"I can't take you, Jordis. I need you to stay and protect the manor while I'm away. I might be gone for quite a while and I wouldn't put it past Erikur on trying to get his greasy hands on Proudspire Manor and everything in it. I want you here to keep him and any other threat out" explained Jon, knowing that Erikur is arrogant enough to use his own title as Thane to try and gain ownership over Proudspire Manor and all of its contents, including whatever possessions Jon has in it. Most wouldn't dare cross Jon with his connections all across Skyrim and Tamriel, but Erikur is a rare case, but more out of stupidity than bravery.

"Bu-" Jon interrupts the Housecarl before she can argue.

"I won't be going alone. I'm on my way right now to form a party to journey with me to Westeros, as well as help watch over those two whenever I'm away" said Jon, looking over at Sofie and Lucia who are playing with the hopping Cotton.

"You're taking your daughters with you?" asked a surprised Jordis.

Jon nods. "Like I said, I might be gone for quite a while. The last thing I want is to leave the girls behind and think that I abandoned them. Besides, I'm sure they'll be delighted to meet the rest of their family" he said, smiling at the idea of his father and siblings meeting his adopted daughters.

Jordis can only sigh. "If it's what you wish, my Thane" she replied, lightly bowing.

Jon places a comforting hand on Jordis's shoulder. "I know this is sudden and a lot to take in, but I am counting on you to watch over things while I'm away."

As much as Jordis doesn't want her Thane to leave, she smiles in acceptance and pats a hand on top of Jon's from her shoulder. "I wish you well on your journey, my Thane. Shall I inform the girls about their impending trip?"

Jon shakes his head. "No need. I'll tell them myself, but could you help with packing whatever belongings they'll be bringing with them?"

"Of course" replied Jordis who salutes Jon one more time before she walks towards the stairs that will lead her to the girls room.

When Jordis is out of sight, Jon turns to his daughters who finally notice his apparel and weapons. He spreads his arms out and makes sure that they can see his smile. "Guess what I have planned for us, girls."

( Castle Volkihar - Dining Hall )

Serana stops herself from sighing as she gazes at her subjects from her throne by the head table. She watches as all her vampiric subjects feast on human flesh and goblets of blood. Others are more prone to eating directly from the source, hence the 'cattle' that are lying across the dining tables and being drained of their precious blood. Once, they collected their food sources from small towns and villages across Skyrim, but with the help of a certain Dragonborn, the Volkihar Clan has managed to make a deal with the Nine Holds of Skyrim. The Volkihar Clan will no longer feast on innocents and in return, the Holds will send them criminals who have performed crimes which are worthy of the death sentence. It saves the Holds from performing executions and it provides the Volkihar Clan an easy supply of 'cattle', as well as peace between the Nine Holds and the Volkihar Clan, although said peace is shaky at best.

"What's wrong dear? You've hardly touched your food" asked Serana's mother, Valerica, referring to the slices of bloody human meat which lies on top of Serana's plate. Her goblet of blood is also untouched.

Even though Valerica has finally returned to the castle after thousands of years of being trapped in the Soul Cairn by the Ideal Masters, Serana isn't completely comfortable with her mother being back in her life. Not only did Serana's parents use her as a pawn in their feud with each other, but her own mother sealed her away into a sarcophagus without Serana's consent. While Serana still loves Valerica as she is still her mother, both pure-blood Vampires know that their relationship will never recover to what it once was.

Serana looks down at her bloody plate and frowns. "It's nothing. I'm not hungry, that's all" she answered, although Serana knows that isn't exactly true. She is hungry, but looking at the bloody meat on her plate only manages to ruin her appetite. The same can be said about the goblet filled with blood. She wants blood, just not this blood.

Valerica looks at her frowning daughter and can tell that something is bothering her. She also has an idea on what might be troubling her or rather, who's troubling her. The thought has Valerica stare down at her own plate of meat and glare at the thought of her daughter missing him of all people. It's fortunate for her that the human only makes an appearance once every few moons as his duties usually require him to travel all across Skyrim for one reason or another.

Sadly for Valerica, her fortune runs out when Watchman enters the dining hall, catching the attention of every feasting Vampire in the room.

"What reason do you have to interrupt our dinner, Watchman?" demanded Vingalmo from his seat on Valerica's left.

The elderly Watchman cowers under the glares of both Vingalmo and Orthjolf who is sitting on Serana's right side. "M-My apologies, my L-Lords. A guest has just a-arrived" stammered the gatekeeper.

"You interrupted our meal because of an uninvited guest shows up to our doors?" asked Orthjolf who doesn't sound too happy for having his meal interrupted. "Who is this guest of ours, Watchman?"

"I'd watch that tone of yours, Orthjolf" spoke Jon, stepping into the dining hall and walking past the Watchman who is happy to have all the attention off of him. "I'd hate to waste the time necessary to put you back in your place." The threat is clear and it immediately shuts up the Vampire when he realizes who made the threat to him.

Every Vampire in the dining hall reacts to Jon's sudden visit differently.

Both Modhna and Namasure cower in their seats, Hestla smirks and licks her lips, Garen and Ronthil smile, Orjolf presses a hand to his chest where a scar presides and Vingalmo subtlety glares at the Dragonborn.

The most noticable reactions come from Serana who visibly brightens up at the sight of Jon while Valerica shoots a distasteful glare at Jon.

"Jon!" exclaimed Serana who quickly stands up from her throne and makes her away around the table so she can hug Jon.

The Dragonborn looks away from Orthjolf and smiles while accepting Serana's hug. While hugging Serana, Jon can see Valerica glare at him from the head table, not like he cares about what Serana's mother thinks of him. Jon has little to no respect for Valerica after he discovered that she sealed Serana away for thousands of years without her consent. Valerica may believe that she did it for Serana's own good, but Jon still can't understand how forcefully sealing away Serana for thousands of years was for her own good. To Jon, it looked more like Valerica was keeping Serana to herself so she can be used against Harkon whenever Valerica decided.

Serana pulls back from the hug and can't stop herself from smiling up at the Dragonborn. "I didn't think I'd see you for another moon" said Serana who sounds far happier than anyone else in the castle has heard her lately.

"Indeed. I would like to know why you have arrived far sooner than expected, Dragonborn" spoke Valerica who stares down Jon from her seat by the head table. Her image casts an intimidating appearance to everyone in the dining hall, but to Jon who has killed Draugr Deathlords, Werewolves, Daedra and Dragons, Valerica's glare doesn't intimidate him one bit.

Ignoring Valerica, Jon looks back at Serana and smiles. "Do you mind if we speak, Serana? In private?" he asked.

The pure-blood Vampire sees no reason not to and quickly tells everyone to return to their meal before she leads him away from the dining hall and to her room. Annoyingly, Jon notices Valerica following close behind, but the last thing he wants to do is make a scene.

Soon, they make their way to the doors leading to Serana's bedroom. Once Serana opens the door to her bedroom, two black blurs jump through the open doorway, nearly toppling Serana in the process. Jon isn't so lucky as he only has time to widen his eyes before the two blurs collide into him and he's forced onto his back. Long and wet tongues lick Jon all over his face, making the Dragonborn laugh as he tries to push the two large hounds off him. "Okay, okay! I get it! I missed you two as well" Jon laughed who tries to push off the two Death Hounds, but his struggling only seems to urge them on even more.

Serana giggles at the sight of CuSith and Garmr showering Jon's face with saliva. "They miss you whenever you're gone. You should summon them more often" she said, referring to the Conjuration Spell Jon created that allows him to summon the two Death Hounds whenever and wherever he wants. Jon may seem like a brutish type to others, but he is the Arch-Mage for the College of Winterhold for a reason. Through harsh studying and testing, Jon has discovered a way to summon the two Death Hounds with the use of a Conjuration Spell, similar to how a mage can summon an Atronach from Oblivion.

Jon chuckles and manages to finally push off the two excited Death Hounds and gets back up to his feet. "I'll be sure to remember that" said Jon, wiping the drool off his face while patting both Death Hounds on their heads, much to their joy.

Death Hounds are the favoured pets for Vampires and Jon can see why. The hounds resemble large muscular dogs with glowing red eyes and black hairless skin which appears to be necrotizing with several patches of black muscle tissue exposed across different parts of their bodies. Their necrotizing is most evident on their faces as they have a gaping nasal cavity instead of a nose, lipless mouth and dozens of sharp jagged teeth which are far bigger than any found on a normal hound. Not only do Death Hounds not age, but they have a bite which freezes flesh and bone within seconds. While licking isn't dangerous, Jon can still feel how cold his face has gotten after the pair of Death Hounds bombarded him with licks. To show that they are pets, both of Serana's Death Hounds, Cusith and Garmr are wearing iron collars around their necks with tags that have their names on them.

Unlike Serana who found her pets greeting of Jon to be funny, Valerica doesn't as she walks past both Serana and Jon with an unamused expression on her face. "Can we stop with the childishness and get on with the reason for why you are here."

Jon decides not to mention to Valerica how he only asked for Serana and follows after the Vampire with Serana and her excited Death Hounds following after them. Once inside the room, Valerica turns around and folds her arms across her chest, seemingly waiting for Jon to speak, acting as if it's her he wants to speak with.

Ignoring the pure-blood Vampire, Jon turns to Serana who is patiently waiting for Jon to explain his presence. "Apologies for the sudden visit, but I needed to get here as fast as possible."

"Jon, what's wrong?" Serana asked, noticing how tense the Dragonborn is.

"Remember what I told you about the land I came from?" Jon asked.

Serana nods, remembering throughout her adventure with Jon about the many tales they both told each other. She would tell him about her life before and after becoming a Vampire while he would tell her about his life in Westeros. "Of course I do. It's called Westeros, isn't it? It's east of Tamriel."

Jon nods to show that she got it right. "I need to go back. Immediately."

Serana is surprised by Jon's words and it shows on her face. Even Valerica looks surprised by the news of Jon returning to his homeland. "You're leaving Skyrim? Why?" asked Serana who wants to know the reason why Jon is travelling back to Westeros. A land in which Jon is treated like dirt, just because of the actions made by his parents.

"The Hand of the King was murdered. I don't know by who, but the King intends to name my father as his next Hand. He'll have no choice but to accept and travel back to King's Landing with the King. If the murderers aren't afraid to kill one Hand, what is to stop them from killing another?" Jon explained to the Vampire.

Serana can understand why Jon is returning to his home continent. Serana has heard many stories about Westeros from Jon, not only the way he has been treated because he was born a Bastard, but she has also been told stories about Jon's family, the Starks. While it may have been a long time since he has last seen them, Serana knows that Jon still cares for them. With his family being in danger in King's Landing, she can see why he is leaving Skyrim.

"What about Sofie and Lucia? Are you just going to leave them behind?" asked Serana, having a soft spot for the two girls Jon adopted off the streets. Both Cusith and Garmr perk up when they recognize the names of the two girls who spoil them rotten whenever they visit.

Jon shakes his head. "Of course not. I'll be taking them with me. I don't know how long I'll be staying in Westeros and I can't leave the girls on their own so I'll be bringing them along. I also want them to meet my family" he said, smiling at the thought of introducing his girls to his father.

Serana looks at Jon for a moment with a thoughtful expression before she suddenly smiles. "Then I'm going with you."

"What?" asked a surprised Jon. True, he has been intending to ask Serana to come with him, but he didn't expect her to agree to come with him on her own merit.

"What?!" exclaimed an even more surprised and angry Valerica.

Serana smirks and puts her hands on her hips. "Come on, I'm not stupid. That's why you came here, isn't it?"

Jon manages to get over his surprise and lightly chuckles. "It is" admitted Jon, nodding his head. "I'm bringing a few people with me and was hoping to invite you along for the ride."

"Well, I'm in" nodded Serana. "When do we leave?"

"Immediately. Do you have anything you want to bring with you?" asked Jon, looking around Serana's room.

Serana grins and pats her left hip where she has the Mace of Molag Bol strapped. "I've got everything I need right here. Let's get a move on."

"Hold on a second!" Both Dragonborn and Vampire turn to Valerica who doesn't look anyway pleased with either of them. "You are not going to just show up out of nowhere and take my daughter across the Padomaic Ocean" she stated, pointing a finger at Jon.

Serana glares at her mother. "And what makes you think you can decide what's right for me?"

For a split second, surprise shows on Valerica's face over the venom she can hear from her daughter's voice, but she quickly controls her emotions. "I am your mother. I have to look out for you."

Serana let's out a dry laugh and shakes her head. "You aren't allowed to play as the caring mother now. Not after what you did."

Valerica frowns. "You know I did that for your own good."

Serana raises her hand to stop their current conversation. "Just don't. I don't want to talk about this right now. I'm going and that's that." The Vampire turns to Jon and tilts her head towards the door. "Let's get going."

Valerica bites her lip as Serana and Jon head towards the doors. She won't let her daughter leave just yet. Not when she has only gotten her back after so long. "What of your duties as head of the clan?" she asked, making both Jon and Serana stop, but neither turn to face her. "You think Orjolf or Vingalmo won't try to take control whilst you're away? You know what those two power hungry fools are like."

Serana slowly turns to face her mother and surprises her by smirking. "Which is why you will be the head of the Volkihar Clan while I'm away."

Both Jon and Valerica are surprised by Serana's decision. "What?"

"You're right. I know that if I'm gone, those two will start fighting one another to rule the Clan. However, if you are made in charge, then Orjolf and Vingalmo won't dare go against you" stated Serana.

Jon thinks about it and inwardly agrees to Serana's reasoning. Both of the Vampire advisors have been trying to take control over the Volkihar Clan, but never could because they feared Harkon's power. However, they've become bolder lately after Harkon's death and Serana becoming Head of the Volkihar Clan. Since they don't fear Serana like they did her father, they have made attempts to gain more power in the clan. That all stopped once Serana called upon Jon to help put everyone back in line. Whatever followers Orthjolf and Vingalmo managed to convince to their sides immediately backed down, since they feared facing against the Dragonborn who is known to have slain Alduin and Lord Harkon. Vingalmo and Orthjolf weren't as easily scared as their pride were on the line, but Jon did make them back down eventually, but it took him dueling and cutting Orthjolf across the chest to make them back off.

If both Serana and Jon were to leave, there would be nothing to stop either of the two advisors from trying to take over the Volkihar Clan again. Nothing, but Valerica who is someone that every Vampire in the castle fears. With her leading the Volkihar Clan, nobody would dare cross her.

"You can't-" Valerica is interrupted by her own daughter.

"This is happening, mother. I am leaving with Jon for Westeros and there is nothing you can do or say that will change my mind" stated Serana, sternly. Both the Death Hounds whimper and lower their heads over hearing the tone in Serana's voice.

Valerica tries in vain to think of some plan to make her daughter stay, but even with all her wisdom and experience, she knows she can't. In defeat, Valerica slightly lowers her head. "I just want to keep you safe."

Serana loses some of the steel in her eyes and for a moment, she remembers a time when Valerica would tuck her in at night and read her bedtime stories. A time before her father made a deal with Molag Bal. A time before they both underwent that and became Pure-Blood Vampires. Sighing, Serana turns away from her mother and walks away. "I know you do" she whispered, but Valerica still manages to hear it.

Having felt out of place over the tension between Serana and her mother, Jon attempts to follow after Serana.


Jon stops and looks over his right shoulder at Valerica and for once, she isn't glaring at him. To his surprise, she seems to almost be looking at him... pleadingly.

"Please, take care of my daughter."

Jon is surprised by Valerica's plead, but he nods his head. "I will, but not for you."

Valerica doesn't reply, but nods her head as well to show she heard him. She then turns around and faces her back to Jon, giving him the signal that she wants to be left alone.

Not one to over stay his welcome, Jon leaves the room and eventually catches up to Serana who is waiting for him outside of Castle Volkihar. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine" Serana answered faster than necessary. "Where's your boat?" she asked, looking around and failing to see the boat which would have brought Jon to Castle Volkihar.

Deciding to not push Serana, Jon smirks at the Pure-Blood Vampire. "I didn't take a boat."

Serana turns and gazes at Jon, quizzically. "Then how did yo-" The Vampire's eyes soon widen in realization and horror. "You didn't."

Jon's smirk widens before he looks up at the sky. Taking a lungful of air, Jon Shouts out the three Words which will bring him their ride across Skyrim.


The Shout can be heard by everyone in Castle Volkihar and soon, a roar answers back to Jon's Shout. Said roar is so loud and powerful that it manages to shake the earth around Jon and Serana. A large shadow can be seen in the clouds above before said shadow drops down from the sky and lands straight in front of both Jon and Serana. The Vampire crosses her arms to block against the sudden gust of wind which is blown into her face from the creature's landing, but Jon remains standing and doesn't move an inch, even with the wind being blown against him.

Having just fallen from the sky and now standing right in front of Jon and Serana is none other than a living, breathing Dragon.

"Ready, Dovahkiin?" asked the red-scaled Dragon, although only Jon understands what the Dragon is saying. Since Serana can't understand the Thu'um, she can't understand the Dragon and can only hear it make small growls and hisses.

"We are, Odahviing" answered Jon, speaking to the Dragon through the use of Thu'um. Turning to Serana who almost seems paler than usual, Jon waves a hand towards the awaiting Dragon. "Ladies first" he offered with a teasing grin.

It shouldn't be a surprise for Jon that Serana punches him across the back of his head because he knows how much she dislikes flying. "Okay, I deserved that" he chuckled, rubbing his head while casting a simple Healing Spell to make the pain fade away.

"Yes you do" stated Serana with a huff who soon accepts the fact that they're going to be flying on a Dragon. "So what are we doing first?"

"We're going to collect the rest of our party" answered Jon who climbs up on the back of Odahviing. Once he's secured on the Dragon, Jon offers his hand to help Serana up.

Serana takes the offered hand and climb up behind Jon. "And who are you hoping to have join our little group of adventurers?"

Jon is happy that Serana is behind him so she can't see his nervous expression. "Well for starters, I am hoping to get... Aela."

Another punch hits Jon in the back of his head and again, he knows he deserves it. "You're only telling me now that you intend to bring along that wolf!?" shouted Serana, causing Jon to wince.

Jon knows that Serana doesn't hate Aela personally, but it's rather her Vampiric instinct which makes her hate the Companion. Both Aela and Serana are strong, Nord women who have faced all sorts of dangers across Skyrim, such as Draugr, Falmer and Giants. They are two of the toughest women Jon knows, which is why he wants them to come along with him to Skyrim. However, they are also mortal enemies or rather, their species are. With Serana as a Vampire and Aela as a Werewolf, it's no surprise that the pair hold a distaste for each other, even if it's just because of their instincts acting up. Vampires and Werewolves are known to hate each other with a passion so of course Serana and Aela feel the same way to each other.

"I know you don't like her for what she is, but Aela is the best archer in Skyrim and she would prove to be a useful ally in Westeros" Jon said, hoping to placate Serana with his reasoning.

And Serana does understand his reasoning, but it still doesn't stop her from disliking the fact he wants to invite a Werewolf to their party. She places her forehead against Jon's back and sighs in frustration.

"You idiot."

Serana's frustration soon disappears and is replaced with fear once Odahviing flaps his wings and takes off into the air.


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