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( White Harbour - New Castle )

Early the next morning, Jon can be found in New Castle's courtyard, watching Manderly servants carefully pack the crates of Wildfire onto carts. With his arms folded across his chest, the Dragonborn watches the working servants with a sharp eye, in order to look out for anything that might cause the Wildfire to go off. Since they won't be leaving for another two hours, Jon is not wearing any armour, preferring to wear a simple black tunic, breeches and boots.

Ned walks out of the keep and after spotting Jon at the edge of the large courtyard, he makes his way over to his son and stands by his side. As always, Jory is only a few steps behind him, somehow taking his role as Captain of the Guards even more seriously then before, now that he's been proclaimed King of the North, at least by Lord Manderly. "You didn't break your fast this morning."

"I'm not hungry" answered Jon, not taking his eyes off the working servants.

Ned hums and watches the servants with Jon in silence for a moment. "Lucia and Sofie tell me you intend to bring them with us to join up with Robb's host at Moat Cailin."

Jon can hear the questioning tone in his father's voice, but he remains silent for a few seconds so he can watch the servants tie a tarp over the crates of a now full cart. "They'll be safer close to me."

Ned turns away from the working servants to give Jon a stern stare. "We are heading for war, Jon. Men, women and children will die. War doesn't discriminate."

"Don't forget, father, that I've been in war before" answered Jon, glancing at Ned from the corner of his vision. "During the Stormcloak Rebellion, I have seen the worst in men from both sides of the war. Theft, murder, rape, I've seen it all. That's why I know, whether it be Tywin, Stannis or Renly, one of them will try to capture my daughters to use them against me once they know what I'm capable of. With them by my side, nobody will be able to harm them."

Ned can understand his son's point, since such tactics are quite common during wartime, as it leads to a quicker victory with less bloodshed. "Then why not send them with the rest of my household to Winterfell? They'll be safe there and will have Arya and Sansa to keep them company."

"And Lady Stark, once she returns North" thought Jon who doesn't like the idea of leaving his daughters in her care. However, he doesn't openly show his distaste for his father's wife, since he doesn't want to stress father even more than he already is. "If they were to go to Winterfell, they'd be hundreds of miles away from me. War can be unpredictable, and Tywin's wealth and influence may stretch far enough up North. A man like him would try to capture or do harm to my daughters to get to me, and I would be too far away to help them. At least with them in the main camp, they'll be protected by those I can trust."

That, and Jon doesn't trust himself to not snap if any harm were to come to his daughters. If any of the Lannisters were to harm a hair on the heads of either Lucia or Sofie, he would set Odahviing onto Lannisport and Casterly Rock, and watch as the Lannister legacy burns to ash.

As much as Ned hates to admit it, his son makes a good point. Who's to say that Tywin's reputation and wealth wouldn't reach the North. Ned's experience in King's Landing has admittedly made him a little more paranoid on who he can trust. Many of those in his own household were killed because of his naivety. An awful experience, but one he has learned from. Wars are often unpredictable and anything can happen. During Robert's Rebellion, nobody expected Tywin Lannister to lead his army into King's Landing and sack the city. Even the Greyjoy Rebellion in its entirety was something nobody could have predicted. Who could predict that Balon Greyjoy was stupid enough to declare himself King of the Iron Islands, during a time in which most of the Seven Kingdoms were united.

While that might come off as hypocritical to Ned, seeing as he's declaring himself King of the North and now fighting for an independent North, he's doing so while Westeros is in disarray. The Stormlands is divided amongst Renly and Stannis, the Reach supports Renly, the Westernlands are fighting a war on multiple fronts, the Riverlands is in disarray and for now, Dorne, the Vale and the Iron Islands remain neutral.

Now that the Dragons are dead and Westeros is divided like never before, there is no better time for the North to regain its independence.

However, thinking about House Greyjoy's failed rebellion makes Ned , Balon wouldn't dare attack the North, as long as they have Theon, but the Ironborn aren't exactly known for being logical. They might see the North without most of its fighting men to be too good of a target to ignore. "Perhaps it would be safer to keep Sansa and Arya with me after all. At least with the main host, I can entrust them to the safety of my men. Bran and Rickon will be safe in Winterfell under Rodrik's protection."

Since they're to leave soon, he'll need to discuss his plan with his daughters and ask for their opinion. "Arya will be happy to go, but Sansa could be a different story. If she doesn't want to go, I can trust her safety to Wyman" thought a frowning Ned.

Silence befalls between the Dragonborn and the King of the North as they watch the servants pack up the last of the Wildfire onto a cart. "So, what's it like, being King?" Jon asked, curious to know. "If it's anything like being Emperor, then it must be stressful."

As if reading Jon's mind, Ned laughs a bitter laugh. "Somehow more stressful then being Warden of the North. Everywhere I walk, everyone from the servants to guardsmen bow whenever I pass by. Nothing new, but it somehow has more meaning then it did before."

"It didn't take long for word to spread about your rise as King of the North. I'm sure Lord Manderly had a hand in that" remarked the Dragonborn with a smirk.

"I'm sure he did" answered Eddard who then looks at Jon with an amused smile. "Wyman was most upset that you didn't break your fast with him and the rest of his family this morning. He was most eager to introduce you to his granddaughters."

Jon rolls his eyes with a tired sigh, knowing the real reason for why Wyman was upset. "I'm sure he was."

Being the Dragonborn and the Hero of Tamriel, Jon happens to be the most sought after man in all of Tamriel. Most Nobles have all offered him the hands of their daughters, granddaughters or nieces, all in an attempt to not only get the honour of having him join their family, but to also get their hands on his mass fortune. Lord Manderly's discrete attempt to offer the hand of either of his granddaughters will likely not be the last.

"How are Sansa and Arya feeling, now that they're the newest Princesses of the North?" asked Jon, wanting to change the subject.

"Sansa is taking to her new station like a fish in water. She quite likes being called a Princess. Arya is a different story" replied Ned, recalling the unpleasant face Arya makes whenever someone calls her by her new title. Most girls dream about being Princesses, but not Arya. She dreams of going out into the world and fighting with a blade in her hand. "So much like Lyanna" he thought, smiling almost sadly over how similar Arya is to his deceased sister.

"I can't imagine Arya being any bit pleased, now that she's a Princess. She'll have to get use to it in time" chuckled Jon with a shrug.

"What about you? You are my son so that now makes you a Prince of the North" asked Eddard, curious about Jon's reaction.

Jon just shrugs his shoulders. "A Bastard Prince."

"A Prince nonetheless."

Jon hums in thought before he glances over at his father. "Either way, now that you're King of the North, I think it's about time we make you look like one. Appearance is half of what makes a good King."

Jory looks curious as to what Jon is referring to while Ned looks half amused. "Never heard that expression before. Anyway, we aren't staying in White Harbour long enough for the smiths to make me a crown. Wyman already offered, but we can't waste anymore time" told Ned, believing that Jon is referring to a crown. After all, what's a King without his crown?

Jon shakes his head. "I do not mean a crown. That can wait" told Jon who walks towards a doorway into the keep while waving his father over to follow him. Curious, Ned walks beside Jon as they enter New Castle. Obviously, Jory acts as their shadow. "We are about to enter a war that is not in our favour. As King, you are to rally the Northerners with your presence alone. Now that you're the King of Winter, it's time we make you look like one."

While they walk past bowing servants and guards, Eddard looks at Jory who only offers a shrug of his shoulders. Jon leads them into his well furbished quarters that Lord Manderly assigned him. Neither Lucia or Sofie are there as they're being watched by Farkas and Aela.

Ned's attention quickly shifts to the two mannequins that are positioned in front of the bed. Said mannequins are both covered by sheets which hides what they hold underneath from view. Both Ned and Jory stand back and watch as Jon grabs the sheet from the mannequin on the left.

"I was planning to give you this the next time I paid a visit to Winterfell, but seeing as we are heading off to war, I thought it'd be best to give it to you now" said Jon before he pulls off the sheet and uncovers the mannequin.

With the sheet removed, Ned can now gaze upon the most peculiar and yet, finest set of armour he has ever laid eyes on.

The mannequin adorns a complete set of armour which appears to be made from a rock-like material that has the appearance of solid ice, along with a few pieces of fur and leather. Walking up to the mannequin, Ned presses his right palm onto the chest piece and is amazed to feel a cold chill coming off it, although not an uncomfortable one. Ned's gaze then turns to the icy helm which is designed to look like the face of a snarling wolf. The wolf's jaw is open so the wearer can look out of it and for eyes, Ned sees a pair of flawless sapphires. "What is this?" he gasped in amazement.

"What you're looking at is a set of armour made out of Stalhrim, a rock-like material which is also known as enchanted ice. Took me months to make it, but it's one of my finer works if I do say so myself" said Jon, smiling as he gazes over his work. "It's said that ancient Nordic Kings had worn Stalhrim Armour into battle. Now, it will be worn into battle by a King of Winter."

Ned takes a step back and looks the suit of armour up and down so he can take in every detail.

"This is the kind of work I'd expect from Tobho Mott. There's not a single fault to it. The helm itself is so detailed, it nearly looks like the wolf is gonna come alive and take a bite out of me" thought Ned, finding himself amazed by Jon's gift. "Jon... I don't know what to say."

"Say that you'll put it on so we can see if any adjustments have to be made. Before we leave, we should show the people of White Harbour the full glory of their new King."

Ned smiles and nods his head in agreement. "I understand. Jory, I'll need your help with this."

"A-Aye, my King" answered Jory, having been distracted by the armour which could only be made for a King of Winter. The Captain of the Guards can feel his bones tremble in anticipation to witness his King lead them into battle while adorned in his new armour.

As Jory moves to help him put on the Stalhrim Armour, Ned looks towards the second mannequin which is still covered by a sheet. "What about the other mannequin? I'm guessing that's another suit of armour" he asked, wondering if the hooded armour that Jon wore is underneath the sheet.

"You'd be right" answered Jon who grabs the sheet covering the second mannequin. "Just like yours, I forged it myself and it's one of my best works. It's what I'll be wearing as we wage this war against the Lannisters and whoever else that gets in our way" he answered before he pulls off the sheet.

Once the sheet is removed, Ned Stark can see the suit of armour underneath and what he sees makes his eyes widen and turns his skin so pale, he could nearly be mistaken for a White Walker.

( King's Landing - Red Keep )

In the quarters assigned to the Master of Coin, Petyr Baelish can be found going over his ledgers to find gold to fill the keep's coffers. Gold that simply doesn't exist, due to the previous King's overindulgence on feasts and tourneys, as well as Petyr forging the ledgers for years to swindle the Iron Throne out of thousands of gold dragons. However, Queen Cersei has ordered him to find gold for them and find he shall, even if he has to add to the massive debt that the Iron Throne is already sitting on.

Growing weary after two hours of constant bookkeeping, Petyr places down his quill and leans back in his chair so he take some time to think about how he should proceed after recent events.

To say that Petyr's plans didn't go exactly as intended would be a massive understatement. True, he still managed to lay distrust between the Starks and Lannisters, resulting in a war that's sure to devastate the land, and he has nobody else to thank but Lysa Arryn-Tully. Manipulating Lysa to poison her own husband led to the development of this war, all because she didn't want Jon to send their son away to foster with Stannis. Using the love for her child to entice her into killing Jon had been simple.

However, the rest of his plans have only ended in failure, all thanks to the interruption of unknown perpetrators.

It had been laughingly simple for Petyr to gain the trust of Eddard Stark once he became Hand of the King, the Northerner having no real talent when it comes to playing the Game of Thrones. Once he gained the Warden of the North's council, he had given some hints and advice to further help the Northerner's investigation on Jon Arryn's death, all in the attempt to further place Eddard's trust in him. In the end, the death of Robert Baratheon and Eddard's discovery that the Queen's children are all born of incest had led to the perfect moment for which Petyr could stab Eddard in the back.

Eddard had planned to forcefully remove Joffrey from the Iron Throne and had entrusted in him to bribe the City Watch to aid him. Petyr did bribe the City Watch, but not to remove Joffrey as Lord Stark wanted. Instead, he had the Gold Cloaks pretend to aid the Northern Lord so they could betray him. Lord Stark didn't see the betrayal coming, not until the Gold Cloaks stabbed his guardsmen in the back and Petyr held a knife to his throat. Personally, Petyr doesn't much care for getting his own hands dirty, especially when he can just pay or blackmail someone else to do the dirty work for him, but he did find pleasure in seeing the look of shock on Lord Stark's face after he took him hostage.

Unfortunately, Ned Stark didn't stay as his hostage for long.

Littlefinger grits his teeth as he recalls how everything went to shit soon after. Before the City Watch and Kingsguard could finish off the rest of Lord Stark's guardsmen, an unknown man and woman had somehow managed to sneak up from behind the Iron Throne and took both Cersei and Joffrey hostage, having held blades to their throats, just as Baelish did with Lord Stark. Even now, after weeks to investigate the identities of the unknown man and woman, Petyr has yet to find anything on either of them, only that the woman has traits found in women of the North. Petyr also knows that the unknown man and woman had been part of a group that saved Eddard Stark from Jamie Lannister and his men just outside one of his whorehouses. From what his whores told him, even though the group was outnumbered by the Lannister soldiers, they had defeated them with no losses, meaning that the entire group are skilled fighters in their own right.

As much as Petyr didn't want to give up the man who had taken his Cat away from him, the pressure from everyone, as well as how detrimental it would be to his future plans if Joffrey and Cersei were to be killed, forced him to release Lord Stark, which resulted in him getting a punch across the jaw that had knocked him unconscious.

Even now, Petyr can feel his jaw creak every time he bites down on something, a parting gift from Eddard before he fled King's Landing.

After Petyr awoke from his forceful slumber, he discovered that Lord Stark, along with both of his daughters and survivors from his household had fled King's Landing with the perpetrators, having sailed away on a ship. At this time, Petyr estimates that they have docked at White Harbour.

Obviously, Queen Cersei wasn't happy when she was told that the Starks had escaped along with the perpetrators, since she wanted to see the pair gutted for threatening her with harm and for scarring Joffrey. Honestly, Littlefinger isn't happy about the incompetence of the City Watch either, since they couldn't even capture at least one of the Stark daughters who they could've used as a political prisoner against the North. Instead, nearly a hundred City Watchmen are either dead or injured with the biggest loss being Ser Meryn Trant. While Trant was nothing more than a savage brute under the command of the Queen, the loss of a Kingsguard doesn't look good for the start of Joffrey's reign as King.

Still, the fact that the Starks had managed to escape the Red Keep without anyone seeing them proves that they must've used the secret passages. That would also explain how the perpetrators sneaked into the Red Keep in the first place, but it doesn't explain how they knew of the passages. Only a handful of people know of said passages and they all reside in the Red Keep, so they wouldn't risk their safety by telling the wrong person. The only person he can think of who might have told the perpetrators about the secret passages would be Varys, but Petyr struggles to think of a reason why the Master of Whispers would make such a risk for Lord Stark.

"Could it have been the Thieves Guild?" thought Petyr, frowning at the thought of the Thieves Guild who had recently made a home in King's Landing. Petyr knows very little of the Thieves Guild and that alone frustrates him like nothing else. With all his wealth and influence, he's often knowledgeable on everything that goes on in King's Landing, including the schemes of others. Yet, he doesn't know how the Guild operates, how many members they have, nor where their base of operations is located. All he does know is that their leader is an influential woman by the name of Vex who he has hired for a few jobs before, although he recently kept a distance away from the group. After all, he doesn't want to scheme while a group of thieves is knocking on his door, as that'll cause problems down the line.

Yet, the Thieves Guild could have been responsible for telling the perpetrators about the hidden passageways, since they obviously know about them. Not often, but items of value tend to disappear in the Red Keep with no evidence of foul play from anyone, even the servants.

While the most likely of suspects, Baelish can't exactly look into the Thieves Guild, since he wouldn't even know where to begin. Anyway, Vex didn't come off as the type of woman who likes others snooping into her business. If Vex's thieves can sneak into a highly guarded castle like the Red Keep and steal items of value with no witnesses, then they can very well sneak into his chambers while he sleeps and stab him in the heart.

"Best to keep Vex and her goons at arms length, at least for now."

That leaves Littlefinger with nobody else to investigate, although he's more focused on some interesting stories that he's heard all over the Red Keep. Stories about how the perpetrators used magic of all things to summon demons of ice and fire, and shooting lightning and fire from the palms of their hands. Petyr has also heard about how blistering winds had come out of nowhere and destroyed the ships that were chasing after the Starks out to sea, conveniently saving the Starks.

Usually, Baelish wouldn't even think about believing the notion that magic is real, but after some personal investigation, he might be considering the possibility. Nearly fifty Gold Cloaks and even some smallfolk have admitted to seeing some of the perpetrators use magic to conjure a wall of fire and summon a demon made of ice by the docks. Some of the Gold Cloaks who were killed by the docks have either been crushed or stabbed through the chest. What Petyr finds most interesting about that is that the stab wounds were far too big to be made from a sword and that the Maester who examined the bodies revealed that the stab wound had been frozen over, as if they were stabbed by icicles. Several of the Gold Cloaks who were found dead in the halls of the Red Keep had also died in strange ways, like how one had their entire face so badly burnt that his skin melted into the metal of his helmet.

Then there's the Hound's story, who said that he would have caught Sansa Stark, if not for two other perpetrators who got in his way with one even summoning a demon who was made of fire. Baelish had personally seen the hole that the fire demon supposedly made and had found a lot of ash along the edges of the hole, signifying some truth to the Hound's words.

Honestly, Baelish doesn't know what to think about all of that, but he keeps his thoughts on magic to himself. Lately, the Queen has been ordering the beheadings of anyone who so much as mentioned the word, magic. Cersei Lannister still isn't happy about how her son got injured and every day that she doesn't find out the ones responsible, her temper worsens. Five members of the City Watch have already lost their heads for speaking about the magic they witnessed. Ever since then, everyone has wisely kept their mouths shut about the subject.

The Queen may be denying the existance of magic, but Baelish isn't as quick to dismiss it. There's far too much evidence that proves the perpetrators used something abnormal, and besides, there's plenty of history that shows magic was real. House Targaryen once had Dragons and the House of Black and White are said to use magic to change their appearance. Who's to say that those who've allied with the Starks can't shoot lightning or summon demons? Although, if it's true, then that might cause problems for him in the near future.

Silently, Baelish taps a finger along the top of his desk while he ponders on how he might deal with the magical perpetrators who seem to be allied with the Starks. As much as he would like to use their skills for his own personal use, his open betrayal of Lord Stark has likely cut off any possibility of that happening. "Hopefully, a knife in the back will work on them as well as it would on anyone else" thought Petyr.

As much as he would like to continue plotting for his eventual rise up the ladder, he must return to the ledgers if he wants to appease the King, for his own safety.

It's been several days since King Joffrey awoke from his drug-indused sleep and he has made a fully recovery, although he'll forever spend his days with a scar on his face. While the King is physically fine, Baelish has noted that the boy's already fragile sanity seems to have taken a turn for the worse. For days, the newest King of the Seven Kingdoms has been ranting and raving to anyone within earshot about how he wants the head of every Stark planted on a pike, from every man, woman and child. The mad ravings aside, the boy has also taken the habit of constantly looking over his shoulder, as if looking for an enemy that only he can see. As if that wasn't bad enough, the few times that Joffrey sat on the Iron Throne to serve the royal court, he ended up cutting himself off the many blades that make up the throne, leaving behind scabs.

Baelish doesn't need to ask his informants to know that the Lord and Ladies are starting to get antsy over the similarities between Joffrey and the Mad King, Aerys, especially since he's been calling for the execution of anyone who so much as looks at him wrong. Many are already whispering about the return of the Mad King, hence why Baelish is hiding in his office.

"If the boy's mind worsens, it might be prudent for me to leave for the Vale" thought Petyr while interlocking his fingers. Having manipulated the Seven Kingdoms into a war, he planned to stay allied with the Lannisters while their hold on the Iron Throne remained strong. With Tywin Lannister leading the war, that is practically a given, but Joffrey's rantings and ordering of executions has made some people question their loyalty to the Iron Throne, especially with Stannis and Renly being better candidates as King. Cersei not doing anything to reign in her out of control son doesn't help matters, but for now, nobody will dare cross the Lannisters while their power is strong.

"But if House Lannister's hold on the throne is weakened, others will circle the Lions like sharks smelling blood" thought Littlefinger, realizing that his position isn't as secured as he might like it to be.

If his plan to betray Lord Stark hadn't been interrupted, then he would have secured his position as a loyal servant of the new King and might have been rewarded for his efforts. Now, Cersei and Joffrey are looking for others to blame on why the Starks managed to flee King's Landing with the ones who scarred the King. While his position as Master of Coin is secure, he is still one of those who might be assigned blame, seeing as it was mostly his plan to betray Lord Stark. Varys is another, but him being the Master of Whispers makes him too valuable to be rid of, especially now that they're at war.

Luckily, there is one other who can be assigned blame and unlike Varys and himself, can be easily replaced.

Commander of the City Watch, Janos Slynt.

Littlefinger smirks, already thinking of ways to blame Slynt for the Starks escape.

( White Harbour - New Keep )

Outside in the courtyard, Wyman Manderly and those among his household are all lined up and waiting to see off their new King. To Wyman's right are both of his granddaughters, Wynafryd and Wylla who are standing tall and proud while dressed in their finest dresses so they can impress their new King, and perhaps, Jon Snow as well. To Wyman's left is his cousin, Marlon who is to leave for Essos once the King heads off to Moat Cailin. Thankfully, Wyman didn't have to give up any of his ships for Marlon to use, as Jon has offered the use of his own ship, the Dragonslayer and its crew for Marlon's trip to Essos. Not only is Jon's ship faster than most of Wyman's own ships, but Jon has somehow notified his contact, who is to meet Marlon at the Iron Bank, to look out for the Dragonslayer so they'll know who they're suppose to meet.

Wyman is just happy that his cousin will finally be out of his hair for a while. Marlon is still complaining about how Jon broke Guest Rights when he used a spell on him to prove that magic is real. Wyman can understand his cousin's point, but Jon's spell didn't physically harm him in any shape or form, thus, he didn't break Guest Rights, not that Marlon seems to understand.

Luckily, Wyman doesn't have to wait much longer for Ned who exits the keep and heads towards them with his son beside him. When Wyman gets a closer look of Eddard, he widens his eyes in awe and finds himself short of breath. Gasps and chatter from those of his own household tell that they're just as amazed as he is.

For walking towards them is their newly proclaimed King, Eddard Stark, who is now wearing a suit of armour that looks to be made out of solid ice, not that Wyman believes it to be actual ice. At least, that's what he first thought, but he then notices how every footstep Ned makes leaves behind a footprint of frost. Once his King is close enough, Wyman can see the intricate carvings and details put into the armour, specifically in the wolf helm that Ned is holding in his left arm. "By the Seven, it looks so lifelike! Like it'll jump out at me any second and rip my throat out" he thought, only now noticing the flawless sapphires that make up the wolf helm's eyes.

All in all, Ned Stark looks like a true King of Winter.

Then Wyman looks at the man walking beside Eddard, who he suspects to be Jon Snow, and he gapes in awe and a bit of terror, for walking beside his King looks akin to a Demon from the Seven Hells themselves. Darker then Lord Snow's previous armour, this newest suit of armour is bulkier, looking closer to heavy plate armour. Its design is the most sinister Wyman has ever seen, so much so that he can't stop himself from sweating and not just because he's been standing up for a quarter of an hour. Feeling Wynafryd grasp his hand, he doesn't need to look to know that she and her sister are even more troubled when looking upon Jon's armour.

The armour itself has a unique design. The metal that makes up most of the suit is completely black and it's decorated with small silver chains, intricate and ornamental designs on the boots, lower torso and gauntlets, two sets of shoulder guards underneath armoured spikes mounted on the shoulders, and even several large fasteners located all over the body that links each piece of armour together. The set of armour also features several other spikes protruding from various parts of the body, as well as six large horn-like spikes on the very top of the sinister-looking helmet to accompany the large eye-like sockets on the front. As if Jon didn't look monstrous enough, the gauntlets and cuirass is giving off a deep red glow which is pulsating, like as if it's following the rhythm of a heartbeat.

"That is the most terrifying suit of armour I have ever seen in all my life!" thought Wyman and he can guess that those among his household are probably thinking the exact same thing as him.

Off to the side are Jon's companions, Syrio, Sansa, Arya, Lucia, Sofie and the Stark guardsmen. Just like Lord Manderly and those of his household, they are looking at Ned and Jon in their suits of armour.

"Cool! I want armour like that!" cried Arya, pointing at her father and brother while jumping up and down in excitement.

"Is that... Jon?" asked Sansa who nervously gulps at the sight of Jon's armour. She can see the resemblance between Jon's strange armour and a Flame Atronach. "He looks like a demon!"

"Yup, that's papa!" answered Lucia with a smile, not perturbed by Jon's armour, unlike a majority of those in the courtyard.

"That's papa's favourite armour. Made it himself in Whiterun" told Sofie, hands on her hips and chest puffed out, looking quite proud over the accomplishments of her father, although it's not like they should be surprised. Papa is the Dragonborn after all.

"So he brought his Daedric Armour with him" stated Farkas with a disturbed frown. Farkas knows that Jon has all sorts of powerful weapons and armours, some of which have Daedric origins, but his Daedric Armour has a sinister symbolism to it. Whenever Jon puts it on, a lot of people tend to die.

"Aye. Jon's taking this very seriously. Haven't seen him wear that since... Miraak" said Teldryn, having last seen Jon wear the Daedric Armour while dealing with Miraak on Solstheim. He never did see the final battle between the two Dragonborns, but he can imagine that it was a sight to behold. The Dunmer spots the pommel of a greatsword poking from over Jon's right shoulder and recognizes it, having once watched Jon use said greatsword to pierce through the chest of a Dragon Priest. "Looks like Jon also brought his Bloodskal Blade with him. The Lions don't realize what's coming to them."

"So that's the Daedric Armour" thought Aela, having never actually seen Jon wear that armour before, but the stories doesn't do it justice. Just the sight of it alone has her Wolfsblood tremble, although she isn't sure if it's from excitement, fear or a bit of both. "It's said that Jon wore that armour while leading a small army of Dragons against the Dominion's army of 100,000. Must've been a terrifying sight for those Thalmor fucks before they burnt to ash." While an awful way to go, Aela will never shed a tear for those of the Dominion, not after everything they've done to Skyrim and its people.

For a man like Syrio Forel who has been to most places in both Essos and Westeros, he thought that other than the return of Dragons, nothing could surprise him anymore. Obviously, he was wrong, because the sight of Jon in such strange, but fascinating armour surprised him very much. "That very well may be the most terrifying suit of armour Syrio has ever seen" he stated, just as fascinated as everyone else.

Serana can understand everyone's amazement, since most in Westeros have considered castle-forged steel to be the best when it comes to weapons and armour. Other than Valyrian Steel weapons which are a rarity in the world, none in Westeros have ever seen weapons or armour made from more durable metals, such as Ebony and Stalhrim. Both men look intimidating in their respective suits of armour, but Serana's gaze lingers on Jon and his Daedric Armour. "Last time I saw him wear that, we defeated... father."

Jon and Ned walk up before Lord Manderly and his household. Wyman's not sure if he should get on his knee in awe of his Winter King's new suit of armour, or take a step back to get just a little bit farther away from Jon. However, he holds fast and stands tall. "My King, I must say that I quite enjoy the new look. You look like a true King of Winter if there ever was one."

Ned nods with a smile. "Thank you, Wyman. The armour is a gift from Jon. Says he made it himself."

Wyman is inwardly grateful when Jon takes off his helmet, just so he doesn't have to look at the monstrous face of said helmet. "You're a man of many talents, aren't you, Lord Snow?" he jested with a laugh.

Jon doesn't laugh, but he does offer an amused smile. "I've been told that many times before, Lord Manderly."

Chuckling, Wyman turns to Ned. "Everything has been prepared, my King. The wagons are full, the horses are ready and the ravens have been sent. I'll also have your household sent back, safe and sound."

Ned has decided to send half of his surviving guardsmen to escort the rest of his household back to Winterfell. The other half will join them to meet up with Robb's host at Moat Cailin. "You have my gratitude, Wyman, truly."

"You can show it by sending those Lions running" told Wyman with a grin.

Jon walks over to his group and kneels down to be at eye level with his daughters. "You girls have everything you need? It's going to be a while till this war is done and over, so make sure you've got everything that you want to bring with you."

"Don't you worry, papa. We have everything we need" answered Lucia with a confident nod that makes Jon smile.

"That's my girls. Always prepared" he chuckled while rubbing the top of their heads, much to Lucia's enjoyment and Sofie's annoyance. Jon then notices Cotton in his cage which is strapped to one of the horses saddles. It won't be a comfortable ride for the rabbit, but it's safer than having one of the girls carry him while riding on horseback. "I want you girls to keep a close eye on Cotton, okay? While we're at the camp, some of the men might think of making a rabbit stew out of the poor little guy."

Lucia gasps in horror at the thought of someone cooking their pet rabbit. Sofie glares, as if daring someone to do it, just so she can teach them a lesson. "If anyone tries, I'll beat them to a bloody pulp and make a stew out of them!" declared the Nord girl who grasps the dagger strapped to her hip.

Most would have scolded Sofie for making such violent threats. After all, no one her age should be saying anything so violent and grotesque.

"I've taught you well."

Obviously, Jon isn't like most parents, since he praises his daughter's threats and even admits to helping them fester. The nearby Stark guardsmen glance at one another, nervously.

"You've got an odd manner in parenting" told Syrio with an amused smile.

Jon stands back up and shrugs his shoulders, looking no bit apologetic. "The world is a harsh and cruel place. As much as I want to shelter them, I cannot. When they're all grown up and ready to venture out into the world on their own, I want them to be more than prepared to deal with any dangers that might come their way."

Syrio rubs his chin, curiously. "Most wouldn't agree with you, but Syrio does. Syrio has seen the worst the world has to offer, dozens of times over. It's understandable that you just want to protect your daughters."

"That reminds me, I'm curious to know what's next for Syrio Forel" asked Jon, folding his arms across his chest.

Honestly, Syrio didn't know the answer for that either. "Who knows? Perhaps Syrio will return to Essos and travel for a bit. It's been a while since he visited Braavos."

"Aye, a sound plan, but perhaps you'd stay here. I could use a man of your talents" offered Jon.

"Syrio isn't keen on getting killed in a war that's not his own" answered Syrio, having no reason to join any side of the upcoming war.

"Then it's a good thing I'm not offering you a job to fight in the war" answered Jon, walking by Syrio while pointing a finger towards his daughters who are now chatting with Farkas. "My daughters will be coming with me to join up with Robb's host. Obviously, staying in the middle of an army camp during a war isn't what most would consider safe, so I would like you to act as their guardian of sorts. Unless they're with myself or those I trust, I want you to trail them at all times and make sure no harm comes to them. You'll be handsomely rewarded, I promise you that."

Jon usually wouldn't offer someone he just met the important task of protecting his daughters from all harm, but from the tales told to him by Arya, Aela and Farkas, he believes he can trust the Braavosi with the safety of his daughters. It was Syrio who caught on that the Lannister men looking for Arya weren't sent by her father and it was Syrio who fought off the Lannister men to protect Arya, all with nothing but a wooden sword to use as a weapon. That speaks of a man who isn't so easily threatened, nor bribed to look the other way. That's the kind of person Jon wants protecting Lucia and Sofie.

Syrio rubs his chin and glances between Jon and the two young girls. "Syrio doesn't have to join the war efforts, correct?"

"No, you won't be asked to fight in any battle. You'll be kept in the main camp with the girls."

"And Syrio's pay?" asked the former First Sword of Braavos.

"Once we've won the war and destroyed the Lannisters, you'll be paid ten times your weight in gold."

Syrio's brows rise slightly. Ten times his weight in gold is a lot of wealth for one man. "You speak as if the Lannisters are guaranteed to lose" he asked, seeing no point in asking if the young man can actually pay him so much gold. Syrio measures that Jon's armour and weapons are worth a large fortune on their own, so the Lord must have a lot of wealth.

"In a way, you can say that's true" replied Jon with a smile that doesn't reach his sharp eyes. Syrio recognizes those eyes as that of a predator and he isn't sure if the prey is himself or the Lannisters. The Dragonborn offers the Braavosi his right hand so they can shake on the deal. "So then, do we have a deal?"

Being the former First Sword of Braavos, Syrio has spent many years looking out for any possible dangers, and all of his years of experience and instinct tell him that Jon Snow is far more dangerous then any one man should be. After all, he did witness Jon call upon a blazing twister to tear down three Lannister ships that gave chase after them when they fled King's Landing, all with just the power of his voice. If the young Lord can do that, Syrio can't help but wonder what else he can do. If he takes Jon's hand, he agrees to protect his daughters, meaning that he'll have to stay close to the dangerous and powerful man.

As much as he knows that staying close to Jon Snow will likely result in him being put in dangerous situations, Syrio can't help but wonder what the future entails, now that the unpredictable Lord Snow has entered the fray. "You have a deal, Lord Snow. Syrio Forel gives you his word, any who intend to harm your daughters will all fall before my blade" he promised, shaking Jon's hand.

Jon nods while accepting the handshake and oath from the Braavosi. "Good to hear. You'll be working with another two who you'll meet soon after. For now, I want you to stay close to the girls and offer any help that you can, even in the practice of the blade. I wouldn't want their sword skills to get rusty."

Syrio nods in acceptance before he walks off in the direction of Lucia and Sofie. He might as well introduce himself to the girls, seeing as he'll be spending a lot of time with them now.

"Lord Snow, I've got you that book you requested" said Lord Manderly who walks over to the Dragonborn and hands him a thick book.

"Much thanks, Lord Manderly. This will be very useful for the near future" thanked Jon, while he reads the title of the book.

"I'm sure it'll be quite a filling read on the way to the Moat. I've got a horse ready prepped for you departure" said Wyman, waving a hard towards the horses.

However, Jon shakes his head. "No need for that, my Lord. I've brought my own horse from Skyrim."

"You have?" asked Wyman, looking slightly confused. He doesn't recall hearing Jon bringing a horse with him on his ship.

Jon walks a few steps away until he has some empty space of the courtyard to himself. The Dragonborn brings his finger and thumb to his mouth and blows out a high pitch whistle which has everyone turn to him. After a few seconds of silence, many watch in surprise as Jon's shadow stretches out before him and expands until it's the size of a small pond. From the circular shadow that bubbles like boiling water, a horse rises up until the shadow disappears and all that's left is the horse standing before Jon.

Wyman rubs a cloth across his sweaty forehead as he looks over the horse that rose from Jon Snow's shadow. Said horse is larger than the average horse and is as black as the armour that covers Jon Snow. It's the blood red eyes that disturbs Wyman the most, not just because of their haunting colour, but because of how intelligent they appear to be. It's as if the horse can grasp his surroundings and of people like a normal person.

Jon steps up close and strokes the horse's face as Ned walks over, looking perturbed by what he just witnessed. "You continue to surprise me at every turn" sighed Ned while he looks over the large horse. "It's a fine horse, but I'm near too afraid to ask where you got him from."

"Shadowmere once belonged to a group known as the Dark Brotherhood who were a group of assassins for hire. After helping to destroy the organization, I found Shadowmere left on his own and I couldn't just leave him. Ever since then, Shadowmere stays close by, in case I ever need him" told Jon, smiling as the horse huffs.

While he wants to ask about the Dark Brotherhood and Jon's role in defeating them, time can't be wasted any longer. "We can speak more on this later, but now, we ride." Turning to the open gate that will lead them out of New Castle, Ned's eyes narrow in focus.

"We ride for Moat Cailin."


Jon's Skill Levels:

One-Handed (100) - You know what's better than a sword?

Two-Handed (100) - An even bigger sword!

Archery (40) - Load, point and shoot a crossbow. It isn't that hard.

Block (30) - Why use a shield when you can just use another sword?

Light Armour (100) - The winner is always the one who moves the fastest.

Heavy Armour (85) - Heavy, but safe.

Smithing (100) - Eorlund Grey-Mane would be proud.

Sneak (100) - By the time you hear me, you'll already be dead.

Lockpicking (60) - Won't be opening any steel doors anytime soon.

Pickpocket (40) - Does it count if I pickpocket a corpse?

Speech (90) - Why fight when we can just talk?

Alchemy (75) - Potions and Poisons for any circumstance.

Enchanting (50) - Probably better to just pay for the enchantment.

Alteration (100) - Reality is my plaything.

Restoration (80) - Can heal all, but the most fatal of injuries.

Destruction (75) - BOOM!

Conjuration (35) - Does Westeros really need anymore zombies?

Illusion (60) - Want to see a magic trick?