Super power are uncommon, only some people are born with super power, it is extremely rare for someone with a power to have more than one, like every one they have soulmates... There is a school in South Korea that only have people with super power in it, staff and student all have super power like said earlier but there is a group called BTS and each members have at least four powers wich was never seen before, this is their story...

Super Power

Namjoon : gyrokinesis (manipulate, control and create gravity and gravitational forces), magnokinesis (manipulate, control and create magnetic field), umbrakinesis (manipulate, control and create darkness and shadows), all-know (when used, allow to know everything about something or someone)

Seokjin : aerokinesis (manipulate, control and create the wind, air and gas), audiokinesis (manipulate, control and create sound), electrokinesis (manipulate, control and create electricity and electric field), telepathy (can talk in someones mind)

Yoongi : seer (can see past, present and future trough visions), hyalokinesis (manipulate, control and create glass), psammokinesis (manipulate, control and create sand), mind-reading

Hoseok : crystallokinesis (manipulate, control and create minerals and crystals), photokinesis (manipulate, control and create pure light and photons), chlorokinesis (manipulate, control and create flowers, trees and other plants), empath (can feel peoples emotions)

Jimin : pyrokinesis (manipulate, control and create fire, flame and heat), geokinesis (manipulate, control and create earth, rock, stone), geo-thermokinesis (manipulate, control and create lava, magma and volcanoes), telempath (can make others feel his emotions)

Taehyung : cryokinesis (manipulate, control and create ice, snow and other forms of frozen water), hemokinesis (manipulate, control and create blood), hydrokinesis (manipulate, control and create water and other liquids), illusions (affect the five senses)

Jungkook : healing (can heal all type of injury and illness), telekinesis (can move things by using your mind), atmokinesis (manipulate, control and create weather), super-strenght

Hair and Eye Color

Namjoon : bubblegum pink hairs with ivory white eyes

Seokjin : pale blonde hairs with amber eyes

Yoongi : snow white hairs with silvery grey eyes

Hoseok : amethyst purple hairs with emerald green eyes

Jimin : ruby red hairs with chocolate brown eyes

Taehyung : ocean blue hairs with blood red eyes

Jungkook : coal black hairs with apple green eyes


Taegikook aka Taehyung, Yoongi and Jungkook

Minjoon aka Namjoon and Jimin

2Seok aka Seokjin and Hoseok