Just a Family in Miami

Sequel to Miami Modern Family. Again the timeline is mixed up, sorry!

Horatio wasn't there for his oldest child's first day of school. But his first day of college counted for something. Horatio couldn't see Kyle off at the gates. That would be mortifying for the young man. The red-head settled for telling Kyle he was proud of him before he left.

"Thanks, dad," Kyle said. He was nervous about today but he was sure his parents would want to hear all about his day this evening.

Kyle noticed Aimee too was a bit teary-eyed seeing him go despite the fact he would be home for dinner. Rachel's first day of school was going to be interesting. He wished he could be a fly on the wall for that send-off. Life at home wasn't likely to slow down for his mother even when Rachel started Kindergarten. Three-year-old Cheyenna and one-year-old Hunter were balls of energy. The three siblings now for the most part got along. Or Cheyenna and Rachel got along with Hunter. With each other this only occurred half of the time at most. How much both his parents learned to tune out was impressive to Kyle. Life at their house was probably nothing compared life at the Delko-Duquesne home. The couple were slowly settling into life with their identical twin boys who it turned out they didn't have trouble telling apart after all.

Slowly being the right word. The new parents did insist on doing things on their own as much as possible but accepted help sometimes. Eric's family was helping some but different opinions on baby care and baby bonding limited that. Alexx was helping them whenever she could and as they promised Aimee's parents were too, very much enjoying having one baby each to fuss over. The older couple made sure Calleigh got out by herself, or with Eric if he wasn't on shift at least three times a week. They reassured the new parents they weren't "neglecting" their daughter or grandchildren while helping them out.

Hunter Caine was walking now. Learning to run, trying to keep up with his sisters.

He had said his first word two months ago. Kyle or more specifically, just "Ky."

Horatio didn't care or take it as a "snub." The first time Kyle had called him "dad," out of the blue, weeks after their first meeting, had given him the same rush of emotion. Then both Rachel and Cheyenna said "dada" as their first word. Hunter and Kyle had a beautiful bond. It seemed natural that his name be his brother's first word. Soon after saying "Ky" Hunter had said "dada" to Horatio. Aimee wasn't so lucky to hear him say "mama" yet.

He had been in college a week. It was finally Friday. Even at a school as big as Dade College Kyle managed to find someone he had managed to find someone who's parents who had once fostered him in Orlando. The Grimes family were actually one of families Kyle had good memories of. Including a trip to Disneyland for his 12th birthday. During a lunch break and at a coffee shop he filled Parker Grimes in how he found who his father really was, why they had been estranged and about them being reunited. Then he added the chapters of his non-existent relationship with his birth mother, meeting his stepmother, his adoption by her and becoming a big brother.

Parker said he was glad that Kyle got a happy ending. It was clear Kyle had found his home in more ways than one. Perhaps when both were settled in for the school year, he could meet Kyle's family. Kyle was giving Parker a ride home. A text came in on Kyle's phone.

"Diapers? Why do you need to buy diapers?"

"The price of free rent," he joked.

Can anyone answer a questiion for me? In what episode did Kyle call Horatio "dad" for the first time?