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Chapter 2: Schedules and Plants

It has been a relatively eventful evening with his sorting. Auguste is grateful that he can catch up on sleep after finding himself underneath several fellow students who chased a cat into his room, including one of them in question Mikael.

As is his practice even when young, he mentally notes down the names of his new roommates. Mikael Courfeyrac, Philippe Grantaire, and Olivier Lesgle, who are French like him. His other roommates are Manuel Olivera, Alberto Ochoa, and Francisco Javier Yaben are from Spain, along with a Ukrainian named Vadim Kriss.

Since he likes his solitude, he takes the farthest end of the room. His musings and his note taking is interrupted by the only one next to him.

"Hey, sorry about the whole mess with the cat, Enjolras," Mikael pauses, "I hope we can start on the right foot this time?"

Enjolras offers him a nod and responds, "It's alright. I hope you did manage to get her back to her owner."

"That we did after a few scratches. She calmed down when our friend Combeferre put her on his lap and stroked her fur," Courfeyrac notices him writing and leans a bit closer, "So what is that there, Enjolras?" Mikael asks, looking over the small book with dates and month tabs on the sides of the page.

Auguste stops writing and looks up at Mikael, "Just noting stuff down, Courfeyrac. I like to keep organized. It's a force of habit that I got from my parents. An organized and studious mind beats genius, they loved to say."

Mikael nods understandingly and says, "Nifty habit. My father does that but I can't say I'm a fan of it. Anyway, good luck to us for the entire school year." A few minutes later, it was lights off for all of them.

A week passes by quickly and Friday morning arrives. Vadim sits next to Auguste during breakfast and asks, "So the first class is Biology with Le Fay, right?"

"Yes, one of the few we share with them," Enjolras replied with a slight smile before going back to his hearty breakfast.

Thirty minutes later, he arrives at the open field where his schedule said they should be. 'Nobody's here yet?' He asks but is interrupted by some rustling of grass. He turns around and sees the girl from the train and fellow baton stall working to set up the pots, soil, and seedlings for class with her wand.

"Need any help there?" He asks, putting down his bag on the nearest bench and folding his sleeves up towards her.

The girl shakes her head vigorously and responds with, "Thanks but I don't need the help."

Auguste furrows his brows at the thought of labor for education, but decides to write to his parents to ask about it later. He walks towards her and says, "Look, if they give you problems for it, just say you had to deal with a stubborn and helpful classmate. I'm Auguste Enjolras by the way."

"I'm Eponine Thenadier," she instinctively replies, levitating the nearest pots, soil and seedlings away from her classmate.

Auguste ignores her subtle attempts by quickly drawing his wand and helps place even portions of soil into the pots that Eponine arranged previously.

"You idiot, I'm not some damsel in distress! You're not supposed to place those over there!" Eponine exclaims, fixing the mix up with her wand, placing the seedlings neatly in rows.

She glares at him, saying, "you'll cost me my scholarship Enjolras. Don't help unless I ask, I got it and I don't need help from the likes of you.." As Eponine storms off, Enjolras is left dumbstruck for a moment before shaking his head, retorting, "as if I'd ever help you."

Class starts when an olive-skinned and petite lady walks in front of the class. She was wearing a pink shirt and some jeans beneath her brown and worn but well-kept brown robe. She smiles at them, showing a slight dimple on her left cheek.

"Good day, I am your professor Gianna Gabriela Sartori and I've shunned the classroom setting for the wider field. I find it better for people to learn by practical knowledge, just like Naturalists back in the day. We will be tackling Botany first until the holidays then we will go to discussing Zoology around January."

Enjolras notices three things during the class discussions. A long and wide jagged scar on the back of her right hand during her open handed gestures, accented French, and her necklace pulsed a subtle purple each time she spoke.

"While we will be discussing both mundane and magical plants and the classification of Kingdom Plantae, it's always good to get back to basics." Professor Sartori explains, showing the students how to properly place the seedlings of the herb of their choice into the pots. "There are some variations to giving plants a home like with Gillyweed or the Venomous Tentacula. However, more often than not, this is how we get to discuss Botany in action. I will of course grade you on how well you followed my instructions today."

There was some grumbling from some students, but everyone got their exercise done in short order. Thankfully, the soft tinkling bells at the end of the class sound and everyone packs up their stuff to either prepare for the next class 30 minutes from now or just cut back until 3pm, like in the case of the Richelieu 1st years.

Several older students walk in, wearing Le Fay royal blue, '7th year, based on the number of stripes on their right shoulder', Enjolras observes just as he's ready to head off by slinging his bag on his shoulder.

A loud shout interrupts this train of thought, and upon looking behind him, it comes from his shy and reserved roommate, Grantaire.

The ebony-haired boy runs and meets halfway with an excitable burly but seemingly good-natured boy with sandy brown hair. He notices that the older student lifts up Graintaire and exclaims, "It's awesome to see you, Philippe! I missed you! Pity you're not with me at Le Fay, but I'm glad your mother insisted you to study here!"

"I'm happy too!" Philippe replies as he is let down back to the ground and then grabs his cousin's hand and leads him towards his classmates. "This is Mikael Courfeyrac, Olivier Lesgle, and Auguste Enjolras," pointing to each one then introduces, "this is my favorite cousin Pierre Antonine de Vogues!"

Pierre's gaze locks on to Enjolras and he beams widely at him. "You're the son of the Professors Joseph and Francine Enjolras at Sorbonne? Some coincidence that you also found yourself in Richelieu, huh?" He shakes the young blond boy's hand earnestly.

Enjolras smiles politely while returning the handshake, feeling conscious about the staring from the crowd. "I'll send your regards." He takes a moment to take stock of the older boy near him. He is broadly built and with a good natured face, along with a square jaw. 'Would pass for a beater in Quidditch,' Auguste notes.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Pierre suddenly offers, "We have a small meeting between some Le Fay students in art appreciation with our headmaster. I was hoping to invite Philippe saturday next week, but you're all welcome to join us."

With some coaxing from Philippe, the three agree and then leave for a long break before 2pm class, just before the upperclassmen start their class. Enjolras looks back for a moment and he sees Pierre looking curiously at him before the older student waves discreetly at him, while Professor Sartori introduces herself and leads them to a larger greenhouse.