Title: Love Of A Fox

Pairing: Warren Fox & Ellie Hutchinson

Rating: K+

Summary: Ellie is forbidden from seeing Warren, will she follow her heart?

Chapter One

Ellie had been at home after talking with Warren Fox, Ellie's parents' were not pleased that Ellie was hanging around with Warren, Diane told Ellie to stay away from Warren, but Ellie refused to listen to her mom, Ellie went up to her bedroom, she sent Warren a text message, Warren got Ellie's text about meeting up and having time together, later that day Ellie had gotten ready to meet up with Warren, Diane asked Ellie where she was going and as Ellie refused to tell her mom, Ellie grabbed her keys and headed out to the club where she met up with Warren, who gave Ellie a cuddle, Ellie smiled as she stayed close to him, Warren knew that Ellie's parents' didn't approve, Diane met up with Tony and they saaw Ellie with Warren Fox, Ellie was close to Warren as he asked her to stay over with him and she agreed to stay at Warren's flat later once they got back, Ellie smiled as she and Warren shared a soft kiss, Ellie headed back home and Diane wasn't happy when Diane got mad with Ellie for hanging out with Warren, Ellie went upstairs and she got some of her stuff together and she called Warren and she asked him if she can stay at his for a while and Warren agreed.

Ellie came back downstairs with her bag of clothing and other stuff, Diane tried to stop Ellie from leaving, Ellie then left the flat and headed over to Warren's place and once inside, Warren kissed Ellie lovingly as Ellie smiled in their kiss, Ellie loved being close to Warren, as he led Ellie to his bedroom, Warren held Ellie close to him as they kissed, Ellie was happy and her phone started going off, Ellie grabbed her phone and switched it off, Warren put the phone on the cabinet and he held Ellie close to him, Warren tells Ellie that he loves her, when Ellie tells Warren that she loves him too, Warren softly smiled as they headed to get something to eat, Warren had taken his shirt off, when there was a knock at the door, Ellie went to unpack her stuff in Warren's bedroom, as Warren opened the door to find both Diane and Tony there and they asked Warren to let Ellie come back home, when Ellie appeared and told her parents' that she wasn't going back home, Warren knew that Ellie wanted to stay with him, Warren tells Diane and Tony to go and leave them alone, Ellie went back to unpack her stuff, Warren locked up and went to join Ellie, as Warren wrapped both arms around Ellie's waist, Warren knew that Ellie was happier with him, Warren placed a soft loving kiss on Ellie's shoulder as she got her stuff unpacked, Warren was happy that Ellie was now living with him properly, Ellie was happy to be safe with Warren and she loved him, few days later, Ellie and Warren decided to go into town for a while, Diane saw Ellie with Warren from a distance and she missed her little girl, Warren was happy with Ellie and then Warren asks Ellie to marry him, Ellie agreed to marry him, Warren smiled softly.

Warren and Ellie went to look at engagement rings, Ellie saw a ring that she liked and when she tried it on, it was a perfect fit, Ellie knew that it was the one and once they got the ring and both wedding rings sorted, Ellie was wearing her engagement ring, she stayed close to Warren as they went shopping, Ellie was happy and once she and Warren returned to the villiage, Diane saw Ellie with Warren, then Diane caught a glimpse of a ring on Ellie's left hand, Diane wasn't happy and neither was Tony when Diane told him, Ellie and Warren celebrated their engagment as Ellie stayed close to Warren knowing how happy she was that they would get married soon, then Warren suggested that they take a trip away and get married, Ellie agreed as she wanted it to be the two of them, Warren cuddled Ellie close to him as they spent time alone together, Ellie was happy to be engaged to Warren as they spent time together, Warren loved Ellie so much and Warren knew that Ellie was the love of his life, despite Ellie's parents' disapproving, Ellie had chosen Warren over her family, Ellie was happy with Warren as they had been together since Ellie was 19years old and Warren gave Ellie a loving shoulder rub, Warren smiled as Ellie cuddled close to him, Ellie loved Warren and as Warren kissed Ellie lovingly, Ellie smiled in their kiss.

Diane and Tony saw Ellie and Warren head off together, Warren and Ellie were heading to Scotland for a few weeks, once Ellie and Warren got to Scotland and were staying in a cottage in the town, Warren suggested to Ellie that they should get married and have their honeymoon, Ellie agreed and she then kissed Warren as he kissed her back, Warren loved Ellie so much and knew that she loved Warren so much, Ellie smiled as she was so excited that she and Warren would be getting married within a few days, Ellie was happy, few days later both Warren and Ellie headed to tie the knot in private, few hours later Ellie and Warren were now married, Ellie had also taken Warren's last name, Warren was happy that Ellie was now his wife, Warren and Ellie headed back to their cottage as Warren carried Ellie inside as Warren then kissed Ellie lovingly as they were now married.

Few weeks had passed since Ellie and Warren tied the knot and they headed back to the villiage, Ellie and Warren stayed close to each other, Tony noticed that Warren was back along with Ellie, Tony saw that both Warren and Ellie were now wearing matching rings, Tony called Diane and told her that Ellie was married to Warren Fox, Ellie and Warren settled into their new life together as Warren put his hand on Ellie's cheek as he showed her just how much he loved her, Ellie cuddled close to Warren as they unpacked their stuff, Warren and Ellie went into the village to head for a drink together, Warren had his arm around Ellie as they spent time together, Ellie was happy with Warren and she loved that they were now married, Ellie knew how much Warren meant to her, Warren held Ellie close as they snuggled by the warm fire together, Ellie was happy with Warren and she knew that he would always protect her.

What happens in part 2?