Summary: Set in Hogwarts 1994-2020. Harry can't decide who to go with for the yule ball.(1994) He invites a special woman to Slughorn's party.(1996) But she doesn't love him enough to be husband and wife until one book changes it all.(1998-2000). A Hermione-Harry-Beauty and the Beast fanfiction

Part 1- 1994-1995

Chapter 1: who to ask?

It was the end of the Transfiguration lesson and Harry Potter was packing up his stuff.

"Potter!" barked McGonagall

Harry turned.

"You do realise," continued Professor McGonagall, "That the champions are the first to dance?"

Harry shook his head dismally

"Well, what about Miss Granger?"

Hermione Granger perked up. She grinned.

"Of course, Professor," Hermione replied.

"Excellent," said McGonagall. "Miss Granger and Mr Potter."