chapter 2: finally loved

Harry yelled as he was sucked into the book.

Belle walked into town. whispers. whispers. Everywhere. Belle ran to the library to collect Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She decided to walk somewhere quiet. Belle grabbed Phillipe and away they rode into the night.

"Hello? Bonjour?"

A hairy beast came out of the shadows. Belle looked at his eyes. Emerald Green. He was in long robes. Belle smiled at him, and he had an urge to ask her to dance.

"Stupid," he murmured. "Not Hermione. Can't be."

Belle was thinking the same. Not Harry. He can't be Harry Potter. Yet this beast has his eyes.

Belle was reading her book so much, she found herself in the west wing.

"Hey," he said.

That's definitely Harry's voice.

"what you reading?" he asked.

you'll be embarrassed.

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," she replied.

"Nice," he said.

Beauty and the Beast were were thinking about their 4th year when they went together at the yule ball.

A loud crash. Gaston had come in. He shot at him. Belle ran to him crying.

"Dear Beast. I have realised i have always loved you!"

Gaston fell backwards as a bright light engulfed Beauty and the Beast.

Hermione was staring at Harry and then flung herself onto him. Harry patted Hermione gently on the back.

I loved you from the day I met you, they both thought.

Harry took Hermione's hand as the world was dismantling. They were back in Hogwarts