A/N; Inspired by ("Lab Rats") and because there's no actually stories based around the DNA tech and the A/V tech yet! ..I really need to think of a ship name... anyways! Archie/Wendy pairing. Unrequited Wedges.

A lil' crack-y and a lil' sugary. This is one of my first CSI fics, so I do apologise if it's a little messy. :')

Archie was heading to Catherine's office to give her the results from video tapes he'd been watching for hours, in an aimless attempt to find something relevant to the case, when he passed DNA and saw Wendy wasn't there. Usually she was always there working on something, listening to music and daydreaming. He liked saying 'hello' to her when he passed her lab on occasion. She always gave him this beautiful 'Hey Archie' type of smile that made the A/V tech's heart flutter.

He continued walking until he found Catherine just leaving the garage. "Cat!" He called to the blonde, causing her to turn around. "What'cha got for me, Arch?" She asked curiously. Archie grinned. "Your current suspect, on tape, with the vic.." He opened up the file in his hand and showed her the screencaps he'd printed out. It was horribly explicit, just as evidence should be.

"This is great, thanks Archie." She lightly rubbed his shoulder and smiled to him, before she headed in direction of the layout to find Warrick with the new evidence.

The A/V tech, pleased with himself, headed to the break room. He'd done his work for now and unless he was needed for anything else, he was okay to free roam for a while.

As Archie entered, that's when he saw Wendy. She was staring into the abyss, eating his ice cream with a poker faced expression. As much as he was concerned about her taking his food without permission, she looked upset and he didn't want to make it worse by taking away a great comfort food. He sat down in the chair beside the DNA analyst in silence, taking a spoonful of the ice cream and eating some. Wendy watched, letting out a small chuckle.

"Sorry Arch, suppose I'm not the best of moods.."

"Wanna talk about it?.. I've got time."

The brunette ate another spoonful of ice cream. Simms trusted Johnson. They'd been friends ever since she joined the crime lab and he'd been nothing but a good friend to her. There was something about his company that just made her feel as though she didn't have to try and act as though she was perfect.. it was relieving in a way. ".. It's silly, really," She choked out, sighing to herself.

Archie shuffled a little closer. "I bet it's not.."

"I'm confused, Archie." She said lowly.

I've been there. He put a gentle arm around her and she tentatively leaned into him. "What's got you confused?" "Hodges." She answered softly. Archie raised an eyebrow. He thought they were all good. With a developing relationship and dinners around each other's places, everybody swore they were a couple already. But he wanted to hear her out first before he assumed anything. That was the only way he was going to be able to fully be there for her

".. I told him that.. maybe we were going a little too fast, and he got a little irate. His feelings are definitely stronger than mine are.. but I don't know what to do about that.."

The A/V analyst exhaled lightly. He hadn't exactly been so lucky in the dating game himself. Never could find the right woman. Like he made some kind of unknown error that they'd never mention to him before they left. "..Wends, give yourself time to think about what you want. If you want to be with Hodges, see where it goes while taking it slower.. and if you don't... tell me that straight up. Don't keep pretending things are going to get better when you're unhappy."

Wendy, for the first time in a while, managed to form a smile. A real one. It was the same 'Hey Archie' smile he knew all too well. "That's a rare smile." He said. "Thought you said it was the Wendy's 'Archie' kind of smile?"

"Did I say that out loud?" He flushed bright red.

"A time or two." She said with a guilty smile that caused his heart to race.

Wendy had never completely pushed aside the idea of dating the A/V analyst. He was so calm and laid back, which made him so easy to talk to when she just needed a little comfort from someone. The brunette had only realized that the way she beamed at him was a little different to the way she did to everyone else.. none of the times she smiled at him had been forced. His bright presence was enough to get rid of any melancholic mood she'd been feeling beforehand.

".. I heard you and Li ended it a while back."

"Mmm.. she was the biggest mistake I'd ever made." He said.

The DNA analyst pouted her lips. "Why?" Archie nervously laughed. He didn't really want to tell her then. Especially where people could walk past and hear something in the wrong context.

Archie started dating Li around the time Wendy joined the lab. And as he showed the brunette around, took her to some very interesting places in Vegas and even had dinner with her sometimes.. He found himself falling for her. Li had been after nothing but a one sided love scene where she would never love him more. Archie had been glad to give his all into helping out 'the new girl' in the lab.

And he had so much more in common with the DNA analyst. They clicked at an instant.

"Because she was looking for attention and I was looking for love.." He retracted his arm and moved back slightly. "I fell for you, Simms. And it happened so fast I didn't even know how to feel about it."

"Oh Archie.. why didn't you tell me before?"

"Because I thought you and Hodges had it going, and I don't want to compete with him.." He said with a light shrug.

Love. Archie Johnson had been the first person to refer to her and ' love ' in the same sentence. Maybe she'd been looking too hard to find something she could guarantee to be something truly worth of her time. "We can be unhappy together?" Wendy suggested jokingly.

"Does that include lasagna?" He inquired, attempting to suppress a mere smile.

"I can do that for the guy who lets me have his ice cream." She winked.

"I'm happy to be unhappy with you, Simms."

"That's all I ask."

Neither of the two knew where they officially stood.. but they knew that friendship, or more, they had each other (and ice cream) to keep them both smiling.