Hi guys my name is frozone8010 and this is my first fanfiction on this site so a major heads up is in order. This attempt might be quite bad so bear with me guys. Now this crossover is AU and the first of its kind between two completely different stories. This is a crossover between Goku about 300 years after dragon ball super is over and how he would interact and turn the realm of Game of thrones upside down. Now this Goku isn't the one we know and love, he is going to be OOC. Super intelligent Goku and is very much OP and has been around for 300 years after the events of dragon ball super. That is all I'm going to say for now. As for pairings, I'll leave a poll.

Goku x Margery Tyrell

Goku x Queen Rhaella Targaryen

Goku x Ellia Martell

Goku x Ashara Dawyne

Goku x Ygritte

Goku x Harem

My first official chapter should be coming out this weekend, probably by sunday night depending on how much work I have to do for my university

In the words of the mighty Benjamin Parker "With great power comes great responsibility."

Frozone signing out.