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CHAPTER 2: Enter the Saiyan God

272 AC

Walking through the haunted forest, though unaware was a lone man, with black spikey hair protruding in random directions, with eyes a startling shade of silver as cold as the north in which he walks. Wearing an open red GI with a black short sleeved under shirt. On his back are twin swords, one with a black handle shaped like the head of a dragon, with serrated sharp edges and glowing with a faint blue light. The silver saber its called. Sword of light and justice. It's twin a black sword. Pitch black with its scabbard also shaped like the head of a dragon glowing a faint red. This was bloodborne the death bringer, sword of rage and destruction. The wielder of these blades is none other than Son Goku, the demon of Universe seven, or so he's called.

"Something feels off about this place,"

"I know what you mean, this weather far too unnatural. There are also strange sources of Ki here. The closest to us 0.2 miles north of our position."

"hmm, lets investigate and see what it is going on. We might be able to get some answers as to where we are."

Cave of the three eyed raven –

The three eyed raven, previously known as ser Brynden rivers, a powerful green seer who could peer into the future had just received a revelation that could change the future of the seven kingdoms and beyond. Fates will change and destinies will merge. All because of one man, of unknown origins, who wields power comparable to the gods the themselves. His power is already resonating with him and making him stronger. The future of the realms is uncertain, too many possibilities to count.

"He is coming here. The changer of fate, merger of destinies. He comes, just maybe, he might be what the realm needs to prosper, but that remains to be seen." For the first time since becoming the three eyed raven, Brynden rivers smiled.

Goku –

Arriving at the location where Goku sensed the faint Ki signature was an odd sight. A tree with a face carved into it.

"I was certainly not expecting this Shenron. What do you think?"

"This place is surround by magic Goku."

"Magic? Isn't that like Ki?"

"They are quite similar in that magic exists outside the body and can be manipulated as such. However, Ki is far more potent, much less Divine Ki, which you also possess. There are specific people who are born with the ability to use magic, which is why there are so few of them. With Ki, almost anybody has the ability to utilise it so long as it present and they have the mental discipline and right teacher."

"I see. So, we might be able to meet potential Ki users then?

"Most definitely, despite the fact there isn't a Ki source that is comparable to your own, so either the people of this world don't know of it or the practitioners of magic in this world have died out or isolated themselves."

"Someone is coming towards us. Lets see what they want."

Cave of the 3 eyed raven –

Leaf didn't know who she was sent to retrieve, but one thing is for certain. They are powerful. Their presence could be felt as soon as they arrived almost like they came out of thin air. It was like one of the Old Gods decided to come down for a visit. Getting closer she saw a tall muscular man with broad shoulders walking towards me. His hair was distinctly spikey and protruding out in random directions. The most surprising was his eyes. They were glowing silver orbs like the moon. Cold and calculating like a predator seeking out its prey. The immense pressure coming from him like a storm in winter. There was no doubt about it, he is the embodiment of the north, cold and powerful. A warning to those who make enemies of him. He is powerful. By how much remains to be seen.

Goku –

In Goku's line of sight was something he never thought he would see when coming to a new world. A small green creature like the Saiba men when Vegeta first visited earth. It was coming towards him. It must have a been a creature of pure magic because he can feel the magic coming off it in waves.

"Hi there, what's your name? You wouldn't happen to know where I am would you?"

"My name is too long for you humans to pronounce. Call me leaf. What are you? You are no human. I can feel the power you possess the moment you set foot in here."

"So, you could already sense my power huh? And I thought I had it properly concealed. My name is Goku, I am a traveller from another world looking to start my life anew. You need not feel threatened by me. If I wanted to hurt you, you wouldn't see it coming."

"Follow me human, the green seer will receive you now."

"A green seer? What is a green seer?" Asked Goku as he followed leaf

"You will see for yourself human."

Normal POV –

To the three eyed raven, the presence of the person walking towards him might as well have been one of the old Gods, the magic radiating from them as bright as the moon itself. He could see him now, a man a black spikey hair protruding in all directions, cold intelligent silver eyes, as bright as the moon itself, walking the confidence and grace of a warrior and a king. Truly this world is blessed.

"Welcome to well, less than savoury abode young warrior. I am Ser Brynden Rivers, but you might also know as the 3 eyed raven. What is your name?"

"The pleasure is all mine Sir Brynden, my name is Goku and you could consider me a traveller of sorts. Looking for a place to call home. I was told by your friend here I could find some answers as to where I am?" Said Goku while pointing to leaf.

Sensing many other life signatures similar to leaf's own Goku looked around briefly and spotted other green skins similar to leaf's own, all looking at with wonder and others a little bit of fear.

"What are you guys?" questioned Goku, a little confused as to who they are.

"We are the children of the forest. What is left of us after the humans nearly wiped us out." Said leaf

"Humans? Humans live here?"

Giving leaf a sympathetic look, he knelt down in front of her, at least he is convinced she is a she anyway, asking,

"Tell me what happened."

"Goku there isn't any need, remember your ability to look into ones past and see what they have seen?"

"Yes I remember."

"Leaf do you trust me?"

"What do you want do human?"

"It's a technique of mine. I can look into ones past and see what they have seen. Trust me it is painless. All I have to do is place my hand on your hand and close your eyes alright?"


Placing his hands of her head Goku closed his eyes to see what she saw. He is definitely convinced she is female. Why didn't he ask leaf you might ask my readers? Its quite simple. An unwritten rule all males must follow. You never ask a woman about her gender. She will kick your ass into next Sunday and Goku doesn't want to be on the receiving end of that again. He has plenty of experience already and isn't keen on adding to it. We all know the saying "The definition of insanity is doing the same things expecting different results." Goku is not insane. Maybe during his younger years but that is neither here nor there.

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