I was always in the hospital due to some malady or another. I had a weak body, I always had.

I was there that day for a check up when I saw that boy.

Ben Tennyson.

I had followed his exploits on the extranet. I wondered what he had done to land himself in the hospital.

Didn't his aliens protect him from injury?

I know if I had the Omnitrix, I'd turn myself into the most healthy, indestructible alien out there.

But despite my ill health, I did have my spiritual powers. I went into my hero's room and sat beside him.

His eyelids flickered in nightmare, and his body was still and flush with fever. Whatever battle he had faced, it had not left him unscathed.

I took his hand and silver light flowed from my body to his.

Spirit energy. The energy that all beings have within them.

Slowly his breathing calmed, and he relaxed.

I stood slowly—I can't move very fast—and headed out the door.

"Where are you going?"


Ben waited for the girl to turn back. She stiffened, a deer in the headlights.

"I-I'm sorry. I'll be going now." She said, not turning around.

"Wait!" Ben said.

He couldn't let her leave. He didn't know why this strange, sad girl had saved him, but she had, and he didn't want her to go back to being alone.

"Stay with me—please." Ben said.

The girl turned and sat beside him.

"I'm Ben Tennyson." Ben said.

"I know who you are." The girl said. 'I'm Kurisuta Hikawa. I'm a priestess."

"So that light, and your powers?" Ben asked.

"It was spirit energy." Kuri said. "You...You're alright now?"

Ben nodded. "Why is no one here?"

Kuri smiled a little. "They'll be back. I have to go."

She kissed his forehead.

"Don't be so reckless. For me."

Ben wondered if he would ever see this mysterious, enigmatic girl again.