Jedi Knights Shay Cormac and Hope Jensen went to (Fallen Planet Name, FPN.) to find a Light Side object that a Manuscript and a box had lead them to. The planet was full of life and the Light Side of the Force. They were sent by the leader of their Jedi Enclave, Achilles. They found the object in a church on a pillar but when Shay touch it the spike object turn to dust. Then from the pillar where the object had been Dark Side energy started coming out. The ground shook Shay and Hope ran out side and saw the city being destroyed and the people dying and then being consume by Dark Side energy. They ran and mange to get back to their ship and take off away from the planet that had fallen to the Dark Side. "What have we done!" Said Shay and Hope couldn't help but agreed with him.

Back at the Jedi Enclave on (Jedi Enclave Planet, JEP.)

Shay storm into Achilles's room and began to scream him before Hope can stop him. She force herself between Shay and Achilles trying to make herself a barrier between them before Shay do something that he will regret later. She put her hands on his shoulder and look into his dark eyes trying to get him look at her brown eyes but his eyes is only focusing on Achilles.

"Shay don't be stupid, an planet destruction cannot triggered by a single man." This has causes Shay's anger to increase but stop as he felt Hope's gripe tighten and he look in to her eyes and saw her begging him to calm down and it work. As Hope saw Shay calm down enough she loses her gripe on his shoulder and turn to face her mentor.

"Achilles what Shay said is truth, I also saw the Light side artifact broken into piece and it unleashed a bunch of Dark Side energy…" Shay was great that Hope is standing on his side. "Enough of this Hope!" Achilles said angry stopping whatever she is going to say. The he pointed a finger at her and with fire in his eyes.

"Hope do you remember what I teacher when you first join the Jedi, evil will anything to get their hand on the objects and control the galaxy with it, everything we try to protect and everyone that sacrifice will be in vain." Achilles said and look at both of them. "Please Achilles the artifacts cannot be control by the man, don't let the death of your family blind you…" A sharp pain in her cheek stop whatever she is going too said and the force push her back. Shay quickly get hold of her before she hit the floor, he look at her and saw a reddish hand print on her cheek and a trill of blood began to flow out her mouth.

"How dare you judge me Hope Jensen?" Achilles said with furious and Shay fell the angry back to his blood but he didn't launch at Achilles because Hope is in his arms and the hurt look in hers eyes. Liam and another Jedi walk into the room as they hear the shouting sound of their mentor. "What has happen in here?" Liam ask loudly as he saw Hope is in Shay's arms and Achilles looks like he is going to kill someone. "Liam take this two outside." Achilles order Liam and Liam obey his order without a word, he griped Shay's arm and push him out the room along with Hope, and he didn't see Hope's expression as she is hiding her face in Shay's clothes.

Hope jump a little as Shay appeal the ointment on her bruising cheek. "Hope do you want me to continue?" Shay ask as he stop to appeal the ointment to her cheek. Hope just nodded and let Shay continue the work. They are now sitting outside the enclave as Liam brought them out the building to let them cold down their mind in the hush winter wind. Shay put away the ointment as he finish. "If Achilles didn't stop searching for those artifact the incident that happen in (Fallen Planet Name.) will happen again." Shay said as the look at the fire that burning in front of him. "Shay please he lost his son recently …"Hope began to say the direction of the manor but stop as Shay grab her shoulder and turn her to face him with fire in his eyes. "You still defend him even after he slapped you." Shay said with angry. "You have misunderstand what I am going to said but Shay you are right, Achilles must be stopped." She look into his dark eyes with determine and Shay too.

They began to make a plan because they know Achilles will not stop no matter what they said. They plan to steal the manuscript the Achilles searching for the others temple on other planets and hide it in a place that no one will find it. They put out the fire with the snow and began the plan. They walk inside the enclave like nothing had happen and find out that Achilles is still in the meeting with other Jedi about the Jedi matter. Shay and Hope sneak into Achilles room and took the manuscript from Achilles's drawer and Hope jump out the window first to make sure the path is safe for them to escape.

Hope suddenly hear noise coming from above then the window broken and after a few minutes Shay flow through the window and land on the fresh snow beneath him. Hope hurry to his side and help him to his feet. She hear sound from above her and saw Achilles looking down at her with widen eyes then angry finally ice cold that freeze her to her core. Shay watch Hope froze and quickly pull her hand and began to take off from the enclave towards the ships, the warm from his's hand pull her out from the frozen state and began to run alongside with him as the wind carry Achilles's order behind them.

The other Jedi try to stop them but they skillfully avoid them and gain distance between them and Jedi. They got to the ships. Shay wait Hope to shake off his hand and run to the Jedi. But to his surprise she didn't, instead she tighten her hold and smile at him. They jump into a ship and took off from the planet. But the Jedi were right behind them.

As they enter space and set hyperdrive the comms lit up and Liam voice came from it. Shay and Hope knew Liam was in one of the ships following them. "Hope, Shay what are you two doing, give back the manuscript, I sure Achilles will…" Liam trying to reasoning with them. "We can't, Liam not after all those souls that lost." Shay lower his head and say sadly. "Why are you doing this?" Liam ask with sadness in his voice the question directed toward Hope. "The same reason with Shay." Hope said to him with a sadden voice. They sense Liam harden and pointed his guns at their ship. "Give it back now or I will take it back from your body, Shay." Shay look at Hope who nodded that the Hyperdrive was ready. They place their hands over the liver.

"After all the souls that lost, two more didn't matter." Shay said and

As they ready to jump but as the stars began to form into the tunnel of hyperspace there was a explosion from the rear. The ship rock and seem to tumble still in hyperspace. Shay and Hope were flung around room. Then there explosions and Shay knew no more.