Chapter 1

[Age 729]

At first it was confusion, on not understanding how I was alive. Even if I was I would be on a hospital bed with a full-body casket missing some limbs. It was fairly confusing for a guy to suddenly wake up feeling fine-even if a bit drowsy-and find himself floating in a Glass-tube. It took a while but after a moment-and seeing my tail- I was sure I'm not a human anymore. In fact I've already seen this scene.

I am now a member of the proud Saiyan Race. So second came as exciting. I mean who wouldn't be if they were reborn as a Saiyan. But it didn't last long. Cause the Third came in the form of absolute horror at the future enemies I'm facing. IF I even survive Frieza's extermination. Mind the emphasis on IF.

Third was curiosity on like what do I look like-Aside from having a tail. Or how strong I am. I mean I feel pretty strong. It maybe from the adrenaline I 've got earlier from my self-horrer but I do feel strong. In fact, I can even feel my energy. Weird maybe it's a Saiyan thing. Yeah now I remember they said that the Saiyans can naturally control their energy. The stronger the Saiyan the Faster and smoother he can control his Ki.

My powerlevel had to be at least 12 since the first time Goku use Ki he had a power level of twelve. So I assume the you have to at a certain level to be able to use control Ki. And then the Final stage came in exsparation and disbelief at who are my parents. My Father is the First Super Saiyan. Yep you heard me I'm the son of Bardock and Gine.

My name is name Cumber. Named after a fucking Glorified Dildo. I have nothing against Cucumbers but named after one of them is just-AHHHHHH. Anywho, when they came the doctor decided to talk about my development. Apparently I'm now 9 months old. Saiyan babies are took from their mothercs womb when they are 2 months old and put in the incubator to avoid the difficulties of Pregnancy. Basically they love fighting to much that the found a way to not sit still for 9 months.

The doctor told me I was a healthy baby but a little too big for a standard baby. Bardock doesn't care and just think that as a sign to having a strong son. Nine hundred and Ninety, that's my power level. Bardock's own was just over 3000 and Gine was 1600 so I'm born either before Goku or Raditz. They were a happy couple. Gine because Bardock's happy and Bardocks because he has a son who has a big potential and power. And I think the only reason he came is to check my power level.

*Sigh* Poor Guy… his next two son will have Shitty power levels. Also this Bardock doesn't have a red band and his armor is yellow like in the DBS: Broly. This is fucking Canon now isn't it. Do I fuck it up or not. A hard choice. Oh they're arguing… about me? Oh shit they're going to send me to an another planet aren't they. I'm gonna commit genocide. Hell… Yeah! I was called apathic in real life and I've killed my share of people.

The only thing that pumps in my old life was fighting in the Ring, Training and Watching Anime. What a productive life right? And now I can go Oozaru on their asses and kill legally. I mean technically not legal but the Galatic Patrol don't dare to touch the Cold Empire and Frieza, he's an agent of Destruction for God's sake. On a side note watch out for Jealous King and the Legendary Baby. The latter will be gone soon but until Goku is born those are the only real problems.

[Age 737]

It's Feburary and my birthday. I'm anxious 2 months until Frieza snap and kill the Saiyans. And I've got Bad News and Worse News. The Bad news is this is an AU. There was no Broly. Paragus has a Daughter that's my age. Her name is Cass. She is born with a higher power level than normal but not even as high as mine. Her power-level was 720 so above average but not that much Compared to Vegeta's 9000.

Definitely becoming a strong Saiyan Woman. And I had her do mission with me regularly for Frieza. So we'll survive when Frieza decided to destroy the planet. And here's the worse news it's been a long time since I learn to hide my power level. The problem is I'm improving wayyyy to fast. Considering there is no Broly there's only one possible answer for my improvements. I'm the Legedary Super Saiyan. Oh I train like desprately and sometime without sleep for weeks. But my power-level keep increasing for even the smallest of movements.

I'm only 8 years and my power-level is over 9000… multiplied by 9000. So about 81,000,000 I can take on Frieza and kill him before he transforms. But my Pride wouldn't let me do it. It demands me to fight at full power against Frieza.

And It went up again for breathing. This is some plot armor. If Broly was the main character we'll all puke from the relative ease he could breeze through the entire series worth of Villains. Unlike Broly I can go Ozzaru because my body is stable enough. And I can do his yellow eyes too. People called it Wrath Form. And yes I do feel a lot of Anger at first but meditation always helps… If you do it for half a dozen hours a day.

Among the strike forces my team-which is named Gamma(Fitting) and consist of only 1 adult and three kids(cliche)- has the lowest average power level not counting mine. I let my power level display at 8,100. Cassa is 1,780. Luffa (a girl) she's about 12 and have a power level of 890. Tunnip (also a girl) has a power level of 1,060 at the age of 13. And our temporary teacher who is an asshole is 1,300 at the age of 30 or more.

He looked like 40 but with Saiyans you'll never know. The shithead wants to be the Alpha of a group made of Kiddies. And with a power level like that I can see his inferiority Complex. Actually he has a lot of Complexes. And he had it out for me because of two things. One Bardock stole(in his words) Gine from him. And slept with two different gilfriends of his when they were younger.

Not to be sound insulting to other wimpy looking guys out there but this guy is a wimp and he is a coward. He is also a liar and likes to take credits from other people. He is the reason I decided to put my power level at that much. So he'll know who he's messing with. The whole team hates him cause he's also a pervert. He is one messed up motherfucker and coming from me it's something.

Sure Saiyans mature fast. Hell! I'm ten, haven't even hit puberty and I'm 5' 8" tall. I know My team is consist of beauties that will blossom to even more beautiful girls but he's like thrice their age. Not even at the age of consant even by Saiyan Standards.

Anyway, perverted loser aside it's time for a backup plan. An authorized ship with no connection to the main base. Just in case if Frieza thinks we're too much of a threat. Why now? Cause I've got a message that I have to be in Planet Vegeta within about 2 months. But Hey this give me good news. I can kill this fucker. Better go tell Cassa and the Girls. They are dying for some action and yes it's a pun but I won't let them die.

They're my friends after all. And also I better save Mom and Dad too. I never had a mom and this is my first time experiencing mother's love. Even if it's a bit too much sometime. What about that Rascal Raditz? Nah he'll die 25 years later. I'll meet him then, Better late than never.

To be Continued

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