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Chapter 1

(Age 737: Frieza's Judgement)

In the vast endless space a lone pod was travelling through the blackness. There are two occupants on that ship. And their destination the Purple Menace: Planet Vegeta. Obviously the two are saiyans. Both low-class but one has power that shouldn't belong in tht class.

As they few through the atmosphere the pilots saw the brown Surface and the various houses littered around. The placement look backwater and not a speck of other color other than brown and yellow could be found. Meaning it was a plain dirt field.

As the ship land two figure came through. One has a blah blah blah and another one has a palm tree style hair and scar on his left cheek. A red scouter on his left and wearing a standard Black Saiyan armor with yellow accents and shoulder pads.

His name is Bardock, In one future he will be known as the Father of the Super Saiyan God and the First Super Saiyan. But it was not this world nor this future. In this world he will be known as the Father of the Legendary Super Saiyan. As soon as he landed he casually loaded a bag filled with essentials before he left for the mission along with the meat he got for his wife. Gine, the Butcher. As he enter the tent he heard her voice.

" Welcome back Sweetie." Gine said as she turn and hugged him. His wife is of petite frame and a wild mane-like hair which Cumber inherited along with his spikiness. He pity his eldest son whenever he has to wash his hair but not as Raditz. The boy may not know about personal Hygiene now but when he does it will be too late. It might take a whole strike force of elite fighters to clean it.

Speaking of his son he remembered his youngest, Kakarot. The boy was born with an even more lower power-level than Raditz. Who he thought was an exception. It's like all of the good genes both body and power went to Cumber. He should've known that when the doctor said the baby is as big as an Year old when he was born that the doctor was up to something. Trying to lay some hidden messages. The eye pointing thing back then must has been it.

He shook his head. He was thinking too much again. He had an immediate problems at hand like why has Frieza ordered the whole planet to return from the missions. Oh who was he kidding the bastard is going to kill them. Most of them if not all for something he found annoying. Maybe it was his fear? Haha jst thinking about it makes him laugh.

The mighty emperor of the Cold Empire scared of a bunch of monkeys?(The bastard's words, not his) Still when he is on the object where is his eldest. He contacted him Three weeks ago to meet him on the other side of the planet. Why? He didn't know but with how serious the normally ampathic kid sound he knows it has something to do with this.

Wha? What is hitting his chest. Oww it stings but as a Proud Saiyan he wouldn't flinch from the sudden attacks. He looked down and saw hi wife pouting and hitting his chest with angry wailings. And he just had this brilliant Iead to sent Kakarot away too. Now how is he going to convince her.

(Meanwhile: Across the other side of the planet)

With Cumber

You must be wondering. Why the other side of tbe planet?. Well Frieza is going to attack from the front so he needs to use the back exit. And he hope that Goku was already sent away. He didn't want to fuck up Canon more than this.

He could take on Frieza in his 100% but his power is quite not there. In contrast to Frieza's 120 Million his was only 117 Million now. He could get a last minute training and surpass it but it would take time. Time he doesn't have if he want to save his teamates and his parents. And their showdown can destroy the planet they're fighting in. So it was sad to see it go (Not really) but Vegeta will be destroyed.

But he will be testing out a move he's been creating for future beam struggles with Goku and Vegeta. Fuck this is going to be glorious. One last Goodbye to Frieza before I'll kill him 25 years later. By then I will be Holy fuck 33. Shit go forward ten years when Buu arrive I'll be fucking forty-three. And that is not counting the fucking time I will spend in the Room of Spirit and Time.

When Beerus arrive I will be at least 50 or more. And only 30 more years to fight. That is not good. Maybe it will work differently for the Legendary Super Saiyan? Only time will tell.

Wait I can sense a power level big enough for the planet filled with power-levels barely over 4-digits. And a smaller one. I think that's mom. Yeah definitely mom. No one but a mother couldn't have a power level that low with an aura that makes my flight and flight instincts go wild.

I haven't called her in 4 weeks. Shit! I'm going to get an earful. Infront of Cassa, Luppa and Tunnip. It is going to be humiliating.


Alright better get this over with. She's more moody than usual. Dad did you knock her up again? I swear the two of you will be enough to make the Saiyans repopulate on Earth by the time Kakarot have Gohan.

"Cassa set course to Yardrat. Paragus-san can you double check the quarantine? And Luppa and Tunnip finish loading the rest of the supplies, double-time! Get to it People" And I will need to face my strongest enemy. Among the list of strongest and scariest unbeattable opponents list, all of them slipped down a Rank. And in Number one ranked the Ultimate Opponent named Mother's Wrath.

*Sigh* This is my life. Done in by an angry saiyan mother. Goodbye World. It was nice while it lasted.

(Timeskip brough to you by Gine beating down a Transformed Rampaging Ozzaru Cumber by hacking him with her butcher knife)

*Shivers* I am never experiencing that shit again. As I was suffering from the aftermath Gine…

*Twinkle* looked as fresh as flowers. Is she sparkeling? This isn't an Anime-Oh!… It is… Fuck!

Anyway I explained the situation to Bardock and Gine. Bardock immediately aggreed. He already knew or had suspisions about Frieza's Betrayal. Gine was reluctant about leaving Raditz. I told her he's with Vegeta so he'll be fine. I've already explained the plan to my crew plus Paragus. We will be leaving the outer space and when Frieza makes his move I will too. And After that I will meet them on board and we'll go our merry way to Planet Dirt-I mean Earth.

Gosh I am becoming more and more of a Saiyan(Read: Asshole) everyday. Anyway we better move on because I sensed a massive ball of ki coming of Ki coming our way.

"Alright. You know what to do. Everyone move out." "Right!" "Yes!" "Kay" " Got it" such an unorganized group I have. Note the deadpan.

I clear my mind and gather Ki to both of my hands and spread my arms like Vegeta Final Flash pose. Two swirling balls of Green Ki appeared in my hands. And I fed both of them more power and as well as supressing their size to not go over the size of a basketball.

Even though I have not thought of the name before hand I just instinictively called out.

The two swirling balls of ki combined into a beam of spiralling destruction as it flew through the space as the speed of light.


"Alright Open the hud I'm coming in." I said through my Scouter (Still don't know why I've kept the thing) and panted. Man that took a lot out of me. Time to go. Next stop Yardrat. Instant Transmission here I come.

Wait what happened to Kakarot? Meh he'll be fine. Probably.

(Sometime Later)

In a hall on an unknown planet there sit a lone figure on the throne. The figure was tall easily reaching Seven Feet, purple skinned and with horns on his head. In front of him kneel a frog-like alien who is currently trembling as if he was standing near an unstable nuclear reactor. But considering the news he gave the powerful being. He might as well as has.

"So your saying that Frieza is dead. Because of an unknown attacker who is strong enough to wipe out an entire army along with my son? Is that correct?" The servant who is likely a messenger could only nod as he swallow a lump in his throat.

" Intresting… Send a message to my other son Cooler." The now revealed King Cold said as he rose from the throne after a moment of thought.

" Dephending on his mood he will either like it or despise it." Mused the King as he dismissed the messenger.

"Yes, Your Majesty" The fearful servant stutters as he hastend out of the room.

" An Unknown Fighter Hmm? No it wasn't an unknown. The legends must be true after all. About the Legendary Super Saiyan. I can't wait to meet you. Monkey… KehakehaKEHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAAAHHAHAH!" And the chapter ends witht he maddedning laugh of the Tyrant.

To Be Continued

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