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It was a normal day for the Straw Hats. The weather was nice, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue without a single cloud on sight, and even the sea was calm as it mirrored the beautiful sky on its surface.

On the newly built Thousand Sunny, a beautiful melody of a violin being played which was accompanied by the sound of a happy laughter could be heard ringing throughout the whole ship. The Straw Hats had just sailed away from the mysterious Florian Triangle, and now currently on their way to their next destination.

It had been a few days after the crew's battle against one of the Sichibukai, Gecko Moria. Despite the many challenging and horrifying experiences that not only drained them out physically but also mentally, Luffy and the others managed to beat the odds and came out victorious at the end of the day.

Defeating a Sichibukai was definitely one of the crew's greatest achievements so far!

Not only they survived a battle against a Sichibukai, but they also gained a new crew member along the way! 'Brook' was the name of their new comrade. Unlike a normal human being, Brook was a man who died before coming back to live due to the ability of his Devil Fruit. But he also remained as a skeleton due to the fact that his soul took such a long time to find his body back. And when he did, all was left of him was just bones and his afro hair that he was very proud of.

So yes, adding to the crew's list of unusual members, Brook was the living skeleton that the crew first encountered in the mysterious Florian Triangle.

Once the battle was over, the crew had a party to celebrate their victory with some of the survivors of Thriller Bark. And it could be said that the one who was most happy and excited at the end of the day, was Nami, the money-loving woman.

The orange-haired navigator was so happy when she found so many treasures on the ship, even though she knew that it wasn't the work of any of the members in the crew.

But did she care? Absolutely not!

Recovering from her state of drooling over her treasures, the 'Beri' sign in her eyes instantly disappeared. As soon as she calmed down, she noticed Luffy, who was sitting on the railing as he stared at the vast ocean alone. Thinking about a certain Vivre Card, Nami shook her head before making her way towards her captain without further thinking.

They all knew that Luffy was the one who was the most worried about the unknown situation of his big brother, Ace, even though he was the one who told them not to worry about it.

"Luffy." She called out to him. "Are you sure about this?"

Knowing what she was referring to, Luffy assured her that it was fine and that she really didn't have to worry about it at all. But of course, she wasn't convinced. Brook, who was sitting not far from them, happened to overhear their conversation.

"Luffy-San, I don't mind taking an alternate route." He spoke, and the rest also gathered around them. The soothing sound of the violin didn't stop as he continued to speak. "So far, there is no need for me to worry about how Laboon is waiting for me, because what is more important is to live until we meet again!"

Franky and Usopp both agreed with Brook's passionate speech.

"Luffy, we don't mind taking a detour!" Usopp claimed as Chopper cheered around his shoulder. Even Robin, Zoro and Sanji smiled, showing their agreement and support.

Feeling touched with his crew's endless support, Luffy flashed them the perfect 'D' smile on his face. Grateful for having such a supporting and understanding crew, he assured them once again that he was indeed fine and that they didn't have to worry about Ace as his big brother alone was stronger than all of them combined. He would surely be able to get himself out of whatever trouble that was holding him back at the moment.

After that, with Luffy as the initiator, they ended up celebrating Brook's joining the crew for the second time under the excuse that Zoro missed out the first celebration.

That day, they partied hard until late at night.

The next day.

The crew spent the day doing their own things.

Luffy, Usopp and Chopper were fishing as they sat on the railing with such a great concentration on their faces. Franky was trying to build something somewhere around the ship. Robin was reading a book not far from where the youngest three at with Brook next to her as he played a calming melody with his violin. Zoro was sleeping at his usual spot, while Sanji was busy preparing lunch at the kitchen.

As for Nami, she was busy writing some letters for her sister, Nojiko.

A while after that, Luffy was feeling tired and bored from waiting for the fishes to bite his bait. Looking around the place to find something else that could entertain him, he saw Nami who was scribbling something on a piece of paper. Not wanting to fish anymore, he went to disturb his navigator.

"Nami, what are you doing?" He asked as soon as he reached her side.

Pushing away Luffy's face that was too close to her own face, she replied "Writing a letter for my sister. Nojiko told me before that I should write her some letters to make sure that I'm fine. Plus, with all of the troubles that we have been facing lately, if I don't explain what truly happened, who knows how they would react?"

Luffy blinked and stared deeply at some of the finished letters before asking "Do you miss her?"

"Of course! I haven't contacted her or Genzo-San ever since we left Cocoyashi." She sighed, raising her head to meet Luffy's curious gaze. "Our bounties must've been delivered to the village by now, so I ought to write some to them already."

Hearing the word 'bounties', Chopper who overheard their conversation, whimpered when he thought about his value as a pirate at the mere total of '50 Beris'.

"This is not fair!" He cried out in grief.

"Shhhhh! Chopper, you're scaring them away!" Usopp complained. The sniper then groaned when he witnessed that one fish that was as big as his hand managed to slip away after it ate his bait.

Luffy snickered at them before mumbling to himself "Maybe I should write some to Nee-Chan too.. But I don't even know where she is right now."

Thinking of certain someone that was far away in the New World that he hadn't reached yet, he looked at Robin .

"Hey, Robin!"

"Yes, Luffy?" Robin put down the book that she had been reading and gave her attention to him.

"Do you know if I can send a letter to someone in the New World?"

Brook stopped playing his violin, and stared at his new captain in confusion. "But Luffy-San, why would you want to send a letter to someone in the New World? Do you know anyone there?"

Now Usopp, Chopper and Nami abandoned what they were doing and looked at him questioningly. Even Robin had completely abandoned her book and said "Well, there is a way, but who exactly do you want to send the letter to, Luffy?"

"My sister!" Luffy answered cheerfully. "My older sister! Shishishishi, I haven't seen her ever since she sailed away to the Grand Line first. Last time in Alabasta, Ace said that he met her in the New World not too long ago. Man, Ace even got himself beaten up half to death by her shishishishi!"


The five of them stared at him with their eyes widened. Zoro who was sleeping at his usual spot not far from them was now awake with his eyes opened wide in surprise. Even Sanji's head was poking through the door of the galley just to stare at Luffy with his cigarette almost dropped to the floor in disbelief.


"You have an older sister? And she has already reached the New World?!"

"Is she older than Ace?"

"How strong is she?"

"How does she look like? Is she as beautiful as our Nami-Swan?"

"Then I must see her with my own two eyes. But I don't have eyes anymore! Skull jokes! Yohohohoho!"

"What's her name?"

Although they kept bombarding him with strange questions, Luffy kept the big smile on his face and responded happily "Her name is Naru!"

"Monkey D Naru!"

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