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Introducing the Three Siblings

When she realized that she was about to go through her second life in a completely different world than her first life in the Elemental Nations, Uzumaki Naru couldn't describe her feelings well.

She remembered dying in Sakura's arms with the rest of the original Team 7 there. That was when they were just done saving the whole shinobi world by taking down the enemies that also included a freaking Goddess of all things. So when she died, she naturally expected herself to end up in the Pure World and welcomed by the likes of her deceased parents, Ero-Sennin and even Neji!

But no!

Instead of the so called Pure Land, she opened her eyes for the first time since she died only to see that she was in a very unfamiliar surrounding. And instead of the faces of her parents, she was greeted with the shocking sight of two unknown men staring down at her as if she was some kind of a weird freaking creature!

The worst part was that, she couldn't even move her body as she wished! She couldn't stand up, heck she couldn't even freaking speak! The only thing that came out of her mouth was some nonsense sounds that babies always made!

Suddenly, she froze at her thought.


Naru tried to calm herself, and forced herself to ignore the strange men and observed her surrounding. She noticed that she was laying down inside of what looked like a wooden cage but with nothing at the top. She wiggled her neck, and caught a glimpse of a pudgy hand that she knew instantly was hers, but at the same time wasn't hers.

It took her quite a few moments to realize that the wooden cage was actually a crib meant for babies, and that she was in fact... in a body of a baby.

A newborn baby to be exact.

'What the heck is this situation ttebayo?!'

She didn't know what kind of face that she made at the moment, but the two unknown men suddenly started to talk to each other in a very unfamiliar language that sounded gibberish to her ears. The total confusion of her situation and the creepiness that she felt from being stared suddenly awakened the baby instinct within her.

So, she ended up crying.

Her sudden act of crying alarmed the two men as they exchanged more words before one of them, the older one between the two, picked her up and carefully nestled her in his big muscular arm, while his other hand was used to wipe away her tears. Surprisingly, despite his rough appearance, he was quite gentle in handling her.

But Naru didn't have the time to care about the details, as she was still busy freaking out!

'What the heck am I crying for?! And put me down, dammit!'

"Shut up. I'm trying to sleep." A familiar voice suddenly rang inside her head, causing her to freeze.

Still crying in the old man's arm, she responded 'Kurama..? Is that you?'

A familiar sigh, she heard before the voice inside her head said "Yes, it is me. Now quit your crying. You're giving me a headache."


While Naru was having her own internal struggles, the two men were still conversing with each other.

"This is the first time she open her eyes and she immediately cried after seeing you! Bwahahahahaha!"

"We could not be sure that she didn't cry because of you instead."

"Hah! As if! Look at how calm she is in my arm."


The baby in his arm actually stopped crying when she felt the comforting feeling of being rocked back and forth. Of course, it mainly had to do with Kurama's familiar presence that put her at ease, but she did feel some kind of a connection with these two strangers. Considering her situation, she wondered if these two had some kind of a relation with this body, her new body.

The realization that she was starting to accept her reality in a short kind of disturbed her a little bit, but at least she was calm now.

The two men then continued to talk to each other in that unfamiliar language. Naru who obviously couldn't understand them, chose to observe them carefully.

The one who was holding her was obviously older than the other one. He had some gray strands among his black hair, a beard and a scar over his left eye. The other man had a long unruly black hair and he had a red tattoo on the right side of his face. Both had that fierceness in their eyes, but even that couldn't hide the warm affection that she could see in them.

Suddenly, she yawned as she scolded this body for being so weak and for getting tired so easily. As her eyes were slowly getting closed, she saw the man with the red tattoo gazed at her with overflowing affection in his eyes.

'Kurama.. I'm tired..'

"Go to sleep, kit. I'm here."

'You sure?'

"Yes, I will always be here with you."

That was the last thing that she heard before darkness greeted her.

Months after that day..

Naru was frozen in shock when she finally got to see herself in the mirror. Taking advantage of the fact that she was now able to control her new body and now able to walk, Naru went to where she knew a mirror was kept just because she was curious of her current appearance.

She knew that because she was a child of another couple and not the daughter of Minato and Kushina anymore, she would certainly looked different.

But she didn't expect that her current appearance would be like this!

'What is this?!'

"You look ugly." Kurama commented harshly.

'This is a serious matter, Kurama! I look like a mixture of myself and Sasuke!'

"Like I said, ugly."

In that mirror was a barely one year old baby girl with a pair of big blue eyes. And there were also three thin lines on her chubby cheeks.

In short, she looked the same. Adorable. And she quite liked it that she had the resemblances with her old self.

Except for the black hair.

Yes. While she retained the same shade of blue for the colour of her eyes and also her whisker mark, she apparently, didn't have the same hair coloring like her Papa Minato. Instead, she had a completely dark hair!

Not far from her, a woman with orange hair stared in confusion at the baby who kept on scowling at her own reflection on the mirror as she made an attempt to grab her hair.

'Why is Garp's brat is so weird?' She wondered to herself, before leaving to prepare some baby food for the brat.

Three years later.

"East Blue is one of the 4 seas..."

The whole room was filled with the sound of Naru's childish voice as she continued to read a book that contained the basic information of this world.

At the age of three, she was already able to speak and read the language used by the people of this world. It was all thanks to her mentality as an adult and her strong refusal to use kiddy speech to interact with other people that she managed to bring herself to actually study at the age of infancy.

As she was reading the text as slowly as she could on purpose, she could also feel two pairs of eyes burning holes at the back of her head. Pretending to be oblivious, she did her best to ignore them.

At the door, two people were busy talking to each other as they stared at the three years old brat who was too 'immersed' in her reading to notice them.

"To think that she's already able to read at such an early age." Garp said.

"Yeah, the brat started to read a few months ago. I am actually quite impressed." Dadan commented.

"Well of course! She's my granddaughter after all! Bwahahahaha!" Garp boasted before praising the woman for doing such a great job in raising his granddaughter to be a literate person despite being raised under the cares of a bunch of rough mountain bandits.

"O-Of course! Naru is not that hard to take care of ahahahahahah!" Dadan laughed nervously. She couldn't actually tell this man that nobody in the house was the one that taught the brat anything useful other than telling her not to cry and cause a mess around the house. The brat herself was too smart that she was able to take care of herself even without anyone to supervise her.

That kid literary just taught herself on how to read!

On her own!

"Then I'm sure you can take care of another one, right?" Garp suddenly placed a hand on the woman's shoulder.

Dadan blinked. "Eh?"





"Who's this, grandpa?" Naru asked with a perfect image of a clueless innocent little child as she stared at Garp with her big sparkly blue eyes, before turning her attention to the crying baby that the old man just brought from out of nowhere.

Dadan on the other hand, looked like half of her soul had disappeared into nothingness as she went to drink her beer to calm herself.

"From now on, he will be your younger brother." Garp announced.

Intrigued, she poked the baby's chubby cheek softly with her finger. "What's his name?"

"Ace.." Garp responded. "His name is Ace. You can take care of him right? Now that you're a big sister, it is your responsibility to take care of your little brother, protect him and teach him to be a good person."

Naru thought that those things were naturally what an older sibling should do. So she nodded her head "Mm! Don't worry, Naru will protect him!"

She also didn't forget to answer in such a cute way, much to Kurama's chagrin. She was having too much fun in pretending to be an 'innocent' human kid, he thought.


"Yes, Grandpa?"

Garp looked at her, as if he was searching for something. Naru noted that the way he looked at her had suddenly changed. It was as if he didn't look at his precious granddaughter anymore, but instead he was looking deep into her eyes as if he was trying to intimidate her with his presence alone.

Forgetting that she was supposed to be a 'cute innocent little child' who was only three, Naru stared at him back as if to say that she wasn't scared of his stern gaze just because he was a damn Vice Admiral that was feared by almost everyone else.

Yes, this old man was a very important individual.

Monkey D Garp was one of the two strangers that she first saw when she opened her eyes three years ago. The other one was supposed to be her 'father', whom she hadn't seen ever since that night. It seemed that her father actually abandoned her in the care of his own father, who in the end tossed his responsibility to a leader of a group of mountain bandits that lived at the mountain.

Naru didn't ask Garp or anyone else about her father. Nor did she even plan to ask about the mother that have given birth to her body. She knew that this world was just as dangerous as the shinobi world, and the possibility of dying due to childbirth was a normal case in both worlds.

So she didn't ask. And nobody made the effort to tell her anything either.

"Do you want to become a marine?" Garp suddenly asked.

She blinked at him. "Marine? Like you?"

"Yes. Becoming a marine like me can give you the power to protect those who can't protect themselves. You can even protect yourself and your brother using the power of the marine."

Here, marine force was the military power of the World Government. Garp was the Vice Admiral of the marine force who was greatly respected and also feared by everyone. She heard that Garp had been offered multiple times to move into a higher rank, but strangely, he refused.

"If I join the marine, do I have to listen to anyone?"

"Well, yes."

"Then, I don't want to." She refused bluntly, before she resumed her attention back to Ace. Because of that, she missed the knowing gleam in the old man's eyes.

"Oh? And why is that so?"

Naru paused in whatever she was doing, then without turning to look at the old man, she gave her reason.

"Because I don't want to be controlled by anyone."

Soon after those words left her mouth, Naru regretted her answer immediately.

What did a 3 years old kid who haven't even stepped out of the mountain range even know about being controlled or not? She was supposed to be a clueless kid for God's sake!

But unexpectedly, she heard the familiar booming laugh of the old man and felt a sudden pressure on top of her head. She looked up and saw the grinning face of her grandfather.

Ruffling her hair, he said "Alright, as long as you don't become a pirate, you can do whatever you want. You can even conquer the whole sea if you want to! Bwahahahahaha!"

Then the man left, carrying along his laughter as it slowly faded away into the night.

Silently, Naru touched her head, and a smile slowly adorned her face. Then she laughed as she felt warmth inside her heart.

Even the baby, Ace, suddenly let out a cute giggle as they enjoyed the moment together.

"Say 'Ahh'~" Keeping the spoon closer to his face, Naru coaxed Ace to open his mouth so that she could feed him the porridge that Dogra had made earlier.

Ace obediently opened his mouth and soon after that, he could taste the delicious food.

"Delicious right?" Naru smiled warmly at her baby brother. Her smile widened when Ace giggled as he waved his tiny fists in the air, melting her heart at the cute sight.

'I wonder if Itachi also felt like this when Sasuke was a baby.' She thought, earning a snort from a certain fox when she mentioned the Uchiha brothers.

She ignored him in favor of giving all of her attention to Ace.

"Tch. Now that you have that brat, you don't even want to talk to me now?" Kurama snorted.

'Don't be so childish Kurama.' She shook her head mentally at the Kyubi's childish behavior. 'Ace is just a baby.'

It had been almost a year since Ace had been living with them, and he had captured her heart completely. Getting closer to her and not anyone else, Naru also wondered if the kid actually had a 'separation anxiety' since he would start to cry whenever she leave him even for a minute.

She didn't want Ace to feel lonely.

She hoped there was something that she could do so that her baby brother wouldn't feel so anxious whenever she separated herself from him.

Maybe she could find him a companion.

'What do you think of a cat for him, Kurama?'

"Don't ask me."

Another year later.

Naru was five and Ace was already two years old.

It was in the middle of the night and Naru was trying to put Ace to sleep, when she heard a loud banging on the door. Growing curious, she walked out of their room once she was sure that Ace was already fast asleep with Neko-San, his plushy by his side.

Someone was banging on the door and since it seemed like nobody else would open the door anytime soon, Naru took it upon herself to see who was the late visitor.

She opened the door, only to see her grandfather whom she hadn't seen since for at least 5 months, standing before her.


"Naru! How come you're still awake?"

Blinking, she asked "What are you doing here? In the middle of the night no less. You could've just come tomorrow."

"What a cold treatment." Garp commented, but he didn't look like he was offended at all. After all, it was already this late, and the brats should be sleeping by now.

Looking passed Garp, Naru caught the sight of someone standing not far behind the old man.

"Who's that?"

Not knowing what to say, the mysterious man coughed awkwardly. "Hello."

With her sharp eyes, how could she not notice the red tattoo on the right side of his face? That was her father right there, alright. The so called father whom she hadn't seen even once during these past five years since she opened her eyes.

But of course, she wasn't supposed to recognize him since they hadn't met yet.

So she moved passed Garp and stood before him. Both ended up staring at each other.

Naru with her childlike curiosity in her her big blue eyes, and that familiar face that reminded him of someone.

And Dragon with his own awkward expression on his stern face as he wondered how to greet his own daughter.

Both father and daughter stared at each other, and both refused to break eye contact first. If he thought that his stare was going to scare her away, then sorry to say that it would never happen.

Don't joke around!

She had faced so many lunatics before. His stare alone would not be able to shake away her stubbornness. With that thought in mind, she stared at him even harder. Or to be exact, she was actually glaring at him. In her mind, she appeared to be fierce looking, forgetting that her body was currently 5 and not 23. Therefore, she only appeared cute in their eyes.

"Bwahahahaha! Are you two done?" Asked Garp, interrupting them in their staring contest. He was clearly amused with the awkward interaction between the two.

"Who's this man, Grandpa?"

"That's your father." The Vice Admiral admitted bluntly as he picked his nose.

Said 'father' winced at his old man's bluntness, and almost flinched when he was met with his own daughter's judgmental stare, as if she was questioning him for being here.

His father had mentioned to him before that this daughter was a prodigy and quite sensitive with her own surrounding. So far, she had never asked anyone, whether her grandfather or Dadan of who was her father or mother or why her parents were never here for her.

Dragon was sorry, but it couldn't be helped. Hiding her here would be the safest option. And bringing her with him was not the best solution either. Hence, why he came to his father for help. After all, no matter how much the old marine disapproved of him, blood was still thicker than water.

Ignoring the look coming from his father, Dragon awkwardly said "Yes. I am your father. You've grown since the last time I saw you."

He winced at his own words. Of course she had grown! It had been 5 years! And based on the deadpan look of his daughter, she also thought the same.

"Then why are you here now?"

Dragon felt like his heart had been stabbed repeatedly with the sharpest knife in the world with her sharp words. But his face remained calm. But inside he was thinking about how should he answer her question. Even though his old man said that Naru was quite matured for her age and could accept any comment, he still didn't know how to respond to her question.

As for Naru, she was having her own conversation with Kurama. 'I don't think there's something bad about this guy.'

"He's clear. He doesn't feel bad."

When it came to the topic of her family in this world, the only people that she could truly call her family were Ace, Gramps (despite him always had to leave due to his work), and the Dadan Family.

She didn't ask about her parents because she learnt not to look for something that had never been there since the beginning.

Curiosity was the only thing that made her to wonder of her parents. Why did the father leave? Where was the mother? Did she die? Naru wanted to ask, but seeing the barely hidden pain in her father's eyes, she held back her tongue.

She had the feeling that the topic of her mysterious mother should be a sensitive topic for her father.

Being asked that question, neither Dragon or Garp could bring themselves to say anything as they exchanged glances with each other. Garp's eyes were telling him to answer her question, but suddenly there was a sudden sound of crying could be heard, startling the three of them.

Especially Naru.

'This familiar kind of crying... don't tell me..!'

Her eyes automatically wandered around to search for the source of crying until her bright eyes landed onto the small little bundle wrapped in a blue cloth that was currently resting in her father's arm. Huh, how could she miss that?

'In the name of Uchiha Madara, are you kidding me?! There's another one?!'

Even Kurama groaned. There was already that one brat that wouldn't stop clinging to his Jinchuuriki, now there would be another one?

Seeing that his daughter finally noticed the bundle in his arm, he cleared his throat and tried to explain. "This is your younger brother. He was born recently, and his name is Luffy."

"..." Naru was silent.

"..." Dragon was silent due to Naru being silent.

"..." Garp was silent due to them being silent.





"Take care of this one too, Dadan!" Garp laughed as he pushed the baby into the woman's arms before walking away.

Expecting Dadan to freak out, Naru was a little bit disappointed when the woman just stared in bewilderment at the baby, her new baby brother Luffy, before letting out a sigh as she accepted her fate.

It seemed like the woman was starting to accept her sudden role as a 'mother' ever since she had gotten Ace after three years with Naru.

She didn't even get paid for doing this! Damn you, Garp!


"Yosh! I did it!"

In the wood, Naru managed to create a Kage Bunshin on her first try, days after she managed to get accessed to her chakra.

She had already thinking of starting a proper training once she reached the appropriate age to start. And she thought that 8 was a good age, considering that kids go to the academy when they were 8. Before this, she had started in some taijutsu trainings to build up her physical endurance and stamina.

Which was actually a good thing because she didn't expect that Garp would take a sudden interest in training her. After seeing that she had shown a good potential to be a fighter, the Vice Admiral took it upon himself to train her when it came to physical training.

Needless to say, Naru was honestly surprised to see him using just a raw strength to lift up a boulder which was a hundred times bigger than himself! That guy was a monster! And she could sense no chakra from him either!

Actually, Naru didn't feel any chakra from this world at all. There was something around her that felt quite similar to a chakra, but at the same it didn't feel the same. She was still trying to figure out what kind of natural energy that she was surrounded with, and thankfully it didn't give her any harm.

On the other hand, training with Garp really tested her limits, because he didn't even have even a single shred of mercy when he was throwing those punches at her! But she had to admit that because of those extreme trainings with Garp, she improved quite a lot. At the same time, she was also having a lot of fun.

Her grandfather worked for this World Government, and he also had an important position in the marine force, which meant that he had to leave quite often for such a long time because of his duties. Naru understood that, hence why she always welcomed him with a warm smile every time he returned home.

For her, Garp was a little bit of mixture between Ero Sennin and old man Hokage. He gave her the warmth feeling of having a family. Especially after Luffy came into her life, she thought that her family here had grown bigger, and everyday was a fun day when she was with them.

Thinking of her brothers, Naru smiled.

After that, once she was done with her chakra exercises, she went back home. Just as when she went through the door, she was greeted with the sight of the 6 years old Ace who was carrying a laughing 3 years old Luffy on his back.



"Got anything?" Dadan asked on the other side.

"I left them outside." She responded as she took Luffy away from Ace before placing the youngest boy carefully in her arms. Earlier she went out to hunt before she went to her personal training ground.

Dadan nodded and instructed the other guys to prepare dinner, which they complied quite obediently.

Hearing a ruckus from outside as they marveled over the animals that she hunted, Dadan ordering everyone, and her two younger brothers laughing with her, Naru felt warmth in her heart.

'So this is what it feels like to have a family.' she thought happily. 'And of course, you're also a part of this family, Kurama.'

Kurama snorted. "Tch. Don't put me on the same level as the rest of the humans. I'm greater than them."

And Naru laughed at his childish response.

Years passed by, and Naru was now 10 years old.

Staring at her reflection as she combed her long black hair, no matter how many years had passed, she still couldn't believe that of all the bodies that she could reincarnate into, she just had to be a ravenette. Not like there was anything wrong with her appearance, really.

It was just that, every time she looked at herself in the mirror,she was instantly reminded of her past life. If she had a pair of red eyes instead of blue, she would be the exact replica of her other self, Menma.

'Have you ever wonder wonder why I can still have my chakra or how you can still be here with me, Kurama?' She suddenly asked.

"Why? You don't like my presence here?" Not answering, Kurama responded with a question instead.

"Of course not!" She denied quickly. If one thing that she was very grateful for was that, Kurama was here with her, even though she felt that it shouldn't be possible. It just that, the existence of her chakra when no else did still made her questioning everything.

Sure it was a different world, but that still didn't explain why Kurama could be here. 'But I was just curious ya know? It's weird that you are the only one here, when the others aren't.'

Once, she tried to connect her consciousness and feel the presence of the other 8, but she felt nothing. She could only feel Kurama. That was why she thought that only her and the Kyubi were stuck in this world. She did try to relate Kurama's presence here with whatever events that happened in her past life that could cause this, but she still couldn't figure it out.

If she remembered correctly, she died because of an excessive amount of blood loss from having her right arm destroyed. To be fair, Sasuke also lost his left arm in their final battle. She even remembered that they had to wait for such a long time before Sakura and Kakashi-Sensei were able to find them. And when they did, it was already to late for her to be saved.

Thinking of Sasuke, Naru sincerely hoped that the bastard actually survived. However, as much as she loved him like a family, she didn't want to see him again. Unlike what everyone else thought, she actually realized that the friendship between them was toxic, but she was the one who didn't want to give up on him. Naru didn't want to see him to die so soon, especially when he finally admitted his lost and faults and finally agreed to let go of his revenge.

She thought that he also deserved a second chance to redeem himself. And she knew that Sakura and Kakashi-Sensei would be there to help him. And because of that, she didn't want to see him so soon. But that was also because Naru wanted to move on from her past life and live her new life as someone new without being tied to her past life.

"The sun is almost up. You'd better hurry up before those two brats wake up." Kurama said solemnly. He could feel that his Jinchuuriki was starting to get lost in her memory lanes, and that was the last thing that he wanted.

Hearing his words, Naru looked outside the window and saw that the sun was really starting to rise. She immediately tied her hair into a high ponytail before quietly made her way towards the window, careful not to wake up her brothers that were sleeping soundly next to each other.

Giving a brief look at Ace and Luffy, she then jumped out through the window to start her day.

Not long after that, she arrived at her usual training ground, surrounded by nature. Summoning a bunch of shadow clones, she started her day by going through some chakra control exercises that she learnt from Kakashi-Sensei and Yamato-Taichou.

Being here for 10 years, Naru learnt what she could learn about this world. As someone who didn't know how everything work here, Naru started to do her own research after she mastered the language. She learnt by reading articles that were bought by Dadan, and the books that were read by Magra. Sometimes, Garp himself would bring a bunch of books whenever he returned from his work. That old man was more than happy to teach her everything about what she should know.

Through Garp, she learnt about the Grand Line, the people from different races and cultures, weird creatures, and places that she never knew could exist.

She was intrigued about this strange world and thought that this world was indeed more interesting than her own world! Piracy, Seakings that were said to be even bigger than a Bijuu, and even mermaid existed! How cool was that?!

Beside humans, there were also those who were born, raised and lived in the deep sea. They were known as the merfolks and Fish-men. She had seen how they were supposed to look like based on that one book that she had read before, and she couldn't help but to think about Hoshigake Kisame, and that girl whom she remembered her name was Isaribi.

She recalled that Isaribi was able to turn into a Fish-man due to the cruel experiment done to her. While Naru wasn't sure about Kisame, but she was sure that he could also be considered as a shark Fish-man due to his appearance. Naru didn't know much about him, so she wasn't sure if his appearance was because he was born like that, or he had a kekkai genkai that could transform himself into a Fish-man.

Whatever the case, Naru wished to visit this 'Fish-Man Island' one day.

It wasn't just the underwater island, but she also wanted to travel everywhere and let herself go! For the first time in her life, she was so excited to start her new life with so much freedom here!

She didn't have to worry about being anything that people wanted her to be. She didn't have to reach the expectation of everyone because nobody here was expecting her to do something great anyway! Because she was just a nobody from the weakest sea of the world!

Because of this, she could do whatever she want, and she didn't have to achieve anything just to get anyone's attention and approval. And because she was a nobody with no special identity, she didn't have to be responsible for anything that was none of her concern.

She had enough of it as Uzumaki Naru. She wasn't her anymore. She wasn't the shinobi of Konoha anymore. And she certainly couldn't be known as the Jinchuuriki of Konoha anymore, since Bijuu didn't even exist in here. Therefore, she didn't have to worry about any insane man or stubborn avenger to chase, or even a mysterious organization full of rogue ninjas that wanted to capture her Bijuu partner to fulfill their selfish desires and threaten her precious people and the whole shinobi world ever again.

No more.

Even if there was such an insane man or mysterious organization here, well that was unfortunate because that would be none of her concern. The marines could handle that.

This time around, she would make sure that there would be nothing that could stand in her way. Because this was her chance. Her chance to live her life as she wished!

Once, she was selfless enough to dedicate her attention and her whole life for her village, because that was what she was expected to do. She trained to get stronger, so that she could protect the village and her precious people, even at the cost of her own life. Because that was the way of a ninja.

To risk her life for the sake of the village.

Naru didn't regret that, but, this time was different as she wasn't born in another hidden village.

In her past life, becoming a ninja was her choice. However, she didn't choose to be a human vessel for a Bijuu. Even so, she accepted her role as the Kyubi Jinchuriki as what she was expected to do. While she wasn't treated as bad as her other fellow Jinchurikis, but the fact that she was a weapon for her village was a fact that couldn't be changed.

And this time, she would use this 'second chance' to find a new purpose in life, and find the way of life that she had never ever thought of before.

The journey of Uzumaki Naru had ended.

Now it would be the start of Monkey D Naru's.

Jumping through tree by tree with a dead boar in one hand, Naru was amazed at how much she had achieved compared to the previous her. Of course it was all thanks to the memories of her past life.

One of the benefits of starting her trainings meticulously at such an early age was that she had gotten a lot stronger than how she was at the same age. It was good to say that the current her was a lot better than even a genin Uzumaki Naru.

With the helps of her clones, she managed to gain the acceptable skills for chakra control at just 10 years old. At least it could be said that it wasn't as crappy as when she failed to perform a single E-Ranked clone at the academy. But with her solid clones, what was the use of a normal illusionary clone anyway?

Naru wasn't that rushed in getting stronger. It wasn't like she had to fight a strong enemy in the future, so she was quite relaxed in experiencing a new jutsu and improvising her other jutsus. Plus, knowing so many high level jutsus didn't mean that she could just use them straight away. There was a difference in knowing how to do it, and actually able to do it. For example, she knew how to do the Rasenshuriken, but that didn't mean that her young body would be able to handle the stress of using that jutsu.

Plus she was also trying to get adapted to the pure energy around her.

One day, she realized that when she was using her chakra for the first time here, she could use the natural energy around her just the same as when she was using the natural energy in the previous world. Needless to say, she was amazed and couldn't wait to see if she could use Sage Mode with the natural energy around here.

She could do that later. No hurry. She had years ahead to train her body as she wanted.

Musing over thoughts, she noticed that she was almost home.

Hunting after trainings was what she always did everyday. It was also good that animals here were even bigger and stronger than the animals that she found in the Forest of Death. Wild and dangerous, they had became her regular 'sparring partners'.

Of course they couldn't be compared to her favorite sparring partner, Garp. Like she said, that man was a monster. The fact that she didn't die from all of his attacks was all thanks to her agility and senses to dodge.

One day, the the old man asked her if she knew anything about this thing called 'Haki', much to her confusion because she had never even heard of that thing. Seeing that she was genuinely confused, Garp then explained to her about Haki and even demonstrated to her on how to use it.

In conclusion, Haki was just another version of Chakra of this world. Both had the same functions and the same feelings. Their only difference was that people here were not that dependent on Haki like ninjas in the shinobi world did, while Chakra was her life force and she needed to unlock her chakra coil at an early age to gain access to it.

Haki was not the same as Chakra.

Everyone had spiritual energy, but Haki was not a necessary for them to survive. Anyone could learn Haki no matter how old they were. And they didn't use Haki just like how the people of the Elemental Nations utilized their chakra. No, they only used Haki to strengthen their attack, just like how her Grandpa Garp used Haki to make his punches even stronger. She had seen his entire arm turned shiny black as he used his Haki. He said that this type of Haki was called the 'Busoshoku Haki'.

It was basically how Sakura and Tsunade-Baa Chan used their chakra to gain their super strength. That type of Haki could also be used to strengthen their weapons and defenses.

The second type was 'Kenbunshoku Haki'. Just like how she used her chakra to sense people's presence, emotions, and intentions, the same things could also be done using this type of Haki. It was also because she was able to dodge Garp's attacks did he think that she somehow managed to awaken her Haki. Though, she didn't deny his words.

Being able to use Haki was a perfect cover for her advanced abilities.

And the last one was 'Haoshoku Haki', which was a rare type of Haki that only few in millions could use. Unfortunately, Garp didn't elaborate more about this Haki. But she did notice that the way he looked at her that day was definitely different, much to her confusion.

'Gramps said that he will come back soon. I wonder how long will I be able to last against him this time.' She thought.

"If you're defeated again, I will be so embarrassed to call you my Jinchuuriki."

"Hey! You can't blame me! That guy is way stronger than me. You can feel his strength too right, Kurama?'

"Kit, it's not impossible for you to beat him one day." He encouraged her, much to her surprise. "But you're indeed right. I can feel the tremendous amount of power from him. More specifically, his raw power."

It wasn't just his raw power alone, but even his presence and aura were worthy enough to be noticed by the Kyubi.

'It's quite interesting around here, isn't? Can you imagine that out there, exists a creature that is even bigger than you? Perhaps even a hundred times more!' She teased him with a smirk.

"It doesn't matter how big are the creatures called 'Seakings' that the books claimed to be. I am not going to be easily defeated by a creature that couldn't even talk." Kurama haughtily declared. There was a hint of annoyance and pride that she could detect from his voice alone. "I would like to see it with my own eyes as to how strong are the creatures here. So for our sake, you might as well just leave this place sooner. Just for how long are you planning to stay here anyway?"

"Soon, Kurama." She responded with her eyes gleaming with determination. It wasn't like she didn't want to leave this place sooner, but she thought that it was better if she could wait for at least a couple of years more. Like she said, there was no hurry. She should enjoy her childhood with her siblings first before she started on her journey.

Plus, she also had her own plans.

"Now it's not the right time. Gimme another two years, then we can travel to the Grand Line!" She said, earning a snort from the grumpy old fox until there was nothing more that she could hear from her head.

That was the end of their conversation.

Just then, she saw the familiar house that she grew up in. Slowing down her movement, she landed gracefully in front of the opened door. Dropping off the dead boar outside, she then walked inside.

"You're finally back?"

Naru turned to her side, and saw a huge masculine woman with orange hair sitting on the floor as she smoked a cigarette. This was the woman who raised her from babyhood until now. Despite her rough and vulgar way of speaking, she was actually a nice person. She also happened to be a leader of a group of mountain bandits.

Curly Dadan.

Naru had good opinions of her.

"Yeah, I caught a boar earlier. It would be nice if we could have some roasted meat tonight." She suggested. When she noticed the lack of noise in the house, she knew that her two brothers were not here. "Where are the boys?"

"The usual." Dadan shrugged her shoulders as she looked at the young girl that she was forced to take care of alongside another two troublesome brats. "I'm surprised you three didn't return together. Usually, those two brats would be following you anywhere."

"Not today. I need some alone times for myself too, ya know? Plus, with them being around me, there's no way I can finish my trainings smoothly."

"Training, training, training. All you ever do is training your ass off. I hope you didn't destroy another part of the forest or else I would get another complain from the town's mayor because of you, ya damn girl!" She scolded her with a scowl.

"That was just ONE time." Naru pouted at her, before she paused for a moment and grinned at the older woman. "Plus, If I want to destroy the forest...Imma do it with a loud 'Bang'!"

Snickering to herself, she left the house before Dadan could nag at her.

Using her chakra to locate her two brothers, a chuckle escaped her mouth as she leapt off the ground and started to jump on tree by tree, heading towards a certain direction.

Soon, she arrived at a riverside, which was the spot where the three of them always spent their times to fish. Her two troublemakers were nowhere to be seen though.

But that didn't mean that they were not somewhere around here.

In fact, she could sense Ace's presence behind that one tree a few feet away from her left, while Luffy didn't even bother to hide his laughter as he hid himself poorly in a bush on her right. Hearing a quiet '1,2,3', she was then 'ambushed' by the two of them as they let out such a loud battle cry. Naru just stood there like a wood before she simply moved a couple of step backwards.

Her sudden movement caused the two to bump their heads against each other with a loud 'Thud'.


"That hurts!"

"You should hide better next time." She grinned teasingly at them.

Ace who was rubbing his head then pointed a finger at Luffy. "It because Luffy didn't hide properly!"

"But Ace, you could've been quieter." Luffy responded back with a such an innocent look that it made the older boy speechless and Naru to laugh even harder.

"Alright, that's enough. Don't tell me you guys were just playing around and didn't get any fish at all?"

"That's not true. I got three!" Luffy said proudly before he went to collect the fishes that he managed to catch.

"Aha!" Ace exclaimed with a look of pride as he showed off a big fish that was twice his size. "Look at what I got, Naru!"

"Me too! Me too!" Yelled Luffy when he came back while hugging a total of 3 fishes that were a big as his arm each. With a bright smile, he asked her "Wha' did you get, Nee-Chan?"

"I got a huge boar." She said while patting his head, before she went to ruffle Ace's hair, earning a cute scowl from the 7 years old. "Tonight, we're going to eat some roasted meat!"

The boys cheered. Then Luffy asked "Where did you go, Nee-Chan? You just missed how me and Ace caught the fishes with our bare hands!"

"Were you training again?" Ace asked.

"Uh huh." She nodded to Ace before turning to look at Luffy. "It's 'Ace and I', Luffy, not 'me and Ace'."

The response that she got was a look that said 'That's what I said' from him.

"Aww why didn't you bring us with you?" Luffy pouted.

Grinning, she said "Don't worry. Soon, I'll guarantee that you two would be able to get some trainings too."

Confused, Luffy asked what did she mean by that while Ace was starting to have a bad feeling.

"Oh, you don't know? Gramps is coming home soon." She stated with a look of 'innocent', as if she didn't know these two were most afraid of their own grandfather.

And just as she thought, when the boys heard the word 'Gramps', their face went pale.

Because if Gramps was here, it meant that they would be getting the infamous 'Fist of Love'.

- End of Chapter 2 -

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