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Punk Hazard IV

After their discussion, it was then decided that Naru, Luffy and Kin'emon would be heading back inside the facility to look for Momonosuke and capture Caesar. The others on the other hand were responsible for taking care of the ship and look after the children.

Right now, everyone was gathered together at the open deck, with the exception of a certain reindeer. A while ago, some of the children were showing signs of being in pain. Since then, Chopper had been staying inside the infirmary to do some checkup for the kids and to find out if there was anything wrong with them.

"Then, what shall we do with this guy?" Usopp pointed a thumb towards the chained Brownbeard.

"Can't you just let me go now?" Brownbeard gathered his courage and avoided the gaze of the most dangerous person on the ship, and instead, he looked at Luffy with a hopeful gaze. "Since I already sent you and your friends here, can you let me go?"

Luffy shrugged his shoulders. "Alright then."

"Really?!" Feeling touched, the centaur gazed at Luffy with a look of gratefulness. "As someone from the Worst Generation, you're quite nice."

"Worst Generation? What's that?" Luffy asked with a question mark floating above his head.

"You don't know?" Brownbeard looked at Luffy in disbelief, before staring at Zoro. "Aren't you also one of them?"

In response, Zoro just shrugged his shoulders.

Most of the Straw Hats were focused more on training than keeping up to date with the world for these past 2 years, like Luffy and Zoro. Robin, who had been staying with the Revolutionary Army for 2 years, might be the only one among the Straw Hats who always keep up with everything that was told in the news. So she kindly explained to the others about the Worst Generation, which actually composed of the 11 Supernovas that included Luffy and Zoro. Other than these 11, there were also Naru and Ace. Basically, these 13 people were the most troublesome individuals that happened to exist at the same time. Therefore, although Naru wasn't a pirate like the other 12, she was also included in the list since she was apart of the new generation.

Once Robin was done with her part, Brownbeard also gave a short explanation of how he ended up on this island. Turned out, he and his crew encountered another member of the Worst Generation, Basil Hawkins. Losing the use of his legs after losing to Hawkins, he then ended up at Punk Hazard. It wasn't until the arrival of Trafalgar Law did he obtain this crocodile legs. Hence, even though he loathed the World Generation because of one Basil Hawkins, he tolerated Law's presence since Law was the one who gave him and everyone else new legs.

"So those centaurs we met earlier are not really centaurs." Usopp exclaimed.

"Law is really a nice person." Luffy commented.

"Doesn't that mean that Law was the one who cut you into 3 parts?" Sanji looked at Kin'emon.

"I do not know the name of the assailant, but this Law person should be him." The samurai responded with a frown.

Speaking of Law, Naru was curious of one thing. She then asked Brownbeard "Hey, what is the relationship between Law and your boss? Why did he come here?"

"Ehh I'm not so sure either. That guy just appeared one day and has been living here since then. He doesn't seem to work for Master either since he doesn't do any work around here like everyone else."

"I see." She nodded and didn't say more.

Suddenly, one of the big kids cried out in pain as he dropped down to his knees, alerting everyone.

"Oi kid, what's wrong with you?!" Asked the worried Usopp who was the closest to him.

"Call Chopper!" Luffy shouted and just then, something unexpected occurred yet again, when a rain of bullet suddenly heading towards them.

Realizing that they were suddenly under attack with many bullets coming at them, Naru was the first one to react. Narrowing her eyes dangerously, she immediately jumped into action by throwing a strong punch that caused a huge gust of wind that managed to deflect the many incoming bullets back to where they came from. Due to the distance, she failed to detect the enemies' presence, but she was sure that they were hiding somewhere in the snowy mountains.

The sudden turn of event caused everyone to panic.

"We are under attack!"

"Protect the children!"

Another bunch of bullets were shot at them, and Naru couldn't help but to feel impressed at the sheer size of one of the bullets that had fallen onto the deck. It seemed like whoever responsible for this ambush was no ordinary person. With a quick glance, she saw Luffy inflating himself into a huge balloon to bounce off the bullets. There were also Zoro, Brook and Kin'emon who worked together to block the attacks with their swords. Franky was seen protecting some of the defenseless kids with his body, while Sanji, Nami, Usopp and Robin used their own abilities to either fend off the attacks or protect themselves and everyone else with what they had.

"Where are these attacks coming from?!" Nami cried out, barely managed to avoid getting her head shot.

"They must be Caesar's men!" Sanji clicked his tongue in annoyance and glared at the anxious Brownbeard who tried to avoid having bullets shot through his body. "Oi you! Who are the people sent by that damn Caesar this time?! Being one of them, you must have known about this right?!"

Brownbeard shook his head in denial. "I don't know anything! And Master would never send anyone to attack this ship when I am also here! After all, Master is kind and he would never put his people in danger!"

At the same time, more children seemed to be in pain, and Chopper finally decided to come out of his infirmary. However, instead of being shocked at the sudden ambush, he looked quite angry and worried as he went to the nearest kid who still seemed somewhat fine and asked with strong urgency in his voice "What are you guys normally do at this time of the day?"

"Usually we would have a checkup, and then Master would give us a candy to feel better." The kid responded.

"Chopper? What's wrong?" Nami asked in concern, but he ignored everyone and went straight to Brownbeard in the midst of the attack.

"You! Tell me what you know about what that bastard Caesar has done to the children right now!"

"I am just a guard outside so I have no idea what usually happen inside the facility. But look at the children! They look so ill, it means that they are really sick, right? Master is so kind to give them free medicine, but you people decided to take them away, and look! They are in so much pain! Just return them to Master to get their medicine, if not, they would probably die out here!"

At Brownbeard's words and his blind loyalty to his 'kind-hearted' Master, Chopper gritted his teeth and grew angrier. "Medicine, you say? Then how come I managed to detect a trace of drug in their bodies?!"


Chopper then explained to them about the drug that he had traced inside the kids' bodies. The only reason why he managed to recognize the drug was because only few selected scientists were able to get this type of stimulant drug, which included Dr Kureha. And since Caesar himself was a capable scientist, despite being a wanted criminal, there was no surprise that he would have this drug in his possession as well. The only infuriating thing about the whole thing was that, what could he possibly done with this drug and the children?

More children started to fall as they cried out in pain that made even the usually stone-hearted Zoro to be worried over them. Especially after Chopper said that these kids would continuously be in pain until their next intake of the drug.

"Didn't they said that they would eat candy to feel better? Why don't we just give them the candy?" Suggested Luffy who was still bouncing off some bullets. "Don't we have any candy around here? If the candy they want is in that building, then let's just go and get some!"

"No!" Chopper shook his head. "They can't have that candy again! I suspect that they must have been fed the drug through those candies."

Suddenly, one of the big children who was in a withdrawal state asked for a candy, only to be refused firmly. Realizing that he couldn't get the candy that would free him of this pain, his face suddenly turned fierce with anger, scaring away the other kids.

"Sind, you look so scary right now…"

"What's wrong with you, Sind..?"

The kid whose named was Sind ignored his friends and suddenly started to attack everyone on his sight. Soon after that, the other kids who were in pain like him previously also went into a rampaging mode. The thing was that, only the big-sized children were being violent, but not the smaller and normal-sized ones. Because of their big size, their strength was not normal either.

"They are going to destroy the ship at this rate! Someone, do something!" Screamed Nami who avoided a huge fist coming at him.

Because they were on the ship, and were also under attack, it was hard for them to do something. Naru was about to knock the children out forcibly by unleashing her presence, but Usopp was the one who responded first.

"I got it!" Usopp took out something from his bag and shot it towards the rampaging kids, causing them to be covered in smoke. "Sleeping Star!"

When the smoke cleared up, they saw the children were snoring as they were put in a deep sleep, and only then that everyone sighed in relief. Though, not for long since they were still under attack. Now that the children' matter had been settled, it was time to take care of another problem.

Having make her decision, Naru decided that she would be the one to handle the enemies.

"You guys stay here and take care of them." She said, before using the wind to fly her towards the snowy mountain, which actually wasn't very far from the ship.

"Nee-Chan, wait for me!"

Not wanting to be left out, Luffy stretched out his arms and grabbed the waist of his older sister before pulling himself towards her. Thankfully, Naru was stable enough in the sky and the wind carrying her was strong enough so that she wouldn't fall off when Luffy crashed into her.

"Shishishishi! I want to fight some people too!" He said with his trademark smile. In response, she could only shake her head and smile helplessly.




Now that her sensory skill had went to another level, she managed to detect the exact whereabouts of the enemies, and landed herself strongly at their location. Upon landing, Luffy got off from her back and started to look around, ready to show off his fighting skills. However, they didn't expect to see two big humanoid figures with white fur covering their whole selves to lay on the snowy ground with a man standing before them with an indifferent look. The two figures had their bodies split into two with no blood in sight and there were also several pieces of broken weapons around them. The siblings recognized the lone man and figured out that he must be the one responsible for the state of these two humanoid furry figures.

"Damn you traitor!" Claimed one of them as the other groaned in pain.

Naru couldn't care less about them since she knew that they were the one who had been shooting at them not too long ago, based on the broken rifle nearby. Instead, she focused on the man, Trafalgar Law.

Ignoring the cries of pain coming from the two, Law spoke first. "These two are the Yeti Brothers, assassins sent by Caesar to eliminate the Straw Hat Crew."

Law's words caused Luffy to be angry and swore that he would beat Caesar to black and blue as a revenge for shooting them for no reason, while Naru just stood there calmly with no response. The fact that Law didn't show any sign of being surprised upon seeing her meant that he either didn't care about her identity, having great control to hide his emotions, or was already aware that she was here before this meeting, which made her wondering if Caesar knew that she was here.

Naru was indeed right on her last guess. Ever since he heard Luffy mentioning 'Nee-Chan' during their brief encounter, Law already had a suspicion that Naru was here.

"Trafalgar Law, I don't think Caesar would be happy if he were to find out about this." Naru said with a look of doubt. Her sense was telling her that this Law was planning something.

"If you're wondering whether Caesar knows about you being here, then the answer is no. Only I know that you're here."

"Then what are you hoping from doing this?" Naru frowned as she stared pointedly at the Yeti Brothers. Thinking that they might scream to attract more noisy people here, she exposed them to her overwhelming aura and caused them to faint. Though it was directed at the Yeti brothers, but even Law wasn't an exception as he started to let out a cold sweat, despite being out in the cold weather.

He calmed his heart and answered as calmly as he could.

"I wish to join your side." He said with eyes full of determination.

Naru "..."

Luffy just blinked at him in response.

Nobody could blame Naru for being skeptical over Law since the man obviously belonged to Doflamingo's side since Caesar himself was working for the Sichibukai. Based on what Brownbeard had revealed about Law earlier, the man had been here for quite some time and was said to have a harmonious friendship with the mad scientist. Now he suddenly came, sabotaging the assassination attempt ordered by Caesar, before saying that he wanted to join her side?

What was up with this development?

"Why?" Naru expressed her doubt, but Law remained silent. Slowly, she walked towards him and stood before him so that they were facing each other. "Are you not working for Doflamingo? That is quite bold of you to betray your master, and wish to switch side this easily. Let me tell you one thing about me..."

"... I detest betrayers the most."

The last words were spoken in a low tone, sending a slight chill down his spine at the coldness of her voice.

When Law finally decided to respond to her, it was the answer that she least expected.

"My full name is Trafalgar D Water Law." He suddenly introduced himself, as if his name was going to answer her every question.

"...I see." She responded with no emotion as she thought to herself what the heck was she supposed to do with this piece of information?! Obviously she was asking a different question, then why did he announce his full name and looked like he had managed to satisfy her curiosity?

Luffy on the other hand just thought that it was just a normal self-introduction and proceeded to give Law his typical introduction of his name and how he would find the One Piece and become the next Pirate King.

Naru didn't seemed fazed by Law's name, though she realized that he also had the initial 'D' in his name. However to her, it just didn't mean anything.

"Pardon me for being rude, but is your name supposed to mean something?"

Law didn't seem to be offended by her response, and didn't hesitate to nod his head.

"… Okay." She responded, waiting for him to explain something or just anything right now!

Thankfully, she didn't have to wait for a long time for Law to start his explanation.

"When I was young, my parents had always told my younger sister and I about a story of an old kingdom." He started, and the two siblings quietly listened to his unexpected story-telling in the middle of the falling snow.

The story went like this….

Once upon a time, there was once existed a powerful kingdom that earned the respect and admiration of everyone. In that kingdom, lived a Royal Family that was loved by their loyal citizens. The most special thing about this Royal Family was that, they possessed a divine power to see the future. Even though there could only be one person from each generation, regardless of gender, to inherit the divine power, other members of the Royal Family, young and old, had never harbored the horrible feeling of jealously over the chosen one. Instead, all of them were quite overprotective over the chosen one and even the citizens considered that whoever might inherit the blessing of the Heaven would be the one to sit on the throne next.

Man or woman? The gender was not an issue. Therefore, if the chosen one was born a baby girl, she shall be the next Supreme Ruler of the kingdom.

The influence of this kingdom was very strong, no matter if it was about the stability of their economy or military power, the kingdom had been known to the rest of the world as the number 1 kingdom in the entire world for many years. The influence of the kingdom and the Royal Family who had the divine power that was believed to be a blessing from Heaven even caused the language that they created to be spoken and used by everyone from all over the world until today. Not only that, the calendar that had been used today, was also because of this kingdom. That was because, year 1 in the Kaienrenki Calendar was the beginning of the kingdom, and also considered to be the beginning of a new day and new world.

However, as much as there were many who loved, admired and respected this kingdom and the Royal Family, there were also bound to be those who envied, feared and hated them.

The kingdom's prosperity and the lavish life of the Royal Family, caused a wave of jealously and hatred from other rulers from other kingdoms. They were so jealous that they decided to form a secret alliance, and together, they plotted the demise of the kingdom. Beside their jealousy, there was also their sense of paranoia and fear of the possibility of their kingdoms being oppressed and taken away by that kingdom. Hence why all 20 other powerful kingdoms of their own strength had joined together to eradicate that kingdom.

Thus, existed a day of when a once great kingdom suddenly perished from the face of the earth.

Even though the kingdom was considered powerful, but even one kingdom alone wouldn't be able protect itself from the combined attacks of 20 other kingdoms. In the end, they fell into ruin.

The Royal Family had this one certain thing about them that distinguished themselves from ordinary people, in which the whole Royal Family had the lone initial 'D' as their middle name. Before the kingdom and the Royal Family had completely collapsed, the king used his power as the Supreme Ruler to bless his loyal citizens and allowed them to have the same initial 'D' in their name. It was supposed to be a proof that they belonged to the kingdom, and that they and their future descendants would inherit the will of the Royal Family.

The king's last words were not about how he was grateful to have loyal citizens such as them or how sorry and regretful he was for failing them. Instead, he told everyone of how the myths and legends that have been passed down from their ancestors were all true. One day, someone special would appear among their future descendants, and the kingdom shall rise once again with the help of the chosen one. With their belief and faith in the Royal Family, the survivors with their newly obtained name escaped from the kingdom with a heavy heart, but with a new hope and determination.

The survivors were hunted, young and old, and once they were caught, death was their only escape from the clutch of the evildoers. Forced to live in the shadow, they only lived to survive until that day came as they passed down the tales of the Royal Family, the kingdom and the words spoken by the king of the chosen one who would appear among their descendants. Other than waiting for that person to appear, they also had the firm belief that their descendants would one day be led by the chosen one and fight the evildoers to return the glory of their kingdom.

But sadly, day by day, as time passed, many of them have started to forget. Only those who were truly loyal to the old kingdom and the Royal Family still continued to pass down their belief to their children. And among those people were Law's parents.

"My name... my parents had always told me that I shouldn't reveal my full name to anyone or speak about the old story to just anyone. Even before they died, they still managed to remind me about their belief and how I shall inherit their will and pass it down to my future heir." Law then ended his story.

Nobody said anything as they continued to stare at each other. Naru was busy processing Law's words inside her head. Luffy on the other, that boy was busy whistling while making quite an ugly snowman beside her. Seeing the carefree Luffy, Law resisted the urge to sigh as he focused on the woman in front of him instead, waiting for her to say something.

"Let me guess," She let out a sigh first, before staring at Law with an absolute confidence. "The 20 kingdoms in your story… They are now known as the World Government, aren't they? And we," Referring to the three of them in the area "-as the descendants of that old kingdom are meant to oppose the World Government, the evildoer in your story, am I right?"

She actually didn't have even a slight doubt over Law's words. He was being truthful and he didn't lie even once since he first opened his mouth. Other than that, Naru herself was quite familiar with all these superstitious things, beliefs and even predictions. Wasn't she was also called the 'Child of Prophecy' back in the day? Plus, she also remembered that Garp had once said something about how everyone with the initial 'D' in their name actually originated from the same place a long time ago.

So yeah, she believed in Law about this old kingdom thingy.

And at the thought of her father who was busy leading an entire army to go against the World Government also gave some credibility to his words as well. After all, Dragon never actually revealed the reason behind his action. She had only assume that he merely had a huge sense of justice and loathed the cruelty of the World Nobles. Thinking of her father, she wondered if Dragon was actually aware of the whole 'D' thing. Was that why he was so hell bent in fighting against the World Government? If he was aware, then he must've gotten the belief from Garp as well, as what was said by Law earlier about how parents would pass down their belief to their children.

Also, if the beliefs and words of that king were so important to his people like Law's parents did, then how come neither Garp or Dragon have ever mentioned anything about these things to her and her brothers when they were still children?

Okay, perhaps Dragon who was absent in their lives was not someone they could count on about these things, but Garp that old geezer?

Besides that one time when he said that they all originated from the same place a long time ago, he never mentioned anything else either. Not only that, if the World Government was the enemy of their people, then how come that old man could join the marine and still able to climb his way up into being a Vice Admiral despite having his real name exposed and later known by everyone?

And opposing the World Government? Though she didn't plan to wipe out the World Government to get revenge for a kingdom that had already perished for many years, but she couldn't help but to feel weird that she was unconsciously fulfilling that sense of duty by becoming an enemy of the World Government just like her father did.

Even in this life, she couldn't escape from that thing called 'destiny', huh?

Naru had so many questions to be answered and the more she thought about this new knowledge, her curiosity just grew even more.

But she could deal with her curiosity later on. Now, she had to deal with this one first.

This Law, she still had some doubt about him, and she wasn't sure what he was planning by telling her about all these. Was he expecting her to immediately take him in and fight the World Government with him or something? Or was this a trap for him to lure her to his side before dealing a killing blow as what he was ordered to do so?

His words were true, but his unspoken intention? She didn't know.

"Our existence is meant to be the enemy of the World Government-"Law stopped talking when Naru raised her hand in a stop motion.

"Save your breath if you want to speak about what my father is doing with his enemy and how me picking a fight with the World Government is because that is what we are destined to do." She said, and the tip of his ears flushed red a little bit because that was exactly what he was going to say next.

Naru ignored his reaction and continued. "To be honest, this little knowledge of being a descendant of a fallen kingdom is not really that much of a deal for me. And unlike my father, I have no thought to overthrow the World Government just because some people in the past expected me to do so. Quite frankly, I like how things are now. So why do I have to seek trouble just because of an old prediction?"

It didn't matter if the prophecy was a real deal or not, but Naru didn't want to have any part in any pre-destined scenario. Whoever the chosen one stated in the prediction could deal with this herself, or himself if the lucky one was born a male, because Naru absolutely refused to get involved.

As a certain lazy genius would say in this situation, troublesome. And Naru hated troublesome things.

Holding back a sigh, she said to Law "Well then, I enjoyed your little story, so now tell me the real reason why you wish to switch side, and I might consider granting your wish. However, you better choose your words wisely, because whether you're lying or not, I will know. So don't even think of giving me a lie."

Law contemplated for a while of what he was going to say. He didn't lie when he said that he wanted to join her side, and he definitely had no plan to utter even a small lie to this person. He had already considered everything when he figured out that Monkey D Naru was here, and he knew that in order to gain her trust, he would have to show her a great sincerity coming from himself.

"I am not a subordinate of that man." He finally spoke. "In the past, yes, but not anymore. I am also not working for Caesar like what you are thinking. My presence here is with a purpose."

Naru raised her eyebrow. "And that is?"

"To bring down Doflamingo." He declared with a fierce gaze.

Staring at those eyes full of resentment, Naru knew that he didn't lie. And what a coincidence, wishing to take down Doflamingo when she was also planning to face that man soon. There was only one reason that she could think of as to why Law was here when he had such a big ambition instead of being somewhere else.

Naru wasn't interested enough to know about why he had such an extreme resentment against his fellow Sichibukai, but she was quite interested to know of his plan to take him down.

"Let me guess…" Naru gave a knowing smile. "You're here for the SAD, aren't you? Or perhaps you are planning to take Caesar and use him to threaten Doflamingo? Other than these reasons, I failed to think of any other logical reason for you to be here."

Law wasn't surprised that Naru seemed to know about the SAD. If she knew about the SAD, then there was a high possibility that she also knew about what he was going to say next, which made things easier for him to explain.

"I'll assume that you know about the making of the artificial Devil Fruits by Doflamingo, and how he supplies those things to Kaido." He said and she nodded.

Law didn't have to say anything further and Naru was already able to guess his plan.

Caesar was an important figure in the business between Doflamingo and Kaido. As the only person in the entire world to know how to make the most important ingredient to produce SMILE, which was the name used to call those fake Devil Fruits, Doflamingo held Caesar in a very important position. Without Caesar, there would be no SAD which mean that Doflamingo would not be able to produce any more SMILE for Kaido. If Doflamingo failed to provide the Yonko more SMILE for his crew, the one who would have to bear the full brunt of the Yonko's wrath would be Doflamingo alone.

To be honest, that was exactly why Naru chose to capture Caesar since she landed on this island.

She was planning to use Caesar during the rebellion against Doflamingo to lessen the causalities that would occur because of the rebellion. And Law was planning to use Caesar to take down Doflamingo by making Kaido to direct his rage on the Sichibukai for failing to supply him with more SMILE.

And as to why he told her about the whole being the descendant of an old kingdom that she didn't even know the name of, and how as the descendants, they were meant to oppose the World Government, it wasn't difficult for her to figure out the reason why.

This Law, he probably thought of using her in his plan against Doflamingo who was a part of the World Government just because they were both the descendants of that old kingdom. She didn't know her role in his plan, but she was willing to humor him just because he hadn't told her a lie.

"Well then, if I'm willing to accept you, then what can you offer me?" She asked with a sly smile. Inwardly, she wondered why did she sounded a little bit wrong there with her words.

"My loyalty." Law declared. "I only ask for your protection over my crew from Doflamingo and Kaido if something were to happen to me."

"And get myself into a troublesome conflict with Kaido for someone insignificant like you?" She said that with a slight mocking smile. Though Law was a Sichibukai now, but to her, his title was nothing.

Law clenched his fist that wasn't used to hold his sword, but he couldn't even be angry over her words because he was indeed insignificant in her eyes. He was only anxious and worried that she would reject him immediately. And since she was already aware of the whole SAD and SMILE thing, then he couldn't even use his knowledge about Doflamingo's weakness to convince her to let him join her side. And although he had already revealed to her about what his parents had told him repeatedly about their sense of duty, she wasn't interested either.

The reason why he chose to join her side was precisely because she was his best bet to keep his crew safe if something were to go wrong with his plan. It never crossed his mind to involve someone like her in his plan since he never thought that he would have the chance to even have an encounter with her. Her appearance here at this time was such a blessing that he started to plan on how to gain her trust and convince her to back him up.

"I will keep our interaction and connection a secret from the world. And as one of your followers, you're welcome to order me to do something for you."

Naru considered the pros and cons if she were to accept this man as one of her people, and thought that, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take him in. Actually, she wouldn't mind letting him to join her since they both had the same goal anyway. And since he had said it himself that he would keep their interaction and connection a secret, this would actually benefit her more.

Reaching out her hand for a handshake, she smiled. "Well then, let's have a nice cooperation, shall we?"

Staring at that slender hand, he was a little bit surprised that she agreed so easily, although this was what he tried to achieve. But a small voice in his head was telling him that he was falling into a trap, and he still hadn't realized a single thing.

Taking her hand and gave a small handshake, he expressed his good will as well.

Now that both of them had came into an agreement, Naru thought that their matter here was settled and was ready to proceed to their next stage. But Law didn't seem to be done yet as he turned his attention to Luffy who was oblivious of what his older sister and Law had been talking about.

"I also have something to say to you, Straw Hat."

Luffy who was making a snowball, reacted when he was called. "Hm?"

When the siblings returned back to the ship with another person that everyone least expected, everyone was surprised. Mainly Kin'emon who had a bad encounter with said person. However, Law's appearance was not the thing that shocked them the most.

No, what shocked everyone the most, especially the Straw Hats, was the sudden declaration of unexpected alliance with Law by none other than Luffy, the captain and the one who had agreed to the alliance himself, much to the others' shocking reaction.

Back to what happened after Naru agreed to Law's proposal, the Sichibukai also proposed an alliance between his crew and the Straw Hat Crew with the ultimate goal to take down Kaido since both captains had the ambition to become the next Pirate King and also because Law knew that Luffy was not the type to bow down to work under someone else.

In the end, Luffy agreed with enthusiasm.

To be honest, the only reason why Luffy even agreed to this unexpected alliance was because their target was not Shanks, much to Naru's amusement. Even though she thought that it was still too early for both captains to even think of touching Kaido at their current level, she chose not to interfere with their matter. And as to why she didn't try to stop the alliance when asked by the almost hysterical Nami and Usopp, her only answer was that she wasn't a pirate.

Anyway, the sudden alliance between the two crew was actually not bad.

After Luffy agreed to the alliance, Naru then began to explain to Law of what they actually (Naru and Straw Hats) planned of doing. She told him about how they were originally going to meet up with Ace and Yuzu who were already in Dressrosa for the tournament, the upcoming rebellion, and how they ended up here because of the distress call which led to Naru making a decision to capture Caesar so that she could use him as Dolfamingo's weakness.

Now that Law was aware that someone who was more capable than him also had the same goal as him, he was naturally delighted and was even more willing to follow what Naru would be planning to do. But she herself didn't have an exact plan, since she said that she would decide once they arrived in Dressrosa. Although he had confident in Naru's abilities, but he was still worried anyway because Doflamingo was still a part of the World Government, in which Naru responded…

"What are you worry for? You said it yourself, that we are meant to defy the World Government anyway."

And Law could do nothing as he let himself to be easily convinced by her words. After all, even though he did have the attention to develop a kinship with her using their heritage for his own sake, what he didn't say to her was that, he also felt the same way as his parents did before they fell to their death.

After the topic of the alliance was done, they moved on to the topic of their current situation. Anyway, they would talk about their next plan once they succeeded in catching Caesar.

Law also provided them the info of the kids' circumstance and how they were used as a guinea pig in Caesar's inhuman experiment to turn normal human into a giant, which infuriated everyone greatly. Even Naru wasn't able to control her facial expression at the thought of these children suffering at the hands of that mad man.

Brownbeard who had been captured and tied up once again because Sanji didn't trust him, was also slapped in the face with the harsh reality that his so called 'kind-hearted' was actually a horrible monster.

When Law mentioned that there might be an antidote for the children kept somewhere in Caesar's office, Chopper instantly jumped to his feet and volunteered himself to follow Naru's group into the building with a reason that he might be able to identify which one was the real antidote just to be safe.

"You might want to know this," Law's expression turned serious as he looked at Naru. "But Caesar has been getting stranger ever since I saw him earlier."

"How strange?"

Law recalled to that time when he was just done dealing with the marines, he immediately went to see Caesar. However, on his way to the office, he saw how there were many people suddenly started to move around suspiciously in the building, carrying some stuffs with them. When he asked one of them what they were doing, the only response he got was that Caesar told them to 'clean up'. As for the reason? Even they didn't know.

When he confronted Caesar about it, he was told not to worry about it. Though he was wary of what exactly the mad scientist was about to do, Law remained as usual as to not appear suspicious. They talked about the recent event for a bit, and other than telling him a not so sincere 'good job' and about the Yeti Brothers that he ordered to 'keep the Straw Hats busy for a while without the intention to harm them' for fear of 'offending the Uzukage by killing her baby brother', Law was then 'asked' to leave.

The entire time, he didn't even ask about the marines.

"Cleaning up?"

"You guys don't think that he's trying to escape, right?"


"What if he is indeed planning to run away?"

"Well then," Naru stood up from her seat. "Now we have more reason to move now, right? And don't worry. As long as I'm here, nobody could escape from this place."

Following their original plan, but this time with an extra man and 1 furry animal, Team Naru left the ship and followed after Law to the back entrance. Infiltrating the facility with ease, they decided to split up.

Luffy and Kin'emon would go ahead to search for the missing Momonosuke.

Law would bring Chopper into Caesar's office to look for the antidote.

As for Naru? Nobody knew what she was planning to do as she disappeared into the darkness.

Right now, Law was bringing along a sack that was tied to the end of his sword, which also contained one quiet Chopper inside. Since Chopper was small and they wanted to avoid attention from others, Law thought that this was a good solution.

When Law entered the office, he saw Monet alone sitting at her usual spot at the counter, seemingly to be busy writing something.

'Good, Caesar is not around.'

"If you're looking for Master, he's not here." Monet said suddenly. She didn't pause what she was doing to see the person entering, but she knew that it was Law anyway since he was the only one other than the Master and her who was allowed to be inside.

"Where did he go?" In a natural way, Law placed the sack on the floor quietly behind the couch while Monet was still not looking.

"Who knows? Knowing him, he should be outside messing with some poor people."

'Good. With him not here, it will give us plenty of time to complete our task.' He thought to himself. But to Monet, he said "I've been around the island and I've also seen everything I want to see, so I'm planning to leave soon."

"Really? That's too bad, it would be nice if you can stay here longer." This time, she finally abandoned what she was doing, turning to look at Law with a charming smile.

Unfortunately, Law was a man who didn't care about a woman's beauty enough to be distracted from his goal.

Ignoring the subtle shaking of the sack behind the couch, he said to Monet "I want to borrow your ability for a bit. Can you come with me for a while?"

"Oh my, is this a date?" She asked with a playful smile, but was ignored by him with his usual stone expression. Even so, she wasn't offended. "Such a cold man, what is it that you need me for?"

"You'll understand when we get there." He turned his body around and led the flying woman outside of the room. Unnoticed by him, Monet turned her head slightly to gaze at the quivering little sack hidden behind the couch with a small smile, before she purposely ignored it and followed after Law with a small hum.

Now with just the two of them alone in the hallway, Law was thinking how should he deal with Monet. But before he could even think of a plan, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. It was as thought someone was squeezing out his heart.

It was so painful that he immediately dropped to the cold floor. 'This..?!'

"What's wrong? You look like you're in pain.?" Monet hovered over him with a concerned gaze.

Just then, footsteps could be heard and Law immediately became tensed. Meanwhile, Monet's concerned gaze slowly disappeared into a teasing smile as a figure came out from the darkness. Monet wasn't the only one who recognized the person who suddenly showed up.

"You... what are you... doing here..?!"

The person standing before him, staring down at him as if he was the trash that didn't worth any attention, was someone that Law knew from his past.

"You've grown, Law." The man said, having his hands placed behind him in a comfortable but overbearing manner. "How many years has it been?"

Law glared at him.

"Even though you're not a brat anymore, but you're still quite naive, aren't you? Did you really think that he had no idea about you being here at all? We do not trust Caesar since the beginning. That's why Monet is here to monitor him and everything under the order of Young Master. And you, you're quite famous now, being a Sichibukai and all."

"...When did you get here, Vergo?" Law hissed in pain. Because the pain came so suddenly, and he was sure that this man was the one responsible for what just happened, Law was wary and didn't try to move as he liked.

"Just now." Vergo answered. "I just happened to be at Dressrosa earlier. So he told me to come here to get Caesar and you as well. As for the Straw Hats... Monet, what about them?"

"Since Young Master said to not touch them and just let them to leave the island if they wanted, we didn't actually do anything to cause them harm. But Caesar did send the Yeti Brothers to keep them busy as we are cleaning up around this place. The available SAD is already ready to be delivered."

Law clenched his fists. They were indeed planning to escape! If Caesar managed to leave before they could catch him, then their plan would be ruined! It would be meaningless if Caesar in Dressrosa because he would be under a heavy protection there.

"Why are you doing this to me..? I haven't done anything to harm you, did I?"

"You would be dead by now if you had. Even if you tried to hide things from us the adults will find out eventually, Law."

"…Then I'll just have to make you disappear!" Law declared as he struggled to get back on his feet.

The standing duo weren't fazed by the sheer display of determination shown by him. Monet just chuckled bemusedly as Vergo raised his weapon that had been covered by Haki and was ready to hit the younger man when he suddenly felt something hit the back of his knees, causing him to fall forward with his knees meeting the cold floor.


"Who's there?!" Monet flapped her wings and nervously looked behind her but see no one. She looked back at Vergo who was kneeling and shocked when she saw a pair of strange knifes were deeply stabbed at the back of his knees, causing blood to flow out.

Seeing the opportunity in front of him, Law instantly recovered from his state of shock and started to slash Vergo into several pieces just like how he did to Kin'emon earlier.

"Law.. you..!" Monet stumbled upon her words and was about to use her power to deal with Law, but went stiff when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned her head around slightly and was frozen in fear when her golden eyes met with a glaring pair of red eyes.

And Monet screamed.

- End of Chapter 29 -

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