Item #: SCP-1226

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1226 is held within a Standard Secure Humanoid Containment Cell in Research Sector-01 at Site-19. Subject is allowed one hour of exercise and/or socialization outside its cell with approval from a Level 4 staff member.

Containment Procedure Update: SCP-1226 is allowed no blades of any material except for research purposes. Subject breached containment with a plastic knife stowed in its quarters. While no staff were injured, significant property damage occurred to Research Sector-01. Subject evaded search teams for two months before recaptured at a remote cabin, which burned down in ensuing struggle. Subject is considered a moderate containment breach risk and should be monitored at all times. Subject has been relocated to Sector-03.

Description: SCP-1226 is a mute Caucasian male 1.77 meters in height and weighing approximately 79.38 kilograms. Its face has been burned beyond recognition. All attempts at facial reconstruction have so far proven unsuccessful.

SCP-1226 is a former US special ops soldier assigned to [Redacted]. Following a tour of duty in [Redacted], subject took a three-year sabbatical in an unknown location in Japan. Afterward, subject reappeared in the United States by unknown means. Foundation notified of subject's anomalous nature via an anonymous email detailing subject's description and location. Subject recovered from a plastic surgeon in [Redacted]. Informant's identity and knowledge of the Foundation are currently unknown.

While reportedly an expert soldier, SCP-1226 appears to have displayed no anomalous traits until after its time in Japan. In addition to displaying superhuman levels of stamina, agility, and pain resistance, any blade SCP-1226 handles behaves much like a light saber, able to slice through all known materials with little to no resistance. Additionally, blades will not break as long as they are in SCP-1226's possession.