I love Opal. She's one of my favourite fusions easily, but I have a few problems with a lot of Opal AU's which I've explained here:

I've also gone a little more in depth about this au and some plot points I may be adding. Have fun reading! I hope you enjoy.

"GARNET, OPAL!" Steven yelled, barrelling himself through the front door, holding an old ice cream freezer patterned with cats. He had bad news to share.

Garnet looked up for a second, but before Steven could continue, a large bug attempted to jump onto his face. Well bug wasn't entirely accurate, and neither was large really. It was a huge... well it was a huge something. Steven put his arms over his face and shut his eyes. Was this the end of Steven Universe?

Then a whip shot around the creature's middle, interrupting the ascent onto Steven. Steven looked up, grateful that his time hadn't been cut short and saw Opal. She waved a hand at him, but she seemed momentarily distracted by another of the creatures.

Looking around the house, Steven saw that there were several of them. Garnet was stood, mechanically breaking their necks, but Opal, having abounded the whip, seemed to be unsuccessfully trying to use her bow to bat them away.

"Opal, use your hands," called Garnet, and Opal blinked as if she hadn't thought of that, and grabbed two and snapped both of their necks. Then she looked at the remains- or rather lack of, confused.

"They don't have gem." she said and Garnet walked over, the struggling body of one of the things still in her hands. Steven looked at it properly. It was kinda cute in a strange buggy way he thought.

"What are they?"

"We're calling them Centipeedles," said Garnet, freeing one of her hands to pat Steven on the head. "We think they're trying to get into the temple."

"Do we really have to get rid of them?" he asked "they're super cool!"

The centipeedle decided it had had enough of this and attempted to make its way out of Garnet's arms. Garnet held fast, but the creature ended up drooling all over her arm. Steven watched in fascination and fear as the drool hit the floor and created a large hole. "cool," he breathed. Opal winced and Garnet just stood there as if nothing had happened.

"Why don't they have gems?" asked Steven? He thought for a second, "Why would they have gems?" He looked up just in time to see Garnet and Opal looking at each other awkwardly before garnet spoke up.

"There must be a mother somewhere nearby," said Garnet, jerking her hands and making the centipeedle in her hands poof into dust. Another one tried to sneak up behind her, but she punched it without turning her head.

"We should find it." said Opal, stomping on one crawling across the ground. "Before someone gets hurt."

"Can I come? Please!" begged Steven, the bad news he had it share practically forgotten, shoved out of his mind by the prospect of adventure.

"We can protect humanity without you," smiled Opal, and Steven felt his smile slide off his face. "For now" she added, trying to make Steven feel better.

"Aw man," Said Steven. He was disappointed but not surprised: he never got to do cool stuff like fight giant bug monsters.

He then looked up to see one of the centipeedles rooting around in his fridge. "Hey," he called angrily "get out of there!" He ran to the kitchen and shooed it away. He looked mournfully at the contents of the fridge, not even registering Garnet using her gauntlets to send it flying. "Not cool!" He shouted over his shoulder as it was airborne.

He looked back at the fridge to see if there was anything to save, and there they were in the freezer department. The holy grail of beauty. He gasped in disbelief. "It can't be!" His eyes widened and he let out a squeal. There on the freezer shelf were hundreds, if not thousands, of Cookie Cats! Well maybe more like 20, but it was still a lot! Opal and Garnet walked over to see what the fuss was about and Opal smiled down at him. "Where did these come from?" asked Steven, "They stopped making them!"

"We know," said Opal. "We heard about that. And we knew that they were your favourite. We went out and bought them for you."

"I bought them." Garnet interrupted. "Opal picked them up and left the shop without paying."

Opal blushed. "I forgot," she murmured and Steven laughed and hugged her excitedly.
"The whole thing was my idea," said Garnet, and Steven hugged her too. Opal opened her mouth, but then shut it without saying anything.

Steven looked at the treats, and picked one up delightedly. As he looked at the pure deliciousness in his hands he began to sing along to the old ad for cookie cats.

Opal and Garnet smiled and laughed along and Steven grinned delightedly before opening the wrapper and taking a bite. He was in bliss.

"I like to eat the ears first, he remarked, but he didn't get a response. Instead they seemed to be staring at him. Steven was confused but then he looked down.

"My gem!"

"Try to pull out your weapon!" said Opal, uncharacteristically excited, but Steven panicked and the glow began to fade.

"Calm down and breathe, Steven," Garnet attempted to soothe, but Steven couldn't listen, too wound up. The three of them watched as the glow faded. Steven felt dejected but it was the closest he'd ever gotten.

He slipped the unfinished cookie cat back into its wrapper and slid it into the still open freezer before closing the fridge door. "Can't one of you guys explain how to summon a weapon," he begged and Opal raised a hand.

"I'll go first," she suggested and Garnet nodded. Steven grinned his eyes shining. This was gonna work! He could feel it!

Steven wriggled excitedly. It wasn't often that he got to hang out with Opal and she was always so quiet so getting a lesson from her was just a dream come true. She stood in front of an old blossom tree.

"When a petal falls," she began, "It goes with the flow, and the wind. You can't force it to fall, but you can't stop it either. Imagine you are the tree and your gem is the pet- wait that doesn't sound right."

She looked at Steven confused, and he shrugged at her.

"Well," she began again, "maybe you are the petal and you have to create your own dance." she stopped again and smiled. "Yes that sounds right."

She stood on her tiptoes and two of her hands reached towards herself. Steven knew that as well as her bow, she had a whip and a spear, but he almost never saw them before she combined the two and created her bow, as tall and as grand as her.

Steven clapped politely, but he honestly felt more confused than ever. She smiled at him, and he smiled back, but the gem on his stomach felt the same, and not like a tree or a petal or whatever at all. He scooped up a pile of petals and threw them into the air, but nothing happened.

They went back home, Steven feeling confused and dejected to see Garnet waiting for him. "My turn now." she said and Steven smiled. Maybe this lesson from Garnet would be the key to mastering the use of his weapon!

It was not the key. Garnet did not help at all, and instead his confusion only grew. Then he had an idea.

He got Opal and Garnet and stood them where they had been standing when his gem had lit up. Neither of them looked convinced, but it was all Steven had and so they went along with it.

"The fridge was open and Opal, your arms were kinda crossed. No not those arms, your other arms. Garnet, you were standing a little closer to the table and- perfect! Our scene has been set." He picked up his half eaten Cookie Cat and went to take a bite out of it. "Wait!" He stopped himself "I sang the song first." He rushed through the song, not really getting into it, he just wanted his gem to glow again. "I think it was funnier last time," he said pouting. He checked his gem but it remained non glowing. "Maybe I'm not a real Crystal gem."

Opal uncrossed her arms, and crouched by Steven, still towering over him. "Of course you are, even if your gem is usele-" she stopped herself before she could finish, but the damage was still done. "You're one of us Steven." she tried again, and this time she was rewarded with a small smile.

"We aren't the Crystal Gems without you," said Garnet, nodding and Steven felt slightly better.

"Even if I don't have powers, I still have Cookie Cat!" He bit into the confectionary and was once again hit with sugary heaven.

His gem began to glow again and this time, before he even noticed, a shield came out. Garnet looked on in shock, and Opal gasped. "It's a shield," She said in a hushed tone, as if in awe of it.

"Awesome! I get a shield!" Steven grinned in pure happiness. The shield was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen. "Oh yeah!"

He jumped, and the shield went haywire, bouncing around before lodging itself into the television. Opal made a sound somewhere between a laugh and a grimace, and Garnet didn't visibly react, not looking surprised in the slightest.

Any embarrassment Steven may have felt was overpowered by his pure excitement. "I summon my weapon by eating ice cream!" He said, oblivious it the reactions of disbelief around him.

As if they sensed something had happened, all of a sudden, a bunch of the creatures from earlier ran up the side of the house, one of them clearly much bigger than the others. The Gems ran out of the house in time to watch the biggest climb up the hill that lead to the lighthouse. "It's the mother!" Called out Garnet.

She and Opal sprang into action. Steven attempted to follow, but Opal gently but firmly shut the door. "Stay in the house Steven."

Steven didn't listen, instead running to the freezer and collecting as many as he could hold. He thought for a second and then also grabbed the mini freezer he had been generously given by Lars and Sadie.

He opened the door and gasped to see Opal and Garnet cowering behind a large rock. "HEY!" he yelled and the centipeedle turned to face him. "He gulped but continued, slamming the freezer down for emphasis. "Leave them alone!"

"He took an ice cream out and he ate it as fast as he could, but nothing happened. He looked up and saw the centipeedle looming over him. He did the only sensible thing he could think in the moment and ran, carrying his freezer in the vain hope that it would work.

He grabbed several Cookie Cats and shoved them into his mouth, but it still didn't work. He felt tears stream down his face and his stomach started to hurt, but his gem still wouldn't glow. He felt useless.

He heard Garnet try to fight the monster off but then looked to his side and saw his beloved ice cream freezer, flickering pathetically with electricity. He ran over to it, but it was no use. It was almost broken in two.

He looked at the poor freezer, flashing and sizzling and he got an idea. With all he strength he hefted the freezer over his shoulder by the lead and threw it into the Centipeedle. The creature seized up with the voltage going through it's body and screeched in pain. He watched as Garnet and Opal finished it off, seeing it flash and turn into light before only the thing's gem remained. Garnet picked it up and placed the gem in a red bubble before sending it off somewhere. Steven hoped it wasn't in any pain.

Steven then turned his attention to his cookie cats, opting to dig a small hole and place an empty wrapper inside. It was only symbolic but somehow it made him feel much better.

"Steven," Opal came and sat near him, gently placing her arm around his shoulder. "Your powers don't come from ice cream. But one day you'll figure it out."

"Yes," said Garnet, towering over him and smiling. "In your own Steveny way."

Steven tried to smile at them, but before they could say anything else, the pain in his stomach got worse, and he vomited miserably.

The ending may feel a little abrupt but it's where it ended in show so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This first chapter is not particularly how the rest of the story will go. It's basically a shot for shot remake of the first episode which I don't want to do, because what's the point really. It'll follow a similar sort of line to canon but this change will change personalities, relationships, dynamics and much more so certain stories just wouldn't work anymore. I'd love to discuss any questions if you have any so you can either comment or DM me on this platform, or on Tumblr at TwinkleTwinklelittleDream
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