Sorry I'm a bad writer! I just felt like writing a Stydia fic. Takes place after they defeat ghost riders and before last scenes of the season.

The ghost rider mess was finally over, and she had her Stiles back. They were finally together and for the first time since he'd come back, they were alone and safe. He was sitting on his bed waiting for her to come back in, and she was trying to make herself more presentable after all that running and fighting.

"You know I've loved you since the third grade, right? Your gorgeous strawberry blonde hair can be messy, we just fought off the wild hunt or whoever they were." Stiles yelled from his bed.

She came out in a pair of blue sweatpants and an orange t-shirt, and the biggest smirk on her face. He looked her up and down knowing exactly what she was referencing with her outfit. That night he'd offered her a reese's cup and his orange jacket, but of course she refused it due to orange and blue being a fashion don't.

"Well, that is not at all what I thought you'd be coming out wearing. Orange and blue, huh." Stiles smiled back at her and decided to play along.

"Not a good combination?" Lydia replied. She looked down at her shirt playing at the hem of it while slowly walking towards him on the bed.

"Orange and blue, not a good combination." He said while reaching his arms out to grab her hips and pull her down to him on the bed. She wrapped her legs around him and moved her hands up into his hair. He rested his forehead against hers for a moment before she lifted her head again, taking a breath to speak.

"Okay, maybe orange and blue is not the best…" She slowly pushed him down on the bed so he was lying down against his pillow and moved to lie beside him, resting on her elbow.

"But sometimes there are things you wouldn't think would be a good combination, but they end up turning out to be a perfect combination, you know?" She continued. She was on her side staring at him, thankful that she could feel him and watch him breathe again.

"Yeah, like two people together, who nobody ever thought would be together ever." He said back, staring into her eyes. He reached his hand out to grab hers. There really was a tether with them. He could feel it every time they weren't touching, that sense of emptiness and aching to be whole. When he grabbed her hand and laced his fingers between hers it was like relaxing when you didn't even know you'd been tense.

"I can see that." She said.

"I can definitely see that." He winked at her and shifted over to kiss her. It was strange how easy it was for them to be together this way after so much time denying how they really felt, but they were both glad they had finally admitted their feelings. He ran his fingers through her long strawberry blonde hair and kissed her again and again, each kiss more passionate than the one before. She lifted off her t-shirt and threw it to the floor.

"Yeah, it really didn't go with those pants." Stiles said as he looked at the orange shirt now thrown beside his lacrosse jersey. She smiled and pulled him closer to her. This is what he'd meant by their tether. It was as if each touch was like coming home. She was always a part of him and being with her was like being whole, and she felt the same way. So long they'd been with the wrong people and faced with the wrong things said at the wrong time, but not anymore. They'd both grown so much and been through hell and back together. She knew he would always be there to protect her even if she had more power to protect herself now, it was still nice to know she could trust him completely like that. He'd saved her before, and she'd saved him. He knew she'd never give up on him and would always find a way to get back to him. They were connected like that, even before that ice bath and the whole dying thing. Yeah, they have a real supernatural tether now, but they had it before too. It was the reason Deaton had told her to go with Stiles that day. She anchored him to their world. Stiles pulled his shirt off and relaxed into the feeling of her skin on his. Trailing his kisses from her lips, to her jaw, to her neck, and down her chest. How could they have ever been a bad combination? Anyone who thought that must have been crazy because everything about this moment felt right and perfect.

In the morning, she stayed in bed watching him sleep for a while. It was peaceful and safe with him, and she was afraid if she got up some new supernatural disaster would happen and there'd be dead bodies for her to find. He started waking up, afraid he'd dreamt the night before and that he was still taken by the wild hunt and in that damn train station waiting to be remembered by everyone he loved. Instead, he opened his eyes to Lydia, the girl of his dreams and soulmate. The woman he was tethered to by the red string of fate. The person that brought him back from the hell and remembered him and got everyone else to remember too.

"You awake?" She asked, knowing he was, "What are you thinking about?"

He moved on his side to face her, "I was thinking about orange and blue being a perfect combination. I mean we've always been orange and blue. Your hair and my jeep, I mean come on?" He smiled at her as she laughed.

"Well, I can't argue with that sound logic." She said through her laughter. He sat up and went to his nightstand shuffling through his top drawer for something. He pulled out an orange wrapper and motioned for her to sit up too.

"Since you decided to bring back that memory from our ice-skating date…" he started.

"It wasn't a date." She interrupted.

"Whatever." He said as he handed her a reese's cup from the wrapper.

"Now it's perfect." He said as they ate their peanut butter candies in bed together.

"Right, because it wasn't at all perfect before the candy." She said back with a smirk. He took in a breath to respond in defense, but she kissed him before he could speak. Maybe he didn't know for sure about orange and blue being the perfect combination but he knew that him and Lydia were, with or without the candy.

Hope you liked it!