Authors Note:
Hey guys! First off, some of you might recognize this story. This is a REUPLOAD of the original. Why is it being reuploaded? I am going through and doing minor/major fixes to some of the grammar/spelling. I finished this story in 2013 or so... Which is a long time ago. I'm actually currently writing (and uploading to the wikia site) the third story in the series. To try and broaden its audience I've decided to upload the story here with the cleaner edits.

Does that mean this story is perfect? Not at all. I think there's a lot.. A LOT of things I would change. But I think the story and it's interesting choices (like why is Lindsay the host?) make it special. I promise that this story has its up, and downs but the sequels only get better!

The story, and the entire Seasons Universe uses OC characters for the most part. With Lindsay not returning to host the sequels. If you're up for learning and discovering a whole new gang of characters I definitely recommend checking this story out. Seasons as a whole follows the trend set forth in the original, of reusing some/most of the characters in the future.

Soft white specks drifted down over a frosted lake. The frail clinging of bells in the distance kept the peaceful setting alive with sound. If you could stand on the edge of the frozen water you would be able to smell the vivid smell of gingerbread. Taking a quick look around, you would see the snow angels that almost seemed cookie-cut out and placed into the snow. Well, that is until you notice the girl in the pink puffy coat, waving her arms like crazy in the snow.

"Lindsay?" A voice called out The soft chiming of the bells fading away. A tall and lanky young man stepped into view, making sure to not step on any of the fallen angels. "They'll be coming soon and I baked the gingerbread like you asked." He showed Lindsay the plate fall of cookies.

The blonde girl, clothed in the pink winter coat shot her head up, snow falling off of her. "Dj! You're so good at this intern thing! But the competition is already over! See, look she won!" Lindsay pointed towards a small snowman, standing on the white dock.

The coloured man let out a sigh before walking over to help the blonde up, "Lindsay, for the tenth time, I'm not Dj. My name is Brandon. Bran-don. There's no J." Brandon laughed, pulling the petite-figured host off of the ground. "Secondly, those are snowmen... they aren't the contestants."

Lindsay blinked rapidly, turning her attention back to the snowmen. "Oh. Well, don't just stand there let's go to the dock!" She shouted, as the duo walked over to the dock.

Just as they arrived, a horse-drawn carriage began to slide on the ice in their direction. Brandon, being the hero he was, jumped out of the way, as Lindsay attended to a stray strand of hair. "Would you look at that? Prince Charming must be some guy if you keep him around even after he just about left you for dead." A voice laughed. The carriage managed to stop just in front of Lindsay. A young teen with scarlet red hair tied up in a ponytail stepped out of the carriage. She was wearing a tight black leather coat, and washer-stained jeans.

"Hey!" Brandon yelled, as he picked himself up off of the ground, dusting the snow off of his dark jeans. "I resent that, Ivy."

Brandon returned to his place at Lindsay's side. "You looked so much better in your audition video!" Lindsay remarked, causing Ivy to transition through the different shades of red. She glared at the host, keeping her mouth shut as she strutted towards the pair. "Whatever."

The next carriage approached. A figure sat on top of one of the horses and a great-big grin plastered across his face. The horses slowed down, this time sliding to a full stop. The teen jumped off of the horse, "I've always wanted to do that! I'm just like King Arthur now!" Je shouted, tossing a stick onto the ice beside him.

"Oh great, it's Harold 2.0. Somebody better watch him before he cheats," Ivy remarked, flaring her nostrils. "Should I be expecting Duncan to show up too or?"

Lindsay looked baffled by the comment. "No. I never said Harold could return to the show. I'm sorry Harold, you'll have to leave!" Lindsay decided calling for a horse carriage. The campers rolled their eyes.

"Lindsay, that's not Harold, it's... Ummm, what is it again?" Brandon asked, flipping through a small green book, entitled 'Total Drama for dummy-heads.' "I swear I put all of your names in here somewhere."

The teens jaw dropped, "You're kidding right? Please. Tell me you're kidding?" Saber asked. He walked over and joined Ivy.

The host and her intern exchanged glances. "For the love of all that is stupid, his name is Saber!" The ever-impatient Ivy called out, pointing to a white name tag plastered on Saber's coat. Ivy let out a stretched out groan. "This season isn't even going to make it to air. What a waste of my time."

"Thanks." Saber stated, giving a soft smile. "I'll remember you when I am divising my kingdom's land!"

"Talk about embarrassing!" Lindsay chimed to herself. The third carriage approached. This time however, she was determined to get their name right. An average sized teen stepped out of the carriage, her brown hair bouncing in twin pigtails that fell to her shoulders. "You must be Lexi! Welcome!"

The brunette bounced in place, before skipping towards Lindsay, "That's me Lieutenant Lindsay!" She beamed, stopping in place to give a salute to the blushing host. "You were one of my icons growing up! You were always so proud!"

"At ease soldier!" Lindsay giggled, remembering her days as a captain in Total Drama Action. She smiled looking at the three contestants who had arrived so far; Ivy the one with red hair, Saber, with the shaggy blonde hair, and Lexi, with the brown pigtails- How hard could it be to memorize their names?

Saber quickly began to tell a tale of princes and dragons to Lexi. She stood and listened attentively to every word "Aww, that's so cute! True love never falters!" She gave her new friend a hug. He finished telling his legend of the boy who fell in love with the princess, only for her to run off and fall in love with the handsome prince- but time broke the couple up, and the patient boy won the princesses heart. "It's like a romance novel but… In history!"

Just like the carriage before, another horse-drawn sled-thing came into view. A brunette stepped out, her hair laying flat on her shoulders. She wore a slimming golden-orange coat, "Daisy, right?" Brandon asked, but Lindsay shook her head.

"No no, she must be Hannah, I'd remember those eyes anywhere!" Brandon looked at Lindsay and then at Hannah confused. Lindsay realized this and whispered to him, "Contact lenses." He laughed slightly to himself, as the girl walked towards the group.

"H-hey." The fantasy fanatic choked out, reaching his hand out for a handshake.

Lexi giggled silently, eying the red flush into the boys cheeks. "Oh, hey. My name's Hannah." She said, reaching her hand out, about to shake his hand when-

"Ello mates!" A voice called out with an obvious british accent. Hannah quickly turned away from Saber and faced the new arrival. "My name's Britt, and what's yours?" He asked, smiling at Hannah.

Meanwhile, Ivy was whispering to Lexi, "So, he's Britt, the brit? This is going to be an interesting winter break." Lexi gave a soft giggle, before nodding her head.

Saber's face said it all, 'what'? Hannah blinked. "Hannah." She started to smile like a dork, as her and the brit began to talk.

Lindsay took the boy's introduction as his own, saving her from botching up another name. She grinned, as another carriage pulled up. This time a girl with dirty blonde hair stepped off, she gave a quick smile before joining the rest of the cast. "This is... Rosalie," Lindsay guessed, and the new girl gave a nod.

"She looks like she is in pain," Lexi frowned, still conversing with Ivy. The former, quickly glanced over at the new arrival, before giving a slight nod.

"You may as well just get medevaced, I would hate for you to die due to whatever is wrong with you." Ivy laughed, causing both Lexi and Rosalie to frown.

Meanwhile, Hannah's face looked as if it were about to explode. "You're sooooo sweet." She grinned, before leaning in and giving the unexpecting brit a peck on the check. The group of teens went silent, asides from Lexi's giggling. Britt blinked multiple times, and by the time he'd finished, the nerdy girl was gone.

"Where'd the lady go?" He asked, and the group pointed off into the forest. Britt sighed, preparing to run, but the other geek stopped him. "Huh?"

"Just let her go. The princess needs some time alone in her tower."

"Awks," The newest arrival chuckled. He had darker skin, and a clean-cut hair style. "I mean, talk about desperate Kissing a boy you just met… On reality television? EEP!"

Rosalie stared daggers at the new arrival. "Play nice, she just has a puppy-crush is all."

"So sorry, I must have forgotten to introduce myself, name's Kaleb. You know, the guy who doesn't give a crap." He stuck his hand out, then pulled it back with a grin.

Ivy snapped her fingers, "'Ey! I'm the snarky one here, go get your own stereotype."

Brandon and Lindsay were exchanging glances, "If Chris were here, he would be proud!" Brandon encouraged her, she nodded in response. They glanced over at the contestants, just a little under half of the contestants were here.

Britt and Saber were busy building a snowman together. Hannah was still missing, they had contemplated sending someone out to find her but that required too much work. Ivy had ended her argument with Kaleb, stepping back to talk with Lexi, though the latter was only nodding casually. The pig-tailed girl reminded Lindsay much of herself back when she was a contestant. Finally, there was Rosalie and Kaleb. Kaleb was still bickering on about how desperate Hannah must have been, while Rosalie just tried to ignore him by grinding her teeth and staring into his soul.

"Hello?" A petite figured girl called out, she had her hair up in a bun. Her turquoise skirt dancing in the soft breeze. Nobody seemed to pay her much attention, all too busy with their own conversations. The girl sighed, as she joined the group, "My name's Dania, if you care." Still, nobody paid her any notice.

"So there's this girl, who nobody knows. She has the prettiest eyes, and 'ey I bet she flies!" A rugged voice rang out, strumming on a ukulele. His long brown hair flowing in with the beat of his music, under his red beanie.

He continued to sing and play his instrument as another teenage boy popped out from behind him. He danced like fire to the rhymes. He had the bright red converse, and yellow joggers. His hands were in the snow as he pulled cartwheel after cartwheel. As the strumming came to an end, the dancing also ended. "André everybody!" The dancer clapped wildly as his newly found friend gave a quick bow and grinned.

"And that's Mitchel!" Andre bowed to his dancing partner.

Lindsay was being informed via headset that the duo had seen each other on youtube once or twice, and once they saw the other back on the mainland, they'd refuse to not come on the same carriage. Everybody around had stopped what they were doing to watch the duo perform, and now were clapping, asides from spoilsport Kaleb. "Lame-" Kaleb started before being smacked in the face with a snowball from Dania.

"I'm not sure how you were raised, but where I'm from we applaud for a good performance. I'm Dania by the way." Some cheers were heard from the other girls, namely Ivy and Rosalie who quickly pulled the girl into a conversation they were having with Lexi.

"Did you only cast sassy or love-obsessed girls?" Brandon teased Lindsay.

"Cast?" Linday blinked, somewhat confused.

"Yeah, when we sent you all of the audition clips, how did you decide who ended up on the show?"

"Ohh!" Lindsay gasped. "I just randomly decided to watch some of them on my phone while I was on the treadmill, and threw the rest out!" Brandon stared at her in disbelief.

Another girl took her turn stepping out of the carriage. She had near-white hair, with rather bright blue eyes. "Is this Santa's workshop?" She asked, her eyes seemingly getting even brighter.

"Ah, honey, you must be Twilight. No I'm sorry. This is my Winter Wonderland, but I promise Santa will come visit! So you just need to stay in the game until then!" Lindsay smiled. Brandon looked at Lindsay curiously, "He owes me a favor."

The new arrival nodded and quickly went over and joined the duo still working on their snowman, "You know, if you make a snowman with all your heart, they let you make a wish?" Saber mused, Britt giving him a quick wink.

"Then what are we waiting for! Let's finish this guy!"

The next contestant announced his arrival by sending a soccer ball gliding through the air, as he ran to the rest of the group. His dark skin only seemed to magnify the shine in his black gelled hair, "I'm here!." He walked over to Kaleb, who was standing alone, "Hey."

Kaleb's face lit up, having someone to talk to again. "Hey, your shirt doesn't match your hair. Just saying." Vishal began to take a few steps back, understanding why he was standing alone in the first place.

Another contestant arrived, she had black hair, and wore a bright green coat. She walked over to the girls and introduced herself, "I'm Jade... Are there any cute guys?" The girls all shared a giggle as Jade easily became part of their conversation.

"Yes, yes there is!" A new voice chuckled. He was built larger than the others, but it seemed to be mostly muscle. "So until I arrived, what were you discussing? The national debt?" Emmett chuckled.

All of the girls laughed again, until Rosalie tossed a snowball into the air, as all the eyes traveled to watch it, she tossed another at the trio making the snowman. Soon enough a full-out snowball fight had erupted, everyone was taking part, asides from the still MIA Hannah, and Twilight who was hugging the completed snowman. "Oops- seven murders!" Rosalie laughed, as she hit Brandon.

The newest, and final girl arrived. Her blonde hair was quickly filled with white specks of snow as a snowball hit her fluffy coat, "Ah!" She screeched.

"Oh wow, I'm so sorry!" Mitchel assured, as he cartwheeled over.

Zaina turned her head, "No no, it's not your fault. It's just that, well. All the grass and flowers... they're all covered up."

"Well they are, but we have the magic of snoooooooow," Andre sang out, giving a slight chuckle. "Besides it's Winter what did you expect?"

Zaina frowned, but hugged the duo for trying to cheer her up. The fourteen campers were busy talking with one another. Their laughter filled the void in the air. "Ok! Everyone! If you could please gather around!" Lindsay cheered out, arriving with Brandon, their hands occupied by the warmth of a hot cocoa. "It's time I made your teams, so listen carefully. Andre, Dania, Emmett, Jade and Mitchel! You are now officially team Jack-Frost!" The five of them all gathered together, each grinning happily.

"Britt, Lexi, Saber, Vishal and Zaina, you are known as Team Elf!" The five also cheered, if only because they knew they wouldn't be stuck with Kaleb.

"And finally, Team, ! Hannah, Ivy, Kaleb, Rosalie and Twilight!" The team slowly made their way together, all glaring at the male on their team.

"Oh, boo-hoo, guess you three are just stuck with me for awhile!"

"Three? There's' only four of us. Where's Hannah!" Rosalie realized, looking around for their missing member. The cast spent a while looking around but she was nowhere to be seen.

"I guess lover-boy must have been a terrible kisser," Kaleb chuckled, as he slapped Britt's back.

"Help!" A voice that could belong to only Hannah shouted. Everybody ran towards the voice, but the first to reach her were Twilight and Vishal.

"Oh my god! Is that what I think?" Twilight squealed.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Vishal argued.

"No. It's true! He says he's an elf." Hannah stated, as she continued to drag the short body across the snow. "It's like a secret unlockable character!"

Authors Note:
And that's that, the 16 campers in Total Drama Frozen. I have images, bios, and full character pages available if that's something you guys would like to see.

Again please NOTE. Frozen is the worse in the series, while it has a lot of interesting dynamics, the story itself is short. Enjoy the quick read, and get to know the characters before embarking onto Tides!

Andre - The Musician

Britt -The Brit

Dania -Daddy's Little Girl

Emmett - The Muscle Head

Frosty - The Elf

Hannah - The Female Gamer

Ivy - The Thorny-Tongue

Jade - The Follower

Kaleb - The Star in Progress

Lexi - The Bubbly Girl

Mitchel - The Contemporary Dancer

Rosalie - The Hopeless Romantic

Saber - The Fantasy Geek

Twilight - The Believer

Vishal - The Athlete

Zaina - The Flower Girl