The oh-so-familiar blonde host appeared in front of a large metal gate. Despite her own height, she seemed to be dwarfed by the size of the metallic fence. "Welcome back to Total." The host shouted.

Falling into a pile of white snow, Beth screamed, "Drama!" After that, she quickly muttered to herself. "Thank god this snow is real!"

Brandon and Trent march into the scene from opposite ends, glaring at one another. Trent carrying his guitar with broken strings, and Brandon dragging a laptop cord wrapped around his leg. "Frozen..." The two muttered out.

The blonde host helped Beth out from the snow. "Beth! Stop trying to make friends with the snow! We have a show to host!"

The shorter girl laughed. "Last time on Total Drama Frozen, we aired our Christmas Special, where the bitter turned creamy and the creamy turned bitter. Dania won the returning contest, and sent Lexi back into the game so Zaina could protect her. Later on, Jade finally turned on Ivy, causing Ivy's elimination, sadly for them, it was a non-elimination elimination..." Beth laughed. "She has Heather's luck."

Trent continued. "After that, the eliminated contestants returned to the island for Christmas day, and the merge! Sadly, it seems that both Frosty and Twilight are missing from the competition, likely due to Santa kidnapping them- But hey, don't worry! My wife is on the case!"

Brandon glared at the ex-heartthrob. "But wait! There's more. All of our past couples were reunited, and in an attempt to make Hannah jealous, Britt, our resident brit, gave Jade a quick peck on her noggin'. And after Vishal realized his alliance was basically kaput, he told Saber he could join, if he chose to befriend Britt again. This led the duo to patch-work their friendship, but who knows how long that will last."

"All the while, Rosalie has managed to stay calm, and watch the events happen. But for just how long will she be able to avoid the drama? And for how much longer will Ivy long to kiss Mitchel, the boy who voted her out, and played with her heart after pressure from Jade? All of these questions may or may not be answered in this episode... But who knows?" Lindsay chimed in, pushing open the gate to her Winter Wonderland.

Waiting just on the other side were the nine remaining contestants, to the side the 5 eliminated contestants stood. "Took you long enough," Jade scolded, and rolled her eyes.

"Ivy, why can't you learn to play nice with the others?" Britt wrapped his arms around Jade whispering literal-sweet-nothings into her ear, making sure that Hannah saw.

"But I-" Ivy started before receiving a nudge in her chest by Jade, "...nothing, nevermind." Dania frowned seeing her ex-arch nemesis in distress.

"Sorry, but certain people wouldn't stop arguing over who got to say what for the introduction..." Lindsay huffed, as both Brandon and Trent tried to hide behind Beth.

Mitchel avoided looking at Ivy, "What exactly is the challenge?"

"I'm glad you asked! Because it's going to be a fun one!" Beth grinned, as she pulled out a number of maps from her purse. "Using these you should be able to find all your way around Lindsay's Wonderland with ease. The challenge is to get the most tickets possible!"

Trent jumped out from behind Beth. "Just participate in the attractions and you'll win tickets. But remember, there's a gift shop if you feel like you don't need immunity-"

"The person with the most tickets at closing time will be the winner of the challenge and will win immunity!" Brandon added on, cutting Trent off. The duo glared at one another.

"And are we free to help out whoever we want?" Emmett wrapped his arms around Rosalie, raising his eyebrow. The four co-hosts nodded in approval.

"Thanks." Rosalie whispered, letting her body weight fall onto Emmett.

Lindsay looked behind the teens, where a newly-hired card holder stood, flipping to a new card. The new staff-member had a name-tag that read 'Indi'. The blonde host quickly scanned the fresh card. "Oh! And don't forget, at noon there will be a music performance at the Lindstastic Music Stage!"

The resident dancer perked up at this. "Who's playing? The Drama-Brothers?"

"I hope not!" Andre muttered, before laughing hysterically.

Brandon smirked, "Nope! We got someone whose actually talented"

Trent rolled his eyes. "Must be Diss Trent Day or something..."

The short host sighed, wrapping her arms around the musician. "No, the Drama-Brothers will not be performing, we have a big-big star! But their identity shall remain a secret till noon!"

Kaleb stared directly at Beth. "A bigger star than I? This can not be!"

"It can, and is." Brandon pipped in.

"Is there a medieval themed section? In particular, a restaurant called, The Knights Table?" Saber quizzed, unfolding the map Beth had just given him.

"It's possible... I don't exactly remember..." Lindsay paused.

"Go figure," Jade laughed.

"I found it!" Hannah shouted, locating the restaurant. "I guess we can have our first date now, huh!?" Saber smiled, before thanking Lindsay for having the restaurant added into her Wonderland.

"Sorry to be a bother, but can we please just get going!? I can smell the cotton candy, and I just can't stop myself!" Lexi shouted.

"I second that!" Zaina grinned.

"We never said you had to stay here..." Trent chuckled, as the teens all bolted off.

"Are you going to win me a teddy bear?" Jade winked, kissing Brit on the cheek.

Britt shook his head in surprise, "I thought we were only going to pretend to be together when Hannah or Saber were around?"

"Oh... Sorry, I thought I saw them... But pretty please? I'm sure Hannah will be jealous when she sees me hugging the bear later..."

Britt sighed. "Fine, but only because I'll get some tickets at the same time. Besides, this kind of activity is always a doddle." He pointed to where a number of cups were stacked in a pyramid formation. To the side of it, a number of snowballs were piled.

The brit grabbed one of the snowballs and tossed it at the cups, knocking them all down in one shot. "Smashing," Jade mocked in her best British accent.

"I guess this is for you then." the card holder from before smiled, as she blushed, handing Jade a large plush polar bear. "And these are for you." She added, handing Britt his tickets.

Kaleb was stalking Vishal, as he went from activity to activity. "You don't like a single one of them, do you?"

The athlete was using a water gun to fill a jug with water. "What makes you say that?"

"Us eliminated contestants, you know, we get to watch your every move."

Vishal stopped. "What!?"

"We get to watch your every move."

"It's not my fault they Lindsay cast a bunch of idiots and dweebs. Britt would be fine, but he's too emotional."

Kaleb nodded. "Yeah, we're such idiots and dweebs. By the way, you know everything about the whole live feeds? I lied."

Vishal turned to Kaleb, spraying water on the actor. "You what!?"

"I lied. And if you don't want your whole 'I'm going to be friendly to everyone plan' to be ruined," Kaleb pulled out his cellphone, revealing that it was set to record. "You had best be mentioning my name every single episode from here on out."

Vishal stopped squirting the water at Kaleb. "Then how about I buy you some cotton-candy, friend." Vishal put an emphasis on the last word.

"Why do you let her treat you so poorly?" Dania sighed when her and Ivy got on a teacup attraction.

Ivy shrugged. "I guess I'm used to it. It's also kind of karma. I wasn't very nice to people around here, to you. It makes sense that Mitchel voted me off, who would ever want to be with me?"

Dania hugged the sobbing girl "Don't say that. From what you've told me, you only ever acted that way because you wanted Heather to notice you. And you know what, I'm sure she did!"

"Wh-wha-what am I going to do when you leave? What if I end up going back to becoming her super clone?"

Daddy's little treasure simply rubbed her arm on the girl's back. "I wouldn't worry about that too much, Jade seems to have taken every single bad trait from the old you. If anything, she'll turn into that person."

"But that's not fair to her..."

"I know it's not... but I'll think of something. Don't worry. I won't let either of you turn into a monster. But the first step in all of that is going to be letting Mitchel go."

"I don't think I can... Really, I've tried." Ivy sighed, wiping off her frozen tears.

A large stone room was lit by the dim-litter candles, a burning scent filling the chamber. Two teens sat alone, enjoying a steak with gravy. In the distance knights fought with their swords. "Isn't this what you've always wanted and more?" Saber asked, awkwardly putting his arm around Hannah.

"Yep. Sure is... I'm just going to go to the powder room, and apply some more pixie dust I collected..."

(CONF): Hannah sat on the frosted throne that Lindsay had bought to replace the old confessional. "He's just so awkward... at least Britt knew what he was doing."

Jade was applying her own makeup when she saw Hannah walk in. "Is the date going as aca-awful- I mean, aca-amazing as you've always dreamt?"

Hannah stared at the follower. "Not really... He's just kind of, well he's acting like himself I guess."

"Awwww, is little miss cheater missing her boy-toy? Well guess what, he's mine now, and if you want him back you'll have to get past Lightning and Thunder." Jade declared showing off her biceps. "Toodles!" She giggled as she grabbed her teddy and skipped out of the room.

The gamer frowned, staring into the reflection, thinking about how she used to feel when Britt would wrap his strong arms around her, instead of the noodles that Saber possesed.

Britt was sitting with Saber. "So when she comes back just make sure to make her feel special, you know. Maybe challenge one of the knights to a duel or something. Then when you beat em' show your queen how much you love her."

"Yeah... Sure, thanks for the advice!" Saber declared.

(CONF): Saber rolled his eyes. "I can't stand that guy!"

When Hannah returned from applying her pixie dust she was confronted with Saber knocked out on the ground, one of the knights laughing over him. Hannah facepalmed when she saw the sight. "... My hero."

As the clock slowly began to tick down to noon, Mitchel and Andre made their way to the Lindstastic Stage. "Who do you think is going to be performing?"

"I'm not really sure, but they can't be worse than the Drama Brothers." Andre declared.

Mitchel paused. "What's your issue with them anyways? I'm curious."

"I went to one of their concerts, and when I got there they brought me up on the stage, but my pants got caught on some metal... I was there standing in my boxers in front of my girlfriend."

"That was you! Aha?" Mitchel started to laugh, as they continued to walk.

"Don't judge me!" Andre lightly pushed Mitchel to the side with a laugh.

As they neared they could tell that all of the other contestants were already there. Mitchel checked his pockets to see just how many tickets he had earned so far. He was left disappointed when he could only count twenty.

Do I attract you?

Do I repulse you with my queasy smile?

Am I too dirty?

Am I too flirty?

Do I like what you like?

"It couldn't be..." Mitchel rushed to the stage to see the one and only MIKA performing. He looked up in awe as the singer danced along the stage in his crazed fashion.

When the singer saw Mitchel he motioned for him to join him on the stage, a large grin plastered on his face. "Don't do it man! You know what might happen!" Andre warned.

The dancer ignored him as he jumped onto the stage and started to dance. The teens all erupted into cheer as one of their own danced with the star, even Kaleb applauded. Soon enough MIKA and Mitchel were in their own dance-off.

Jade pulled Ivy off to the side. "How many tickets do you have so far?"

"Not many... Dania and I were talking and going on some of the rides, I think I might have like ten?" Ivy announced.

Jade glared, "Well I only have forty, and I know for a fact Britt has more than me. Give me yours, so that I can win immunity."

Ivy shook her head. "No Jade, Dania says I should stand up for myself. You can't have my tickets, there's still time, you can get your own tickets."

"Aca-scuse me? You did not just say NO, to me. I am the biggest star on this island, and I refuse to be treated like dirt, especially from the likes of you. You know Heather would want you to help me. She would want you to keep me safe!"

"... You... You know about Heather?" Ivy stuttered out, before running away, Dania started to chase after her, but Mitchel beat her to the chase, jumping off of the stage.

Rosalie and Emmett were swaying to the music as they began to dance slowly. "Did Mitchel teach you how to dance like this?" She asked.

"The guys chill, he's just full of information. Who taught you how to dance like this?"

"Do you really want to know." She teased.

"Good point...WOAH!" Emmett shouted upon seeing the Hammer test of strength in the distance. "Oh come on, I challenge you!"

Rosalie snickered, "But I'm a GIRL!"

"You're not just some ordinary girl." Emmett said with a sly grin.

Zaina and Lexi 'oooooed' as they walked past the flirting couple. "They're so cute together!" Lexi smiled.

"Do you like your cotton candy?" Zaina asked, eying Lexi.

The pig-tailed girl nodded repeatedly. "Thanks, but you didn't have to waste your tickets on me!"

"No, I think I had to! You brought me back flowers from the resort. I feel so energized now!"

Vishal grinned as he walked between the two girls. "Oh really? Then you'd be willing to challenge me in an extreme challenge?"

"Well, I do love doing extreme things, besides, Agent Z has been feeling neglected!"

"Well then. If I win, you two join my alliance. If you win, You can get all of my tickets."

Lexi nommed on her purple and pink cotton-candy. "Yummy."

In a frosted palace, Ivy was curled up on one of the thrones. "Ivy? Are you here?" Mitchel called out.

"No." Ivy muttered, curling up further into a ball.

The dancer smiled, hand-standing his way over the girl. "You know, you should really turn that frown upside down... See what I did there?"

She laughed slightly, before joining the teen on her hands. "You're really cool, did you know that?"

"It may or may not have come up once or twice. But look Ivy, I'm really sorry about everything. I'm just not ready for a relationship... My dad rushed into one when he was little and wrote a song about it... Grace Kelly if you've ever heard it. Anyways, he ended up leaving my mom and me in the end."

"I know, I know. Dania told me... But you were the first person to be nice to me, this entire time!" He gave her a tight hug.

"Well you weren't exactly the nicest person to start with, but I promise after tonight, things will be different. You'll be able to start anew, just trust me." Mitchel flipped over, landing on his feet as he tickled the bottoms of Ivy's feet.

Standing on two podiums above a giant ball pit were Vishal and Zaina. Each armed with a large pull with pillows on either end. "To the death!" Saber cheered out from the sidelines, tossing his popcorn into the air.

"You earn those experience points girl!"

"Good luck." Zaina smiled.

"You'll need it." He muttered, as he tried to poke Zaina with the rod but she ducked out of its path.

It was Zaina's turn as she lunged with her weapon, also missing. The two began a back and forth game of slashes and dodges, causing the pillows to tear open and spill their feathers around the ball pit.

After quite some time, a hit was made, as both teens were swept into the ball pool. "I won!" They both shouted as they fell.

Lindsay came onto the intercom. "Hellooooo contestants! We have been monitoring your ticket scoring and it comes down to who ever won the duel between Zaina and Vishal. It seems the majority of you seemed to think this was play time... not that I could blame you."

Vishal stared at Zaina as she climbed out of the ball pit. "Luck!" Vishal rolled his eyes at her remark. In the distance, he sees Rosalie cheering as she drops a hammer to the ground, Emmett seeming embarrassed.

"Anyways, we had to go and watch the recording in slow motion, and it seems that... Zaina was able to knock Vishal off before he knocked her off. Meaning, that congratulations Zaina, you have won the very first individual immunity! As for the rest of you, we'll be expecting you soon for your votes." Brandon confirmed.

Lexi jumped onto her friend the moment the announcement was made. "We're free! We don't need to worry about him and his nasty alliance anymore! He's going home, and it's all thanks to you, Zaina!"

Vishal growled as he dragged Saber and Britt away from the audience. "Have you two made up yet?"

"Yes." They both quickly replied, one genuine, the other not-so-much.

Vishal grinned. "Good because we have a new target this week, and her name starts with an 'I'."

"Ivy? Really? She seems so sad lately though..." Britt stated, ruffling his hair.

Hannah walked up to the trio. "Oh there you are Saber! I was looking all over for you, Emmett and Rosalie are saying their goodbyes, it seems like we need to leave before you guys vote, and I don't want to leave without saying goodbye. So if you don't mind boys...Britt, I think I'll be taking my boyfriend with me for a bit." She quickly hovered over the word 'boyfriend'.

Saber and Hannah walked away from the two others. "I'm going to miss you." He muttered.

"And I'm going to miss you too, but look. You can't trust Vishal, Kaleb has told me things, he just can't be trusted."

"And I can't trust Britt, right?"

Hannah looked away, "Right. Look, I'm gonna go now, and I'll see you at the finals. Just promise me they will go home before you do."

"I promise." He whispered, kissing his princess, causing her to look to the ground.

"He can't be trusted. You know that, right?" Vishal asked, as he and Britt watched Saber walk Hannah to the dock.

"I believe in second chances."

"And I believe in you." Jade whispered as she pulled Britt away.

Vishal glared as the two also left. "And Britt can't be trusted either... Why is everyone so terrible at this game."

Later on the teens eagerly gathered around the fireplace, sitting on their ice cubes. "How come these things never melt?" Mitchel chuckled.

"There are some things that just can't be explained by human logic." Rosalie teased.

Saber eyed Rosalie as she made her comment. "Maybe these are actually just plastic?"

"Plastic ice cubes...? I think I've seen it all!" Ivy tried to join in, but the others ignored her.

"It's ok. Ivy, I thought you were pretty funny, and so does Britt, right hun'." Jade poked her brit.

"Yeah, it sure was ace!"

Lexi and Zaina were busy poking their cubes. "I don't think they're plastic... Wouldn't plastic also melt?," Zaina quizzed.

"I guess so, you're so right!" Lexi added.

Vishal muttered to himself, "Idiots."

"Well, I can answer all of those with one command!" Lindsay cheered, as she ordered Brandon to walk into the fire.

He grudgingly did as he was told, as the digital fire caved in around him. "Can we please get on with the votes? This thing is still hot!"

Lindsay nodded eagerly as she waved to the nine contestants. "Britt, having seen more of your body on the Christmas Special, do you play any sports back home?"

The brit blushed at the question, "Uh, I play rugby and football... And maybe when I go back I might start to play some puck-ball. Vishal has been teaching me how to play."

"Like O-M-G! I love puck ball! Go Moose Heads!"

Jade and Ivy looked at one another before snickering.

"Anyways, Vishal, feeling safe tonight?" Brandon asked.

"Safer than Ivy is."

Ivy frowned, looking at the ground. "Thanks for the support." She looked down at her wrist where she saw the charm bracelet that Dania had given her, a smile returning to her face.

"And finally... Jade, Rosalie!" Brandon announced tossing them each a s'more. "As you know, receiving one of these means you are safe from elimination and can not be eliminated tonight."

Lindsay stared at the card person behind the teens, "Oh. Brandon! You forgot about Zaina!" Lindsay strained to read, as she tossed a s'more at the flower girl.

"Ooops, she must have slipped my mind... Lexi, Saber! You're both also safe!"

"And so is Mit... Mitchel?" Lindsay read.

Brandon nodded, staring at Britt, Ivy and Vishal. "You all received at least one vote. Feeling hopeful Britt?"

"Sort of, seeing all my mates again really cheered me up. And besides, I've got Jade by my side now."

"Good to hear, because you're also safe!" Lindsay cheered, tossing him his s'more.

"Are you sure you still feel safer than Ivy, Vishal?" Brandon questioned, staring at the teen.

"Positive, Kaleb's star-power is rubbing off on me." He winked at the camera.

Lindsay stared at Ivy then back at Vishal. "Well, Ivy. I would ask you to turn in your costume, however..." Lindsay tossed a s'more to Vishal.

"My dad asked me to go on tour with him... If you didn't know, MIKA is my father, and he wants me to dance with him while he tours the country. I never really got to know him growing up, so this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime thing, I couldn't turn it down. Ivy, here, you deserve this more than I do." He smiled, handing the nearly-eliminated contestant his s'more. "I promised, didn't I?" He whispered.

Ivy gave her friend a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you...for everything. Really."

"It's going to be okai, with Lightning and Thunder, and my star-power, no one will be able to stop us."

Rosalie sighed, as she gave her friend a tight hug before he left. "It's funny... He said all of his friends were eliminated or left, but now I'm starting to think I'm the one who's cursed... In more ways than one."

Britt watched idly as Mitchel slid down the icy path of failure and rode away on Skipper. "How did I get a vote?"

"I told you, he can't be trusted." Vishal announced, before walking over to the bubbly girls. "Miss me?"

Lindsay is shown standing in the snow. "How was that for unexpected! Huh? I didn't even see it coming. Who knew MIKA, who volunteered to perform for free, was actually Mitchel's father?! I mean really, you would think whoever cast Mitchel would think to tell me that! But don't forget to tune in for the next episode, because my spidey senses tell me there's going to be even more drama, considering this is the second time Ivy has been spared from elimination! I promise there'll be more drama, next episode on Total, Drama... FROZEN!"

OOF! We are back after... a just a few months of hiatus. The thing about editing this story is that it makes me cringe sometimes. Well most of the time, it's just hard to push past that sometimes to get this very minorly edited chapters up.

Anyways, this chapter is the first official challenge of the merge! And it's one of the "Big" challenges of the season. Looking back I feel like I definitely could have written it better, but here we are. Ivy manages to slip by yet ANOTHER elimination. In a lot of ways she has Heather's luck... But I hope that her own character is starting to shine through now.

Mitchel... Oof. My stories tend to have a lot of shipping in them, just out of personal choice, but Frozen is probably the biggest offender. Mitchel and Ivy, while a lovely relationship, and... well somehow one of the most stable couples years later now, was really not needed in the grand scheme of things. But back then it made sense, and honestly them getting together in the end was never planned, but it did manage to shake up the dynamics, and the elimination order. Mitchel was always meant to be like that cooler older brother type character, whose a bit protective. I think out of every one in the Frozen cast he was the most vanilla? But hey, it is what it is.

I just want to give all the love to anyone who is still sticking around for the Frozen adventure. There's 9 more chapters to get some minor edits and then I can start to post Total Drama Tides. Which in every possible way is the superior of the two stories. Time really does wonders for a writer. Until then xoxo

16th - Andre (Team Olympic)

15th - Kaleb (Team Misfitz)

14th - Dania (Team Olympic)

13th - Emmett (Team Olympic)

xx - Lexi (Team Misfitz) RETURNS

12th - Hannah (Team Misfitz)

11th - Mitchel (Team Olympic)


Frosty - The Elf

Ivy - The Thorny Tongued

Jade - The Follower

Rosalie - The Hopeless Romantic

Lexi - The Bubbly

Britt - The Brit

Saber - The Fantasy Geek

Twilight - The Believer

Vishal - The Athlete

Zaina - The Flower Lover